Liar, Liar, the World’s on Fire…what we gonna do when it all burns down”…suddenly that Dolly Parton song has a whole new significance!

When we first heard that song there were mixed feelings and interpretations… but who knew it was a literal forewarning? Many thought that was a double Dolly, of which I was one who did so… this song now has aged well and heated up. Opening up wearing a flat earth map…. and of course an American Icon in country music… which is another new push, or so it seems? So let’s show some love and break the spell? What spell is that? And so… ponder the words and look at the set again… a bit closer this time. (And I still think that’s a Dolly 2.0)

We are now looking at the hottest running psyops and several are tied for first place.

We have the DEW fires accused of happening to wake up (they say) people who are ‘NORMIES’.

We have hurricanes and weather wars happening all over to wake up the “NORMIES” (they say).

We have heard that President Trump should be arrested and kept in jail to wake up ‘NORMIES’ (they say).

We have President Trump mug shot, and the bunch of mug shots from others that now have to decide who is left and who is right? Why all the fear push? Is it to please the Left who are waiting to wear their masks again, or to psych out the (they say) ‘NORMIES’ with more fear, fear, fear? And to top it off, the fake news is showing the C.G.I. photos and shouting they are the real deal! President Trump was arrested and booked and he will be going to jail. All with the same script.

image 259

And now we have Flynn pushing the fake mug shot and not pointing out to ANYONE that it is fake and a psyop…instead he is pushing fear, fear, fear and we all have to stand together with him and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT? Excuse me General …. and DEW what exactly?

DEW we paint our bodies blue and hope that they keep the wind fire frequencies the same?

image 264

How convenient that Amazon is now selling blue face and body paint?

image 265

So, is the instruction to believe in the blue? Will we have to aim rifles at the DEW frequencies or are we directed to just stand after we paint our bodies blue and hope the DEW is still programmed to pass over our blue bodies?

Will My Pillow Guy sell us blue bed gear? Will road shows add blue paint to their list of merchandise sold for survival gear?

image 266

Pysop podsters never let a crisis go to waste without profiting off the solutions!

Think about it… how DEW Americans have that much money to buy everything and keep everyone in business when they are hurting and the price of everything has gone up, up, up? Is someone else funding them? Is this a new manner of money laundering? Now don’t twist the questions here, there are many honest, hard working podcasts that do rely on donations and items to sell in order to keep going to give you the news. I am not directing any fingers at them. I am simply saying there are many who are profiting off of their forecasts and they are making lots of money off of someone… and I just ask for people to consider who and how?

Why is there a new push for war in the streets in an “us against them” shout being led by a General Flynn who accept it or not, was fired for reaching a critical mass of distrust and could no longer be trusted (that is what the White House stated). He lied to the FBI, and to Pence and other things were noted in a relative very short length of time? And who exactly hired the narcissistic carney with illuminati books out the wazzo to host Flynn and CIA Byrne’s fiasco, while cashing in selling fear for dollars?

And now that we know FEMA and a rogue municipality Mayor, and Governor, with local police obeying FEMA, and Biden loyal military, with possible international help, set Maui on fire… and committed horrendous crimes against the citizens and especially the children. What does Flynn think we are going to accomplish by having our own “Ukraine On Fire in Maidan Square”? He was with Obama when that was planned so I’m sure being in charge of psyops and intelligence he understands how all that went south and snipers murdered them? We will have targeted frequencies. Why do some people seemingly want to have us firing guns in the streets, especially when guns don’t stop lasers and space based weapons? We need to ask the right questions. Quite frankly, it is looking more like these guys are getting frustrated because the masses are self disciplined enough to trust God and not a general with a hand grenade.

Why isn’t Flynn telling people what they can do that is affective and not self destructive?


While we are trying to keep up with everything they are throwing at us all at once… we need to remember that those who desire to depopulate the earth are wasting no time doing just that! From poisons, viruses, plagues of all sorts, weather manipulation, wind and fire laser storms, and the biggest weapon coming into view…. RELIGION AND SPECIFICALLY CHRISTIANITY!

We now have road shows with self claimed saviors like Clark who is far from anything the Lord said to follow… and we have Jordan Peterson who has the new Christian Psychology Program where he gets to psychoanalyze Jesus and every thought a follower may have? He will let you on his WEF billionaire funded ARC. And Jan Halper Hayes a strong supporter of Alpha Course from Holy Trinity Church that is the basis of the Shepherding Movement…. later it became known as the Charismatic Church Movement… and her London based task force position to figure out how people think so they can know which buttons to push? You know, to herd them. She says the task force is for the Department of Defense. She said later, it was separate from DOD, but the information was data collecting that is used by DOD. She didn’t tell us that Stanford Institute gives data to not only Silicon Valley and EU UNICORNS, but DOD and FEMA. Didn’t she give the appearance that she was working with President Trump? That’s what most everyone thought and that is what sent her rising up and onto all the podcast shows.

After all, President Trump retruthed her interview stating the USA, Inc. was bankrupt. But most all knew that… I wrote about it in Dec. of 2020 and it went viral then. Around 6 or 7 million views so, it was out there and people were talking. Podcasters were already saying it was bankrupt, so why not just say it to a London audience? But, now it’s been confirmed by President Trump that it is bankrupt and the gold from the Vatican is indeed in the hands of the Republic.

Listen carefully….

Jan’s Resume includes: Stanford University Summer Institute for Political Psychology – Certificate in Political Psychology Political Science and Social Psychology 2017 – 2017 The Stanford University’s Summer Institute for Political Psychology is the training ground for advanced Ph.D. students and professionals. Attendees from 35 countries have participated in the SIPP program. Attendees have included diplomats, policy advisors, FBI and CIA agents, psychologists from other fields, political scientists, U.N. representatives, military personnel and educators. Also, Stanford University Post Graduate – School of Communications Broadcast Journalism 1994 – 1995. There is more, but I’ll leave that right there. What are your thoughts of discernment on this?

Meanwhile, Demons are very real. But fear not for God has given you the gift of the Holy Spirit to do as Jesus did and cast them out in the name of Jesus. Work on your faith, therein lies your most powerful weapon! For greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world!

Be aware that all creation obeys God, even the sun, moon, stars, seas, earth, wind, fire and air? What will they do when God unleashes them to thunder out the wrath to come? The same wrath they so deserve?  Indeed it will be a Passover to God’s children and a path of destruction for every foul and evil bird of prey… the lizards and their wicked minions will be no more.

Which podcasters are showing you things like this?

image 267

Or things like this?

image 268

Pay attention to the ones that are showing you the true things to discern!

This video takes you through the history of the wicked new world order and the RICH, NAZI, LIZARD MEN who are behind it!

Beware of psyops and listen to those who after seeing the deception, opened their eyes and said… that’s not a patriot!

Remember we are at war and the wicked are actually doing all sorts of bad things including crimes against humanity and they are doing it in our faces! They are using religion in every way imaginable. They are grifting and having road shows to push God in alliance with the world council of churches. At a time where these ones should be helping families who need food, shelter and comfort… they are pushing grift, fear, and some are planning for more road shows as though this was now a new ongoing business and way of life, and you… the average person, need what they are selling???? Come out from her my people!

Have you heard these charismatics tell you how to counter the wind fires yet? Have you heard them tell you how to call on the Holy Spirit yet? Have they told you what to do when times get tough yet? Or are they shouting at you of all the terrible things that are coming on the earth? Pointing at who they are as they collect your money and telling you to give all you can or God will NOT BLESS YOU!

Are you listening to road shows where a General is shouting at you to WAKE UP because this isn’t going to stop until you WAKE UP?!! Because the military is letting all this happen because you aren’t taking to the streets? While at the same time they are still arresting Trump supporters for gathering peacefully on J-6, and Trump too!!! Oh my head hurts!

People are dying, yes they are, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to the fear porn, stress out and fear, fear, fear yourself into death!

Open your Bible and read the Word of God and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. Ask for discernment in this world at all you are seeing and hearing. Follow no one blindly. Seek God in all things! Follow where the Holy Spirit leads you. And stay put when the Spirit leads you to stay put. Not everyone is made to take to the battle field. Some have other duties that God has for them to attend. Remember also Gideon and his 300. Why send the unqualified into the streets to be slaughtered? That is not wise.

Isaiah 26:20 “Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.”



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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