For The Greater Good of All???

When people’s eyes see and ears hear, the enemy knows it’s time to wear a new disguise. Switch up the game and put on some new sheep skins. There appears to be a new approach to programming the minds of the people who are coming out from “Babylon the not so great” as they said…Continue readingFor The Greater Good of All???


With all of the psyops out there who do we trust? How do you know when you are being part of an information war or part of a special task force focus group to find out what you are thinking? There is one thing that is certain here… There would NEVER EVER be any good…Continue readingPROPAGANDA WARS – GAME ON!

Exposing The Tares Among The Wheat!

Wake up and look around. How many things have you been told were true that you now know are lies? And how many other things are waiting for you to find out that were also lies? Are you learning the mind wash think tank games yet? It’s like a group of gamers getting together to…Continue readingExposing The Tares Among The Wheat!