So what else is new? How about a bit of “Banana Republic” with a bit of “CHY-NA” rule? President Trump was not officially removed from the Colorado ballot but they sure are trying. Meanwhile fake news is busy with their wrap up smear! And the courts… well it’s like I keep hearing that song… “who…Continue readingFAKE NEWS And A Chance of ELECTION INTERFERENCE??

That Box Has Been Open For A Long Time Now!

Biden can’t close it, nor can any of his handlers. All sorts of goo is swirling around the swamp drain! “On God almighty Himself, they are waging war. It’s not a war they are going to win.” President Trump. A Gooey Supreme Court in Colorado is shaking Pandora’s box in court removing Trump from the…Continue readingThat Box Has Been Open For A Long Time Now!


Whether it’s past, present or future… lies and mind control is not new, it is ancient. Why? Because it works. Remember when we talked about Plato’s Shadow’s On The Cave Walls? I wonder if they put music to the cave shadows? Or hummed or something? THAT BEING SAID… How did American school systems become infiltrated…Continue readingSOME THINGS YOU WILL HAVE TO LOOK AT SOONER OR LATER!

Trump and NWO Idiots…

Welcome to the Inquisition… what else would you call it? If you ever liked, shared, reposted, or supported President Trump on social media, or if you in any way considered it in your thoughts to do such an act…. you are guilty of something terrible, wrong, and very, very bad! Or so the KM Oligarch…Continue readingTrump and NWO Idiots…

President Trump and Elon Musk Sue Major Media Outlets For Defamation!

The lawless machine is breaking down… it’s not so well oiled anymore! It’s blowing up just like the EV’s they are pushing! Especially when they run through slow moving and standing waters! (Sorry Elon, it is what it is.) Fake news really thought they could continue to make up their own fantastic stories and hide…Continue readingPresident Trump and Elon Musk Sue Major Media Outlets For Defamation!


On X, Illuminati Bot posted this photo and said, “If you know, you know.” What does this tell you that you know? All I can say is the CIA has plants everywhere. Many more than the four pictured here. Asside from that? Does anyone else have a clue or is this just another distraction? It…Continue readingSPY SNAKES ARE PLANTED EVERYWHERE!


People get ready – IT’S GO TIME! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! From local, to state to federal, politicians and court systems have reached an alarming level of corruption. We the people have had enough of watching good people treated like criminals while criminals go free to kill, steal and destroy! Just like President Trump said, “If…Continue readingSAVING AMERICA

These Are The Days Of Elijah, literally!

History does repeat itself and there is nothing new under the sun. Each generation has had to battle darts and arrows fired off at them by the ruler of this world which scriptures declare that one as Satan. The Lord has given to His people the power of the Holy Spirit and the full armor…Continue readingThese Are The Days Of Elijah, literally!

Eye of The Storm – Stay Focused!

Don’t let fake news psyops distract you – don’t look at it and don’t listen to it. Expose the lies and shout the truth! It’s as easy as A-B-C…1-2-3, FAKE NEWS CREWS! Whether on a Federal, State, or local level, it’s all a two tiered system. President Trump has been under indictments up to his…Continue readingEye of The Storm – Stay Focused!


We the people should all be getting used to the political warfare, but just when you think you’ve seen it all… there pop’s up another thing that tells us just how off the rails this show has gone. We have all heard the mess in DC all started at a local level and many yawned…Continue readingWE THE PEOPLE – HERE WE GO AGAIN!