With all of the psyops out there who do we trust? How do you know when you are being part of an information war or part of a special task force focus group to find out what you are thinking?

There is one thing that is certain here… There would NEVER EVER be any good military killing Americans and causing havoc to wake them up!

That entire idea is obsurd! It goes against every grain of the constitution to protect we the people. No where does the constitution say “we will kill, steal and destroy” to wake up we the people. NO WHERE! Anyone saying that is not on the good side. These are spots in the dots and paid psyops!

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Which bring us to the research and work of Dr. John Coleman on the Committee of 300.

It’s time to once again look into the global works of these ones who desire to rule the entire world. Psyops and propaganda are their weapons and these have always been the weapons of choice to control the world population!

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by Dr. John Coleman

from Conspirators’ Hierarchy – The Story of the Committee of 300


  • Under the direction of Herman Khan, this institution has done more to shape the way Americans react to political and social events, think, vote and generally conduct themselves than perhaps any except the BIG FIVE. Hudson specializes in defense policy research and relations with the USSR. Most of its military work is classified as SECRET. (One idea during the Vietnam War was to build a moat around Saigon.) Some of its earlier papers were entitled “Stability and Tranquility Among Older Nations,” and “Analytical Summary of U.S. National Security Policy Issues.”
  • Hudson prides itself on its diversity; it helped NASA with its space programs and helped to promote new youth fashions and ideas, youth rebellion and alienation for the Committee of 300, ostensibly funded by Coca Cola. Hudson may be quite properly classified as one of the Committee of 300’s BRAIN-WASHING establishments. Some of its nuclear war scenarios make for very interesting reading and, if they can be obtained, I would recommend “The 6 Basic Thermonuclear Threats” and “Possible Outcomes of Thermonuclear War” and one of its more frightening papers entitled “Israeli-Arab Nuclear War.”
  • Hudson also does corporate advising for Committee of 300 companies, Rank, Xerox, General Electric, IBM and General Motors, to name but a few of them, but its really big client remains the U. S. Department of Defense which includes matters of civil defense, national security, military policy and arms control. To date it has not got into “wet NASA,” that is to say, the National Oceanographic Agency

On a side note, but very important…

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REMEMBER OBAMA’S BRAIN INITIATIVE? The secret program of US. mind control weapons: is it developing in latin America? – MedCrave online Did you know the largest brain research institute is located in Ukraine? Yes it is. There are more than 40,000 neuro scientists in this area all around the world. Two global projects are dedicated to neuroscience: Human Brain Project by EU (total fund 1.6 billion EUR) and Brain Initiative by USA (~1 billion USD). The NGO “Ukrainian Society for Neuroscience” was founded in 1998. More than 100 Ukrainian scientists are USN members. USN is a member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies. Read more: Neuroscience – Ukrainian Society for Neuroscience (


Jesse Hobson, the first president of Stanford Research Institute, in a 1952 speech made it clear what lines the institute was to follow.

Stanford can be described as one of the “jewels” in Tavistock’s Crown in its rule over the United States. Founded in 1946 immediately after the close of WW II, it was presided over by Charles A. Anderson, with emphasis on mind control re-search and “future sciences.” Included under the Stanford umbrella was Charles F. Kettering Foundation which developed the “Changing Images of Man” upon which the Aquarian Conspiracy rests.

Some of Stanford’s major clients and contracts were at first centered around the defense establishment but, as Stanford grew, so did the diversity of its services:

  • Applications of Behavioral Sciences to Research
    • Management
    • Office of Science and Technology
    • SRI Business Intelligence Program
    • U.S. Department of Defense Directorate of Defense
    • Research and Engineering
    • U.S. Department of Defense Office of Aerospace Research

Among corporations seeking Stanford’s services were

  • Wells Fargo Bank
    • Bechtel Corporation
    • Hewlett Packard
    • Bank of America
    • McDonnell-Douglas Corporation
    • Blyth
    • Eastman Dillon
    • TRW Company

One of Stanford’s more secret projects was extensive work on chemical and bacteriological warfare (CAB) weapons.

Stanford Research is plugged into at least 200 smaller “think tanks” doing research into every facet of life in America. This is known as ARPA networking and represents the emergence of probably the most far-reaching effort to control the environment of every individual in the country. At present Stanford’s computers are linked with 2500 “sister” research consoles which include the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Bell Telephone Laboratories, U.S. Army Intelligence, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), RANIMITHarvard and UCLA. Stanford plays a key role in that it is the “library,” cataloging all ARPA documentation.

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“Other agencies”—and one can use one’s imagination here, are allowed to search through SRI’s “library” for key words, phrases, look through sources and update their own master files with those of Stanford Research Center. The Pentagon, for instance, uses SRI’s “master files” extensively, and there is little doubt that other U.S. Government agencies do the same. Pentagon “command and control” problems are worked out by Stanford.

While ostensibly these apply only to weapons and soldiers, there is absolutely no guarantee that the same research could not, and will not, be turned to civilian applications. Stanford is known to be willing to do anything for anyone, and it is my belief that if ever SRI were to be fully exposed, the hostility which would arise from revelations as to what it actually does would most probably force SRI to close.


This major institute is not generally recognized as being a part of Tavistock U.S.A. Most people look upon it as a purely American institution, but that is far from being the case. MIT-Alfred Sloan can be roughly divided into the following groups:

  • Contemporary Technology
    • Industrial Relations
    • Lewin Group Psychology
    • NASA-ERC Computer Research Laboratories
    • Office of Naval Research Group, Psychology
    • Systems Dynamics.

Forrestor and Meadows wrote The Club of Rome’s “Limits of Growth” zero growth study.

Some of MIT’s clients include the following:

  • American Management Association
    • American Red Cross
    • Committee for Economic Development
    • GTE
    • Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA)
    • NASA
    • National Academy of Sciences
    • National Council of Churches
    • Sylvania
    • TRW
    • U.S. Army
    • U.S. Department of State
    • U.S. Navy
    • U.S. Treasury
    • Volkswagen Company

So vast is the reach of IDA that it would take hundreds of pages to describe the activities in which it is engaged, and IDA is fully described in my book on the role played by Institutions and Foundations in committing treason against the United States of America, which will be published early in 1992.


Without a doubt, RAND is THE think tank most beholden to Tavistock Institute and certainly the RIIA’s most prestigious vehicle for control of United States policies at every level.

Specific RAND policies that became operative include our ICBM program, prime analyses for U.S. foreign policy making, instigator of space programs, U.S. nuclear policies, corporate analyses, hundreds of projects for the military, the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) in relation to the use of mind altering drugs like peyote, LSD (the covert MK-Ultra operation which lasted for 20 years).

Some of RAND’s clients include the following:

  • American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)
    • Chase Manhattan Bank
    • International Business Machines (IBM)
    • National Science Foundation
    • Republican Party
    • TRW
    • U.S. Air Force
    • U.S. Department of Energy
    • U.S. Department of Health

There are literally THOUSANDS of highly important companies, government institutions and organizations that make use of RAND’s services, and to list them all would be an impossible task. Among RAND’s “specialities” is a study group that predicts the timing and the direction of a thermonuclear war, plus working out the many scenarios based upon its findings.

RAND was once accused of being commissioned by the USSR to work out terms of surrender of the United States Government, an accusation that went all the way to the United States Senate, where it was taken up by Senator Symington and subsequently fell victim to articles of scorn poured out by the establishment press. BRAIN WASHING remains the primary function of RAND.

To summarize, the major Tavistock institutions in the United States engaged in brainwashing at all levels, including government, the military, business, religious organizations and education are the following:

  • Brookings Institution
  • Hudson Institute
  • Institute for Policy Studies
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • National Training Laboratories
  • Rand Research and Development Corporation
  • Stanford Research Institute
  • Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania

It is estimated by sources of mine that the total number of people employed by these institutions is in the region of 50,000 with funding close to $10 billion dollars. Read more here: Tavistock Institutions in The United States (


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The tables have turned and the fake media has lost their control over the masses of we the people! There is no turning back and now the psyops are being called out and it is getting easier and easier to SEE ALL OF THEM!


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The conductor will be asking for tickets and is well trained to spot forgeries!

Not everyone is who they say that they are but they all want to ride on Trump’s train! Why? Because they know his numbers and ratings are the REAL DEAL! AND THEY CAN’T COUNTER THAT!


Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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