Who’s in Charge? It appears the Simpsons Programming was intercepted. Or was it something else? The script writers are out of control and all the Lizard people are out of frogs that can think! They are stuck with their rinse and repeat going through a new wringer in an entirely different wash cycle! The Big…Continue readingBOOM- WHAT? YOU ARE STILL HERE?

Will Space Force Command Save The Day?

What about the earthquake predictions? What’s going on with that? We’ll know today! Be safe! Look close at the United States Space Command Logo below. What do you see? There is a cross over the earth that sure does pattern the total solar eclipse of 2024 with that of 2017. Now I would like to…Continue readingWill Space Force Command Save The Day?

God Is In Control Of Everything – Not Man!

No matter what you hear, what you see, nor what you are persuaded by others to believe, take all things before the Lord and heed what the Holy Spirit tells you to do. Never second guess your gut Holy Spirit instinct. God has you in his hands and nothing can take you from Him! John…Continue readingGod Is In Control Of Everything – Not Man!

So what is emerging?

Here comes the long awaited 17-year emergence of the Cicada’s by the trillions! The question is, “Why are they making it sound like the Cicada’s are coming, the Cicada’s are coming and they will bust your eardrums and then they will eat your house!?” Between the Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024, with CERN and…Continue readingSo what is emerging?

It’s Just a Rumble – Pay No Attention To The Prelude.

The ground is shaking in the North East… but, nothing here to see. Go back to your regular programming and wait until Monday. Smile. On April 5, 2024, Save the Children CEO Janti Soeripto was delivering remarks before the UN Security Council when an earthquake hit New York City. Fear not the Mayor reassures the…Continue readingIt’s Just a Rumble – Pay No Attention To The Prelude.

Don’t Look Over There – Look Over Here!

They tried to get Trump, but he never took their bait. He went against the deep state then, and he is going against them now. It all becomes more clear as to why RINOs and DEMS and ELITE want him out. He knows EVERYTHING and he IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Meanwhile the strangest sort…Continue readingDon’t Look Over There – Look Over Here!

On The Road Again…

Eclipse 2024 – Wouldn’t ya just know it that the Total Eclipse of the heart of the land will begin at EAGLE PASS, TEXAS? From there it will CUT (they say) CUT diagonally across the nation ending at Lee, Maine…according to They tell us that along the way, periods of darkness could last a…Continue readingOn The Road Again…