Humans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

Crimes against humanity can no longer be hidden. They are out in broad daylight and melting in the Sun! The devil is not a god he is a liar and the author of it. He will never be God nor erase God! Imagine if you will, if the world council of churches decided that the…Continue readingHumans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

The Great Awakening

“There were so many red flags”. Mikki Willis “Communist theory and practice of revolution… right out of the strategy as taught by them, and advocated by them, in their own manuals in their textbooks in their schools.” G. Edward Griffin Socialism is a transitional stage to communism. America is waking up from a trance of…Continue readingThe Great Awakening


People get ready – IT’S GO TIME! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! From local, to state to federal, politicians and court systems have reached an alarming level of corruption. We the people have had enough of watching good people treated like criminals while criminals go free to kill, steal and destroy! Just like President Trump said, “If…Continue readingSAVING AMERICA

How A Movement Is Infiltrated With Sly Foxes & Wolves Pt. 2…

Enter PizzaGate Infiltrators and other hot topics – Like SAVE AMERICA! Enter PizzaGate Infiltrators… Remember in the last blog when I said, “(Here it comes… wait for it!) “In past episodes, Maras-Lindeman “Tore” has discussed conspiracy theories, including one that baselessly accused high-ranking Democrats of human trafficking centered at a D.C. pizzeria. In an episode last year, she…Continue readingHow A Movement Is Infiltrated With Sly Foxes & Wolves Pt. 2…

It’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!

And now they are burning the entire world at the stake! HAWAII IS A STATE…Why is the Biden regime acting like it’s some China island in the Pacific and treating it like a third world country while kissing the butt of Ukraine?Who will stop the lawlessness and arrest the ones who committed crimes against humanity?…Continue readingIt’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!

The Blue Mystery In Maui?

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the blue? DEW you want to know what they don’t want you to know? The aftermath in Lahaina, Maui is stunning and explicit in meeting the criteria that implies all the hallmarks of a horrendous crime against humanity. Selectively setting ablaze what they will as though…Continue readingThe Blue Mystery In Maui?

On A Lighter Note… Here We Go Again!

New virus, new drill, new vax, new mandates… will you comply? Or will you say…”Been there, done that, not again!”?? In lieu of all the seriousness of this war against humanity… it does well to laugh at the things we’ve been through for laughter is good medicine. It also does a lot to remind us…Continue readingOn A Lighter Note… Here We Go Again!

Drunk On The Wine of Babylon…?

I believe I understand more fully what that means now. Have you heard what these ones Dew and plan to DEW more of? Revelation 17:1 – 2 “And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the…Continue readingDrunk On The Wine of Babylon…?

President Trump’s Words Always Tell Something More!

Why did it take Biden so long to address the people under fire in Maui? And why when he finally did so, did he answer, “No Comment”, with laughter and a grin?” The words of President Trump’s speech to the people of Maui written out so you can ponder them. There is always a message…Continue readingPresident Trump’s Words Always Tell Something More!


DRONE FOOTAGE OF DEW FIRES IN MAUI… I mean the fires caused by wind. Wind always causes fires… weren’t you taught that in school? Didn’t you always see that growing up? Silly you for thinking wind didn’t cause fires. You must wake up! Fire always blasts through and selectively makes a burn trail… leaving leaves…Continue readingPSYOPS and OTHER FREQUENCY WEAPONS!