President Trump and Elon Musk Sue Major Media Outlets For Defamation!

The lawless machine is breaking down… it’s not so well oiled anymore! It’s blowing up just like the EV’s they are pushing! Especially when they run through slow moving and standing waters! (Sorry Elon, it is what it is.) Fake news really thought they could continue to make up their own fantastic stories and hide…Continue readingPresident Trump and Elon Musk Sue Major Media Outlets For Defamation!

Eye of The Storm – Stay Focused!

Don’t let fake news psyops distract you – don’t look at it and don’t listen to it. Expose the lies and shout the truth! It’s as easy as A-B-C…1-2-3, FAKE NEWS CREWS! Whether on a Federal, State, or local level, it’s all a two tiered system. President Trump has been under indictments up to his…Continue readingEye of The Storm – Stay Focused!

Was The Military The Only Way?

We’ll soon find out! Hold on it’s Trump’s turn now! The 2020 election was Stolen, pure and simple! The head of the snake is fighting to keep the people from knowing the facts and the truth. Try as they might, there is no where for these wicked vile ones to hide and no way out…Continue readingWas The Military The Only Way?

Who In The World Do You Trust?

When the world is closing in and rubber masks appear to be running the nation, and everything is upside down with world war III rearing its ugly head … who do you listen to? Where do you go? Discern the times, have faith, stand firm, stay awake, read the Word of God, be not deceived…Continue readingWho In The World Do You Trust?

World Update…

If it can even be updated? Things change minute to minute and there are so many crazy things taking place at once… so here is an attempt to give you some input with a bit of back story on some of it all so you can understand what’s taking place, for it truly is all…Continue readingWorld Update…

Trump.. “Our Country’s Going To Hell In A Handbasket”!

“I promise you we won’t have world war III!” President Trump President Trump holds “Nevada Commit to Caucus” Event in Las Vegas – 10/28/23 “We don’t want to be like Europe with jihads on every corner. If you sympathize with jihadists then we don’t want you in our country.” President Trump. President Trump promises to…Continue readingTrump.. “Our Country’s Going To Hell In A Handbasket”!

TRUMP WARNS of Dangers Americans Face…

President Trump has been telling us about the border crisis and the men coming across and now he suspects what is happening in Israel and Gaza may happen here. In case the video above gets removed, try: President Donald J. Trump Visits Club 47 in West Palm Beach, FL – 10/11/23 ( One of the…Continue readingTRUMP WARNS of Dangers Americans Face…

Trump Won The Debate Against All Quacks!

Breaking through the Matrix is when you need to stay focused and press, press, press…… We do this to the tune of the “oh no, oh no, oh no…..” So for a better feel for this show… click on the mood music to set the back ground for the full experience. He should have never…Continue readingTrump Won The Debate Against All Quacks!


OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE! OPEN YOUR EARS AND HEAR! EXPOSE THE PSYOPS! KEEP YOUR EYES FOCUSED ON THE LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS! GOD HAS THIS! DC_Draino made a list of things as to why MAGA Rep. want the USA, Inc. Goverment shut down. What can you add to that list? I…Continue readingBREAKING THROUGH THE MATRIX!


President Trump said, “My second term which we’re sort of having now”… Did President Trump slip up and let us know he’s still the C.I.C. publicly? President Trump does not want the results of this Black Op Disaster called the Biden Administration’s stolen election – All the credit goes to the KM Oligarch Lizard people…Continue readingCLUES FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP!