And The Race Is On…

Good morning! By now you all should have heard that President Trump won South Carolina. Smile. And Nikki has declared she’s still in this to win. She is out to win Super Tuesday?

image 216

Here we go, how many want to bet that after Super Tuesday, Nikki shouts, she’s still in it to win because there are still 41 states left? And how many bet that Nikki will say, I concede? Place your bets. Smile.

image 215

Nikki is the bird brain that just keeps on going, it’s as though she loves losing? But, being out of Republican donor money doesn’t stop her, she just pulls out the Democrat wallet and keeps on charging.

When all else fails, pour out the tears and rely on sympathy. Will that work? So far, as fast as she tried it out, it appears to be a big fat pile of funky looking bird flowers or _____ fill in the blank!

image 218

I think her “I’m so sad” script backfired just like her “Beast of the East” bus.

Never Nikki? It appears that even Joey 2.0 is towering over the Birdbrain. So why do you think Nikki the candidate from nowhere is putting on such a show of shame? Your thoughts?

image 217

Meanwhile, the people’s choice is President Trump! He keeps on winning and speaking truth while the President of Argentina, (who is Making Argentina Great Again), has come to congratulate President Trump. Do you think Milei is happy?

The majority of Americans know what we are up against and what type of person we need to fight against the corruption that has been rolling out silent grenades for their ‘not so secret’ war on “we the people”.

President Trump is the only one who has ever come out and told the people what we are fighting against. He is the one that exposed “fake news”, and “borders being flooded with not so nice people entering”, and called out the globalists and their dirty deals that crush American jobs and manufacturing. It was Trump who spoke out on the fake Climate Change Hoax and the crimes against the people hidden inside it that affect American citizens across the nation. He is the one who pointed out the corruption and lawlessness and got people looking behind the secret veil to find out who is doing what to who.

image 213

At CPAC, President Trump spoke out on the dirty deals the deep state has perpetrated on the people. Even pointing out Obama’s dirty deeds, and vowing to break America out from the Biden Nightmare.


Trump’s speeches are very revealing to the deep state’s silent weapons for secret wars. He is very clear on the destiny of the nation and correct that it is up to the people to stand up, expose the mess, and vote in such numbers that the corrupt and lawless ones are not able to steal another election.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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