Humans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

Crimes against humanity can no longer be hidden. They are out in broad daylight and melting in the Sun! The devil is not a god he is a liar and the author of it. He will never be God nor erase God! Imagine if you will, if the world council of churches decided that the…Continue readingHumans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

Wheat, Tares, War, Serpents and Truth Bombs!

The world is shaking and the harvest is coming… the tares are now much easier to spot as they grow together along side the wheat. But, oh those snakes… they stand out like a sore thumb! Arkansas Governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders – “I was the first governor to kick China off our farmland – and…Continue readingWheat, Tares, War, Serpents and Truth Bombs!

Headlines Say Outsourced Social Media and Not Election Interference Why Is That?

Two top headlines of the day are the Censorship From Government Industrial Complex and Biden reknewing Executive Order #13848! Who really believes the Biden avatar reknewed the EO 13848 that places sanctions and seizes assets for election interference for both foreign and domestic? Who else could have possibly, maybe signed it? If you believe Biden…Continue readingHeadlines Say Outsourced Social Media and Not Election Interference Why Is That?

The Beast Is A System!

The system is in place and has been for a very long time. We are in this world system, but not of it! The Bible is clear on that! The beast system has been evolving and is at its’ pinnacle. God is watching all things, the same as in the days of Nimrod when he…Continue readingThe Beast Is A System!


Know the nature of the beast and how it operates, otherwise you will be tossed about and swear you are in the twilight zone… kinda exactly like the way the world is looking right now. The father of lies is Satan. John 8:44  “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your…Continue readingTHE BEAST IN THE SHADOWS

Paperclips, I See Lots of Paperclips….

We’ve been comparing photos for the notorious 2.0s and are well aware of the Plato Allegory of The Cave, now it’s time to find the paperclipped lives of all the spy world and Tavistock Institute favorites! What if The Daily Mail was a “Black Operation Task Force”, geared by and influenced by Tavistock Institute (Ultra…Continue readingPaperclips, I See Lots of Paperclips….

Was Hollywood A Cult Mocking of Prophecy?

Or was it just a script written like a wish? Wishcraft? So now we have pro Israel Zionist groups versus pro Palestine groups in New York City, the home of crime and catch and release, and all the corrupt DOJ systems…  protesting against each other in the streets. Enter “Escape From New York”, scene ???? …Continue readingWas Hollywood A Cult Mocking of Prophecy?

How To Be Your Own 2.0!

Shake things up a bit or a lot! Even Trump has some doubles out there! Well folks, hate to break it to you but that’s not Trump in the golf shirt and MAGA hat. That’s a double. So we are watching for the first time ever, a live theater event (military terminology for the show)…Continue readingHow To Be Your Own 2.0!


OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE! OPEN YOUR EARS AND HEAR! EXPOSE THE PSYOPS! KEEP YOUR EYES FOCUSED ON THE LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS! GOD HAS THIS! DC_Draino made a list of things as to why MAGA Rep. want the USA, Inc. Goverment shut down. What can you add to that list? I…Continue readingBREAKING THROUGH THE MATRIX!

Lots of 2.0’s and 1.0’s In Hiding. Where Are They Now?

The game is on… it’s like “The Tables Turn In The Hall of Mirrors”… the search for finding where the real people went is on! It’s time for all the masks to come off and let the crisis actors take a bow and leave the stage. And all of those who are led by the…Continue readingLots of 2.0’s and 1.0’s In Hiding. Where Are They Now?