Wars and Rumors of Wars…

Does the winner ever tell the real story? Or even do the losers? I am sure there is a middle ground in all of it. What is the truth, or as close to the truth as is possible? It’s as bad as trying to figure out what’s inside the nice package at the grocery store?…Continue readingWars and Rumors of Wars…

It’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

President Trump Speaks at Eagle Pass, Texas! President Trump called the border crisis a Joe Biden invasion. Transporting entire columns of fighting age men from many nations. “This is Biden Migrant Crime,” he stated. Trump stressed a lot can happen in 9 months, which is the time frame in which he will be voted out…Continue readingIt’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

Secret Covenant – Fact or Myth?

Is the alleged Secret Masonic Creed a fact or a Lark? Whether this is old, new, made up or improvised, it matches the goals of the Club of Rome, and the Committee of 300’ reports from Professional Intelligence Agent, Dr. John Coleman. It also reeks of Bohemian Grove ritual rantings, and many secret society initiations……Continue readingSecret Covenant – Fact or Myth?


No more GASLIGHT CENTRAL CASTING! EXPOSE THE LIES AND SHOUT THE TRUTH! Do you want to hear the juicy stuff?  The things that make you fear and hope you have the right survival pack and enough gold? So many do. This world is filled with all sorts of things that make people scratch their heads…Continue readingIT’S TIME TO BOYCOTT THAT CHANNEL!

The Loudest Weapon For A Silent Storm Is Truth!

We’re fighting a black ops machine! It’s time to stop the crazy ride and get off the Liar Go Round! The Truth Shall Set You Free! Part 1! I was looking through old documents and ran across this gem. I was taken back when I found it in my old collection of things from the…Continue readingThe Loudest Weapon For A Silent Storm Is Truth!

What On Earth Are We Watching?

That’s the kind of thing that starts a lot of chaos, confusion and gets the rumor mill spinning!! With all the talk of the Biden puppet administration and the buzz of confusion regarding who is running the nation, and hints that Obama is the “one” and Michelle will be the new candidate to run for…Continue readingWhat On Earth Are We Watching?

Haley Blames Trump For Biden’s Low Military ‘Woke’ Recruitment?

She appears to have created her own fictitious war world and puts Trump to blame for Biden’s low ‘woke’ recruitment numbers as she rewrites facts and twists the truth into a pretzel. Then takes a bite out of it! How can Nikki possibly, even remotely, dare to say such a thing? Seriously Nikki? Low recruitment…Continue readingHaley Blames Trump For Biden’s Low Military ‘Woke’ Recruitment?

Someone’s Out In Left Field and It Isn’t President Trump!

How many believe that Lloyd Austin and the DOD, or anyone in the Biden Administration, authorized Trump Force 1 to have an Airforce 1 jet escort? Especially on his political campaign flights? If it wasn’t authorized by the Biden Administration, who do you think authorized it? Or is it all a lark? President Trump photo…Continue readingSomeone’s Out In Left Field and It Isn’t President Trump!

Propaganda Wars and Cyber Hacking.

It’s all Spiritual Warfare with lots of Orwellian built right in so you won’t believe it’s true. Enter Karl Marx: In Karl Marx’s critique of capitalism, in a capitalist society,  religion plays a critical role in maintaining an unequal status quo, in which certain groups of people have radically more resources and power than other groups of people. Marx argued that the bourgeoise used religion as…Continue readingPropaganda Wars and Cyber Hacking.

Just When You Think They Can’t Say Anything More Dumb???

They come out and say something more dumb!!! Who is going to tell Birdbrain that Trump travels by Air? Either Trump Force One or Helicopter. The people love to watch him land. And if by land… it’s one big motorcade and like a parade! I don’t know if the folks are going to get excited…Continue readingJust When You Think They Can’t Say Anything More Dumb???