You Can Make This Stuff Up!

People are finally catching on or at least they think they are??? Either the scripts are getting really lame, or it’s all becoming predictable? The world watched as President Trump made his way to Atlanta for his arrest. Were they disappointed, saddened, surprised or were they scratching their heads? It’s all election interference! Some watched…Continue readingYou Can Make This Stuff Up!


President Trump announced today that he was going to be on with Tucker Carlson at 9:00, I assume he means Eastern Time. He asked for people to watch. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has confirmed that he will NOT BE PARTICIPATING in Wednesday’s first Republican presidential primary debate — and likely others as well. Wonder what…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP SAID SPARKS WILL FLY!

President Trump is Just Getting Started!

Election Fraud, J-6, Liars, Thieves, Communists Versus Truth, Justice and We The People! BOOM! Our eyes turn to J-6 and the testimony of the Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund and the TRUTH! We heard him then, and he was shut up and forced to resign. The propaganda pushers shut up anyone with the truth…Continue readingPresident Trump is Just Getting Started!


D.C. WAS SUNNY TODAY, BUT WEATHER REPORTS SAID VERY CLOUDY AND OMINOUS LOOKING… “Federal employees in the Washington, DC area were instructed to leave work by 3 PM EST at the latest on Monday, August 7, 2023, according to an announcement from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). “The DC region is under a tornado watch until…Continue readingBOOM WEATHER REPORT, SUNNY WITH A CHANCE OF TORNADOES!

Jarring Flynn and Ballard’s Memory…

They think you are mindless, gullible, puppets on their strings who can’t remember a thing! Amnesia is a big issue these days with a lot of people in the Road Show limelight. But, patriots are coming forward to jog their mental fog into focus for them. Where to begin? It’s hard to decide what to…Continue readingJarring Flynn and Ballard’s Memory…

They Lied Big League!!!

Expose every lie and every fake thing, every con, every psyop! Shame on them all! KNOW WHAT THEY DID, DO AND ARE YET DOING! Watch as more and more becomes visible! Memory joggers… At the Biden fake inauguration and since then we have seen all sorts of photos of fake people. And many still argue…Continue readingThey Lied Big League!!!

J-6, USA, Inc., Shills, Trump D.C. and I Told You So!

President Trump told us EVERYTHING all along the way! Did you hear him? Sometimes you wait and wait and then, all at once and just like that… you find another fact finder presents the same things you presented back when it took place. Around the same time others were telling you “not so”, “prove it”…Continue readingJ-6, USA, Inc., Shills, Trump D.C. and I Told You So!

Trump Rally In Iowa Tonight…

Oh and President Trump said Fox News called to let him know they will be airing the entire Iowa Rally. He says they want some ratings. I’ll be watching “Right Side”, how about you? Just heard due to tornadoes the rally was modified and postponed…or was that postponed due to modified tornadoes? Meanwhile … Why…Continue readingTrump Rally In Iowa Tonight…

J-6 -2023 Update…

Nothing is ever as it appears, you have to look beyond the wrap up smears… From the onset of waking up, people have been bombarded with all types of fake news and down right lies. The truth has always been there in plain sight but many were of the mindset that whatever fake news said…Continue readingJ-6 -2023 Update…

So Now It’s Trump’s Fault That Brazil Want’s Their President Bolsonaro?

NO! It’s called voter fraud and the people want the president they elected – not the one a global cabal selected! When over ten million people protest and the fake news hides it for two months… ask yourself … why did they do that when ten million protesting for two months is a big deal?…Continue readingSo Now It’s Trump’s Fault That Brazil Want’s Their President Bolsonaro?