Lin Wood Versus Psyop Podcasters and Fake Shills….

What else would you call it? Wow, we no sooner presented the first round of attacks, and BOOM there were a lot more in that wave. There is a lot circulating and we know where they are coming from and no one is surprised at hearing the source, just some are surprised at the who.…Continue readingLin Wood Versus Psyop Podcasters and Fake Shills….

Fani Willis Implodes Under RICO Bombshell!

FINALLY THE ONION IS GETTING PEELED BACK BETTER – There’s a whole lot of layers to rip off! Eyes will water! Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise! “In a shocking turn of events, a bombshell investigation has uncovered jaw-dropping connections between Fani Willis and a sprawling web of election…Continue readingFani Willis Implodes Under RICO Bombshell!

For Those Who’ve Been Asking…

Why is Trump trying to stall his trial? What’s the big deal? And for those who missed all the posts regarding the four indictments and the Trump Grand Jury fiasco moving everything to D.C.? Or the efforts to do so. It’s been one of those things where people read something and believe they know what’s…Continue readingFor Those Who’ve Been Asking…

President Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!

You will know the psyops by their fruits! It has come to my attention that one of the latest psyops being presented to diminish the great work of President Trump to Americans is that he sold out to the World Economic Forum and he didn’t do anything as C.I.C. to help Maui. Well the podcaster…Continue readingPresident Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!


“Liar, Liar, the World’s on Fire…what we gonna do when it all burns down”…suddenly that Dolly Parton song has a whole new significance! When we first heard that song there were mixed feelings and interpretations… but who knew it was a literal forewarning? Many thought that was a double Dolly, of which I was one…Continue readingTHE WORLD IS LITERALLY BURNING!


With all of the psyops out there who do we trust? How do you know when you are being part of an information war or part of a special task force focus group to find out what you are thinking? There is one thing that is certain here… There would NEVER EVER be any good…Continue readingPROPAGANDA WARS – GAME ON!

You Can Make This Stuff Up!

People are finally catching on or at least they think they are??? Either the scripts are getting really lame, or it’s all becoming predictable? The world watched as President Trump made his way to Atlanta for his arrest. Were they disappointed, saddened, surprised or were they scratching their heads? It’s all election interference! Some watched…Continue readingYou Can Make This Stuff Up!

Judge Cannon Stops Jack Smith’s Illegal Move!

Meanwhile the deep state and fake news accuse the Judge of all sorts of illegal actions because??? Because that is what they do when they get caught. Smith’s Bobble Head moves have been all over the place, bouncing around like he was the King of lawlessness until Judge Cannon challenged the legality of him operating…Continue readingJudge Cannon Stops Jack Smith’s Illegal Move!

The Pattern of Evil Is Ancient!

When You Figure It Out – It No Longer Works! Something’s happening here… and it is now looking very clear! Do you see the pattern? Patterns such as the “Biden Scandal Distractions” are only one of the many dots to connect. The fact that this one is so obvious is what makes it one that…Continue readingThe Pattern of Evil Is Ancient!