From Ambrosia To Durham…

While today is the first day of the Durham Trials…we also see attention is being drawn to a blood company named Ambrosia that has been selling the blood of young people at $8,000 a liter with the sales pitch that you will regain your youth. Imagine this at a time when few are thinking about…Continue readingFrom Ambrosia To Durham…

Exposing The Way To Peace…

We see a BRIC wall… and it is representing the world’s largest population. They are exposing lies left and right. But how many are seeing that they are? Did you know that while all the distractions are taking place, and the war rooms and groups et al are gossiping about what this one and that…Continue readingExposing The Way To Peace…

Judy Jacob Says – Hear The Roar!

“The earth shakes at the sound we make…we prepare the way! Let the enemy know we’re coming!“ Judy Jacobs sings her new song “Hear the Roar” and speaks of a timely moment of time like no other…. and that moment of time is now! Now is the time of the church to roar like a…Continue readingJudy Jacob Says – Hear The Roar!

Melania – America’s Real First Lady, and Is Joe’s Impeachment Coming?

Melania Trump, America’s First Lady does her first sit down interview since leaving the White House. She is one very special woman with a big heart for humanity. What will the future of America hold? Is this interview indicative of something more? Time will tell. Nothing is as it appears. Meanwhile other news headlines speak…Continue readingMelania – America’s Real First Lady, and Is Joe’s Impeachment Coming?

Elon Musk Satellite Shows Flat Earth…??

Who would have thought? Many are asking is this real or what? The photo above and below are from Paul’s Corner… on Twitter It’s always good to change topics every now and then and contemplate what the Bible says… especially since we are exposing all the lies of those who want to enslave us. Now,…Continue readingElon Musk Satellite Shows Flat Earth…??

Live It’s Saturday Night!

BUILD BACK BETTER… PART II OF “AMERICA IS OFFICIALLY A CLOWN SHOW!” Whether it is infiltration in the government, the church, fake news, social media or your favorite grifter road show (which double as grifter podcast conference centers), making money off of peril is thriving in 2022! Road shows are extremely popular for attendees, merchandisers…Continue readingLive It’s Saturday Night!

From TV to Podcasts… Schills, Grifters  and Generals…

Top it off with “Thus Saith The Lord.”  Now where were we…oh yes… who to vote for and remember, when you need to go to the bathroom, raise your hand for permission. BEFORE WE BEGIN…. TRUMP JUST SHARED THIS CLIP…. SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN…HOLD ON???????? Twitter makes money off fake accounts – Bots.  Imagine why…Continue readingFrom TV to Podcasts… Schills, Grifters  and Generals…

Kathy Barnette Neck to Neck With Dr. Oz!

Is Newsmax behaving like CNN and the rest of FAKE NEWS? With only a few days before voters go to the poles and vote in the primaries, Kathy Barnette was scorched a bit by Newsmax who pulled a fast one in an article using the power of suggestion with selective sound bytes and allowing Dr.…Continue readingKathy Barnette Neck to Neck With Dr. Oz!

Mob Rule On Display

Democracy’s secret weapon is now out in the open and it has reared it’s ugly head. It’s called… …MOB RULE AND IT IS ON FULL DISPLAY! Democracy is when the majority rules and when majority rules they can send out the mobs and make the lives of anyone who disagrees with them sheer hell and…Continue readingMob Rule On Display

Where’s The Integrity and Honor?

LIARS WILL ALL BE EXPOSED! SAYS JOHN DI LEMME! Now this is a rant I can watch over and over and over again!!!! How many are tired of the grifters and liars that popped up and became experts over night during COVID? Grifters and wanna be’s – like he says…where were you years ago? It’s…Continue readingWhere’s The Integrity and Honor?