2024… what is coming? What is here already? What is brewing? Who to believe? Where is “it” coming from? What is “it”? Who is coming in God’s name? Are they from God or are they from a deep state puppet show put on by puppet masters?

Human trafficking is a grave issue from Eagle Pass to Maine. These are just some of the dots to connect. We have sea to shining sea and from the north to the south. It’s everywhere and people seem to not understand the issue is in their own towns and more of it is coming across the border daily along with drugs, guns, and all sorts of illegal activity including terrorists. Looking for a direct line here is hard to do for there are all sorts of lines that criss cross and all because the lizard world earns billions and billions from this underground market they’ve been running and it doesn’t look like they ever intend to stop cashing in.

What they do try to do is end the whistle blowers and any who dare to expose the seriousness of it. Unless they are one of their own .orgs who also gain money from the inside government agencies and charities who assist in the placement and help in the transporting of these from one location to the other. Or so there is a lot of documentation on this and more and more is being exposed each and every day.

So with the multiple names of towns called Ninevah and Salem, along with Biblical others, add to that the information of the 2024 Eclipse following that certain path of towns named as such, we now have fact checkers claiming this is false that the towns and cities in the path of the 2024 Eclipse are NOT named as such… even though they exist???   Is there a direct line here?  Or has all of this just reached the point of helter skelter?  Or are the fact checkers telling us something else? What do you think?

image 148

Follow the line and you will find a route… not only for the 2024 Solar Eclipse…but for many other dark things in route.

Human Smuggling (Trafficking) is coming in from Eagle Pass… that is a fact. A specific area in Maine known as “the track”—a half-mile stretch of Congress Street between the Greyhound bus station and Neal Street—is notorious in the sex trafficking world. That is another fact.

Those who are shouting a punishment is coming have hit some sort of target. The question is… who is going to be punished?  Good people or very dark and bad people?  Will there be rescues? Who is it that should be shaking in their boots? Or is that red shoes?  Does the Simpsons have an episode where the tide turns and the dark side goes down? Or are they just outlined with their one sided views to fool the programmable?

Which bring us to in researching many of these odd names like Salem and Nineveh, etc., I found many were census designated places to find the population in the area. They were not necessarily at the time a town or city as we consider it today.

For example: Salem Oklahoma is a census-designated place (CDP) in Adair County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 112 at the 2010 census. Geography. According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 3.3 square miles (8.5 km 2), all land.

Nineveh Township, located in Adair County, Missouri, is one of ten townships in the region. As of the 2010 census, its population was 1,289. The township derives its name from the town of Nineveh, which was established as a German communistic colony in the area around 1850.

Two counties named Adair, and odd names made me dig a bit deeper. Let’s explore more about this Nineveh township:

image 147

Dr. William Keil was the founder. He was born in Prussia in 1811 and became a milliner.  He came to America in 1835 or 1836, and after living a while in New York he went to Pittsburgh.  He practiced medicine in both of these places with some degree of success, though it is not certain he ever attended a medical school. Shortly after he reached Pittsburgh, he was converted in a revival held by the German Methodists and he joined their church.  In 1839 he was licensed as a local preacher; his success and enthusiasm as a class leader had recommended him as a suitable candidate for this higher rank.  Very Shortly after he broke away from this church

The story goes that one Sunday in absence of the regular pastor, he ascended the pulpit and preached for two hours.  In his sermon he attacked the ministry very severely for their acceptance of salaries.  At the close of his sermon he asked all those who believed in the truth of his statements and who believed in his inspiration, to rise to their feet.  Many arose.  This marked the beginning of his following, and for over thirty years he maintained a strong hold over a considerable group of people.

Dr. Keil began to preach without any church connection, then later decided it best to identify with some church and joined the Protestant Methodists, later he was excluded for not following the ecclesiastical superiors. He withdrew himself and the members he had taken from the first church and began to send the enthusiastic young men as representatives of his ideas into other parts of Pennsylvania and into Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Iowa. Many accepted his ideas and believed in him as an inspired leader and teacher. (See how easy it is to infiltrate?)

After he had reached this stage, he went to work making plans to establish a communistic colony and when he announced his plans, many of his followers sold their property and made preparation to join his colony. Now some who joined his movement drafted for them a constitution to go by but it was rejected by the Prussian, self taught Dr. Keil. He governed it with his own imperious law to which all gave a willing obedience.  The society which was organized remained unincorporated unto the day of its dissolution.

In 1844 a committee of three called “spies” was sent to Missouri to find a suitable site for the colony.  To make a long story short, they established several colonies in the fall of 1844. The main colony settlement was called Bethel.  Others lying near it were also called Elim, Mamri, and Hebron.  All these names were taken from the Bible. Later the Adair County branch colony was also given a Biblical name, Nineveh. They also established a branch in Oregon that was named Aurora after one of Dr. Keil’s daughters.

Enter Freedom of Religion for Diests….The founding fathers age of reason. Here we go….the German communist colonies continued until the death of Dr. Keil in 1879. Read the full story: Nineveh (Connelsville), MO & Dr. William Keil, Founder | City of Novinger

Philadelphia 1844: When Protestants Burned Catholic Churches in the Name of “Religious Liberty” –

image 149

Read: Philadelphia 1844: When Protestants Burned Catholic Churches in the Name of “Religious Liberty” – Brewminate: A Bold Blend of News and Ideas

I found it interesting that at the same time in 1844, Joseph Smith of the Mormons was shot and killed while running for President of the USA, and after their historic struggle and being kicked out of Missouri…. and after the new President Polk granted Bingham Young, the new leader of the Mormons the territory of Utah to establish and they went west and did so, thus naming many cities in Utah Biblical names as well. 1844 was a year of interesting things as Darwin’s Evolution was being indoctrinated, along with Karl Marx and his “Isms”, and Darby’s Rapture was full blown, and the Millerite Group stood a year before in 1943 on a hill in hand made linen robes awaiting to be raptured because they had decided that was the day it would happen. Out of the Millerite movement came the 7th day Adventist faith.

It was also a time of the Great Awakening. Great Awakening | Definition, Summary, Key Figures, Significance, Effects, & Facts | Britannica Look back at what is said of these great awakenings of which they said America has had four such things. Second Great Awakening | Description, History, & Key Figures | Britannica You just may have to ponder it all very deeply.The Four ‘Great Awakenings’ in American Christian History – Brewminate: A Bold Blend of News and Ideas There are many things that took place in the earlier so called great awakenings. Religious freedom was being exercised from communism to whatever was interpreted and the naming of the towns is a history in and of itself. Yet, we aren’t taught these things.

We see from this tiny glimpse into the very beginning of the colonies and states…there was a strong infiltration of other mindsets and even within the cities and states, there were many Communist type communities and freemason deist belief in their own god shall they trust. When you understand this first… you will catch on to the rest very quickly.

The question is… with such a religious nation… why is human and child sex trafficking a mega billion dollar business that criss crosses from sea to shining sea and from the north to the south and world wide?

Excerpts from a report titled, “20 Worst Human Traficking Cities In The US.”: “Although California is one of the number one states for s#x trafficking, Texas, and specifically Houston, has California beat. Three major cities in Texas combined, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, are known as the “Texas Triangle.” 

“The Texas Triangle is comprised of several interstates, making it easy for human trafficking to go undetected. The fact that Houston is located so close to the Mexican border further increases the prevalence of this awful crime. According to a study conducted by the University of Texas, Texas has over 313,000 human trafficking victims, with a large portion of them in Houston. 20 Worst Human Trafficking Cities in the U.S. (Updated 2023) (

Top 20 Rankings: Number 1. Texas, 2. Las Vegas, NV, 3 Miami, FL, 4. New York, NY, 5. Los Angeles, CA, 6. Atlanta, GA, 7. Washington, DC, 8. Detroit, MI, 9. Dallas, TX, 10. Orlando, FL, 11. San Francisco, CA, 12. Baltimore, MD, 13. Chicago, IL, 14. St. Louis, MO, 15. New Orleans, LA, 16. Oakland, CA, 17. San Diego, CA, 18. Baton Rouge, LA, 19. Columbus, OH, 20. Tampa, FL.

Then we have this article titled: “Freemasonry, the Devil disguised as the angel of Light.”

image 150

Excerpts: “Freemasonry was created by the Knights Templars of the Roman Catholic Church. The Knights Templars became powerful and wealthy, their arrogance toward rulers, together with their wealth and their rivalry with the Knights Hospitallers, led to their downfall; the order was suppressed in 1312, many of its possessions being given to the Hospitallers… When the Knights Templars were disbanded, they dived into the Protestant churches in Scotland, then England, Europe, America, and all over the world. Many non-Catholics churches have had Freemasons as pastors and church leaders, and even today, there are 1.3 million Freemasons in Southern Baptist Convention alone!

image 151

Freemasonry works for the Jesuits, who have had similar history to that of Freemasonry. The Jesuit order was officially suppressed by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 due to the political pressure from many kings of the Catholic nations. The Jesuits warred against the Papacy from non-Catholic nations. Pope Pius VI sought peace with the Jesuits and restored the Jesuit order in 1782.
The Masonic goddess of secret handshake goddess is the Roman goddess of trust Ms. Fides.Read: Freemasonry, the devil disguised as the angel of light (

That being said, even the devil comes in the name of God… which G(g)od?

Cabal’s Prophecy is a Lie – It’s Mind Control! God’s Prophecy is TRUTH!

Yet, we are in the bubble of man made prophecy that is controlled by the Lizards of the Wizards of the Deep State Cabal. Prophecy they create and they program.

Project Looking Glass Mind Control is the biggest weapon in the Cabal’s war chest. The magic in their sorcery only works when you believe the lies.

Our enemy Cabal has studied us. They call us a “species” in their new psychology lab studies on society. They have spent centuries looking for how to control you. In the last decades they have used all their technology (even technologies we know not of) to study your brain, your mind, how you think, respond, and how you react using all of your emotions. They are masters of pushing your fear buttons and have orchestrated elaborate hoaxes and plotted complicated schemes to lure you into traps of despair, fear, and worst of all complacency.

You are a mammal to science. To God you are made in his image and you shall reign with his Son as Priests and Kings. The evil godless ones hate you. You are a mammal species in their eyes. A useless eater. Don’t look for them to help you with anything but a ticket to Hades!

They have categories for the various different useless eaters, and categories for the useful puppets. They know everything about how you think, how you desire, how you envy, how you dream, how you lust, and even what it will take to buy you.  They know what triggers you to get angry, hate, shout, become unruly, and how to get you to attack others. You name it and they know how to trigger it and they know how their other labeled categories will react to you.

They know how to put your brain in the cloud and tell you what to think. They know how to bounce frequencies at you anywhere you go and into your home to cause brain fog and irritability, even kill you.  It’s the kind of frequencies that make you sick, and can trigger emotional responses.

image 152

They know how to control masses to go crazy, or remain calm. They have been programming the masses for a very long time. But, now they have reached a stale mate of sorts. For the craziest part of what they have learned to do is about to reach a crossover position in time space continuum and they don’t know what to do about it. For you see, liberals now suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and that was supposed to spread over to the supporter base… but that didn’t happen. So what were they (deep state) to do? They were NOT going to lose 4 more years…so they obviously, or so it appears, maybe??? Maybe that they stole the election? Giving the appearance of Two Presidents? Two at the same time? Where have we heard that before? Ponder it.

President Trump being elected in 2016 shocked the Cabal’s system. It slowed down their plans and messed with the cabal’s timeline. So we had a reign of cabal terror with Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine good, Putin Bad, and you know the Impeach, Impeach, Impeach… and we know the President was surrounded by those with bad advice. But… was this part of the plan all along?

A good detective will look at all the players, all the angles and all the possible motives. The question I now have, in light of many events, is this one: Was there a plan to elect Trump all along and we along with he, were never told the truth about that plan?

Think and pray about it before you groan. When the viper moves its pawns, the viper never tells you his 5 D chess moves any more than Trump will show us his. We will dive deep into this in part 2. For now… digest this much.

Questions to consider:

  1. Illuminati and their long term plots, plans, and moves. So far Albert Pikes plans have rolled out like a check list. We are headed for WWIII, and Christian disillusionment. Or so that is the direction that all the cannons are firing off in.
  2. What stands in their way are the true followers of the way of the Lord – the children of God. They have the Holy Spirit. God protects His children and gives them discernment, visions, warning dreams, comfort and guidance. He sends some out and takes some home.
  3. Lizards use dark Satanic forces. They have always entered boldly into the church. Satan and demons boldly enter into the mind without asking permission. We must try the spirits always to see if they are from God or Satan.
  4. Greater is he who is in you, than he who is in the world. They know this and don’t want you to know it. Therefore, they mislead, and enter into the church as false shepherds and program your life with social culture programming from A to Z. God through His Son and the Gift of the Holy Spirit has given His children Authority to rebuke the devil in His Son’s name and he shall flee.

When the election was stolen during the plague of COVID, it was followed by an awakened remnant who are filled with the Holy Spirit, using it to wake up their fellow brothers and sisters and showing them how they have been deceived. They are building back up what the cabal fought so hard to destroy…and that is the truth in the POWER of THE HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN EACH BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN! That power is coupled with the FACT THAT THEIR LORD LIVES INSIDE OF EACH ONE OF THEM. One of the key weapons is the power to rebuke the devil and he will flee!

Fear stops your power cold…because YOU flee and not the devil. Take back your power and stand is the clarion call.

For you see, as long as people read scriptures such as – “greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world”, and just memorize them as simple phrases, without being curious enough to look deep inside to find the Holy Righteous One, that “He” that is within them, they are disarmed, and know not the power they’ve been given.  They will panic and fear when bad things happen, tossed about with every wind.  It’s like being a child with a loaded gun not knowing what the trigger is for and trying to stand up against an armed assailant with your gun shouting BANG – BANG!  Once you learn how easy it is to pull the trigger, it’s a game changer.

image 153

The wicked ones know this; therefore, the goal is to keep you shouting BANG, BANG and never calling on the power of God Almighty that is in you.

One last thing to ponder, but very important. The KM Oligarch, Illuminati, Lizard people, Deep State, Luciferians – whatever you want to call them… Their form of prophecy is to make it up and fulfill it by making it come to pass.  It is their fake god-like production to go along with their fake god prophecies to destroy Christianity in order to bring their Lucifer out into the light/open world.  A mission that according to my Bible, Lucifer will never win.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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