Deep State Falling… Big League!

So while the EU, NATO, and UN were sanctioning Russia, as though that were a new idea (they’ve been doing that for decades), Putin and the BRICS stayed focus on their plans to continue their economies and build the gold backed dollar. And while the lizard people puppets were putting on their CGI green screen…Continue readingDeep State Falling… Big League!

Fake News, Rumor Mills and Truth…

There are many ideas floating and drifting and grifting out there… somewhere inside it all is the truth and the truth will set you free! Is Blackrock and Vanguard falling, falling? We know assets on paper are now worth a few flushes and they aren’t the royal kind. By now most all are aware that…Continue readingFake News, Rumor Mills and Truth…


Will the Luciferians reach their goal to exterminate the majority of the world and turn those who are left into obedient slaves? This is not a new thing as some are crying out. The slaughter of millions has been taking place throughout the world in silence as the world remained under programming that failed to…Continue readingOF GOLD, GREED AND CREED, Part II


FEDERAL RESERVES, IRS, NEW WORLD ORDER, BIG IDEAS… It is said that in 1999 – the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, also known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act – came about from a 1993 ruling of the US Supreme Court after 30 years of lawsuits by the Farmers Union. In that…Continue readingFACT CHECKING NESARA

Who Do We Watch Today, Trump or The Banksters?

Meanwhile, how does money disappear in the banking system? How does it reappear? Is it ever really there? The world’s major central banks hold extraordinary meetings – preparing for the worst – Slavic News “Monday, March 20, 2023, the Slavic Newspaper reported, “The world’s major central banks held extraordinary meetings on Sunday evening. The U.S. Federal Reserve…Continue readingWho Do We Watch Today, Trump or The Banksters?


The chaos has started to unravel and now we have various threads to analyze. False flags are a staple in the globalists bag of tricks.  They have been for a century. So now we, the awakes, look and see all the signs. But what we don’t see are the details to the real events. Sometimes…Continue readingAND THE OSCAR GOES TO – THE SWAMP!

Black Swan Global Economic Crisis

Brought to you by the Rothschild owned Central Banking System! On Saturday, March 18th, Judy Byington reported a number of global updates. She stated, “We are in a Black Swan Global Economic Crisis Event due to failure of the Central Banking System. There were 173 Banks around the World that failed this week – and went…Continue readingBlack Swan Global Economic Crisis

Build Back Better Is A Global Mantra!

It’s a roadmap to tyranny! It doesn’t and won’t work in the Republic of the United States that has a Constitution and Bill of Rights. It can only be achieved by covert acts, plotted in secret by traitors and foreigners who meet in secret chambers to devise such treasonous acts. And it can be stopped…Continue readingBuild Back Better Is A Global Mantra!

In Case You Were Wondering – Update…

On banking, SVB and other interesting things…. While Silicon Valley Bank and Joey Avatar put on their Federal Reserve Show and Janet Yellen finally got her name on the one and five….or is that five and one? The rest of the world is watching the entire truth of the matter and that is the federal…Continue readingIn Case You Were Wondering – Update…


HE NEVER LEFT! At the time the election was stolen, there was a multi-layered deep state system of infiltration, corruption and treason. There were also patriots in critical positions of power, such as President Trump himself, some patriots at the NSA and key assets in Space Force and the United States Air Force. Shortly after…Continue readingWINNING WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP…