Children of Cain Versus Epstein Island?

Once upon a time, in a generation far, far from Adam, there was a man named Epstein who signed a contract with the same one as did Cain. Now another guy named Maxwell, he’s the one we really need to talk about… but in this story, he’s already dead and so… the search is on…Continue readingChildren of Cain Versus Epstein Island?

Lucifer Said, I will be like the most high…

What did he mean by that? Hear what the spirit says to the churches… it’s easy to listen to someone reading Revelation Chapter 2 and 3 from the pulpit, but it’s a lot harder to hear it and heed the warnings. Especially when no one thinks it pertains to them. When Lucifer said, “I will…Continue readingLucifer Said, I will be like the most high…

Nimrod, Semiramis, & Tammuz – Origin of The Trinity Doctrine!

The same was known in Egypt as Osiris, Isis, and Seth! The feedback on the Trinity Doctrine has drawn a lot of questions. The topic is one that we must look at and each discern with the Holy Spirit guiding us. The trinity doctrine is ancient and its origin dates back to the time of…Continue readingNimrod, Semiramis, & Tammuz – Origin of The Trinity Doctrine!

It’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!

And now they are burning the entire world at the stake! HAWAII IS A STATE…Why is the Biden regime acting like it’s some China island in the Pacific and treating it like a third world country while kissing the butt of Ukraine?Who will stop the lawlessness and arrest the ones who committed crimes against humanity?…Continue readingIt’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!

The Blue Mystery In Maui?

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the blue? DEW you want to know what they don’t want you to know? The aftermath in Lahaina, Maui is stunning and explicit in meeting the criteria that implies all the hallmarks of a horrendous crime against humanity. Selectively setting ablaze what they will as though…Continue readingThe Blue Mystery In Maui?

In Case You Haven’t Figured It Out … When You Fear, You Lose!

And that means EVERYTHING! The enemys greatest weapon is fear! Fear is how they harvest your mind, body and your soul! It’s how they get sound minded people to succumb to mandates that harm them. It’s how they black mail you, herd you and destroy you! Fear is the opposite of faith and Jesus told…Continue readingIn Case You Haven’t Figured It Out … When You Fear, You Lose!

Apollo Manifesto!

Lizard People Conjure Demons and Worship The Sun, NOT The Son! The god of this world is not the God of All Creation. There are many historical facts and empires who worshipped pagan gods that have been erased from our history books, and yet, they are in our face on names of rockets, science projects,…Continue readingApollo Manifesto!


What on earth is Musk doing with his X project? Or was it DARPA’s original plan all along? Or is it just a crazy Musk 2.0 idea? Or was it Elon 1.0 intercepted and replaced by 2.0, now acting out a new script to show what Musk 1.0 was originally programmed to do to humanity…Continue readingX WORLD PLATFORM… WHAT THE HECK IS X?


The Light Is Shining On Every Wicked Thing! Roseanne Barr gives a riveting interview. Please watch as she defends herself from an interview where her words were taken out of context and edited to discredit her. Roseanne tells the real story and exposes the creep who did it, along with the truths about those who…Continue readingHIDDEN TRUTH