It’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

President Trump Speaks at Eagle Pass, Texas! President Trump called the border crisis a Joe Biden invasion. Transporting entire columns of fighting age men from many nations. “This is Biden Migrant Crime,” he stated. Trump stressed a lot can happen in 9 months, which is the time frame in which he will be voted out…Continue readingIt’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

What On Earth Are We Watching?

That’s the kind of thing that starts a lot of chaos, confusion and gets the rumor mill spinning!! With all the talk of the Biden puppet administration and the buzz of confusion regarding who is running the nation, and hints that Obama is the “one” and Michelle will be the new candidate to run for…Continue readingWhat On Earth Are We Watching?

Black Ops and A Bot Program In Oz…

What else would you like to call it? Name it… we’re listening. Smile. When the shills and the grift are getting exposed faster than they can grift and shill… then they get sloppy and mess up big league. Why is that? Because they really believe they are super smart, and under grandiose protection of all…Continue readingBlack Ops and A Bot Program In Oz…

One Day Soon, President Trump Will Tell Us All Things…

For now we have to read between the lines and observe all things. Every thing the fake news calls a gaff, is actually a big fat clue for those with ears to hear it! President Trump has said today on Truth Social…. “When I was President, we had the most secure Border in History. Joe…Continue readingOne Day Soon, President Trump Will Tell Us All Things…

President Trump Wants To Know Why Nikki Thinks She Won Iowa Last Night?

Should someone tell her that coming in 3rd with low numbers isn’t winning or shall we just let her continue to look STUPID? Whoever is advising Nikki Nimrada needs to know the Jedi fake news mind control tricks aren’t working because people have left the “ENJOY THE SHOW”, and now know they are in what…Continue readingPresident Trump Wants To Know Why Nikki Thinks She Won Iowa Last Night?


The Establishments War On America… has it changed at all or just exposed itself? I found an article I wrote on September 9, 2015 when the establishment reared its ugly head. I wondered how this is the same as today with a few more extremes on the part of the establishment. Let me know what…Continue readingHOW FAR HAVE WE COME?

President Trump In Iowa Today!

HANG ON AMERICA – WE SHALL REAP IF WE FAINT NOT! President Trump held a town hall event in Iowa with Republicans! So while DeSantis held his little gathering and said Trump was a no show in Iowa due to weather, he was wrong again!!! The only way DeSantis and the other losers can get…Continue readingPresident Trump In Iowa Today!

Was The Military The Only Way?

We’ll soon find out! Hold on it’s Trump’s turn now! The 2020 election was Stolen, pure and simple! The head of the snake is fighting to keep the people from knowing the facts and the truth. Try as they might, there is no where for these wicked vile ones to hide and no way out…Continue readingWas The Military The Only Way?

Trump.. “Our Country’s Going To Hell In A Handbasket”!

“I promise you we won’t have world war III!” President Trump President Trump holds “Nevada Commit to Caucus” Event in Las Vegas – 10/28/23 “We don’t want to be like Europe with jihads on every corner. If you sympathize with jihadists then we don’t want you in our country.” President Trump. President Trump promises to…Continue readingTrump.. “Our Country’s Going To Hell In A Handbasket”!


The real enemy holds no predudice in who it attacks, be it color, gender, or position, it only seeks to kill, steal and destroy all of God’s people! “From my standpoint, as a black American, as far as I’m concerned, it is a HIGH TECH LYNCHING for uppity blacks, who in any way deigned to…Continue readingHIGH TECH LYNCHING…