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Roseanne Barr gives a riveting interview. Please watch as she defends herself from an interview where her words were taken out of context and edited to discredit her. Roseanne tells the real story and exposes the creep who did it, along with the truths about those who have infiltrated and taken over the government.

Lin Wood is curious about the film that people are talking about. Can anyone visit him on Telegram and answer his question? He’ll appreciate it.

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Lin says research and then have the conversation. He sounds very wise to me.

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I love this woman’s boldness! Giorgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy!!

And Now… for the rest of the story… adults and children somewhere right now are being trafficked and tortured!

The first step to ending this horrific crime against humanity is to expose all of it! The entire system!

Thank you to Truth Justice for bringing the “HIDDEN TRUTH” out into the light!

The words from the testimonies in the above video, provided by Truth Justice.

THE HIDDEN TRUTH: 10 Years of research and development to bring you this truth. You will hear testimony from 27 victims and 27 witnesses to the most horrific crimes of child rape, torture, satanic sacrifice and blood drinking being committed by the highest people in our society.

Deborah from Switzerland says she attended satanic masses and had to watch the limbs of a child being cut off with an electric knife and being sexually abused in the process.

Noemi M. testifies of having been abused dozens of times as a child for 5 years. She says she attended satanic ceremonies in which priests in long dark robes were sacrificing children. After the sacrificing, food was served on the terrace, big platters piled with meat. She says this was human child flesh. 

Teresa from England testified on the TV broadcast show 60 Minutes that as a very young girl she had been violently impregnated several times and that her babies were extracted from her and ritually sacrificed. She claimed she was forced to even eat the remains of her babies. She was also forced to carry out sexual acts with animals. She was abused in big satanic ceremonies by up to 30people one after the other.

Guido Grandt is a German journalist, TV Producer, lecturer, and author. Grandt has done research on Satanic Cults and their cruel crimes. In several books he reports of the most severe psychological, physical and sexual perversions of black masses, blood sacrifices and cannibalism.

Alisa and Gabriel Dearman are children from England. During several official questioning by the police and in front of running cameras they reported on who abused them, amongst others their own father. Here is a little part of the original quote, from Gabriel: “they stick it in at the bottom” Interviewer: “Who is inserting something in your behind?” “Daddy, Richie, social services, all! Simply all” “Who, who?” “Everyone!” “Does your mother do it, too?” Both at the same time: “No!” Do I do it? “No!” “Who then is doing it?” “Dad, Mr.Hollins, the school!” “Tell me more people?” Boy: “The family of my father, parents, policemen”. “And which of the teachers is involved the most?” “Dad, Mr. Hollins, Mrs. Wolstein.” “Who is Mrs. Wolstein?” “Mrs. Wolstein is the principal of our school.” “And what happens at church?” “We sacrifice babies and eat them.” “What do you mean, sacrificing babies and eating them?” “We kill the baby, eat it and drink its blood” “Is that true Gabriel?” “Yes! And we dance around the baby skulls.”

Ella Draper the mother of Alisa and Gabriel testified that her ex-husband Ricky Dearman was the leader of the satanic group in Hampstead. She found out that he had been involved with the cruel torturing and killing of children, had made films of it and sold them on the Dark-net.

Didier Cazet, a French journalist reports that such videos are called “Snuff videos”. Children are being abused and tortured in these videos until they die in front of running cameras. In order to see a child die, rich people pay from $25,000 up to one million Euros. Who has one million Euros in their pocket to pay for such a video? More about that in a moment from other victims.

Michaela Huber a psychotherapist from Germany who works with victims of ritual abuse says the younger the victims are, the more you see their face on the Snuff video the more sadistic (cruel) the portrayed scenes, the more money such a film is worth.

Jessie Marsson from Germany reports that from childhood on he was sold to pedophile customers who would sexually abuse and torture him. He tells the same horrific stories of abuse and torture just like all the others. Sometimes he was booked only to be beaten, he was tied up and beaten for an hour. Later he recognized his tormentors on election posters or on television and got to know their names. He and all other victims testify that these are very rich and influential people.

Richard Kerr from Ireland reports how he and other children were being abused in the Kincora Boys Home in Belfast (Ireland), then being brought to England where they were abused for many years by powerful people and politicians in the Dolphin Square (this is near the Houses of Parliament) and ElmGuest House (a brothel). He says that the abuse took place on a large scale. His statements match with those of “Nick” who also testified that several children were killed in the most brutal manner. The police classified his witness report as “credible and true.”

Ronald Bernard from the Netherlands, a successful entrepreneur and financial manager for many years had direct insight into the top level of the financial elite like hardly anyone else. He testified that after a certain time, powerful circles had requested him to sacrifice defenseless children in ritual masses to their “god” Lucifer (Satan), but he could not do that. According to his statements this Satanic Cult has been practicing such child sacrifices for thousands of years. It is a common and effective means to blackmail career minded employees to make them compliant.

Robert David Steele, former high ranking U.S. CIA Officer confirms this. He said, pedophilia is an inherent part of the illegitimate power elite. According to Steele, the participation in the abuse of children oftentimes including their sacrifice serves as a kind of initiation and ritual into higher circles of power. The recorded atrocities serve as blackmail material.

Toos Nijenhuis was born into a family that practiced satanic ritual abuse. Toos was tortured in her genital area with electric shocks and had to watch as followers of the Satanic Cult sexually assaulted the dead. According to her accounts these servants of Satan organized hunts in which Toos and other children were chased with dogs through dark forests, absolutely terrified to death. Quite a few children were killed after the hunt. Toos reported that Prince Bernard of the Netherlands and Cardinal Alfrink had been present during the child hunts.

Fiona Barnett from Australia says that she was raped from the age of 6 by several politicians and other high Australian and American figures. Shenames Prime Minister at the time, Gough Whitlam, Attorney General Lionel Murphy, Governor General John Kerr, later Prime Minister Bob Hawke, former U.S. President Richard Nixon and media mogul Ted Turner. She also witnessed ritual killings. She wrote a book about it titled, “Eyes Wide Open.” Once Fiona made her experiences public, several hundreds of other victims contacted her.

Antje B. from Germany reports that she had to give birth to her baby without help. Then she was put into a robe and was forced to kill her baby while a rhythmic chanting was performed. The knife held in her hand was moved by the high priest. Afterwards she had to cut out the heart and everyone who stood around the altar including herself had to eat a piece of it.

Lisa from Germany was impregnated by satanists and after 3 to 4 months the birth was induced. When the child came out dead during the very painful birth she had to bring it to the altar, although she was still heavily bleeding and could hardly walk. She then had to cut up the dead fetus there together with the high priest. Lisa also had to eat a piece of it and drink blood.

Janett Seemann from Germany who researches missing children collaborated with the French activist Stan Maillaud. As early as 2008 she addressed a video message to Pope Benedict and one to former Chancellor Angela Merkel in which she indicated that countless children in Europe were missing. They were sold, abused, tortured and killed in a widespread pedophile criminal network.

Seemann and Maillaud published a document on how child molester rings, child protection organizations, the police, the judiciary and politics all work together. They came to the scandalous conclusion that the judiciary and politics protect child molestation rings! Seemann and Maillaud were persecuted, even imprisoned at times and condemned on false charges.

Alisha Owens from the United States says that she was ritually abused as a child and that she witnessed the most horrific mutilations. She was there when other children were tortured and killed. The remains were often eaten, the eyes being of particular importance. Alisha, too, was forced to eat from it. She says, these were satanic rituals through which those involved wanted to gain spiritual powers.

Audrey also tells the same story. She has been present at child sacrifices. She said that a woman in a black robe placed a live baby on an altar. A priest slit the baby’s throat open, poured the blood in a chalice and drank it.

Heidemarie Cammans of Germany explains why these child sacrifices are being carried out: “This is the satanic ceremony of the black mass. This ritual serves to worship Satan. Satan wants sacrifices, Satan wants blood sacrifices, Satan wants more and more blood sacrifices, and the best thing for Satan is a newborn child.”

In a touching video from April 2, 2020 the well known singer Xavier Naidoo crying in tears calls viewers to confront this topic: “I just watched some stuff that has to do with Adrenochrome. I was just weeping. It’s so terrible. As early as 2012 Xavier had addressed with strong words the ritual abuse of children that is obviously being carried out in high social circles in the song titled “Where are they now?” The political and media persecution of the singer began immediately afterwards.

Song: Everything Can Get Better

David Rodriguez a U.S. heavyweight boxer stated “You have to understand that there are child sacrifices where people actually drink Adrenochrome where they terrify the child so much and this is hard to swallow. This is hard to even grasp. It’s actually an ancient ritual to specifically terrify children because they are more pure. They terrify them to the point where they cannot breathe, where they are so scared and pumping out so much adrenaline, they are so terrified and then you finally kill them and drink their blood. This evil is real and I don’t tell conspiracy theories. I know people in this business who tell me that.”

I know this is hard stuff, but at this point I’d like to quote Renate Rennebach former member of the German Bundestag and founder of the “Foundation for Victims of Ritual Abuse”, she says and I quote: “As long as society does not accept that it is the gentlemen in the white vests who are involved and that they have the network and we do not, nothing will change.”

Brice Taylor in the U.S. testified that she experienced sexual abuse from an early age on and was trained under brutal torture to become a sex slave for high ranking individuals especially for U.S. politicians. She said that she had been abused among others by John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. She also had to attend satanic masses and witnessed ceremonial murders and cannibalism.

Ted Gunderson who worked for 27 years in the U.S. as an FBI special agent confirmed that the statements of the victims are true including the statement of Brice Taylor that we just saw. He adds concerning these satanic sacrifices and abusive rituals: “I also have contacts within the U.S. intelligence community. I have information from various sources that judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys, doctors and many many prominent individuals, including actors,  actresses, professional football and baseball players are involved in these type of activities.”

Linda Wiegand reports that her two boys, Ben and Jon have become victims of satanic ritual violence. 25 people from the state attorney’s office have investigated and provided evidence of ritual abuse. But when Linda started to expose this, her house and car were confiscated as well as her income and assets. Everything she owned was taken away from her. Since then she has been fighting for her children and has received letters from all across the USA, letters from people who are going through the same experience and are begging for help. She also reports on an 8-year-old boy who was crucified alive in a basement after being skinned.“When they torture the children it causes a physical reaction of the endorphins in their bodies to increase because of the terror and the pain. So when the Satanists drink the blood they get a chemical high from the blood of a tortured victim. And this little boy was found in the basement, dead, with no blood, skinned alive and crucified.”


Mel Gibson is one of the most famous stars in Hollywood, in an unofficial statement he described the elites of the entertainment industry as “enemies of mankind who feast on the blood of children. They eat their flesh. If the child suffered physically and mentally before dying, they believe that this will give them extra life force. They feast on the pain and fear, and the younger, the better.” Gibson explained how he was blacklisted by Hollywood oligarchs in 2006 for speaking his mind about the industry.

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood revealed that Hollywood has a major pedophilia problem. The famous actor Ricky Gervais also insulted the celebrity elite as pedophiles at an awards gala.

Corey Feldman, a well known U.S. actor states that he was abused in Hollywood for years. He says that he and his best friend fellow child actor Corey Haim were abused when they were 14 years old and that the trauma of that abuse played a part in his friend’s death. Quote: ” I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry.”

Alison Carey, the sister of pop singer Mariah Carey explains that she was repeatedly sold by her mother for satanic ceremonies. There she had to watch how children were not only sexually abused but also tortured to death.

Isaac Kappy had spoken out about his rape by actor Tom Hanks, he has also accused director and screenwriter Steven Spielberg of molestation. He stated on record that he was not suicidal. Nevertheless, he was found dead and the authorities ruled that it was a suicide.

Chris Cornell of AudioSlave and Sound Garden, as well as Chester Bennington of Linkin Park tried to expose these crimes and both allegedly committed suicide. Dead witnesses and mysterious deaths among “Satan cult” dropouts appear to be a common thread in the witness reports related to this satanic cult.

Jean Marc Houdmont one of at least 27 dead witnesses who were involved in the abuse case surrounding Belgian Marc Dutroux. Routmont was a filmmaker and dealt in pornography. One day he called the police because he wanted to testify, on his way to the police, he crashed his car into the wall of a house. Interestingly the documentary about these mysterious 27 dead eyewitnesses on the German television station ZDF has been completely deleted on YouTube.

Liz Crokin, a U.S. journalist said that people who blow the whistle on elite pedophiles often die mysteriously. So did sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who was involved in a prominent sex trafficking ring. According to Liz there were probably 50 very important people who might have had a motive to kill Epstein as they were in big trouble because of him. Epstein had hosted some of the highest level, most famous, and most powerful people in the world and had videotaped their activities. According to her statements, members of the royal family, Prince Andrew, models like Naomi Campbell, famous actors like KevinSpacey, and politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton were all involved.

Mandy Kopp testified that as a girl she was held captive in a minors’ brothel in Germany where she was raped and abused by judges, lawyers and real estate agents. According to her statements the purpose was to put pressure on political decision makers. The then Saxon minister of the Interior, de Maizière, obstructed the investigation and eventually stopped it completely. He was then promoted to the office of the German Federal Minister of the Interior. Mandy Kopp reported two high ranking lawyers as abusers and was subsequently sued by these lawyers for defamation.

Cathy O’Brien from the USA. In her book “Trance Formation of America” the author describes how she and her daughter were abhorrently sexually abused as minors by U.S. politician elites such as Ford, Reagan, Bush, Cheney, and the Clintons. Through the details published in her book she hoped to bring criminal prosecution against her tormentors, but it was in vain. Despite ample evidence, cases were dropped for reasons of “National Security.”

Anneke Lucas of Belgium was sold as a 6 year old into a satanic network that included very rich people who like to kill children. After years of abuse she was strapped to a butcher block at age 11 that was stained with the blood of all the children sacrificed on that block before her. She survived because a member of the satanic cult took pity on her and freed her. Her rescuer had to pay for that with his life.

How the Elites and Satanic Cult protects their secrets. There was a satanic cult defector, he was killed, skinned and thrown into a swamp. “Did you see that?” “Yes, yes.” Jon Wedger is a former Scotland Yard officer who during his tenure, discovered organized pedophilia in at least 34 cases in England. These were not isolated cases, but the examples piled up. “The one thing that kept cropping up was satanic, ritual abuse.” He was threatened, they tried several times to jail him and take away his children, he didn’t get paid for three years and almost lost his income. In spite of this he continued his investigation which uncovered a pedophile criminal network that also involved popular BBC presenter Jimmy Savile. However these investigations had no legal consequences for Jimmy Savile, despite all the proven outrages. The BBC covered him up and he was even knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Paul Bonacci from the USA describes countless cruel descriptions of satanic ritual abuse, he spoke about the sacrifice of a boy. They were all chanting at the annual ritual around the time of Christ’s birth to pervert the blood of Christ. According to Paul, they slashed the boy open with daggers, filled a cup with his blood, mixed urine in it, and forced him and others to drink from the cup, chanting “Satan is Lord, Lucifer our king. Kingdom of darkness come now and empower us your slaves.”

John Ramirez was a convinced satanist for many years. He tells about satanist murders, rituals and terrible things. He says that many people do not believe that the devil really exists, but Ramirez has had experiences with dark forces against which he strongly warns. Satan is real, he says, and his power is destructive. Halloween, according to Ramirez, is not a harmless scary holiday, but among satanists and in witch circles, Halloween is still the supreme holiday, a celebration of horror and death. According to him, most children disappear during this time of year.

Kevin Annett from Canada, former minister in the United Church of Canada states that people of indigenous descent showed him mass graves of indigenous children who had died in church homes. Witnesses testified that abuse and sacrifice had taken place. High ranking individuals, such as Stephen Harper, (2006 to 2015 Prime Minister of Canada) Pope Benedict XVI, Queen Elizabeth and many more were involved. In this case too, witnesses died after testifying.

Republican politician John Decamp from the USA wrote a book about the Franklin Cover-up abuse case in which high ranking politicians and other important public figures abused children. It was proven that 76 children were victims of this child sex ring. Children were killed in the cruelest ways in front of running cameras. The videos were then sold for huge amounts. Amongst other things, it was about making politicians vulnerable to blackmail. According to witness statements, the case involved former U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Ex-CIA director William E. Colby and Warren Buffet, one of America’s richest people. Before John Decamp could bust the child molester ring, he was killed in a plane crash. Gary Caradori, a private detective trying to uncover the Franklin scandal also died in a plane crash.

The Polish filmmaker Patryk Vega conducted interviews for his movie “Eyes of The Devil” with a child trafficker. He reported that the abuse took place in isolated buildings and that the “customers” were very rich and that the children who are often only 3 or 4 years old do not usually survive the severe injuries and damage caused by the abuse. After the death of the children, medical teams would be on hand to remove the organs. One could earn horrendous sums with the organs. When asked what kind of people abuse the children to death, the child trafficker reported that these people often adhere to a satanic ideology.

Satanic ritual abuse is a global network, another pyramid of interconnecting groups, with the high and mighty of society among their numbers, top politicians, government officials, bankers, business leaders, lawyers, judges, doctors, coroners, publishers, editors and journalists. All the people you need in fact to carry out and cover up your rituals and crimes against humanity.

It is not that researchers see Satanists everywhere. The ratio of them in leading positions is very high because that’s the way it is meant to be. The Satanic networks control the system and so they ensure that there is a far, far, higher ratio of Satanists in positions of power than there are in the general population. The higher you go up the pyramids, the more Satanists you find. Most of the Non-Satanists are filtered out before they reach those levels.

The result of all this for the children involved is beyond the imagination of anyone who has not experienced the level of trauma that they must suffer. What the victims have told me would be almost unbelievable were it not coming from so many different, unconnected sources and were not the stories across the world not telling the same basic tale, even down to the details of the rituals and the mind programming techniques.

The children and the traumatized adults they become have nowhere to turn. Their stories are so astonishing that few believe them and they are frightened of going to the police because they know that the Satanic network includes top police officers, judges, civil servants, media people, politicians, and many others who control our society.

These victims and the millions of innocent children everyday who are being raped, tortured, murdered, organ harvested, ritually sacrificed and Adrenochromed need our desperate help to fight against this evil satanic elite pedophile network that controls our world.

We must all stand up and fight this evil. These survivors and witnesses sacrificed everything to bring us this horrific truth. We cannot be afraid to share this truth. We cannot be afraid to name the people involved. We must have the courage to fight against this evil before it consumes all of humanity. We must destroy it and eliminate it from our world in order to protect our innocent children for generations to come.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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