First things first. This is the man who funded chaos. Where is this old guy now? Asking for a few friends.

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Soros has now… allegedly, reduced his foundation funding by 40%. Moves were made last June and July and are being implemented.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to lay off 40% of staff under son’s new leadership

ByTHALIA BEATY Associated Press- July 6, 2023

NEW YORK — “Several human rights organizations are concerned about Open Society Foundations plans to lay off 40% of their global staff — the nonprofit’s second major cut in three years — as billionaire investor George Soros hands over leadership to his son.

“We are most concerned for social justice movements, which now have to wait for the impact on their sustainability,” said Kellea Miller, executive director of the Human Rights Funders Network. “In the field of philanthropy, decisions at the top can have an outsized ripple effect on those enacting change.” Read: George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to lay off 40% of staff under son’s new leadership – ABC News (

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Soros Closes Offices Across $25 Billion Philanthropy Empire” by Sophie Alexander

According to (Bloomberg) — “The $25 billion international network of foundations started by George Soros is shuttering offices around the world as it prepares to cut more than 40% of its staff. 

“Employees of the Open Society Foundations’ Africa operations received correspondence last week detailing the next steps of the process, which includes closing half a dozen offices on the continent in addition to its Baltimore and Barcelona locations, according to a copy of the emails seen by Bloomberg.” Read: Soros Closes Offices Across $25 Billion Philanthropy Empire ( 

So with the reduction in funding we can look at this several ways. We can say gee, economies bad so many of these wonderful “Open Society” charities are now going to suffer due to lack of funding. Or we can say, “Wonder if funds were confiscated for election interference, and or crimes against humanity?” We can even question whether or not all the funds have been confiscated and redirected to now serve real causes that actually do help society? Especially when we add to that the past FTX scandal and the bank closings, along with the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and other bank fails like Signature Bank, First Republic Bank and Heartland Tri – State Bank. And the international closures and acquisitions. The banks were losing assets left and right which a detective would say that indicates some type of confiscation of funds, be it individual or collective? And a good private eye would be looking into the matter. But if lay people ask any questions about it… we are called out as conspirators of some type of resister movement against something, and or making it all up?? Generally linked to J-6 or some sort of labled movement. Read: FDIC: Bank Failures in Brief

The fact is there was an executive order that was put in place by President Trump in 2018 that provided for confiscation of property for any and all election interference both foreign and domestic. Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018 – Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. Read: Federal Register :: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

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Which bring us to the Fulton County trials of the attorneys et al, who partook in the questioning of election outcome of 2020 and went about their mission to expose the fraud.

This has become a shambled up mess of distraction from the truth, and has been from the beginning. We have all sorts of stories now being waged by the attorneys who first set out to find the election interference, then some sneaking into the White House to have a discussion with the president. Of which at that time those who came uninvited were Patrick Byrne, Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, of which at that meeting Flynn suggested to call martial law (which would have created a revolt like Ukraine on Fire in 2014), of which Trump said no.

This led to Byrne writing a book and a documentary “Deep Rig”… which came out right after which gives the appearance it was prewritten and now ready to go. It’s as though the trip to the White House was already in the script, along with making Trump and all of his advisors look like an indecisive fool and Guiliani the DC town drunk.

Which afterwards, led to some questionable dealings and a trip to the home of a well know Lawyer named Lin Wood, who if one were connecting dots and doing detective work, would appear to be suspect of a set up of a well thought out and nevarious plan. (Push your self into the White house, give your account on what took place, then on to Tomotley to brainstorm how to help the president, which in hindsight, now appears to look more like a set up to accuse Mr. Wood of something he clearly did not do. Remember Byrne has a book to publish. And there are lots of Foundations in place and new ones to put in place??? They needed to round up the biggest influencer in the Trump world which at that time happened to be Lin Wood.

That being said, on to J-6 which was sabatoged, and on to investigating states and filing recount petitions and whatever else they were filing??? Only to have things thrown back without standing. Which led to all sorts of citizens action teams and a road show with a general leading the way along with Patrick Byrne who is now selling a published book and documentary explaining the new narrative (the one Flynn and Byrne are pushing) titled “Deep Rig”.

Fast forward to several years of many more events and we now have Lin Wood battling Law-Fare on a level unheard of ever before, along with President Trump and his bucket of indictments overflowing. It is lawlessness on steroids and coming at them from all sides. These two cowboys didn’t ask for this rodeo but they were shoved on the wildest horses the deep state had and so they learned how to ride high in the saddle! They have been tossed about every which way but, to the deep states surprise…they both continue to endure this Law-Fare rodeo.

The horses are rearing up, bucking, kicking and trying to unseat these two cowboys, yet they both are still holding on and riding that horse despite the leaps, kicks, bucking, whinnying and all sorts of snorting!

We truly now see the meaning of “bucking the system”.

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Fast forward and we find Sidney Powell buckles and does a plea bargain… that gains her a six year probation, on six counts and a six thousand dollar fine. While her testimony will be revealed in court. We are supposed to just wonder about it.

Which bring us to Jenna Ellis and her guilty plea on one charge? Good grief… only one? As an attorney and a Christian… she bears her witness. God knows what is truth and what is false… He is the judge. So she mentions the Colorado B.A.R., now that could be a dot???

So Jenna RINO Ellis who was/is a proclaimed ‘NEVER TRUMPER’ in the 2016 elections and had accepted him as president and then liked him (so she said), and still never the less, yet today, she bashes President Trump and Trump Supporters on Twitter and social media, and does it openly, blantantly, and unashamedly. I always wondered why Giuliani mentored her (that’s what was in a news report as him saying back when this all began).

So because she is a Christian she gets one charge? Or is there another reason? (That is sarcasm.)

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How many are paying attention to the body language here?

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“If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges,” Ellis said.via REUTERS

“I relied on others, including lawyers with many more years of experience than I, to provide me with true and reliable information, especially since my role involved speaking to the media and to legislators in various states,” Ellis told Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee in court.

Excuse me Jenna… but aren’t all attorneys on any case supposed to be a fact finder and dot connector? Why are you blaming everyone else now? Did you think you were along for a free ride and kudos for your career boost? You were smirking in so many photos and was supposed to be finding the facts. You shouted out all sorts of wierd comments showing that you were questionable way before you got to this point. Remember Jenna? We have it in our archives if we need to jog some memories???

The New York Post reported, “The deal endorses a sentence of five years of probation, $5,000 in restitution, and 100 hours of community service — in exchange for having no contact with the media or codefendants and cooperating and testifying at other trials in the 19-person RICO case     potentially including that of Trump.

“Fulton County’s elected prosecutor Fani Willis, a Democrat, brought the case in August against Trump and 18 of his allies and supporters — using conspiracy statutes intended for organized crime. She has asked for Trump’s trial to begin March 4.

“Trump attorney Steve Sadow slammed the plea deal.

“For the fourth time, Fani Willis and her prosecution team have dismissed the RICO charge in return for a plea to probation,” Sadow said, referring also to a plea deal given to pro-Trump activist Scott Hall last month.

“What that shows is this so-called RICO case is nothing more than a bargaining chip for Willis. Moreover, this plea was to a completely separate charge, not a part of the original indictment, which doesn’t even mention President Trump.Read more:Trump co-defendant Jenna Ellis flips, says she has ‘deep remorse’ (

Stay tuned to the rest of the set up as it unfolds and we collect dots.

I hear there is a bull ride coming next. Or was that a BS trial? I lost track?

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Meanwhile…. we still have more of this…

It appears the average driver has now decided it is a me or them issue and so when surrounded by PALESTINIAN, ISRAELI, ANTIFA, OR WHATEVER PEACEFUL PROTESTOR… they are going to drive on through LIKE A PEACEFUL DRIVER! It’s catching on across the world. It truly is.

And then we still have this type of stuff…


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By Dianne Marshall

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