Something Is Happening In The Bronx…

They’re ready for Trump to lead the nation! Watch him live today at 5:30! It’s looking like the people have had enough of the propaganda and are not very happy. They are looking real long and hard at everything and the word is… they know they’ve been herded and not heard! The first thing that…Continue readingSomething Is Happening In The Bronx…

Trump Cards, Truth, and Gov. Noem, MTG & AOC Cat Fight, Was It Staged?

While we were busy watching the podcaster wars, the congress and other government bodies were having their own all-out battles. The distractions are off the charts – while many are exposing the propaganda and rogue “Red Hatters”, we missed a lot of other things that were going down. Some of what we missed, like more…Continue readingTrump Cards, Truth, and Gov. Noem, MTG & AOC Cat Fight, Was It Staged?

What On Earth Are We Watching?

That’s the kind of thing that starts a lot of chaos, confusion and gets the rumor mill spinning!! With all the talk of the Biden puppet administration and the buzz of confusion regarding who is running the nation, and hints that Obama is the “one” and Michelle will be the new candidate to run for…Continue readingWhat On Earth Are We Watching?

President Trump In Iowa Today!

HANG ON AMERICA – WE SHALL REAP IF WE FAINT NOT! President Trump held a town hall event in Iowa with Republicans! So while DeSantis held his little gathering and said Trump was a no show in Iowa due to weather, he was wrong again!!! The only way DeSantis and the other losers can get…Continue readingPresident Trump In Iowa Today!

President Trump Is A Threat To Many Lawless Things…

Can you guess the number one thing they hate Trump for? Or is it a list of things? He has, still is, and does stand in the gap for all Americans. President Trump exposed fake news, he exposed the cartels coming across the borders, he exposed human and child trafficking, he exposed the KM Oligarchs…Continue readingPresident Trump Is A Threat To Many Lawless Things…


So what else is new? How about a bit of “Banana Republic” with a bit of “CHY-NA” rule? President Trump was not officially removed from the Colorado ballot but they sure are trying. Meanwhile fake news is busy with their wrap up smear! And the courts… well it’s like I keep hearing that song… “who…Continue readingFAKE NEWS And A Chance of ELECTION INTERFERENCE??

Eye of The Storm – Stay Focused!

Don’t let fake news psyops distract you – don’t look at it and don’t listen to it. Expose the lies and shout the truth! It’s as easy as A-B-C…1-2-3, FAKE NEWS CREWS! Whether on a Federal, State, or local level, it’s all a two tiered system. President Trump has been under indictments up to his…Continue readingEye of The Storm – Stay Focused!

Just Don’t Say That…!

Can you even say…don’t say that? President Trump and Lin Wood reminded us not to say certain things because … well, because fake news says, “You can’t say that.” And both of them can’t talk about lawless judges that will give you gag orders if you say things that are true that go against their…Continue readingJust Don’t Say That…!

Was The Military The Only Way?

We’ll soon find out! Hold on it’s Trump’s turn now! The 2020 election was Stolen, pure and simple! The head of the snake is fighting to keep the people from knowing the facts and the truth. Try as they might, there is no where for these wicked vile ones to hide and no way out…Continue readingWas The Military The Only Way?

Clown Show Daily Trial Update…

How long before the military steps in and shuts these made for central casting, lawless kangaroo courts down? Tick Tock. Alina Habba spoke it directly, boldly, and succinctly!!! The numbers don’t lie… and now we need to ask Leticia where she got her millions? I read that Letitia James 1.0 was hauled off by the…Continue readingClown Show Daily Trial Update…