The Blue Mystery In Maui?

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the blue? DEW you want to know what they don’t want you to know?

The aftermath in Lahaina, Maui is stunning and explicit in meeting the criteria that implies all the hallmarks of a horrendous crime against humanity. Selectively setting ablaze what they will as though it were by the finger of God, where in fact it was by evil men who dared to do such a crime against humanity as this.  Do these lizards even know or do they even know the extent of damage they are doing to God’s balance in the earths echo system, atmosphere and magnetic fields? Do they even care?

We begin with drone footage of the aftermath of the DEW the authorities are calling Wind Fires DEW to climate change.

A question was raised of why the blue umbrellas and blue cars were not burnt up in the midst of the raging wind fire?

Homes with blue roofs were not burned. And neither were blue cars and other things blue. Why was that?

image 222

Some have said that they have obviously devised some sort of plasma, laser technology that allows frequency beams to penetrate different wavelengths. In studies for the healing power of color, it is known that all color emit vibrations and has its own energy waves (That’s a study of its own). But the question is, why did the items with the blue color not burn? Did you know the UN/NATO Army soldiers wear blue helmets? Is there a connection here?

What witchcraft was this? Or was it a science applied for a sacrificial purpose? Looking into this question I discovered a thing called Mayan Blue. This was the color of Chaac the rain god and human sacrifice. Read: Mayan God Chaac: Unveiling the Powerful Rain Deity in Mayan Culture – Old World Gods

image 223

Mayan Blue seems to connect to many sacrifices to the gods and goddesses and into the present day.

I am sure someone, somewhere knows the hidden secrets as even Illuminati rituals are found using the azure blue in their gatherings. And now we have the homes of celebs, billionaires and passed over buildings that were spared in Maui during their wind fire ritual. For, it is now appearing, allegedly, that this was more than a destruction of properties… but a ritual of human sacrifice.

image 224

In no way do I attempt to say here that I understand the rituals and all about these sacrificial customs, nor the Mayans, and any of the tribal cultures that sacrificed to gods, or KM Oligarch and Illuminati parties and rituals, for I do not.

But rather I am suggesting that there could possibly be a connection to human and child sacrifice and the fires that took place. (Remember, these ones never let a crisis go to waste.) Especially given the numbers destroyed and killed and the strange occurance of blue cars, blue umbrellas and all homes with blue roofs not being destroyed in the midst of the fires. And due to the numbers of children and humans that died in the DEW created wind fires and how the warning and rescue attempts appeared to have been little to none, based on reports and testimonies of survivors.

So let’s look at the history of the color Azure Blue or its other name, Mayan Blue.

Mexico aztec—huitzilopochtli was born.

image 225

The Aztec gods and goddesses required sacrifices. These type of ancient sacrifices date back to fallen angel worship… Peacock angel and the fallen. It is not new, ancient religious customs of ritual human and child sacrifice practices are Biblically referred to as pagan and Baal worship. It is a long, deep dive and indepth study for there are many aspects to indigenous customs, traditions and way too much for a blog. I will just cover an overview of human sacrifices to gods, and the origin of such sacrifices that date back to the fallen angels and can be found in the book of Enoch.

Archeologists, and particularly Dr. Cremo, in his book “Forbidden Archeology – The Hidden History of The Human Race”, has discovered religious practices dating back to the Peacock Angel Worship of which was before the flood and the worship of fallen angels. Azazel was said to be the peacock angel as he taught man how to mine ores from the mountains to make objects of metal as described in the book of Enoch. The peacock ore is a colorful ore of blues.

image 228

Peacock Ore is the common name of bornite. Bornite is a type of copper iron sulfide mineral that’s typically found around thermal vents. Peacock Ore comes from many places across the globe- Mexico, Peru, Morocco, and Arizona. Some of the most giant Peacock Ore crystals are unearthed in Kazakhstan.

image 226

Book of Enoch Chapter 8

“And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals〈of the earth〉and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures.”

The fallen angels made themselves as gods to the people and mated with earthly women and had great giants in the earth. When you trace these cults back to their origins they go back to the same core… that of the fallen angels and Azazel was known as the Peacock Angel.

These pagan gods required sacrifices and sacrificing children to Baal is what this is all connected to Biblically. The forbidden books of the Bible that Constantine did not allow the people to read all explained these practices and history before the flood and after in detail. This is the main reason the books are forbidden. To keep God’s people blind and deaf to the truth of their enemy which are Lucifer and the fallen angels and their sons and daughters who were cursed to be evil spirits upon the earth until the day of consummation.

These are the dark spirits we battle in the realm we cannot see. However the fallen angels have been bound and chained in darkness and the evil spirits were cursed by God to roam the earth until the day of consumation. These evil spirits and the devils are real enemies. These ones seek to conquer God and his children and bring their Lucifer back out into the light to rule. This war is very real and ancient. To study this is long and takes much time if we ever fully understand it at all. But the nature of evil is cruel, wicked and has no regard for God’s creation. From the onset they taught destruction and enslavement.

This is the death and hell that our Lord Jesus overcame by giving his life to die in the flesh for our sins.

The Mayan child sacrifices to the gods included painting the children to be sacrificed in blue paint which was a mixture of a special clay, what they called mayan blue. It is my guess that it has something to do with the Peacock Angel which as with all gods goes by different names in different cultures. For example Babylon’s Nimrod and Semiramis were known in Egypt as Osiris and Isis.

WARNING GRAPHIC clip from apacolypto showing the sacrifices bodies painted blue.

We find that this ritual transcends many child sacrifices of ancient times to gods of different names and carries on to this day in some secret cult rituals. There is a secret reason for the azure blue color and its Passover in Maui of things colored blue and that is the dot we are investigating to connect.

It is not by chance that the Bluetooth technology uses the Mayan Azure blue in their advertising and promotions. It is to their prince of the power of the air.  Azazel the Peacock fallen angel.

image 229

Read: Azure Mayan Bluetooth Services Brochure (

image 230

Which bring us to Mayan Blue…

“Mayan Blue” an ancient Baal tradition with child sacrifice! And the azure blue  won’t burn if the lazers are set to avoid it. Lazers passed over their properties. It appears to be a mocking of the Passover with the blood of the lamb. Well, they got their blue blood going for sure!  

The Mayan child sacrifices to the gods included painting the children and whoever was selected to be sacrificed in blue paint which was a mixture of a special clay and pigment, what they called mayan blue. Artifacts and pottery were also painted in Mayan blue and sacrificed. This paint was durable and lasted long as it is still found. It was a mixture of pigment and a special clay that was only found in rare areas. The pigment was called Indigo and the clay mineral was called palygorskite. The two were melded together with heat to produce the pigment. Researchers have found samples of the pigment to contain dehydroindigo, which they believe is likely formed during oxidation caused by the heating process of the indigo.  

The method of creating this pigment is said to be lost. It is believed that the pigments were made during a ritual burning of indigo leaves, palygorskite clay, along with copal incense that make the three together very symbolic of the healing powers of water. (Although that didn’t work out very well for those sacrificed.)

It is also said that blue indigo turns into a more greenish hue when mixed with the yellow dehydroindigo. Which blue and yellow colors when mixed do make the color green.

They have found Mayan artifacts in Georgia. Things are not as we have been told.

Keep in mind that these sacrifices are to fallen angel gods and goddesses. It is what the Bible calls Baal worship. The thing God hates. It is evil.

We do know that human and child sacrifice is ancient and Biblical. There is more than just one indigenous peoples who partook in such things and even today we have people who partake in human and child sacrifice with their own gods and rituals.

Which bring us to, the indigenous peoples of Hawaii did sacrifice to their god Pele.

The  Hawaiian religionPele (pronounced [ˈpɛlɛ]) who  is the goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Often referred to as “Madame Pele” or “Tūtū Pele”. This goddess is a well-known deity within Hawaiian mythology and is notable for her contemporary presence and cultural influence as an enduring figure from ancient HawaiiEpithets of the goddess include Pele-honua-mea (“Pele of the sacred land”) and Ka wahine ʻai honua (“The earth-eating woman”). In different stories talking about the goddess Pele, she was born from the female spirit named Haumea. This spirit is important when talking about Hawaiʻi’s gods as she descended from Papa, or Earth Mother, and Wakea, Sky Father, both descendants of the supreme beings. Pele is also known as “She who shapes the sacred land,” known to be said in ancient Hawaiian chants.

Pele shares features similar to other malignant deities inhabiting volcanoes, as in the case of the devil Guayota of Guanche Mythology in Canary Islands (Spain), living on the volcano Teide and was considered by the aboriginal Guanches as responsible for the eruptions of the volcano.

image 231

Legend told that Pele herself journeyed on her canoe from the island of Tahiti to Hawaiʻi. When on her journey, it was said she tried to create her fires on different islands, but her sister, Nāmaka, was chasing her, wanting to put an end to her. In the end, the two sisters fought each other and Pele was killed. With this happening, her body was destroyed but her spirit lives in Halemaʻumaʻu on Kilauea. They say, “Her body is the lava and steam that comes from the volcano. She can also change form, appearing as a white dog, old woman, or beautiful young woman.”

In addition to her role as goddess of fire and her strong association with volcanoes, Pele is also regarded as the “goddess of the hula.” She is a significant figure in the history of hula because of her sister Hiʻiaka, who is believed to be the first person to dance hula. As a result of Pele’s significance in hula, there have been many hula dances and chants dedicated to her and her family. With hula being dedicated to Pele, the dance is often performed in a way that represents her intense personality and the movement of volcanoes. Read more:List of figures in the Hawaiian religion – Wikipedia

There is so much to cover on this topic. But for now let’s just soak this all in. There is a lot to ponder. The blue color appears to be connected to many things. What are your thoughts?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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