People get ready – IT’S GO TIME! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! From local, to state to federal, politicians and court systems have reached an alarming level of corruption. We the people have had enough of watching good people treated like criminals while criminals go free to kill, steal and destroy! Just like President Trump said, “If…Continue readingSAVING AMERICA

Eye of The Storm – Stay Focused!

Don’t let fake news psyops distract you – don’t look at it and don’t listen to it. Expose the lies and shout the truth! It’s as easy as A-B-C…1-2-3, FAKE NEWS CREWS! Whether on a Federal, State, or local level, it’s all a two tiered system. President Trump has been under indictments up to his…Continue readingEye of The Storm – Stay Focused!


We the people should all be getting used to the political warfare, but just when you think you’ve seen it all… there pop’s up another thing that tells us just how off the rails this show has gone. We have all heard the mess in DC all started at a local level and many yawned…Continue readingWE THE PEOPLE – HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Just Don’t Say That…!

Can you even say…don’t say that? President Trump and Lin Wood reminded us not to say certain things because … well, because fake news says, “You can’t say that.” And both of them can’t talk about lawless judges that will give you gag orders if you say things that are true that go against their…Continue readingJust Don’t Say That…!

Clown Show Daily Trial Update…

How long before the military steps in and shuts these made for central casting, lawless kangaroo courts down? Tick Tock. Alina Habba spoke it directly, boldly, and succinctly!!! The numbers don’t lie… and now we need to ask Leticia where she got her millions? I read that Letitia James 1.0 was hauled off by the…Continue readingClown Show Daily Trial Update…

What’s The Real Reason Jenna Ellis Got One Little Unrelated Charge In Georgia….

By January 2, 2021 Jenna Ellis had already started her dirty war and she was aiming right at Lin Wood along with the crew who invaded Tomotley. Jenna was never part of anything Trump. She popped up out of no where and she’s getting ready to pop back out into no where, but I have…Continue readingWhat’s The Real Reason Jenna Ellis Got One Little Unrelated Charge In Georgia….


The real enemy holds no predudice in who it attacks, be it color, gender, or position, it only seeks to kill, steal and destroy all of God’s people! “From my standpoint, as a black American, as far as I’m concerned, it is a HIGH TECH LYNCHING for uppity blacks, who in any way deigned to…Continue readingHIGH TECH LYNCHING…


First things first. This is the man who funded chaos. Where is this old guy now? Asking for a few friends. Soros has now… allegedly, reduced his foundation funding by 40%. Moves were made last June and July and are being implemented. “George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to lay off 40% of staff under son’s…Continue readingLAWFARE ON STEROIDS!

Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty? What’s Up With That?

Powell pleads guilty in Georgia and agrees to testify against other defendents, including Trump, yet the social media headlines are on the Brit who did the interview? This British USA, Inc. bossy stuff is sure a mess. Will there be a Paul Revere in this show or did we miss that already? Why are the…Continue readingSidney Powell Pleads Guilty? What’s Up With That?

Was Hollywood A Cult Mocking of Prophecy?

Or was it just a script written like a wish? Wishcraft? So now we have pro Israel Zionist groups versus pro Palestine groups in New York City, the home of crime and catch and release, and all the corrupt DOJ systems…  protesting against each other in the streets. Enter “Escape From New York”, scene ???? …Continue readingWas Hollywood A Cult Mocking of Prophecy?