From TV to Podcasts… Schills, Grifters  and Generals…

Top it off with “Thus Saith The Lord.”  Now where were we…oh yes… who to vote for and remember, when you need to go to the bathroom, raise your hand for permission. BEFORE WE BEGIN…. TRUMP JUST SHARED THIS CLIP…. SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN…HOLD ON???????? Twitter makes money off fake accounts – Bots.  Imagine why…Continue readingFrom TV to Podcasts… Schills, Grifters  and Generals…

Where’s The Integrity and Honor?

LIARS WILL ALL BE EXPOSED! SAYS JOHN DI LEMME! Now this is a rant I can watch over and over and over again!!!! How many are tired of the grifters and liars that popped up and became experts over night during COVID? Grifters and wanna be’s – like he says…where were you years ago? It’s…Continue readingWhere’s The Integrity and Honor?

God’s People Win This War!

STAY INFORMED AND FEAR NOT. Refusing to know what “they” are doing will not make it go away. However, knowing what they are doing is just the first step. The second step is to prepare for what is coming. Preparation is everything. Learn what you need to do and Stay Healthy! Add things like flax…Continue readingGod’s People Win This War!

2000 Mules, Riding On The Backs Of Rinos!

BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD! THINGS ARE COMING TO A HEAD…. DOES HE LOOK WORRIED OR FEARFUL OF THE ENEMY? NOT TO ME! 2000 Mules and True The Vote Debunk AP Hit Piece By Wendi Strauch Mahoney -May 9, 2022 Riots and Traffickers: Data Doesn’t Lie Additionally, OPSEC collected…Continue reading2000 Mules, Riding On The Backs Of Rinos!

That’s Right Dorothy, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore….

And now we have this type of thing… while they tell the law abiding citizens to their faces to shut up and go about their wicked lawlessness. And they continue to mis-speak the truth in order to rile up their street acters and place fear in those easily mind washed into hopelessness. Now they come…Continue readingThat’s Right Dorothy, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore….

The Wheat and The Tares

They Grow Together Until The Harvest… Never before has this parable been so visible in the eyes of those who see, nor in the ears of those who hear. Most who read this parable were taught it meant the tares are the evil, wicked ones outside of the church. Never did any preach from the…Continue readingThe Wheat and The Tares

You Have A Telegram…

And the message is not always clear, but is eventually understood. Truth is to be discerned, and as someone recently said… “Discernment is not looking at the man holding the bloody knife and agreeing that he is the murderer. Discernment is seeking who it was that put the bloody knife in the man’s hand.” That…Continue readingYou Have A Telegram…

Trump’s Battle, He’s Not Alone!

THE BEST IS YET TO COME! REMEMBER NOTHING IS AS IT APPEARS … WE ARE AT WAR… GOOD VERSUS EVIL! There are many things to ponder in this day of pondering. Discernment comes from knowing what needs to be questioned. HERE WE GO…. If the FBI is investigating Schiff, do you really believe they allowed…Continue readingTrump’s Battle, He’s Not Alone!

There is no Covid-19 Virus and no mutations!

Scientific Fraud Exposed – IT’S TIME TO STOP THE UN, EU, NATO, USA, INC., CDC, WHO which are LED BY THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA FROM KILLING HUMANITY! There is no COVID -19 virus other than an theoretical abstraction made on a computer from a digital data base. Even the CDC admitted they made a digital virus…Continue readingThere is no Covid-19 Virus and no mutations!

Ode To The Show

Wolves, Possum, Vipers, and Lions – Oh My! Where is truth? Regardless of where you are with eyes to see and ears to hear… you are in the war whether you want to be or not. The reality is this. As much as you would like to wake up and not remember a thing (which…Continue readingOde To The Show