Judy Jacob Says – Hear The Roar!

“The earth shakes at the sound we make…we prepare the way! Let the enemy know we’re coming!“ Judy Jacobs sings her new song “Hear the Roar” and speaks of a timely moment of time like no other…. and that moment of time is now! Now is the time of the church to roar like a…Continue readingJudy Jacob Says – Hear The Roar!

Add Flat Earth Versus Globe, To The Rest of the Debates…

Evolution versus Creation, Moon Landing versus Hollywood Production, RESET versus Freedom, God versus Alien Universe, Ukraine verses Russia, Republicans versus Democrats, Christians versus Atheists, Roe versus Wade, Right versus Wrong, and on and on and on…. Satan versus God is the ultimate debate of all… for all of the above debatable issues stem from the…Continue readingAdd Flat Earth Versus Globe, To The Rest of the Debates…

Elon Musk Satellite Shows Flat Earth…??

Who would have thought? Many are asking is this real or what? The photo above and below are from Paul’s Corner… on Twitter It’s always good to change topics every now and then and contemplate what the Bible says… especially since we are exposing all the lies of those who want to enslave us. Now,…Continue readingElon Musk Satellite Shows Flat Earth…??

God’s People Win This War!

STAY INFORMED AND FEAR NOT. Refusing to know what “they” are doing will not make it go away. However, knowing what they are doing is just the first step. The second step is to prepare for what is coming. Preparation is everything. Learn what you need to do and Stay Healthy! Add things like flax…Continue readingGod’s People Win This War!

The Wheat and The Tares

They Grow Together Until The Harvest… Never before has this parable been so visible in the eyes of those who see, nor in the ears of those who hear. Most who read this parable were taught it meant the tares are the evil, wicked ones outside of the church. Never did any preach from the…Continue readingThe Wheat and The Tares

RESET Is Not For Humanity

It is designed for a race of Khazarian Mafia Overlords to kill, steal and destroy in order to rule the world. The new world order plans are filled with smart cities and a sick idea of creation. An evil thing at that. The order is presented in different perspectives to appeal to different camps of…Continue readingRESET Is Not For Humanity

Khazarian Mafia and Their Social Order, Straight From Baphomet!

It’s literally Hell on earth! Balance and equality, or a perfect social order, are a synopsis of an ethos perpetuated by a symbol known as the Baphomet, originally created by the Knights Templar in the early 1300s, or was it? To those who follow this deity it represents balance within the universe, a symbiosis between…Continue readingKhazarian Mafia and Their Social Order, Straight From Baphomet!

Only One Truth… One Way

We must remember to watch and discern all things with the Holy Spirit in order to know the signs of evil in these wicked days. We are to give of the Lord’s Holy Words freely to all. We are not to charge for the Word of God and sell it in the marketplace as though…Continue readingOnly One Truth… One Way

1973 Prophecy – The Vision by David Wilkerson

The vision given to David Wilkerson in 1973 is vividly present in 2022. It has been showing itself in our faces for a long time, and yet many could not see it. Even more astounding is that in 1973 it was a shock just to hear him say these things. Many thought these words were…Continue reading1973 Prophecy – The Vision by David Wilkerson

Your Enemy is Not in Russia. 

It is also not in the puppets; they can do nothing without their bosses! It is their Khazarian mafia bosses that put them and keep them in their positions. Trust me, they are not voted into positions…they are placed there. The enemy wants you to focus on the puppets so you think if you get…Continue readingYour Enemy is Not in Russia.