Live It’s Saturday Night!

BUILD BACK BETTER… PART II OF “AMERICA IS OFFICIALLY A CLOWN SHOW!” Whether it is infiltration in the government, the church, fake news, social media or your favorite grifter road show (which double as grifter podcast conference centers), making money off of peril is thriving in 2022! Road shows are extremely popular for attendees, merchandisers…Continue readingLive It’s Saturday Night!

2000 Mules, Riding On The Backs Of Rinos!

BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD! THINGS ARE COMING TO A HEAD…. DOES HE LOOK WORRIED OR FEARFUL OF THE ENEMY? NOT TO ME! 2000 Mules and True The Vote Debunk AP Hit Piece By Wendi Strauch Mahoney -May 9, 2022 Riots and Traffickers: Data Doesn’t Lie Additionally, OPSEC collected…Continue reading2000 Mules, Riding On The Backs Of Rinos!

Trump In The Land of Oz….?

There is a lot of questions being raised about why Trump is endorsing Dr. Oz? Many have a lot of ideas… and the range is all over the place. I went digging to see what the answer could be. Here is some of what is floating out there, this endorsement has seemed to create quite…Continue readingTrump In The Land of Oz….?


PRESIDENT TRUMP RALLY LIVE – At Westmoreland County Fairgrounds, Greensburg, Pennsylvania! Patriots are pumped! “The Republican Party is the party of “Law, Order and Life!” stated Donald Trump President Trump pointed out the sad shape of the pitiful usurper in chief who stole the election, and his failed attempt at running the nation pointing out…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP IN PA!

President Trump Speaks In Nebraska!

SAVE AMERICA RALLY ON TRACK AND PRESIDENT TRUMP IS FIRED UP – HE’S NOT BACKING DOWN, HE’S DOUBLING DOWN! Do you agree with President Trump? “We will only kneel and bow before Jesus Christ, our LORD and our SAVIOR.” Trump says, remember “The Mueller Bullshit…” and makes the comparisons of Biden’s disgraceful regime and what…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks In Nebraska!

President Trump Asks For Your Help –

President Trump is asking for anyone who has any January 6th video footage to please send it to him – Nancy Pelosi is holding all the film footage hostage….listen to Live From America video for this information and more. You can send any and all video footage to: Letters from President Trump’s lawyers… Also…Continue readingPresident Trump Asks For Your Help –

President Trump In Ohio!

HE’S FIRED UP AND READY TO TAKE AMERICA FORWARD AND OUT OF THE HORRIBLE MESS BIDEN HAS MADE AND KEEPS ON CREATING! THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN AND TRUMP HAS NOT CONCEDED! Trump bashed Ohio’s past RINO Governor John Kasich, “this terrible governor that you had”, being glad for them he is gone. Recall Kasich and his…Continue readingPresident Trump In Ohio!

President Trump Speaks – Working To Save The Republic!

At The Heritage Annual Leadership Conference in Amelia Island, Florida, President Trump made the remark of how we can undo every executive order and every act the Biden Administration put in place and put back into place the Executive Orders he had in place immediately to turn this nation around. He noted this can be…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks – Working To Save The Republic!

Trump Rally From Selma, North Carolina (Apr. 9)

Trump tells American’s what is taking place and what we need to do! NEWS UPDATES- April 2022: The gold/asset-backed US Note in digital form has replaced the fiat US Dollar in international trade and joined 106 of the 210 participating nations that were already gold/asset-backed and using the Quantum Financial System. Durham Report indictments lead to Obama…Continue readingTrump Rally From Selma, North Carolina (Apr. 9)


Dan Scavino said, “A great pall fell upon our nation on the morning of Nov 4, 2020, but I have great faith that PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RETURN to his proper & just place as our POTUS is IMMINENT! THE BEST IS YET TO COME, AND WILL BE EVEN BETTER! #MAGA 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 We all know that things…Continue readingGET READY AMERICA!