About The Marshall Report

The Marshall Report is the sound of the shofar with a mix of humor, and the cry of a watchman. The keys I press to form words are more like that of a fine-tuned piano and a dove rather than a mouse and a keyboard.  Why?

Because of the guidance received in each blog written…there is always a difference between the words of the mouse and the keyboard and going in the flow with the piano and the dove.

Those who know will know. All others will wonder.

The Lord is my Shepherd, he leadeth me to write when others fall asleep. Smile.                                 

                                                                            Dianne Marshall – “I don’t sleep, I write.”

People are tired of the lies, the propaganda, and fear machines, yet, they look for the next FAKE FEAR NEWS like it’s going to somehow be true…as though, all of a sudden and just like that…something said by fake news will now be a fact. Why?

In the same vein, good people are sick of the lies and mandates that are bringing real chaos into their lives and growing restless wanting to do something to end it all now. They are not going to let the depopulation machine take their children without a fight. So, how does humanity stop the devil’s beastly system?

We’ve most all have heard the term, “you don’t take a knife to a gunfight”. One might also apply that type of comparison analogy to the battle of today, “you don’t take a gun into spiritual warfare”. Now knives and guns have their place in a battle with the flesh and obviously one is superior to the other but how do you slay a giant that has no flesh? A giant that uses lies to target emotions to cause great fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, hate, envy, and all things that lead to poor choices, self-destruction, and compliance to evil acts?

Will you serve the ruler of the world whose weapons are lies, propaganda, and deceit? Or will you serve the creator of all things good who is almighty, powerful who gives truth to overpower lies, love to overpower hate, and hope to overpower despair? The one who sent his own Son to conquer death and hell and all power was given to Him in heaven and on earth who gives freely eternal life for all who believe in him? The one who sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us and teach us wisdom, understanding, and how to choose wisely is the way to build our faith and to love.

Who would even want the corrupt things the world has to offer in place of God’s the Heavenly Kingdom on earth that is coming that shall last forever? Who even wants a short life of evil, stress, unsurety, strife, hate, war, and chaos with the promise of a lake of fire awaiting them at the end of their short stress-filled life full of greed, lawlessness, and hate?

How do you fight the wind? How do you fight the mighty tidal waves? Ponder this and you will find the one who created these is the same who can wield them on your behalf and that one is the Lord thy God. So who ought we be serving in this battle and which weapons should we be wielding?

Man can make the most devasting weapons and operate them from space, but God can blast them out any time he decides…for it is written that on the Day of God’s wrath, the sky shall be rolled up like a scroll.