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The Second Book of the Maccabees Chapter 1
1The brethren, the Jewsthat be at Jerusalem and in the land of Judea, wish unto the brethren, the Jews that are throughout Egypt health and peace:
2God be gracious unto you, and remember his covenant that he made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, his faithful servants;
3 And give you all an heart to serve him, and to do his will, with a good courage and a willing mind;
4 And open your hearts in his law and commandments, and send you peace,
5 And hear your prayers, and be at one with you, and never forsake you in time of trouble.
6 And now we be here praying for you.
7 What time as Demetrius reigned, in the hundred threescore and ninth year, we the Jews wrote unto you in the extremity oftrouble that came upon usin those years, from the time that Jason and his company revolted from the holy land and kingdom,
8And burned the porch, and shed innocent blood: then we prayed unto the Lord, and were heard; we offered also sacrifices and fine flour, and lighted the lamps, and set forth the loaves.
9 And now see that ye keep the feast of tabernacles in the month Casleu.
10 In the hundred fourscore and eighth year, the people that were at Jerusalem and in Judea, and the council, and Judas, sent greeting and health unto Aristobulus, king Ptolemeus’ master, who was of the stock of the anointed priests, and to the Jews that were in Egypt:
11 Insomuch as God hath delivered us from great perils, we thank him highly, as having been in battle against a king.
12 For he cast them out that fought within the holy city.

13 For when the leader was come into Persia, and the army with him that seemed invincible, they were slain in the temple of Nanea by the deceit of Nanea’s priests.
14 For Antiochus, as though he would marry her, came into the place, and his friends that were with him, to receive money in name of a dowry.
15 Which when the priests of Nanea had set forth, and he was entered with a small company into the compass of the temple, they shut the temple as soon as Antiochus was come in:
16 And opening a privy door of the roof, they threw stones like thunderbolts, and struck down the captain, hewed them in pieces, smote off their heads and cast them to those that were without.
17 Blessed be our God in all things, who hath delivered up the ungodly.
18 Therefore whereas we are now purposed to keep the purification of the temple upon the five and twentieth day of the month Casleu, we thought it necessary to certify you thereof, that ye also might keep it, as the feast of the tabernacles, and of the fire, which was given us when Neemias offered sacrifice, afterthat he had builded the temple and the altar.
19 For when our fathers were led into Persia, the priests that were then devout took the fire of the altar privily, and hid it in an hollow place of a pit without water, where they kept it sure, so that the place was unknown to all men.
20Now after many years, when it pleased God, Neemias, being sent from the king of Persia, did send of the posterity of those priests that had hid it to the fire: but when they told us they found no fire, but thick water;
21 Then commanded he them to draw it up, and to bring it; and when the sacrifices were laid on, Neemias commanded the priests to sprinkle the wood and the
things laid thereupon with the water.
22 When this was done, and the time came that the sun shone, which afore was hid in the cloud, there was a great fire kindled, so that every man marvelled.
23 And the priests made a prayer whilst the sacrifice was consuming, I say, both the priests, and all the rest, Jonathan beginning, and the rest answering thereunto, as Neemias did.
24 And the prayer was after this manner; O Lord, Lord God, Creator of all things, who art fearful and strong, and righteous, and merciful, and the only and gracious King,
25 The only giver of all things, the only just, almighty, and everlasting, thou that deliverest Israel from all trouble, and didst choose the fathers, and sanctify them:
26 Receive the sacrifice for thy whole people Israel, and preserve thine own portion, and sanctify it.
27 Gather those together that are scattered from us, deliver them that serve among the heathen, look upon them that are despised and abhorred, and let the heathen know that thou art our God.
28 Punish them that oppress us, and with pride do us wrong.
29 Plant thy people again in thy holy place, as Moses
hath spoken.
30 And the priests sung psalms of thanksgiving.
31 Now when the sacrifice was consumed, Neemias commanded the water that was left to be poured on the great stones. 32 When this was done, there was kindled a flame: but it was consumed by the light that shined from the altar.
33 So when this matter was known, it was told the king of Persia, that in the place, where the priests that were led away had hid the fire, there appeared water, and that Neemias had purified the sacrifices therewith.
34Then the king, inclosing the place, made it holy, after he had tried the matter.
35 And the king took many gifts, and bestowed thereof on those whom he would gratify.
36 And Neemias called this thing Naphthar, which is as much as to say, a cleansing: but many men call it Nephi.

Fate of the Lost Ark Revealed? - HISTORY
The Ark of The Covenant was never lost, it was hidden until the time of the end when God shall gather his people again together, and receive them unto mercy.

And now we hear of Jeremiah and the Ark of The Covenant…Who knew this was written?

The Second Book of The Maccabees Chapter 2
1 It is also found in the records, that Jeremy the prophet commanded them that were carried away to take of the fire, as it hath been signified:
2 And how that the prophet, having given them the law, charged them not to forget the commandments of the Lord, and that they should not err in their minds, when they see images of silver and gold, with their ornaments.
3 And with other such speeches exhorted he them, that the law should not depart from their hearts.
4 It was also contained in the same writing, that the prophet, being warned of God, commanded the tabernacle and the ark to go with him, as he went forth into the mountain, where Moses climbed up, and saw the heritage of God.
5 And when Jeremy came thither, he found an hollow cave, wherein he laid the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door.
6 And some of those that followed him came to mark the way, but they could not find it. 7 Which when Jeremy perceived, he blamed them, saying, As for that place, it shall be unknown until the time that God gather his people again together, and receive them unto mercy.
8 Then shall the Lord shew them these things, and the glory of the Lord shall appear, and the cloud also, as it was shewed under Moses, and as when Solomon desired that
the place might be honourably sanctified.
9 It was also declared, that he being wise offered the sacrifice of dedication, and of the finishing of the temple.
10 And as when Moses prayed unto the Lord, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the sacrifices: even so prayed Solomon also, and the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offerings.
11 And Moses said, Because the sin offering was not to be eaten, it was consumed.
12 So Solomon kept those eight days.
13 The same things also were reported in the writings and commentaries of Neemias; and how he founding a library gathered together the acts of the kings, and the prophets, and of David, and the epistles of the kings concerning the holy gifts.
14 In like manner also Judas gathered together all those things that were lost by reason of the war we had, and they remain with us,
15 Wherefore if ye have need thereof,send some to fetch them unto you.
16 Whereas we then are about to celebrate the purification, we have written unto you, and ye shall do well, if ye keep the same days.
17 We hope also, that the God, that delivered all his people, and gave them all an heritage, and the kingdom, and the priesthood, and the sanctuary. 18 As he promised in the law, will shortly have mercy upon us, and gather us together out of every land under heaven into the holy place: for he hath delivered us out
of great troubles, and hath purified the place.

Judas Maccabeus before the Army of Nicanor by Gustave Dore w1 Beach Towel  for Sale by Historic illustrations
Judas McCabees before the army of Nicanor, by Gustave Dore


Now we here of the scribes who took great pains to preserve these truths during a time of great war and tribulation. Jason of Cyrene who helped abridge all of the five books into one volume, and how we have these truths this day.

11 Destruction of jerusalem ideas | jerusalem, jewish temple, fall of  jerusalem

19 Now as concerning Judas Maccabeus, and his brethren, and the purification of the great temple, and the dedication of the altar,
20 And the wars against Antiochus Epiphanes, and Eupator his son,
21 And the manifest signs that came from heaven unto those that behaved themselves manfully to their honour for Judaism: so that, being but a few, they overcame the
whole country, and chased barbarous multitudes,

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Antiochus Epiphanes, placed a statue of Zeus in the Temple and committed all manner of abominations against God. Fulling the prophecy in Daniel.

22 And recovered again the temple renowned all the world over, and freed the city, and upheld the laws which were going down, the Lord being gracious unto them with
all favour:
23 All these things, I say, being declared by Jason of Cyrene in five books, we will assay to abridge in one volume.
24 For considering the infinite number, and the difficulty which they find that desire to look into the narrations of the story, for the variety of the matter,
25 We have been careful, that they that will read may have delight, and that they that are desirous to commit to memory might have ease, and that all into whose hands it comes might have profit.
26 Therefore to us, that have taken upon us this painful labour of abridging, it was not easy, but a matter of sweat and watching;
27 Even as it is no ease unto him that prepareth a banquet, and seeketh the benefit of others: yet for the pleasuring of many we will undertake gladly this great pains;
28 Leaving to the author the exact handling of every particular, and labouring to follow the rules of an abridgement.
29 For as the master builder of a new house must care for the whole building; but he that undertaketh to set it out, and paint it, must seek out fit things for the adorning thereof: even so I think it is with us.
30 To stand upon every point, and go over things at large, and to be curious in particulars, belongeth to the first author of the story:
31 But to use brevity, and avoid much labouring of the work, is to be granted to him that will make an abridgment.
32 Here then will we begin the story: only adding thus much to that which hath been said, that it is a foolish thing to make a long prologue, and to be shortin the story itself.

Martyrdom of Eleazar | Daily Bible Readings

So after many chapters of war leading up to how Antiochus carried 1,800 talents of gold out of the temple he hurried back to Antiochia, leaving governors behind to vex the nation and placing in Jerusalem a Phygian who was a barbarian and capable of horrendous evils without conscience. And sent wicked Apollonius with an army of two and twenty thousand commanding them to slay all in their best age and to sell the women and young children. It was cruel and barbaric. These chapters lead us to the setting up of a sacrifice that demanded the people of Israel to denounce their God and to eat swines flesh and drink swines blood, leading into the story of the martyrdom of Hanna and her Seven Sons.

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The Second Book of The Maccabees Chapter 7

1 It came to pass also, that seven brethren with their mother were taken, and compelled by the king against the law to taste swine’s flesh, and were tormented with scourges and whips.
2 But one of them that spake first said thus, What wouldest thou ask or learn of us? we are ready to die,
rather than to transgress the laws of our fathers.
3 Then the king, being in a rage, commanded pans and caldrons to be made hot:
4 Which forthwith being heated, he commanded to cut out the tongue of him that spake first, and to cut off the utmost parts of his body, the rest of his brethren and his
mother looking on.
5 Now when he was thus maimed in all his members, he commanded him being yet alive to be brought to the fire, and to be fried in the pan: and as the vapour of the pan was for a good space dispersed, they exhorted one another with the mother to die manfully, saying thus,
6 The Lord God looketh upon us, and in truth hath comfort in us, as Moses in his song, which witnessed to their faces, declared, saying, And he shall be comforted in his servants.
7 So when the first was dead after this manner, they brought the second to make him a mocking stock: and when they had pulled off the skin of his head with the hair, they asked him, Wilt thou eat, before thou be punished throughout every member of thy body?
8 But he answered in his own language, and said, No. Wherefore he also received the next torment in order, as the former did.
9 And when he was at the last gasp, he said, Thou like a fury takest us out of this present life, but the King of the world shall raise us up, who have died for his laws, unto everlasting life.

We have no time to lose. Troublous times are before us. The world is  stirred with the spirit of war. Soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the  prophecies. - ppt

10 After him was the third made a mocking stock: and when he was required, he put out his tongue, and that right soon, holding forth his hands manfully, 11 And said courageously, These I had from heaven; and for his laws I despise them; and from him I hope to receive them again.
12 Insomuch that the king, and they that were with him, marvelled at the young man’s courage, for that he nothing regarded the pains.
13 Now when this man was dead also, they tormented and mangled the fourth in like manner.
14 So when he was ready to die he said thus, It is good, being put to death by men, to look for hope from God to be raised up again by him: as for thee, thou shalt have no resurrection to life.
15 Afterward they brought the fifth also, and mangled him.
16 Then looked he unto the king, and said, Thou hast power over men, thou art corruptible, thou doest what thou wilt; yet think not that our nation isforsaken of God;
17 But abide a while, and behold his great power, how he will torment thee and thy seed.
18 After him also they brought the sixth, who being ready to die said, Be not deceived without cause: for we suffer these things for ourselves, having sinned against our God: therefore marvellous things are done unto us.
19 But think not thou, that takest in hand to strive against God, that thou shalt escape unpunished.
20 But the mother was marvellous above all, and worthy of honourable memory: for when she saw her seven sons slain within the space of one day, she bare it with a good courage, because of the hope that she had in the Lord.
21 Yea, she exhorted every one of them in her own language, filled with courageous spirits; and stirring up her womanish thoughts with a manly stomach, she said unto them, 22 I cannot tell how ye came into my womb: for I neither gave you breath nor life, neither was it I that formed the members of every one of you;
23 But doubtless the Creator of the world, who formed the generation of man, and found out the beginning of all things, will also of his own mercy give you breath and life again, as ye now regard not your own selves for his laws’ sake.
24 Now Antiochus, thinking himself despised, and suspecting it to be a reproachful speech, whilst the youngest was yet alive, did not only exhort him by words, but also assured him with oaths, that he would make him both a rich and a happy man, if he would turn from the laws of his fathers; and that also he would take him for his friend, and trust him with affairs.
25 But when the young man would in no case hearken unto him, the king called his mother, and exhorted her that she would counsel the young man to save his life.

Heaven Is Not Enough

26 And when he had exhorted her with many words,she promised him that she would counsel her son.
27 But she bowing herself toward him, laughing the cruel tyrant to scorn, spake in her country language on this manner; O my son, have pity upon me that bare thee nine months in my womb, and gave thee suck three years, and nourished thee, and brought thee up unto this age, and endured the troubles of education.
28 I beseech thee, my son, look upon the heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, and consider that God made them of things that were not; and so was mankind made likewise.
29 Fear not this tormentor, but, being worthy of thy brethren, take thy death that I may receive thee again in mercy with thy brethren. 30 Whiles she was yet speaking these words, the young man said, Whom wait ye for? I will not obey the king’s commandment: but I will obey the commandment of the law that was given unto our fathers by Moses.
31 And thou, that hast been the author of all mischief against the Hebrews, shalt not escape the hands of God.
32 For we suffer because of our sins.
33 And though the living Lord be angry with us a little while for our chastening and correction, yet shall he be at one again with his servants.
34 But thou, O godless man, and of all other most wicked, be not lifted up without a cause, nor puffed up
with uncertain hopes, lifting up thy hand against the servants of God:
35 For thou hast not yet escaped the judgment of Almighty God, who seeth all things.
36 For our brethren, who now have suffered a short pain, are dead under God’s covenant of everlasting life: but thou, through the judgment of God, shalt receive just punishment for thy pride.
37 But I, as my brethren, offer up my body and life for the laws of our fathers, beseeching God that he would speedily be merciful unto our nation; and that thou by torments and plagues mayest confess, that he alone is God;
38 And that in me and my brethren the wrath of the Almighty, which is justly brought upon our nation, may cease.
39Then the king being in a rage, handed him worse than all the rest, and took it grievously that he was mocked.
40 So this man died undefiled, and put his whole trust in the Lord.
41 Last of all after the sons the mother died. 42 Let this be enough now to have spoken concerning the idolatrous feasts, and the extreme tortures.


The Faith of the Martyred Mother and her Seven Sons - TheTorah.com

Let us look AGAIN at how barbaric wicked jackels use money, riches and power to attempt to bribe and buy men’s allegience and steal their souls.

24 Now Antiochus, thinking himself despised, and suspecting it to be a reproachful speech, whilst the youngest was yet alive, did not only exhort him by words, but also assured him with oaths, that he would make him both a rich and a happy man, if he would turn from the laws of his fathers; and that also he would take him for his friend, and trust him with affairs.

TAKE NOTE THAT EVIL MEN ALWAYS TRY TO BRIBE WITH MONEY, RICHES AND POWER! Throughout history bribing with wealth and multiple forms of riches, and power has always been a sign of evil men to bribe and coherse. It is their mark. Which a mark is also a symbol, and a sign of something. Mark my words, there is more than one definition to apply to the mark of the beast as it is appearing to be a sign of someone who possess all the riches in the world. His name is Satan.

As I continue to look at all the evil empires that existed in history. It has stood out like a sore thumb that what I am observing is sheer evil and how money has been able to sell mens souls. In all of this, it has become self evident to me, that the beast in Revelation that is the eighth and of the seven, that has the whore of Babylon riding it, all the abominations of filth is none other than Satan’s fallen anarchy. His evil demonic spirits that rule this evil world he is ruler of. It always has been and it always will be.

To make my point a bit clearer, the Lord God also has said in Revelation to not until I seal my people in their foreheads. So should we be looking for marks on peoples foreheads? A stamp of some type, a great seal? What is this going to look like? Have you seen any yet? What could this seal be? Or is it the seal of salvation that we receive when we believe on the Lord? When we love God with all of our heart, mind, and soul and receive the Holy Spirit? When we follow his commandments of which I just named the first one, and the second one is to love your neighbor as yourself. The Lord said, let your light so shine that the WORLD shall see your good works. Is it not our mind that allows us to choose and is it not that choice our free will? Is not that our seal of God upon our foreheads which represent our mind and choice to follow the Lord? Is not our right hand symbolic of our works and deeds? Each can think, feel and choose what they decide. Each have been given free will.

The seal of God goes a step further than just free will to choose. It is God’s word in your mind. It is God’s truth as clear and as natural as breathing. It is the Sword of the Lord in your possession and all of the Word of God and the entire Armor of God to be wielded. To be used and to be a Warrior of God. It is God’s Holy Spirit to its fullest SUPER POWER THAT IT CAN WIELD!

And now for the secret of the 144 thousand. 1+4+4 = 9. Nine is the energy of God in your DNA. Remember Tesla said, if you only knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6, and 9. You would hold the secrets of the Universe. Nine is the number of heaven. It is a sacred number, and  the number of completion and fulfillment. Nine is a symbol of wisdom and good leadership. It is the sound of 432 hertz music vibration. It is a healing vibration. The energy in the sounding of the Shofar, the Trumpet of God. This does not mean if you don’t rise up to be this, that you are not with salvation, this is to show you the power you have within you with the Holy Spirit and the Lord who dwells in you. Remember you were made in God’s image. For many are called, but few are chosen who will rise up against the evil days.

Matthew 22:14 Context

11And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: 12And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless. 13Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 14For many are called, but few are chosen. 15Then went the Pharisees, and took counsel how they might entangle him in his talk. 16And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, Master, we know that thou art true, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man: for thou regardest not the person of men. 17Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? 19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. 20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? 21 They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

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And indeed, no one can buy or sell with out some form of money in Satan’s world. Look back at the native American Tribes. They were forced to buy at General stores in their agreements with the US Government. And they ran up bills as they were encouraged to charge their goods and pay later. Then the government demanded payment in full and they did not take wompum and they did not barter. So all they had of value to the Government was their land….and they seized it. Tacumsaeh was furious at the Chiefs who allowed these land grabs. It’s history. You have to tell the truth. Evil men have always crept in to do nasty things.

History will show that much land in all nations has been seized in the same way or something more clever. Central banks have devised a system where they loan you worthless paper fiat dollars with nothing to back it up, and if you have hard times and miss a few payments, they can seize it from you; like many have experienced during COVID plandemic. Today, it’s all electronic transfer. The bank pays for your property to the seller with digital numbers in an account. Then you pay them fiat dollars and they digitally calculate it back and forth…then one day you don’t have fiat paper and if you do this a couple of times, they can take your real property. They then acquired a real assett and they got it from transferring you paper with nothing to back it. So this same evil process has been going on throughout time, and throughout the life of the Central Banks.

So as we continue in our COVID JAB BATTLE, remember what they are asking you to do is to make yourself sick. They don’t care if you end up shaking like a blender, disabled, or dead. All they want to do is make sure that those who survive the graphene oxide poisoning are then tested with their 5G mind control program to control your free will in the mind; of which the side affects of that new idea of theirs will have its’ own second set of evils.

God only knows what evil they plan, but the Lord did say:

Matthew 24:22 22And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

That being said…stay strong and keep on pressing forward – fear not, never surrender and trust in the Lord!


Maccabee’s Revealed Truth!


The Books of Maccabee’s reveal the fullfillment of many of the prophecies in Daniel and contains true history that show what took place between the time of Daniel and the time of our Lord Jesus Christ. There was a lot of things that happened in these years. Many events that we know of and have fallen short of understanding. When you know this part of history, everything becomes crystal clear as to the politics and events at the time of Jesus. But, maybe, just maybe, that is why certain men, crept in to forbid the reading and teachings of it. So we ask now the hard question….

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Why did they take the Book of Maccabee’s Out of our King James Bible in 1881?

Was because it was Jewish history and told the story of Hanukkah? A tradition celebrated to this very day for the restoration of Israel? Was it because it told of the fullfillment of many of the prophecies and Daniel and didn’t fit with the new dispensational dispensed theology taught by Darby? Let’s explore this.

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The books of Maccabees were in the original King James Bible. They were removed in 1881. They were removed 1881, due to the influence of wildly liberal textual critics, Westcott and Hort, the Apocrypha was removed from non- Catholic Bibles. The Catholics ignored Westcott and Hort, but the Protestants and the Anglicans fell into line, and when the influence of the popular textual critics said, “Well, this should not be in the Bible,” everybody just followed like lost sheep doing as they were told. So in lockstep,Bibles for protestants and Anglican’s no longer had what Westcott and Hort deemed Apocrypha. If they keep this up, you will all soon have a small leaflet that tells you what? Keep it up and you will have one scripture left that says, “Jesus wept.”

Jesus Wept - Etonko Church of Christ, 25 Etonko

It has been men who crept in and influenced others, probably with money bribes and might of force to do a they are told or else. Definity the mark and means of the ruler of this world. But the gates of hell shall not prevail against God’s word and we are grateful that the Jews have kept records of the true writings of the prophets. Even moreso that the word of God has survived the centuries of demonic attacks to keep men blind. The words deemed Apocrypha by men, who for what ever intent they deem them unorthodox, many of these were written 400 years before Christ. And some way beyond that. Noah brought with him on the ark the books of Enoch.

And so many of these so called Apocrypha document the history of what happened to the Jewish people just before Christ came. And it was part of the scrolls, and the temple. It was part of Jesus’ bible. When He walked the earth as a human, He went into the temple to read from the scrolls. He would have had the Old Testament and the Apocrypha. Obviously He wouldn’t have had the New Testament because it was written about Him, after he died and rose and ascended into Heaven. So let us all investigate the scriptures for ourselves, all of them…and especially the ones that slipped through the cracks at the first gathering of men to decide what can and cannot be read by the common man of the Word of God at the Council of Nicea, mandated by a Roman Caesar named Constantine who worshipped Roman Gods. That in itself speaks volumes!

In the first book of The Maccabees, we see the fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel being fulfilled through the interpretation of his vision by the Arch Angel Gabriel. We see the war between the King of the North and the King of the South. We see the Ram Horn and the Little Ram Horn, we see the Kingdom of Grecia being broken and divided up into four kingdoms by the generals of Alexander. Wow…all of that was fullfilled already…so why are some still looking for this now? Let’s look at some of what Gabriel told Daniel it meant…

Daniel 8:8

20 The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia.

21 And the rough goat is the king of Grecia: and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king.

22 Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but not in his power.

23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

26 And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true: wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days.

And we see in the Book of McCabbees the Ram that pushed and the name of him which is Alexander son of Philip, the Macedonian. We see the fulfillment of that vision of prophecy.

Ancient to Medieval (And Slightly Later) History - Tetradrachm of Ptolemy I  Soter in the name of...
Are those Ram horns on the coins of Alexander the Great for the Empire of Macedonia? Sure looks like it to me!

And now let’s look at the first chapter of the Book of The Maccabees

1:1 And it happened, after that Alexander son of Philip, the Macedonian, who came out of the land of
Chettiim, had smitten Darius king of the Persians and Medes, that he reigned in his stead, the first over
1:2 And made many wars, and won many strong holds, and slew the kings of the earth,
1:3 And went through to the ends of the earth, and took spoils of many nations, insomuch that the earth
was quiet before him; whereupon he was exalted and his heart was lifted up.
1:4 And he gathered a mighty strong host and ruled over countries, and nations, and kings, who became
tributaries unto him.

Wow! Who knew ALEXANDER THE GREAT WAS WRITTEN ABOUT IN THE BIBLE? The books of the Maccabees still remain in the Catholic Bible and in the Greek Septuagint.

How Alexander Became Great: From Child of Zeus to God of Egypt - MagellanTV

1:5 And after these things he fell sick, and perceived that he should die.
1:6 Wherefore he called his servants, such as were honourable, and had been brought up with him from
his youth, and parted his kingdom among them, while he was yet alive.
1:7 So Alexander reigned twelves years, and then died.
1:8 And his servants bare rule every one in his place.
1:9 And after his death they all put crowns upon themselves; so did their sons after them many years:
and evils were multiplied in the earth.

1:10 And there came out of them a wicked root Antiochus surnamed Epiphanes, son of Antiochus the
king, who had been an hostage at Rome,
and he reigned in the hundred and thirty and seventh year of
the kingdom of the Greeks.
1:11 In those days went there out of Israel wicked men, who persuaded many, saying, Let us go and
make a covenant with the heathen that are round about us: for since we departed from them we have
had much sorrow.
1:12 So this device pleased them well.
1:13 Then certain of the people were so forward herein, that they went to the king, who gave them
licence to do after the ordinances of the heathen:
1:14 Whereupon they built a place of exercise at Jerusalem according to the customs of the heathen:
1:15 And made themselves uncircumcised, and forsook the holy covenant, and joined themselves to the heathen, and were sold to do mischief.
1:16 Now when the kingdom was established before Antiochus, he thought to reign over Egypt that he might have the dominion of two realms.
1:17 Wherefore he entered into Egypt with a great multitude, with chariots, and elephants, and
horsemen, and a great navy,
1:18 And made war against Ptolemee king of Egypt: but Ptolemee was afraid of him, and fled; and
many were wounded to death.
1:19 Thus they got the strong cities in the land of Egypt and he took the spoils thereof.

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1:20 And after that Antiochus had smitten Egypt, he returned again in the hundred forty and third year, and went up against Israel and Jerusalem with a great multitude,
1:21 And entered proudly into the sanctuary, and took away the golden altar, and the candlestick of
light, and all the vessels thereof,

1:22 And the table of the shewbread, and the pouring vessels, and the vials. and the censers of gold, and the veil, and the crown, and the golden ornaments that were before the temple, all which he pulled off.
1:23 He took also the silver and the gold, and the precious vessels: also he took the hidden treasures
which he found.
1:24 And when he had taken all away, he went into his own land, having made a great massacre, and
spoken very proudly.
1:25 Therefore there was a great mourning in Israel, in every place where they were;
1:26 So that the princes and elders mourned, the virgins and young men were made feeble, and the
beauty of women was changed.
1:27 Every bridegroom took up lamentation, and she that sat in the marriage chamber was in heaviness,
1:28 The land also was moved for the inhabitants thereof, and all the house of Jacob was covered with
1:29 And after two years fully expired the king sent his chief collector of tribute unto the cities of Juda,
who came unto Jerusalem with a great multitude,
1:30 And spake peaceable words unto them, but all was deceit: for when they had given him credence,
he fell suddenly upon the city, and smote it very sore, and destroyed much people of Israel.
1:31 And when he had taken the spoils of the city, he set it on fire, and pulled down the houses and
walls thereof on every side.
1:32 But the women and children took they captive, and possessed the cattle.
1:33 Then builded they the city of David with a great and strong wall, and with mighty towers, and made it a strong hold for them.
1:34 And they put therein a sinful nation, wicked men, and fortified themselves therein.

1:35 They stored it also with armour and victuals, and when they had gathered together the spoils of
Jerusalem, they laid them up there, and so they became a sore snare:
1:36 For it was a place to lie in wait against the sanctuary, and an evil adversary to Israel.
1:37 Thus they shed innocent blood on every side of the sanctuary, and defiled it:
1:38 Insomuch that the inhabitants of Jerusalem fled because of them: whereupon the city was made an
habitation of strangers, and became strange to those that were born in her; and her own children left

Antiochus IV takes Jerusalem | Bible image, Biblical art, Art base

1:39 Her sanctuary was laid waste like a wilderness, her feasts were turned into mourning, her sabbaths into reproach her honour into contempt.
1:40 As had been her glory, so was her dishonour increased, and her excellency was turned into
1:41 Moreover king Antiochus wrote to his whole kingdom, that all should be one people,
1:42 And every one should leave his laws: so all the heathen agreed according to the commandment of
the king.
1:43 Yea, many also of the Israelites consented to his religion, and sacrificed unto idols, and profaned
the sabbath.

1:44 For the king had sent letters by messengers unto Jerusalem and the cities of Juda that they should
follow the strange laws of the land,
1:45 And forbid burnt offerings, and sacrifice, and drink offerings, in the temple; and that they should
profane the sabbaths and festival days:

1:46 And pollute the sanctuary and holy people:
1:47 Set up altars, and groves, and chapels of idols, and sacrifice swine’s flesh, and unclean beasts:
1:48 That they should also leave their children uncircumcised, and make their souls abominable with
all manner of uncleanness and profanation:
1:49 To the end they might forget the law, and change all the ordinances.
1:50 And whosoever would not do according to the commandment of the king, he said, he should die.
1:51 In the selfsame manner wrote he to his whole kingdom, and appointed overseers over all the people, commanding the cities of Juda to sacrifice, city by city.
1:52 Then many of the people were gathered unto them, to wit every one that forsook the law; and so
they committed evils in the land;
1:53 And drove the Israelites into secret places, even wheresoever they could flee for succour.
1:54 Now the fifteenth day of the month Casleu, in the hundred forty and fifth year, they set up the
abomination of desolation upon the altar, and builded idol altars throughout the cities of Juda on every
1:55 And burnt incense at the doors of their houses, and in the streets.
1:56 And when they had rent in pieces the books of the law which they found, they burnt them with
1:57 And whosoever was found with any the book of the testament, or if any committed to the law, the
king’s commandment was, that they should put him to death.
1:58 Thus did they by their authority unto the Israelites every month, to as many as were found in the
1:59 Now the five and twentieth day of the month they did sacrifice upon the idol altar, which was
upon the altar of God.
1:60 At which time according to the commandment they put to death certain women, that had caused
their children to be circumcised.
1:61 And they hanged the infants about their necks, and rifled their houses, and slew them that had
circumcised them.

1:62 Howbeit many in Israel were fully resolved and confirmed in themselves not to eat any unclean

1:63 Wherefore the rather to die, that they might not be defiled with meats, and that they might not
profane the holy covenant: so then they died.
1:64 And there was very great wrath upon Israel.

275: Be the Maccabee!!!! The Maccabean Revolt for Catholics Today - Taylor  Marshall

2:1 In those days arose Mattathias the son of John, the son of Simeon, a priest of the sons of Joarib,
from Jerusalem, and dwelt in Modin.
2:2 And he had five sons, Joannan, called Caddis:
2:3 Simon; called Thassi:
2:4 Judas, who was called Maccabeus:
2:5 Eleazar, called Avaran: and Jonathan, whose surname was Apphus.
2:6 And when he saw the blasphemies that were committed in Juda and Jerusalem,
2:7 He said, Woe is me! wherefore was I born to see this misery of my people, and of the holy city, and
to dwell there, when it was delivered into the hand of the enemy, and the sanctuary into the hand of
2:8 Her temple is become as a man without glory.
2:9 Her glorious vessels are carried away into captivity, her infants are slain in the streets, her young
men with the sword of the enemy.
2:10 What nation hath not had a part in her kingdom and gotten of her spoils?
2:11 All her ornaments are taken away; of a free woman she is become a bondslave.
2:12 And, behold, our sanctuary, even our beauty and our glory, is laid waste, and the Gentiles have
profaned it.
2:13 To what end therefore shall we live any longer?
2:14 Then Mattathias and his sons rent their clothes, and put on sackcloth, and mourned very sore.
2:15 In the mean while the king’s officers, such as compelled the people to revolt, came into the city
Modin, to make them sacrifice.
2:16 And when many of Israel came unto them, Mattathias also and his sons came together.
2:17 Then answered the king’s officers, and said to Mattathias on this wise, Thou art a ruler, and an
honourable and great man in this city, and strengthened with sons and brethren:
2:18 Now therefore come thou first, and fulfil the king’s commandment, like as all the heathen have
done, yea, and the men of Juda also, and such as remain at Jerusalem: so shalt thou and thy house be in
the number of the king’s friends, and thou and thy children shall be honoured with silver and gold, and
many rewards. 2:19 Then Mattathias answered and spake with a loud voice, Though all the nations that are under the
king’s dominion obey him, and fall away every one from the religion of their fathers, and give consent
to his commandments:
2:20 Yet will I and my sons and my brethren walk in the covenant of our fathers.
2:21 God forbid that we should forsake the law and the ordinances.
2:22 We will not hearken to the king’s words, to go from our religion, either on the right hand, or the
2:23 Now when he had left speaking these words, there came one of the Jews in the sight of all to
sacrifice on the altar which was at Modin, according to the king’s commandment.
2:24 Which thing when Mattathias saw, he was inflamed with zeal, and his reins trembled, neither
could he forbear to shew his anger according to judgment: wherefore he ran, and slew him upon the

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2:25 Also the king’s commissioner, who compelled men to sacrifice, he killed at that time, and the altar
he pulled down.
2:26 Thus dealt he zealously for the law of God like as Phinees did unto Zambri the son of Salom.
2:27 And Mattathias cried throughout the city with a loud voice, saying, Whosoever is zealous of the
law, and maintaineth the covenant, let him follow me.
2:28 So he and his sons fled into the mountains, and left all that ever they had in the city.
2:29 Then many that sought after justice and judgment went down into the wilderness, to dwell there:
2:30 Both they, and their children, and their wives; and their cattle; because afflictions increased sore
upon them.
2:31 Now when it was told the king’s servants, and the host that was at Jerusalem, in the city of David,
that certain men, who had broken the king’s commandment, were gone down into the secret places in
the wilderness,
2:32 They pursued after them a great number, and having overtaken them, they camped against them,
and made war against them on the sabbath day.
2:33 And they said unto them, Let that which ye have done hitherto suffice; come forth, and do
according to the commandment of the king, and ye shall live.
2:34 But they said, We will not come forth, neither will we do the king’s commandment, to profane the
sabbath day. 2:35 So then they gave them the battle with all speed.
2:36 Howbeit they answered them not, neither cast they a stone at them, nor stopped the places where
they lay hid;
2:37 But said, Let us die all in our innocency: heaven and earth will testify for us, that ye put us to
death wrongfully.
2:38 So they rose up against them in battle on the sabbath, and they slew them, with their wives and
children and their cattle, to the number of a thousand people.
2:39 Now when Mattathias and his friends understood hereof, they mourned for them right sore.
2:40 And one of them said to another, If we all do as our brethren have done, and fight not for our lives
and laws against the heathen, they will now quickly root us out of the earth.
2:41 At that time therefore they decreed, saying, Whosoever shall come to make battle with us on the
sabbath day, we will fight against him; neither will we die all, as our brethren that were murdered im
the secret places.
2:42 Then came there unto him a company of Assideans who were mighty men of Israel, even all such
as were voluntarily devoted unto the law.
2:43 Also all they that fled for persecution joined themselves unto them, and were a stay unto them.
2:44 So they joined their forces, and smote sinful men in their anger, and wicked men in their wrath:
but the rest fled to the heathen for succour.
2:45 Then Mattathias and his friends went round about, and pulled down the altars:
2:46 And what children soever they found within the coast of Israel uncircumcised, those they
circumcised valiantly.
2:47 They pursued also after the proud men, and the work prospered in their hand.
2:48 So they recovered the law out of the hand of the Gentiles, and out of the hand of kings, neither
suffered they the sinner to triumph.
2:49 Now when the time drew near that Mattathias should die, he said unto his sons, Now hath pride
and rebuke gotten strength, and the time of destruction, and the wrath of indignation:
2:50 Now therefore, my sons, be ye zealous for the law, and give your lives for the covenant of your

Joshua, King David and Judas Maccabeus
Joshua, King David, and Judus Mccabee, three heroes of the Bible.

2:51 Call to remembrance what acts our fathers did in their time; so shall ye receive great honour and
an everlasting name. 2:52 Was not Abraham found faithful in temptation, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness?
2:53 Joseph in the time of his distress kept the commandment and was made lord of Egypt.
2:54 Phinees our father in being zealous and fervent obtained the covenant of an everlasting priesthood.
2:55 Joshua for fulfilling the word was made a judge in Israel.
2:56 Caleb for bearing witness before the congregation received the heritage of the land.
2:57 David for being merciful possessed the throne of an everlasting kingdom.
2:58 Elias for being zealous and fervent for the law was taken up into heaven.
2:59 Ananias, Azarias, and Misael, by believing were saved out of the flame.
2:60 Daniel for his innocency was delivered from the mouth of lions.
2:61 And thus consider ye throughout all ages, that none that put their trust in him shall be overcome.
2:62 Fear not then the words of a sinful man: for his glory shall be dung and worms.
2:63 To day he shall be lifted up and to morrow he shall not be found, because he is returned into his
dust, and his thought is come to nothing.
2:64 Wherefore, ye my sons, be valiant and shew yourselves men in the behalf of the law; for by it
shall ye obtain glory.

2:65 And behold, I know that your brother Simon is a man of counsel, give ear unto him alway: he shall
be a father unto you.
2:66 As for Judas Maccabeus, he hath been mighty and strong, even from his youth up: let him be your
captain, and fight the battle of the people.
2:67 Take also unto you all those that observe the law, and avenge ye the wrong of your people.
2:68 Recompense fully the heathen, and take heed to the commandments of the law.
2:69 So he blessed them, and was gathered to his fathers.
2:70 And he died in the hundred forty and sixth year, and his sons buried him in the sepulchres of his
fathers at Modin, and all Israel made great lamentation for him.

1 Maccabees 10:1-7 KJV - In the hundred and sixtieth year Alexander, the  son of Antiochus surnamed Epiphanes, went up and took Ptolemais: for the  people had received him, by means whereof

3:1 Then his son Judas, called Maccabeus, rose up in his stead.
3:2 And all his brethren helped him, and so did all they that held with his father, and they fought with
cheerfulness the battle of Israel.
3:3 So he gat his people great honour, and put on a breastplate as a giant, and girt his warlike harness
about him, and he made battles, protecting the host with his sword.
3:4 In his acts he was like a lion, and like a lion’s whelp roaring for his prey.
3:5 For He pursued the wicked, and sought them out, and burnt up those that vexed his people.
3:6 Wherefore the wicked shrunk for fear of him, and all the workers of iniquity were troubled, because
salvation prospered in his hand.
3:7 He grieved also many kings, and made Jacob glad with his acts, and his memorial is blessed for
3:8 Moreover he went through the cities of Juda, destroying the ungodly out of them, and turning away
wrath from Israel:
3:9 So that he was renowned unto the utmost part of the earth, and he received unto him such as were
ready to perish.
3:10 Then Apollonius gathered the Gentiles together, and a great host out of Samaria, to fight against

3:11 Which thing when Judas perceived, he went forth to meet him, and so he smote him, and slew
him: many also fell down slain, but the rest fled.
3:12 Wherefore Judas took their spoils, and Apollonius’ sword also, and therewith he fought all his life

3:13 Now when Seron, a prince of the army of Syria, heard say that Judas had gathered unto him a
multitude and company of the faithful to go out with him to war;
3:14 He said, I will get me a name and honour in the kingdom; for I will go fight with Judas and them
that are with him, who despise the king’s commandment.
3:15 So he made him ready to go up, and there went with him a mighty host of the ungodly to help him,
and to be avenged of the children of Israel.
3:16 And when he came near to the going up of Bethhoron, Judas went forth to meet him with a small
company: 3:17 Who, when they saw the host coming to meet them, said unto Judas, How shall we be able, being
so few, to fight against so great a multitude and so strong, seeing we are ready to faint with fasting all
this day?
3:18 Unto whom Judas answered, It is no hard matter for many to be shut up in the hands of a few; and
with the God of heaven it is all one, to deliver with a great multitude, or a small company:
3:19 For the victory of battle standeth not in the multitude of an host; but strength cometh from heaven.
3:20 They come against us in much pride and iniquity to destroy us, and our wives and children, and to
spoil us:
3:21 But we fight for our lives and our laws.
3:22 Wherefore the Lord himself will overthrow them before our face: and as for you, be ye not afraid
of them.

3:23 Now as soon as he had left off speaking, he leapt suddenly upon them, and so Seron and his host
was overthrown before him.
3:24 And they pursued them from the going down of Bethhoron unto the plain, where were slain about
eight hundred men of them; and the residue fled into the land of the Philistines.
3:25 Then began the fear of Judas and his brethren, and an exceeding great dread, to fall upon the
nations round about them:
3:26 Insomuch as his fame came unto the king, and all nations talked of the battles of Judas.
3:27 Now when king Antiochus heard these things, he was full of indignation: wherefore he sent and
gathered together all the forces of his realm, even a very strong army.
3:28 He opened also his treasure, and gave his soldiers pay for a year, commanding them to be ready
whensoever he should need them.
3:29 Nevertheless, when he saw that the money of his treasures failed and that the tributes in the
country were small, because of the dissension and plague, which he had brought upon the land in
taking away the laws which had been of old time;
3:30 He feared that he should not be able to bear the charges any longer, nor to have such gifts to give
so liberally as he did before: for he had abounded above the kings that were before him.
3:31 Wherefore, being greatly perplexed in his mind, he determined to go into Persia, there to take the
tributes of the countries, and to gather much money.
3:32 So he left Lysias, a nobleman, and one of the blood royal, to oversee the affairs of the king from
the river Euphrates unto the borders of Egypt:3:33 And to bring up his son Antiochus, until he came again.
3:34 Moreover he delivered unto him the half of his forces, and the elephants, and gave him charge of
all things that he would have done, as also concerning them that dwelt in Juda and Jerusalem:
3:35 To wit, that he should send an army against them, to destroy and root out the strength of Israel,
and the remnant of Jerusalem, and to take away their memorial from that place;
3:36 And that he should place strangers in all their quarters, and divide their land by lot.
3:37 So the king took the half of the forces that remained, and departed from Antioch, his royal city, the
hundred forty and seventh year; and having passed the river Euphrates, he went through the high
3:38 Then Lysias chose Ptolemee the son of Dorymenes, Nicanor, and Gorgias, mighty men of the
king’s friends:
3:39 And with them he sent forty thousand footmen, and seven thousand horsemen, to go into the land
of Juda, and to destroy it, as the king commanded.
3:40 So they went forth with all their power, and came and pitched by Emmaus in the plain country.
3:41 And the merchants of the country, hearing the fame of them, took silver and gold very much, with
servants, and came into the camp to buy the children of Israel for slaves: a power also of Syria and of
the land of the Philistines joined themselves unto them.
3:42 Now when Judas and his brethren saw that miseries were multiplied, and that the forces did
encamp themselves in their borders: for they knew how the king had given commandment to destroy
the people, and utterly abolish them;

Judah Maccabee, Warlord of Judea (160 BC) | Arte de cristã, Antigo  testamento, Arte
Judas Maccabee

3:43 They said one to another, Let us restore the decayed fortune of our people, and let us fight for our
people and the sanctuary.
3:44 Then was the congregation gathered together, that they might be ready for battle, and that they
might pray, and ask mercy and compassion.
3:45 Now Jerusalem lay void as a wilderness, there was none of her children that went in or out: the
sanctuary also was trodden down, and aliens kept the strong hold; the heathen had their habitation in
that place; and joy was taken from Jacob, and the pipe with the harp ceased.
3:46 Wherefore the Israelites assembled themselves together, and came to Maspha, over against
Jerusalem; for in Maspha was the place where they prayed aforetime in Israel.
3:47 Then they fasted that day, and put on sackcloth, and cast ashes upon their heads, and rent their
3:48 And laid open the book of the law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images.
3:49 They brought also the priests’ garments, and the firstfruits, and the tithes: and the Nazarites they
stirred up, who had accomplished their days.
3:50 Then cried they with a loud voice toward heaven, saying, What shall we do with these, and
whither shall we carry them away?
3:51 For thy sanctuary is trodden down and profaned, and thy priests are in heaviness, and brought low.
3:52 And lo, the heathen are assembled together against us to destroy us: what things they imagine
against us, thou knowest.
3:53 How shall we be able to stand against them, except thou, O God, be our help?
3:54 Then sounded they with trumpets, and cried with a loud voice.
3:55 And after this Judas ordained captains over the people, even captains over thousands, and over
hundreds, and over fifties, and over tens.
3:56 But as for such as were building houses, or had betrothed wives, or were planting vineyards, or
were fearful, those he commanded that they should return, every man to his own house, according to
the law.
3:57 So the camp removed, and pitched upon the south side of Emmaus.
3:58 And Judas said, arm yourselves, and be valiant men, and see that ye be in readiness against the
morning, that ye may fight with these nations, that are assembled together against us to destroy us and
our sanctuary:
3:59 For it is better for us to die in battle, than to behold the calamities of our people and our sanctuary.
3:60 Nevertheless, as the will of God is in heaven, so let him do.

Judas Maccabeus, Hammer of the Jews - Warfare History Network


11:1 And the king of Egypt gathered together a great host, like the sand that lieth upon the sea shore,
and many ships, and went about through deceit to get Alexander’s kingdom, and join it to his own.
11:2 Whereupon he took his journey into Spain in peaceable manner, so as they of the cities opened
unto him, and met him: for king Alexander had commanded them so to do, because he was his brother
in law.
11:3 Now as Ptolemee entered into the cities, he set in every one of them a garrison of soldiers to keep
11:4 And when he came near to Azotus, they shewed him the temple of Dagon that was burnt, and
Azotus and the suburbs thereof that were destroyed, and the bodies that were cast abroad and them that
he had burnt in the battle; for they had made heaps of them by the way where he should pass.
11:5 Also they told the king whatsoever Jonathan had done, to the intent he might blame him: but the
king held his peace.
11:6 Then Jonathan met the king with great pomp at Joppa, where they saluted one another, and lodged.
11:7 Afterward Jonathan, when he had gone with the king to the river called Eleutherus, returned again
to Jerusalem.
11:8 King Ptolemee therefore, having gotten the dominion of the cities by the sea unto Seleucia upon
the sea coast, imagined wicked counsels against Alexander.
11:9 Whereupon he sent ambasadors unto king Demetrius, saying, Come, let us make a league betwixt
us, and I will give thee my daughter whom Alexander hath, and thou shalt reign in thy father’s
11:10 For I repent that I gave my daughter unto him, for he sought to slay me.
11:11 Thus did he slander him, because he was desirous of his kingdom. 11:12 Wherefore he took his daughter from him, and gave her to Demetrius, and forsook Alexander, so
that their hatred was openly known.
11:13 Then Ptolemee entered into Antioch, where he set two crowns upon his head, the crown of Asia,
and of Egypt.
11:14 In the mean season was king Alexander in Cilicia, because those that dwelt in those parts had
revolted from him.
11:15 But when Alexander heard of this, he came to war against him: whereupon king Ptolemee
brought forth his host, and met him with a mighty power, and put him to flight.
11:16 So Alexander fled into Arabia there to be defended; but king Ptolemee was exalted:
11:17 For Zabdiel the Arabian took off Alexander’s head, and sent it unto Ptolemee.
11:18 King Ptolemee also died the third day after, and they that were in the strong holds were slain one
of another.
11:19 By this means Demetrius reigned in the hundred threescore and seventh year.
11:20 At the same time Jonathan gathered together them that were in Judea to take the tower that was in
Jerusalem: and he made many engines of war against it.
11:21 Then came ungodly persons, who hated their own people, went unto the king, and told him that
Jonathan besieged the tower,
11:22 Whereof when he heard, he was angry, and immediately removing, he came to Ptolemais, and
wrote unto Jonathan, that he should not lay siege to the tower, but come and speak with him at
Ptolemais in great haste.
11:23 Nevertheless Jonathan, when he heard this, commanded to besiege it still: and he chose certain of
the elders of Israel and the priests, and put himself in peril;
11:24 And took silver and gold, and raiment, and divers presents besides, and went to Ptolemais unto
the king, where he found favour in his sight.
11:25 And though certain ungodly men of the people had made complaints against him,
11:26 Yet the king entreated him as his predecessors had done before, and promoted him in the sight of
all his friends,
11:27 And confirmed him in the high priesthood, and in all the honours that he had before, and gave
him preeminence among his chief friends.
11:28 Then Jonathan desired the king, that he would make Judea free from tribute, as also the three governments, with the country of Samaria; and he promised him three hundred talents.


First Book of the Maccabees (shamar.org)


God’s RESET Is Coming!



Babylon The Great Is Fallen

THE FALL OF BABYLON THE GREAT,. TNDL: “THE FALL OF BABYLON THE GREAT… | by  J. K. Woods | Yahweh Elyon Yeshua's Teachings | Medium

Revelations 17:11  And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

So this beast that was and is not and is of the seven and goes into perdition (destruction) is going to be destroyed. This is a positive thing, unless you are with the beast.

So what is the “seven” that this scripture is speaking of. We know that Babylon the Great is riding the beast which is being described as a world empire, and the word Great indicates it’s a big city. So this Babylon is riding a beast that must be a big empire as it is implied that it is in league with the other “seven” or at least greater than any of them for it is the “Eighth” and of the seven. At least we know it’s more wicked than any of them for there’s also a scripture that calls her “Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth”. Now why would they call it that?

whore-of-babylon-911 | Pop Art Zombie

Revelation 17:5


It is pretty clear that Mystery Babylon is one bad city. It’s safe to say this combination is sheer wickedness. So we have a very evil city riding a very evil “eighth” empire. This Beast was and is not. So this beast of an empire “was” existing, but is not. Which sounds a lot like it is secret empire controlling from the shadows. Meaning it hasn’t been officially recognized as an empire openly. But it is definitely working hard at dominating all the nations to manifest itself to come out into the open. But it never gets to do what it set out to do in an official seat of anything for it goes into perdition which means destruction. But the Harlot (great city) has been riding it for a while. And yes, it is a mystery. But it’s always fun to tackle mysteries. So let’s look at this.

Exodus 14:14 God Got This — Tell the Lord Thank You

Scripture also tells us this beast(secret empire) deceives all the nations.

Let’s begin by identifying the other seven empires. There are also historically seven great empires.

EGYPT from 2100 BC to 1481 BC
Assyria from 1100 BC to 606 BC
Babylon from 606 BC to 538 BC
Medo-Persia from 538 BC to 333 BC
Greece from 333BC to 144 BC
Rome from 44 BC to 455 AD
Great Britain – Historically Great Britain has been the largest empire in world history. And although it has been colonizing and conquering since the 16th century, Imperically from 1497-1763 , it claimed its empire status and reigned from 1815 and 1914 . By the end of WWII Great Britain was financially drained, and released most of its conquered nations because it had not the funds to govern them, at least that’s the history story. But now that we know these nations still all pay tribute to the Crown, it appears more like a clever corporate maneuver- let the nations think they are sovereign and pay their own way, meanwhile collect tribute to the Crown and keep Britains face on their legal tender. It’s simply good business.

And now the eighth that is of the seven that goes to destruction is….drum roll please…
The Beast – which is a totalitarian collectivism, and or, a secret society empire ruled by the cabal!

This Beast has been calling the shots from the secret shadows way before Great Britain gained its’ imperial empire status. These people are said to be behind the human and child trafficking issues. President Trump said this practice is ancient! These sacrificial rituals are Baal worship to fallen angels. It is indeed ancient. It existed before the flood of Noah. Sacrificing your children to Baal can be done in many ways and for many diverse, sick reasons, and sometimes just for the sheer “hell” of it.

The Beast’s goal is to have all nations under one government and to dominate every thing. They don’t hide their plans to bring Lucifer out into the light. It is in Albert Pikes false flag prophecies to do just that.

Worshiping the image of the beast is the goal of the United Nations which ironically has also served it’s 70 years as the years of a king. It was officially opened in 1948 and its’ first official order of business was…to vote on Israel to be a nation. So we are looking at some serious 70 year issues here. Remember Isaiah, Revelation, and Daniel cross reference and all show this “wish a world evil empire” is destroyed. Totally wiped out, and gone. So that is the good news! Remember their goals are to have a New World Order and to bring Lucifer out into the light as well. Lucifer Trust now called Lucis Trust takes care of all their organizations dealing with going to the light, full moon chants and incantation earth ceremonies (Every Beast Kingdom needs these right?). And this was organized by Alice Bailey. Lucis Trust

Isaiah 28:5 ESV

Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots.

Babylon the Great is a controlling empire with goals to enslave the entire world together with the Beast which now appears to be a secret society ruled by a global Cabal. The whore riding the beast is the great city Babylon. So…when we look at terms such as the whore riding the beast…who’da thought that was a city? Symbolism is a strange thing. Same as Beast….same as Babylon The Great. Same as all the terms. It makes it so easy for someone to tamper with symbolism and make it say what ever you want it to say. That is why we must cross reference scripture and open our eyes to see what is taking place in real time and real history. Not the lies they tell… it’s time for the truth. And in this case, John tells us himself. So why is there so much confusion? It’s time to read the scriptures for yourself.

Revelation 17:18

“And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Revelation 18:8

“Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.”

Revelations 17:8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition; and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was and is not, yet is.”

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The other good news is we are here…we are past the 70 years and in the grand finale where every thing falls apart for the evil beastly image. (Remember it’s an image and it never gets built)!

 Isaiah 25:2 2For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defenced city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built.

So this scripture tells us that this beast thing has made cities heaps and ruined defensed cities and their little new beastly palace of foreigners order thingy is not ever going to be built. It is over for you! God’s people win!

Song of Praise for God’s Favor

1O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

2For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defenced city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built.

3Therefore shall the strong people glorify thee, the city of the terrible nations shall fear thee.

4For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.

David Baddiel: Am I stinking vermin or am I running the world? The racists  think it's both | News Review | The Sunday Times

Let us look at Revelations 12 – 18 and compare it to the day’s events to see how this beastly prophecy is progressing.

12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

So we see nations that have pledged allegiance to some deal of power and they are doing things for this beast based on promises to hopefully be kept once they win. Does this sound familiar yet to anyone?  We are watching elected leaders destroy their nations with COVID-19 mandates, and inhumane laws. We watch as people who kill, steal and destroy are allowed to do all they desire, while hard working citizens are arrested on suspicion for something they said, or arrested for terrorism for actually peacefully addressing grievances in compliance to the laws and rights in the constitution.

So isn’t it fair to say these nation leaders are receiving some extra power with this beast to do terrible things and get away with it? Ahh…isn’t it good to know that this beast goes into destruction? I sure am comforted to know this. This beast is alive and well right now and we are watching it work this Babylon network of great merchants and elected puppets.

13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

BINGO! We are watching all the blathering puppets gathered with one mind…none of them can think on their own. They all believe they are going to be billionaires and live high on the hog in Babylon the Great.

Judah has triumphed! | Scripture pictures, Lion of judah, Tribe of judah

14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

Well here we are at war on all fronts. The cry from Flynn et al is THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE! President Trump has said this is a different kind of war, and we are at war. They all have said this is a propaganda war. And propaganda wars create fear in the mind. It makes people believe lies. It scares people into submission, suicides, and doing things against their free will. It causes people to get sick, make mistakes, think poorly, get angry, have no patience, and go mad. It creates chaos and makes it hard for anyone to have peace of mind.

So to fight lies our weapon is truth. It is to draw closer to God and hold to faith. It is to do well, learn to trust in the Lord and laugh at the enemy. Find peace within. Listen to uplifting music that feeds the soul. Praise God in shouts of glory, glory to his name. For we know he is watching all things and our reward in well doing will be bountiful. 

15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

Another Bingo!  So now we know that this whore or Baal worshiper, Luciferian light initiate, is among peoples, multitudes, nations and all nationalities of speech. It is world wide. Not just a few nations sparking at each other. They have invaded the earth, they are infiltrated into a spider web networking. They have their little evil hands in everything, everywhere. Oh dear…what shall we do? Shall we fear? Or shall we trust in God and have faith that he shall do as he said, and that is kick that beast into destruction! I will wait upon the Lord to send the beast into perdition (destruction)!

image 64

16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

What?  You mean these leaders (horns mean Kings or leaders) that are ruining their nations and hurting their people are gonna get tired of these New World Order RESET Cabal games? Wow. Now that is good to know! It says they are going to hate this little whore of Babylon and make her desolate and naked. That means they “ain’t gonna cover for them no more”. And they shall eat her flesh…now that’s a new one…maybe it means they are “gonna mess’em” up real good? And burn her with fire. Now…somethings “gonna” happen here and it isn’t good for the whore riding Babylon’s beast. Maybe they are going to spirit cook it like it has humans? Who knows? All we know is the nations are going to catch on that they’ve been left out to dry and they aren’t getting any help as their systems deflate and they self-destruct along with a little help from the white hats.

17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

So God has allowed them to do the evil and make their pacts and greedy deals. Their coup, their great LOCKSTEP RESET. And they are fulfilling prophecy right before our eyes.

18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Now what is that great city that reigns over the kings of the earth. This is where it could be several places, but it sure looks like New York City because that is where the world monetary system is, and the Wall Street Stock Exchange, the seat of the beast – United Nations, and all the world digital systems. It could be another city…maybe London? That is the Rothschild little world control center. Or is it the Vatican? The Pope seems to have influence over the kings of the earth. They do have a lot of helpers in the Vatican to deceive all the nations.

It has to be one of the three frogs, which are the big world corporations Washington D.C., London, Vatican….or New York. But the woman whore riding the beast is the great city that reigns over the kings of the earth…so it has to be somebody calling the shots over the 3 frogs. What could it be?

So a whore is a city. Nothing is as it seems.

So who else has drank strong drink and gotten drunken? Who else is riding this beast thing?  

Bible Quotes HD-Wallpapers Isaiah 43:1

Let’s look at Isaiah 28:1 and the drunkards of Ephraim

Isaiah 28:1 Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine!

1Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine! 2Behold, the Lord hath a mighty and strong one, which as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, shall cast down to the earth with the hand. 3The crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim, shall be trodden under feet: 4And the glorious beauty, which is on the head of the fat valley, shall be a fading flower, and as the hasty fruit before the summer; which when he that looketh upon it seeth, while it is yet in his hand he eateth it up. 5In that day shall the LORD of hosts be for a crown of glory, and for a diadem of beauty, unto the residue of his people, 6And for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate.

Sermon Series - The Everlasting Kingdom of God — Cornerstone Church Long  Beach

Isaiah 28:10 Context

7But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment. 8For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean. 9Whom shall he teach knowledge? And whom shall he make to understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. 10For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: 11For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people. 12To whom he said, this is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear. 13But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

So if someone is in big trouble for lying to people about Bible interpretation. And who started this scripture censoring stuff and misinterpretation and who is behind the slight of hand dispensed interpretations? How much of this cabal has usurped Ephraim?

lion of Judah Digital Art by Ricardo Colon

Jeremiah 23:1 “Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!” says the Lord. Therefore thus says the Lord God of Israel against the shepherds who feed My people: “You have scattered My flock, driven them away, and not attended to them. Behold, I will attend to you for the evil of your doings,” says the Lord. “But I will gather the remnant of My flock out of all countries where I have driven them, and bring them back to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase. I will set up shepherds over them who will feed them; and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, nor shall they be lacking,” says the Lord.

Remember Babylon falls and God’s kingdom rises and the Lord rules it with a rod of iron – Judah is the lawgiver and the sons of Joseph- Ephraim and Manasseh….are the heirs …a new kingdom is coming. Israel is forever!


God’s RESET Is Coming!



Romans 11:25

“For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in.”

Jesus commanded his followers to a great commission. He told them to go into all the world and spread the good news that he has risen. Up to and until this point, his disciples had been sent out only to the Jews in Judea and the surrounding area. They had not gone to the gentiles, nor sought to share with any, other than the Jews, that their Messiah had come.

Jesus Resurrection Day Images - Novocom.top

In Mathew 28 the scriptures tell us that Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary went to the sepulcher of Jesus and there had been a great earthquake, for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. So here is the angel of the Lord sitting on the stone “His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:” and the soldiers had fainted like dead men from fear. The angel spoke to Mary saying, “Fear not: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

They went in and saw, then the angel told them to go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead. The angel told them the Lord was in Galilee and to go see him there. So the two Mary’s left to tell the others and as they went, Jesus met them and they held Jesus by the feet and worshipped him. Jesus told them not to be afraid but go tell my brethren to meet me into Galilee. It also says that as they went to tell the others, some of the watch came to the city and told the chief priests what had happened and they called the elders and bribed the soldiers with large sums of money to lie and say His disciples came by night and stole the body. They made a coup that when Pilot heard this they would call the soldiers to testify. The soldiers took the bribe money and carried out the evil coup.

We are exposing this same type of bearing false witness this very day. There is truly nothing new under the sun. This is the way of evil and always shall be. Men sell their souls for a buck. You will know them by their works. Even the ones they do in secret.

So meanwhile, the disciples went into Galilee and saw Jesus. They worshipped him, but even yet, some doubted. It was at this time Jesus said to them to go into all the nations. The great commission to go to the gentiles had begun.

Matthew 28:18-20

And Jesus came and spoke unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Abraham and Grace — Black Forest Chapel

Abraham Was Born 1948 Years After Adam! Israel a nation in 1948. How does this relate?

That being said, another mystery took place. Remember in Part 1, we told of the promises to Adam of his restoration to Paradise. And how in 5.5 days or 5,500 years God promised he would send a redeemer to restore him to his former glory and it was exactly 5,500 years from the time of the promise to Adam to the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah that the graves were opened and witnesses risen from the dead testified to the people of their salvation.

This is also written in the book of Nicodemus and cross references with the book of Adam and is even referenced in the book of Mathew.  Not many pastors want to talk about Mathew 27:52. I always wondered why none of my questions were ever answered on this strange event that was a huge turmoil in all of Jerusalem and perplexed Pilot and the people to the point they assigned guards to the tomb.

It is also written in the Report of Pontius Pilot. This point in Bible history is a milestone for it is also the fulfilment to the promises given to Abraham that all nations shall be blessed by his seed. So it is important to understand this in order to see all things being fulfilled in our present day.

The Gospel of Nicodemus formerly called The Acts of Pontius Pilot: https://ia802707.us.archive.org/35/items/pdfy-5lijplxCkA4qdCgY/The%20Gospel%20Of%20Nicodemus.pdf

Pilate’s Report to Tiberius Exalts Christ- This report is contained in the non-condemned apocryphal Acts of Peter and Paul: http://www.johnthebaptist.us/jbw_english/documents/articles/rjmi/tr21_pilate_letter_on_christ.pdf#:~:text=Pontius%20Pilate%20was%20the%20Roman%20Governor%20of%20Judea,de%20recipiendis%20et%20non%20recipiendis%20libris%20%28Epistle%2042%29.

The Book of Adam and Eve: The First Book of Adam and Eve (scriptural-truth.com)

God's Covenant With Abraham | Bible Message | Biblical art, Prophetic art,  Bible

Remember it was said to Abraham, in Genesis 15:4-5, “And, behold, the word of the LORD came unto him, saying, This shall not be thine heir; but he that shall come forth out of thine own bowels shall be thine heir. And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be.”  We look at Isaac, Jacob, and to Joseph and his sons Ephraim and Manasseh the heirs to Israel, and Judah the lawgiver to see the pathway to the age of the gentiles and the great commission. We also look at Ishmael and his blessings. We see at the end of the age a beautiful  prophetic mystery unfold. And we are alive to see it.

If numbers and time frames mean anything, then the significance of the birth of Abraham being born 1948 years after Adam is very significant. It also is the date that Israel was again a nation after almost 2,000 years of being without. 

The sign of the restoration of Israel coupled with the signs of the end of the age as Jesus spoke it as he sat upon the mount of Olives in Mathew 24, gives a rather green light that the fullness of the age of the gentiles has come. The devil’s Cabal know this full well and are out to do everything in their power to annul what God has set in motion. They shall fail for God’s Word always stands and God is not mocked.

Matthew 24:13-14But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

Today we are witnessing all nations standing up for God and Christians throughout the earth are under persecution for their Christian faith.

But what of Zionism? Why did the Cabal help push Zionism? It is obvious to see the pattern of infiltration that has taken place in America and all sovereign nations. We have all been infiltrated by the Cabal in order for them to operate from an axis of evil and do destruction from within. To me it was a direct attack on the nation. To control it. There was always the Orthodox who were against what they called forcing God’s prophecy. But, then again, perhaps it was God’s timing and he used the poliics to serve his purpose. No one can ever change what God has destined and Israel was destined to be a nation again. It was destined to be restored and to have its’ capitol Jerusalem back. No one can blame a people for the evil intentions of those who creep in to usurp. Zion is God’s glory. So there are good and bad in every nation.  This is written and we will show some of the nakedness of these world empires and nations who have drunk from the wine of Babylon the Great as we unfold a bit of history and tie it into the present day.

Let us begin by bearing witness to some truths.

Mathew 27:50-54

50 Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.

51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,

53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

54 Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.

This was obviously not a time when the High Priests and Pharisees just went back about their business as normal, nor was it a time when Pontius Pilot said…well now this is all over. Let me send a report to Caesar and let him know the unrest in Jerusalem is now settled and all is back to normal. He actually had a lot to explain as the unrest had just begun. The political upheaval was huge and the Priests were panicked, they blamed it on sorcery, even accusing demons of creating the disturbance. This was just the beginning of having to create propaganda to cover up the biggest event in the world.

Pontius Pilate - Ecce homo!

Pontius Pilot demanded an account from the High Priest Caiaphas as to any truth to the 5,500 year report he had heard.  Pilot’s wife was a secret follower and had filled Pontius in on the rumors of him being the true Messiah and he was afraid. The priests came clean and brought him their books and sure enough, the account was written in them. He made his report to Caesar and historic records show he was met with anger by Caesar. Read “The Death of Pilot” another forbidden book in the pile of pseudopigraha at the council of Nicea. (link above)

Historic  Letter of Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar: Historic Letter written by Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar (theancientbridge.com)Flavius Josephus THE ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS :Index. (crcnh.org)

So now it began…the age of the Gentiles which means the age of the Nations.

At the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus the Christ, the age of tribulation began.  Rome began persecuting and killing any followers of the way of Jesus. Caiaphas the High priest did the lions share of talking to Pilot about all manner of lies to get rid of followers  and before long people were arrested, like Mary Magdalene for teaching the way of the Lord.

Imagine people getting arrested for teaching ways of love and peace. Law abiding citizens who would never harm anyone. People who helped others and loved peace. Oh…where have I heard that lately?

We are finally experiencing  tribulation  in the manner that we can see it and feel it. Sadly as long as we could not see it, or feel it directly we didn’t seem to have any concern except an opinon and little by little we went along with it and accepted it. And so because of that, little by little we lost a lot of rights, we ate a lot of GMO’s , took a lot of toxic medicines and vaccines, we ignored our criss crossed chem trail skys as though everyone all of a sudden forgot what a natural cloud looked like.  We believed it was possible to have all the high technology exhuming radiation and none of it be harmful to us. Even though cancer, brain bleeds, strokes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disorders,  and all sorts of disorders continued to climb.

But now the entire world is experiencing what it feels like to be herded like animals. And in China they know what it feels like to be organ harvested alive. Torture? Yes. Did it just happen during COVID? NO. We have not looked at the world nor our own back yards.

So now, here we are and along comes Trump. He has put his hands to the plow and he has went down a check list that has had the cabal deep state puppets screeching for almost 6 years now.

Great King, Visit in Our Distress – Devoted To You


The event of Israel becoming a nation again after 70 years as the years of a king is a mile post. It is a Biblical time marker that has heralded in the end of the age of the gentiles and the coming of the Kingdom.

A few days ago, I wrote the article on Ephraim and Manasseh the heirs to Israel and Judah the Lawmaker.  It explained how the Cabal  beast mocked the ways of God and set up their own last day kingdom  efforts  to bring about their new world order. The battle is on and who will win?

The cabal can write their incantations all they want but God has already written the future and it will play itself out exactly as God has written it.


We have watched President trump sign Israel into getting their capitol back which took place 70 years from the time they were a nation. Now to tell some more milestones…

We look at the promises to Abraham to have children as the sands of the sea. This was accomplished through Joseph and his sons receiving the inheritance. The younger son Ephraim was to have many nations and he built the empire of Great Britain.

Now when Abraham was born, it was 1948 years from Adam. 1948 is the year Israel became a nation again. From that day to the day they received their capitol in Jerusalem it was 70 years as the years of a king. It also appears to have marked the sign of the fulfillment of the age of the gentiles and the coming of the Kingdom of God. 

All the signs point to the age of the gentiles coming to a close and God is dealing with all nations. One of those being Ephraim. We have been struck with a world oppression by a beast pushing for everyone to worship Babylon the Great which appears to be a new world order and the whore is riding that beast to RESET their kingdom which does not include God nor any of God’s people. Christians world wide are under attack.

The 70 years as the years of a king play out with Trump restoring israels capitol 70 years exactly from the day, month and hour that Israel was declared a nation again in 1948….2018 at the exact date and time. 70 years as the years of a king, and this marked the end of the age of the gentiles and the coming together of the new order…the battle to birth that baby has brought labor pains timed almost to a constant pain and it appears we are in the process of now giving birth to that new Kingdom.

In 2019 the Wuhan man made virus was unleashed, which was the long planned weapon of the Cabal’s LOCKSTEP RESET which we now know was a preplanned pandemic  to help usher in many aspects to impose tyrannical mandates on humanity world wide. In the USA we see this was also a tool to force mail in ballots to help the deep state operatives steal the election.  The BIO-COVID WAR, was accompanied by false flag deaths that unleashed ANTIFA and other matters in the streets to kill, steal and destroy government buildings, topple national monuments, destroy law and order,  burn businesses  to the ground , shoot, maime and kill innocent people, and create fear and chaos in major cities and around the world.   We have been at war since our inception as a nation, and now it was no longer a secret.  The deep state stole the election and have declared all out destruction on all that is law and order and humanity as a whole.  We are in the middle of a world destruction involving every nation.  We are told there are white hats (good guys) and black hats (bad guys) and everything is infiltrated. We are censored, restricted, being mandated to do things that make us sick and now mandated to take a toxic jab that has killed many, and crippled people in numbers that are staggering.

The House of Rothschild | Interesting History Facts


The scriptures in Revelation of Babylon falling and how it will play out is cross referenced with Isaiah as the prophet lays out the events of the Day of the Lord and the chastisements of the nations.  Tyre the merchant king of ports is prophesied to  fall the same as the nations fall in Revelation, and  in the end Gods people get the blessing, for both tell that all the resources these have saved up for themselves goes back to God’s people for food and clothing.  Is this what people are calling GESERA  and NESERA?  The book of Daniel also comes into play with the fall of Babylon the Great as the stone uncut by human hands that strikes the feet and toes of the miry clay and the entire old world empires come crashing down and God sets up a Kingdom that can never be destroyed.  Same as it states in Revelation as Babylon The Great falls and God’s kingdom rises and the Lord rules it with a rod of iron –So let us see the proof in this.

The words in Isaiah 23:15, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years, according to the days of one king: after the end of seventy years shall Tyre sing as an harlot“, these have been a curious question for Bible Scholars of all times. When do these years start? When do the end? There have been many interpretations and yet, today, it is smack in the forefront of all  the shaking taking place in the world and in our faces so vividly, it is hard to deny it is taking place but fake news still tries to deny  anything is wrong except Trump and Trump supporters.

False flags and lies are rampant, and many believe the lies they are told.  Yet, there are many  who desire the truth and have faith that God has all things in his hands,  standing firm pressing forward to pursue what is right and just.  This is truly something the world has never seen.

The prophet Isaiah predicted what would take place in the later days and the plight of the nations. The Fall of Tyre is one prediction that has baffled many. I, among others who have studied, looked at Tyre as a nation of ports. Which port it would be, seemed to be one of the common debates. Today I see Tyre a bit different, as this article will reveal. I will bring this interpretation to you and you can consider the matter and know that I am showing the overall big picture and not the details, nor all aspects of the scripture, for more scriptures build into this, as the Bible always cross references itself. Here a little there a little. More on the particulars of the book of Isaiah concerning this event can be found in Zechariah, Amos, Joel, and other books of the Bible. Searching the scriptures for yourself will make this event more clear and tie it all together. 

The book of Revelations calls this idea of a world wide empire of greed and destruction Babylon the Great. For it doesn’t really have a seat, it has power the nations give it. The goal of the Beast of Babylon the great is to usher it in. There is a whore riding the beast that Revelations tells us is that Great City that reigns over the kings  and nations.  Basically the beast controls everything. It is a monsterous  group that fits the description of the Cabal. Each nation is giving their crowns to the beast for one hour….this sure looks like what we are watching right now on a world scale. Doing what the cabal asks and that is placing tyrannical mandates on their own citizens and destroying their own nations from within. The goal it seems is to usher in a new world system, a Babylon the Great and RESET everything and in this process destroy any and all nations under God and all of God’s people. 

Revelation is clear that this Babylon the great is made up of greedy men who have deceived all the nations in order to rule over them in secret  and usher them into one great empire that evil men we call the Cabal will rule over with an iron fist.

But as Daniel points out that iron and clay do not mix and there shall come a stone uncut by human hands and it shall strike the feet of the statue of  this conglomerate vision of a one world empire and it will break in pieces the feet and toes made of miry clay, for iron and clay do not adhere to one another.  And all the world order shall fall!  It shall fail!

 Iron representing the evil ruling Roman progressive democracy to enslave and control everything and everyone, and the clay representing God’s people who rely on him as the Potter to shape and to mold and to build them up.

We are here folks – Daniel Chapter 2:41-44

41 And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

Message: “Patterns in Prophecy - The modern prophetic meaning of the Statue  in Nebuchadnezzar's Dream” from Pastor Stewart Marks | Calvary Chapel Perth

The Cabal owns all the trade for all the trade and the big industry is owned by the Cabal who are the great merchants of the earth who control everything on Wall Street and the markets and the gold. All finances, even they have dominated and tainted God’s Holy Word with a myriad of false interpretations in order to bring about a fulfillment of their version of prophecy to deceive God’s people. To lead them like sheep to focus on Albert Pikes false flag prophecies and call them scriptural.

The only thing these false interpretations have done is to fulfill the scriptures that many will believe a lie.  The misinterpretations go hand in hand with the false flag events planned by the Cabal. Their goal is to disillusion Christians so they will be without direction and lose their faith.

They did deceive God’s people into believing that XYZ must happen before the Lord returns.  And even then, when you see these things…don’t worry be happy because it is a sign that they will soon disappear. And who will know the difference if they disappear by let’s say … probably with a direct energy weapon?  Whatever they conjure up and have people chase as truth that is only to fulfill their false flag prophecies to confuse Christians and make them fear driven instead of faith driven. 

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 - Gamers Smart

The famous quote, “He who owns the gold rules the world.” This the devil’s weapon of choice; he rules the world with his gold, his wealth, money in any form it can manifest in any form of alchemy. He tempted the Lord with all the wealth and abundance in the world if he would bow down and worship him. The Lord rebuked him and told the devil his Kingdom was not of this world. His Kingdom is not ruled by gold, money, and those who will sell their soul for a price.

The New World order is alive and well. We have been following what the world has been shaking and trying hard to sort through the lies to find truth. Nothing is as it seems. It has been called smoke and mirrors.  A show, an illusion, fake news has made sure no one knows what is taking place and top it off with censoring everything possible unless it is pro liar and pro Biden or pro jab. We are under attack at every corner. Christians, Trump supporters, patriots, and anyone who doesn’t want the jab or says anything that is not on their list of things you can say is now a terrorist. It is fair to say they are at war with God’s people who want law and order, in god we trust, family, guns, truth, and the American flag. We are at war.

The cabal has been planning this world take over for a long time. The Cabal are the great merchants of the earth, largely names we do not know. We know the names of the deep state and a few key world players like Rothschild and Soros. But we the people, don’t really know who they answer to.

ICO DOG on Twitter: "It is well enough that people of the nation do not  understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe  there would be a revolution

The elected leaders in most all nations are puppets that the cabal has had seated. We now know how they do it. They steal elections. They have gotten away with this for so long that the people don’t even realize it.

This show has reached the point where nothing is hidden any more except a few names of those who actually run the Cabal.  Now after explaining the situation, and all the smoke and mirrors…one could be safe in calling it all sorcery. The Bible tells us in Revelation that it is by their (Babylon the Great) sorcery that all the nations were deceived. We stand here this day and look at the war on humanity and see it is taking place in all the nations.

It is fair to say that this war on humanity is being done by a Beast. We have called it a monster and Giants.  So If it looks like a beast, and smells like a beast, it is a beast.

In Revelation it is the beast that makes the nations do what Babylon the Great wants them to do. We  can now look at all the members doing the bidding for the Babylon the great to cause all both great and small to worship the image of the Beast.

Now that we have established that the name of the Cabal’s networking is a beast…let us also establish what Babylon the Great  is by the way Revelation describes it.



Babylon’s RESET is Fallen


This is part I of a two part blog.

St. Petersburg developer and Israel supporter Mel Sembler attends Abraham  Accords signing

The Cabal is fallen, is fallen…it is written and it shall be done.

On December 6, 2017 President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the American embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Nuova Palestina”, la beffa del secolo

Then in May 2018, President Donald Trump officially moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The move was the fulfillment of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 that had lay unsigned by past Presidents until as if divinely timed, was officially signed exactly 70 years from the exact date, month, and time Israel was declared a nation at the UN on Sivan 5th on the 360 calendar, which was May 14 evening to May 15 evening in 1948. It was exactly 70 years later on Sivan 5th, on the 360 day calendar, which was May 14 evening to May 15 evening in 2018!

Not only that but also the timing of President Trump’s  White House announcement  to sign the act came on the Hebrew date the 17th of Kislev, the same date on which the UN General Assembly adopted the Partition Plan for Palestine creating the state of Israel in 1947!

When Trump 'makes a promise, he keeps it,' Kushner says as Jerusalem  embassy opens amid protests - ABC News

MK Yehudah Glick called the move “historically significant”, noting that Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as a capital comes exactly 70 years after his predecessor President Harry Truman recognized Israel as a state. https://www.israel365news.com/98959/president-trump-end-jerusalems-70-year-exile-recognition-capital-embassy-move/

The US established its consulate in Israel in 1844. Remember this date, as it will be significant later in other revealings IN PART II.


3,000 years ago, King David decreed Jerusalem as God’s own choice for the capital of Israel . It has remained Israel’s capital ever since. Even when other nations conquered and settled in the Land of Israel, none ever declared Jerusalem as their capital. Over the past 2,000 years, even during times of occupation and persecution, there has always been a Jewish people who lived there and kept it as their  “eternal capital.” Those are just the historical facts.

In 1948, when the U.N. voted to partition Israel into Arab and Jewish states, Israel immediately reaffirmed Jerusalem as its capital and enshrined it in its national anthem, “Hatikvah” (“the Hope”): “As long as within our hearts the Jewish soul sings, as long as forward to the east to Zion looks the eye — our hope is not yet lost. It is two thousand years old, to be a free people in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem.”

First Arab - Israeli War 1948 - COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY - YouTube

No sooner had Israel been declared a nation and the Palestinians declared they would go to war to destroy it. And they went to war the next day.  They fought and miraculously, Israel won what is now historically called “the 1948 War of Independence”. During this scourge Jordanian forces conquered and occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem containing the historic Jewish Quarter, the Temple Mount and Western Wall, the Hebrew University, and Hadassah Hospital. In 1967, the Six-Day War restored this part of the city to Israel and Jerusalem was reunified. Every Israeli prime minister since has declared the city “the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish State.”

The Bible, mentions Jerusalem more than any other place (about 800 times), in Psalm 132:13-14 it is written,“For the LORD hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation. This is my rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it.” It is where Israel’s kings ruled and the Temples stood.

Jerusalem was, and is, at the center of the prophets’ predictions of worldwide peace and blessing at the coming of the Messiah (Isaiah 2:2-4). For this reason, it was called “the City of the Great King” Psalm 48:2.

Mount Moriah or the City of David? – Israel My Glory

That being said and known, let us to look at the timing of this event and the significance this has in BIBLE prophecy for all nations.

We are living in the last days and the tail end of the age of the gentiles (nations). At the end of this age, the Lord has promised to return and set up a kingdom that shall last forever. Where are we at with this taking place? When did it start and when will it end?

Let’s take a look back at the promise of the coming of the Messiah first. Adam and Eve were made in the image of God, they have heavenly perfect bodies and they talked with God face to face. This tells us they were transfigured heavenly illuminated beings of glory like the transfiguration of Jesus with Moses and Elijah on the mount. Adam and Eve were not running around naked in the garden of Eden and then all of a sudden they ate some fruit and realized they had no clothes on. It was much more complicated than that and the council of Nicea that made many of the first books unorthodox (pseudepigrapha) wanted to make sure no one understood it.

The books of Adam tell the intense and riviting story of that horrid day.

Remember Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God and partaking of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge, yet they were forwarned that the day they eat of the fruit thereof they would die. And they surely did.

It was written in the book of Adam that after they had lost their heavenly bodies reduced to flesh that bleeds and bones that break, and removed from Paradise they repented and wanted to die. They even threw themselves off a cliff, but God saw this and refreshed them and told Adam he could not shorten any of his time by doing such things…it was 5.5 days and no less. You see, it is written that they repented in agony and God came to Adam and promised him deliverance in 5.5 days (5,500 years ).

Later after they threw themselves over a cliff, God sent an angel to give them gold bars so they could look upon them with faith and hope to give them light as a reminder of the promise that he would be returned to his former glory. He was also given Frankincense as a reminder of sending prayers that would be answered, and myrrh as a reminder of the bitterness of sin. The First Book of Adam and Eve (scriptural-truth.com)

Shadows in Eden: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Now where have we heard about gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh before? Ah yes…the New Testament. But how many were told why? Other than gifts fit for a king..these wise men, watched the stars because they knew it was around the time for the messiah. How did they know it was around the time? It had been 5,500 years …who told them it would be around 5,500 years? Could it have been from writings? Hello??? Anyway, they saw all that was foretold of the star (all the things that are not foretold in our modern Bible, but do appear in unorthodox and Hebrew writings. Strange isn’t it?) So the wise men followed the star to see the coming Messiah. And they brought with them gifts for the new born King.

The wise men’s gifts of Gold, frankincense and myrrh was a sign that this was the true Messiah promised to come Adam and Eve to restore them to their glory and the heavenly Kingdom of God in Paradise.

The very same gold, frankincense and myrrh given to Jesus were symbolic of the promise to Adam and redemption of sin to restore them and all mankind back to their former glory in the garden of paradise. A restoration back to our heavenly bodies. The same heavenly bodies Peter, James and John witnessed on the mount of transfiguration.

So the promise given to the first Adam, was about to be fulfilled by the second Adam, which was the son of God, our Lord Jesus the messiah.

Pin on Adamo e Eva

Remember Satan always mocks God…

At this point we will recall it was the serpent, Satan, the devil, who entered the garden and deceived Eve and Adam. And this old devil always mocks God. He builds his little dynasty around the same type of throne authority but in opposites. Everything is opposite of good and pure. It is evil and putrifactive. So, one of the things Satan has used as a great tool of temptation is that shiny yellow stuff that Adam cherished as a reminder of hope and restoration and faith that God would do as he had promised. He prayed and remembered that sin had caused his separation and God, AND GOD ONLY, would redeem him. For he now lived with his nakedness in the flesh. Adam referred to his body as the flesh of an animal. It was not heavenly anymore.

So the devil turned the gold into a weapon and or currency to buy men’s souls. He has been promising men gold for exchange of their cooperation to do his bidding throughout his reign on this earth. Money is the tool of the devil it’s how he buys mens souls. Greed, power, fame, has always been used to build his empire by tempting man to sell his soul in exchange for it.

Free will is man’s greatest blessing or his worse curse. Those that choose to do wickedly for wealth, power and fame, on any level…low or high…suffer the pay back in the end. Always.

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So now listen to what Jesus said to the Churches in Revelation 3:18 KJV: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

The shame of thy nakedness is showing up on judgement day and not having a heavenly body and stuck in the flesh. At least that is what it is sounding like now.

So I’ll repeat it again, Jesus said I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. So don’t be as Adam and Eve and at the time they chose unwisely and faced judgement. You may find yourself stuck in the flesh and not a heavenly transformation of the image of God. This is very real.

Remember, when Adam and Eve saw their nakedness they sought to hide it. They had lost their garments of light, their heavenly body made in the image of God. They had surely died as God had said. They lost their heavenly illuminated body and were now in the flesh. In the Book of Adam he referred to it as having animal flesh. They sewed fig leaves together to cover their shame. Genesis 3:6, 7.But, God let them know real fast that the fig leaves were not going to cover their sin. Their bodies were now made a little lower than the angels. We see what a heavenly body restored is like in Mark 9:2-7

The Transfiguration: A Spiritual Earthquake that Calls Us to Transformation  - Ascension Press Media

Jesus Transfigured on the Mount

Mark 9: 2-7 Now after six days Jesus took Peter, James, and John, and led them up on a high mountain apart by themselves; and He was transfigured before them. His clothes became shining, exceedingly white, like snow, such as no launderer on earth can whiten them. And Elijah appeared to them with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus. Then Peter answered and said to Jesus, “Rabbi, it is good for us to be here; and let us make three tabernacles: one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah”— because he did not know what to say, for they were greatly afraid. And a cloud came and overshadowed them; and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” Suddenly, when they had looked around, they saw no one anymore, but only Jesus with themselves.

Bible Verse Image Browser

Mark of the Beast…

Gold and money in whatever form of alchemy one makes of it is the mark of the beastly kingdom and the greedy gain of the merchants of Babylon who want it all and everything it offers. Come, I will show you.

The mark of the beast is not new….it is the same mark, name, number of the beast that Satan offered Jesus. And Jesus rebuked it. It is the same mark that those who have sold their souls to the cabal have received…and those who have compromised their morals and values for a price. They boast that every man can be bought for a price…you just have to find what that price is….THIS IS POWER, FAME, MONEY…..MONEY…GOLD…SILVER MONEY….DIGITAL….CHARGE CARDS, ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS, PAPER, WHATEVER FORM IT IS….IT IS WHAT THE BEAST CABAL SAYS YOU CAN USE TO BUY AND SELL WITH. Example: Like when they took us off the gold standard. You can’t spend it any more. You have to exchange it for paper first! They will buy your precious metals for fiat paper stamped legal tender, that they gave value to out of thin air.

Revelation 13: 15-18

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Inside Solomons Temple by ohannon Cinema 4D Historical
God’s Holy of Holy’s was inlaid with Gold. Gold is a sign of the heavenly things.

So remember the Bible always cross references itself. This section of verses directly cross reference to 1 Kings 10:14.

1Kings 10:14 KJV “Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold.

The scripture in Rev.13:18 say 666 is the number of a man and he who hath wisdom can calculate it, so what man is known for wisdom in the Bible? It is Solomon. And when we look at this scripture to cross reference the number 666, it happens to be associated with only one man in the Bible and that man is Solomon. So let’s calculate it, 600 + three score = 60 + 6 or 666.

1 Kings 10:14-15  says, “the weight of gold which Solomon received every year was 666 talents of gold, besides what came from tradesmen, from the traffic of the merchants, and from all the kings of Arabia and the governors of the regions.” Solomon was given the gift of wisdom and was blessed to be the wealthiest man that ever lived and the scripture says no one will ever be as wise or weathy as Solomon again.

So do not touch the unclean gold of Babylon the Great. Babylon’s (cabals) gold that has bought the souls of men to do wicked greedy things. Doing good with wealth is of God, doing evil with wealth is of the ruler of this world. God’s people are in the world, but not of the world. God will bless his people but he abhors greed and hoarding. The Beast gold always has a catch. It is what the devil tempted Jesus in the Wilderness with…he took Jesus up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and its wealth and tempted him saying bow down to me and all of this is yours.

So what of this mark?

 The mark on the forehead and the arm…means In thought (mind free will)  and in the hand ( meaning in deeds).  God said to come out of her my people and that means not to do as they are doing. Do not partake in their sins….meaning their deeds…do not dirty your hands and do not be of their mindset. Do not sell your soul for a price. Do not do as they do. Do not take their money and do evil deeds. Do not even think it is okay to cheat and steal to gain more. Do not hoard and do not make money the root of all of your evil!  For this is their system the system of the beastly kingdom of Babylon the Great. The same one that has fallen, fallen. The same one God says “Come out of her my people! Or you will suffer of their sins.”

Remember also…God seals his people first in the same manner through free will. The term in the forehead which is the mind is the same process of using your free will to choose. All who believe in the Lord have been sealed with their own free will to love god with all their heart, mind, and soul…we are sealed with the Holy Spirit in us. We do God’s will with our right hand….and that is visible mark on those around us, and in the world. Our light and love for God shines and the world sees our good works when we love our neighbors as ourselves and do God’s commands.

It has been the Cabal’s tampering with Bible interpretations through those who have agreed to do so for money, fame, and power that have invented many of what I know call false flag prophecies. Since the days of Albert Pike, the 33 degree Illuminati Mason, (a self proclaimed Satanist), and his prophecy of 1871 from Lucifer, that predicted all the end time events and how they will play out to bring Lucifer out into the light.

JesusComingSoon on Twitter: "4 Albert Pike - 3 World Wars - Satanic  Illuminati Plan… "

The Cabal has created false flag events to bring about all of these and they were moving along in LOCKSTEP up until President Trump came along. Now they are scrambling and pushing hard to make their goals, but they are weakened at every turn. They are falling, falling. WWIII was supposed to be with Iran…we shall see if they pull some trigger and cause chaos in the middle east, meanwhile we are fighting WWIII cyber-covid war and they did not expect to have that side war in their plans. This has thrown them off their game. RESET is up for grabs and my bet is God is going to win it!

The Cabal has paid to push, and promote Biblical propaganda in order to keep people asleep and prepare them to accept chaos for they believe it is prophesy. They have made an anti-christ out of thin air that is going to rise up and enter a temple and do all sorts of things and many are putting their fear in that as their faith dwindles. They have been told lies and are waiting and trying to find one person to pin the label of anti-christ on.

The Bible's Antichrist: Real person or symbolic?

 Remember, the Anti-Christ is not a singularity. It is the spirit of Anti-Christ as depicted in 1st John and other scripture. 

1st John 2:18- 23

18 Dear children, the last hour is here. You have heard that the Antichrist is coming, and already many such antichrists have appeared. From this we know that the last hour has come. 19 These people left our churches, but they never really belonged with us; otherwise they would have stayed with us. When they left, it proved that they did not belong with us.

20 But you are not like that, for the Holy One has given you his Spirit, and all of you know the truth. 21 So I am writing to you not because you don’t know the truth but because you know the difference between truth and lies. 22 And who is a liar? Anyone who says that Jesus is not the Christ. Anyone who denies the Father and the Son is an antichrist. 23 Anyone who denies the Son doesn’t have the Father, either. But anyone who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.

Resist temptation and choose the way of the Lord. Jesus knows what Satan has to offer and he refused it.

Babylon the Great and the Beast (Cabal) that runs it is a master at deceit. This world is run on deception and propaganda. Lies, lies, and more lies. The truth is not in them. It has fake news, crooked deals, depopulation goals, sacrificing your children to fill their stomachs, and to Baal in their rituals that they believe as deeply in as a Christian believe in their Lord. It is a world of deception and everything is lawless. God’s Kingdom is law and order. Satan’s world is chaos.

The Lord resisted Satan, and we can to when we choose to walk with God.

Luke 4:5-8

5. And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.

6. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.

7 If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

Jesus rebuked him and his earthly kingdoms, he refused the fake glory and all the wealth of his world!  For the Lord’s wealth is unmeasured, his kingdom is heavenly, where the streets are paved in gold and precious stones adorn the walls. There is no glory in this fallen world that could even compare. But the joy and happiness of eternal life, among those rejoicing with love and praise are the truest riches of all.

The Lord’s treasure was not of this world. His treasures of temptation lay in the heavenly Kingdom. The treasures of gold, frankinsence and myrrh, brought to him by the three wise men represented the promise of his coming, it was a reminder of his heavenly mission here on earth to redeem mankind from the very thing that was just offered him which was an evil world ruled by tyrants under Satans command.

It is the same evil world we are in but not of – the Babylon the Great we are to come out of lest we share in her plagues.

Index of /interBible/decouverte/comprendre/2018

Which brings us to the time of the Gentiles which mean nations.

Jeremiah 31:31-33 Behold, days come, saith Jehovah, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah: not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers, in the day of my taking them by the hand, to lead them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they broke, although I was a husband unto them, saith Jehovah. For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel, after those days, saith Jehovah: I will put my law in their inward parts, and will write it in their heart; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

The Lord fulfilled his Father’s will and suffered for each of the Adams and Eves that make up humanity. He gave his life so we may live. Each has free will to choose who they will follow. Will they follow the ruler of this world or will they follow the one true God of heaven and all creation? It is their choice. Each must think, feel, and choose who they will follow.

When the Lord entered his mission to sacrifice his life for all mankind, he was on time. When he returns at the end of the age of the gentiles to set up his Kingdom, he will be on time then too.

Satan reigns until the age of the gentiles be fulfilled.

Babylon is fallen is fallen is the sounding of the shofar and we are smack in the process of it’s tumbling down. Remember, Revelation 18 tells us who and what Babylon the great is. It is made up of all the great merchants of the earth who are greedy and their wicked desires have caused them to control all the trade on the entire earth including the trade of slaves and souls.  It is by their sorcery that all the nations are deceived. It is written clearly and explained that they will get double to them that they had PLANNED to do to God’s people. They clearly do not win. Their evil plans are intercepted by the Lord and they go down, they fall. The great merchants of the earth weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise any more and what they stored up…goes to God’s people.


The words in Isaiah 23:15, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years, according to the days of one king: after the end of seventy years shall Tyre sing as an harlot“, these have been a curious question for Bible Scholars of all times. When do these years start? When do the end? There have been many interpretations and yet, today, it is smack in the forefront of all the shaking taking place in the world and in our faces so vividly, it is hard to deny it is taking place. Yet, there will be scoffers, deniers, those that shout what a crock. But for those who desire the truth and have faith that God has all things in his hands, this is truly something to consider.

image 138

The prophet Isaiah predicted what would take place in the later days and the plight of the nations. The Fall of Tyre is one prediction that has baffled many. I, among others who have studied, looked at Tyre as a nation of ports. Which port it would be, seemed to be one of the common debates. Today I see Tyre a bit different, as this article will reveal. I will bring this interpretation to you and you can consider the matter and know that I am showing the overall big picture and not the details, nor all aspects of the scripture, for more scriptures build into this, as the Bible always cross references itself. Here a little there a little. More on the particulars of the book of Isaiah concerning this event can be found in Zechariah, Amos, and Revelations, among other books of the Bible…together it makes this event more clear and ties it all together. So for those who are trying to understand what is unfolding as we watch the chaos of the day, you will enjoy this analogy and hopefully build on it.  My comments are in brackets bold face type.

Isaiah 23 King James Bible – The Fall of Tyre

1 The burden of Tyre. Howl, ye ships of Tarshish; for it is laid waste, so that there is no house, no entering in: from the land of Chittim it is revealed to them.

2 Be still, ye inhabitants of the isle; thou whom the merchants of Zidon, that pass over the sea, have replenished.

3 And by great waters the seed of Sihor, the harvest of the river, is her revenue; and she is a mart of nations.

4 Be thou ashamed, O Zidon: for the sea hath spoken, even the strength of the sea, saying, I travail not, nor bring forth children, neither do I nourish up young men, nor bring up virgins.

5 As at the report concerning Egypt, so shall they be sorely pained at the report of Tyre.

6 Pass ye over to Tarshish; howl, ye inhabitants of the isle.

7 Is this your joyous city, whose antiquity is of ancient days? her own feet shall carry her afar off to sojourn.

8 Who hath taken this counsel against Tyre, the crowning city, whose merchants are princes, whose traffickers are the honourable of the earth?

The LORD of hosts hath purposed it, to stain the pride of all glory, and to bring into contempt all the honourable of the earth.

10 Pass through thy land as a river, O daughter of Tarshish: there is no more strength.

11 He stretched out his hand over the sea, he shook the kingdoms: the LORD hath given a commandment against the merchant city, to destroy the strong holds thereof.

12 And he said, Thou shalt no more rejoice, O thou oppressed virgin, daughter of Zidon: arise, pass over to Chittim; there also shalt thou have no rest.

13 Behold the land of the Chaldeans; this people was not, till the Assyrian founded it for them that dwell in the wilderness: they set up the towers thereof, they raised up the palaces thereof; and he brought it to ruin.

image 59

14 Howl, ye ships of Tarshish: for your strength is laid waste.

(The fall of the largest empire in world history….Great Britain after WWII and a war torn empire relinquished it’s colonies one by one. And in the relinquishing, Israel was granted to be a nation and among one of the first orders of business conducted at the newly formed United Nations. The UN issued a resolution in which it called for a separate Israeli and Palestinian state. They took a vote and Israel accepted this partition and on May 14, 1948 declared its independence. Israel has since been recognized as a state.)

15 And it shall come to pass in that day, that Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years, according to the days of one king: after the end of seventy years shall Tyre sing as an harlot.

(Since the inception of Israel of being granted statehood, it has been under attack by jihadi and Palestinian forces. It has been in a constant struggle to defend itself from incoming terrorist attacks, and wars. The first war being the day after they became a nation by the Palestinians who stood in the UN and declared that if Israel became a nation, they would go to war and topple it, of which they did the next day and they lost.  Israel has never had any duration of peace and constant complaints and belittlement from the UN. See list of wars: Israel’s Wars & Operations Table of Contents

The start of the 70 years as the days of one king had always drawn my curiosity. When will that begin, or has it already began? It seems to point directly to a starting point of May 14, 1948, 70 years to the day that President Truman recognized Israel as an independent country, making the United States the first nation to do so, and the Biblical ending of the 70 years was on the historical day in May 14, 2018, under President Trump, when Israel was oficially granted to have its’ capitol at Jerusalem.

ON THIS DAY –  May 14, 2018, at 4 p.m., 70 years to the date and the hour that David Ben-Gurion declared Israel’s independence, ISRAEL RECEIVED BACK THE CITY OF JERUSALEM FOR THEIR CAPITOL!)

Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital, delay embassy move

We Return Back to Isaiah-

Isaiah 23: 16 Take an harp, go about the city, thou harlot that hast been forgotten; make sweet melody, sing many songs, that thou mayest be remembered.

17 And it shall come to pass after the end of seventy years, that the LORD will visit Tyre, and she shall turn to her hire, and shall commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth.

18 And her merchandise and her hire shall be holiness to the LORD: it shall not be treasured nor laid up; for her merchandise shall be for them that dwell before the LORD, to eat sufficiently, and for durable clothing.

It appears that after 70 years as the years of one king that the final showdown begins. Although it has been moving along like a woman in travail about to have a baby. But the proclamation to God’s people is that he shall remove the King of Tyre and it’s power hold and all of their treasure that they laid up and their merchandise of those who commit evil deceit with the Kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth. All of it shall be given to God’s people who have faith and dwell before the Lord to eat sufficiently, and for durable clothing.


A Very Merry Christmas to One and All! – Dare Greatly

What we have seen and learned through the Trump administration appears to be a fulfillment of prophecy, spoken of in Isaiah. This was not by chance, but by God’s divine hand. And it shall not be hindered by man, nor by evil spirits, nor by the ruler of this world in the spiritual realm which is Satan.

We now see who Tyre is by their own creeds and actions. There are many interpretations, but this is the one I have seen. Tyre is the Beast in Revelations, and that beastly Tyre is the Cabal who seek their New World Order, the same cabal that controls the United Nations in our present day. Also known as the great merchants of the earth in Revelations. (For by their sorceries were all the nations deceived).

image 140

As we read the words of those who worship the Owl Molech in the groves and worship Baal, they honor Tyre, appearing to be the very same Tyre of Babylon of old…and today…Babylon the Great.

Excerpt from the Ceremonial Cremation of Care, the ritual the great merchants of the earth attend and chant as they burn their child on the alter of care (which they care not for…I believe it represents humanity beneath their feet). By their own incantations they name themselves.

“As vanished Babylon and goodly Tyre
So shall they also vanish
But the wilding rose blows on the broken battlements of Tyre
And moss rends the stones of Babylon
For beauty is eternal
And we bow to beauty everlasting
For lasting happiness we turn our eyes to one alone,
And she surrounds you now.
Great nature, refuge of the weary heart,
And only balm to breasts that have been bruised.
She hath cool hands for every fevered brow
And gentlest silence for the troubled soul.”

(The entire enchantment/incantation appears to be dedicated to Baal, and the fallen angel worship practices of Baal complete with child sacrifice. For they meet in the groves and sacrifice their (effigy?) of a child of care to a Luciferian god of Molech the Owl (what thing God hates).)

Leviticus 20:3 And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed (baby/child) unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.

image 141

Leviticus 20:4 And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:

Leviticus 20:5 Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.

It is very wicked in its nature and definitely not of God. It is a ritual incantation that those who sacrifice in the grove seem to understand, and know the secret things as they do their sacrifice.

image 142

“By the power of your fellowship, Dull Care is slain

(dull care is their term for useless eaters- remember their goal is mass population reduction, genocide.)

image 144

Transcript of Cremation of Care – Bohemian Grove – The Owl is in His leafy temple…

Pray for the victory over the evil cabal who appear to be among those sacrificing children in rituals, although they swear it is in effigy only, do you trust them to tell those weary in heart?  Do they even “care”?

The Lord is watching all things and his heavenly armies have surrounded the enemies. Who can be against us when the Lord thy God be for us? We are winning! Keep on pressing!

Dianne Marshall

God’s Army of Believers…

What are they supposed to look like? How are they supposed to be? How are they supposed to navigate through the storm?

The one giant the cabal is going crazy over because nothing they have tried seems to take him down is President Donald J. Trump. This is why I believe he is annointed by God to lead this nation through the battle to take down the wicked Cabal Giants of Babylon the Great and bring them to their knees.

Trump is the Commander In Chief of the Republic of the United States of America! It is clear that Trump won and the election was stolen. Kim Clement has prophesied that Trump is God’s David. God’s annointed one. Everything is playing out the way Clement had prophesied it would. It has been impatient people who have tried to push square things into round holes with time frames that aren’t coming to pass. Unfolding events align with the prophecies of Kim Clement. These are all coming to pass. I believe God’s David is indeed President Trump and he is leading an army of God’s believers who have been called out and chosen for such a time as this.

So what does God’s army of believers look like? This army has been tested and found faithful. They have been called names, censored, lost jobs, have had to fight a system of authority to protect their children’s lives equal to fighting wild beasts. They pray unceasing and fear not. They strengthen one another and give of themselves where needed, for they know this is a war and they know their liberty and freedom is over if they do nothing. They know this is a time to stand and not a time to plan a vacation and sit and chill. This is a war and there is chaos in times of war, how do they navigate through the storm?

These people know that the only way out of chaos is to find the light. They find it and help each other to stay in the light. They share the truth in the scriptures and hold to God’s promises. They share and learn….they are wise and have put oil in their lamps. They are shining a light of God’s promises to a people called by his name and teaching others the way to go by their works not by their bla, bla, bla. They are loving and forgiving they are not the ones making other peoples lives more difficult. They look for ways to be strong so they can guide others through the darkness.

Are they perfect? No. Do they mess up at times? Yes. Being a follower of the Lord and one who strives to stay in faith following the two great commandments as a way of life does not mean a road to bliss, peace and no temptations, no irritations, and frustrations and no times of testing. It does not mean your negative emotions shall be removed and all that is left is love, peace, joy, and faith. It means your heart is right and you are pressing to be in Gods will. You are to love God with all your heart, your mind and soul. The safest way to live is doing this so naturally it is like breathing. Some find this easier than others. But by calling on the Holy Spirit you will find your relationship with the Lord to be very unique between the two of you. God loves our uniqueness. If he wanted robots he would have made us all alike. We were each given free will and talents. Gifts to explore and creative thoughts, expressions and curiosity. Imagination and the ability to reason and critical think. We are all wired different and God loves us and finds a way to direct our quirks so they are useful.

Each one together make up the body of Christ. There is great joy in sharing the word and discovering how to come closer to the Lord together. But remember as you grow together, you will find different people may relate better with you….and that is fine. There are souls who are attracted to other souls because they just click. And there are souls that try your soul. Smile. But, there are no right and wrong in this…it is just the way some people are.

There are people who are excited about everything they do and those who are quiet. That does not mean one is right and one is wrong..it is just how they are. Both personalities are a joy to the Lord and to others. Remember Jesus had selected a mix of personalities to be his disciples for a reason. John and James were passionate and agressive he called them “The sons of thunder” for a reason. Peter was always saying something that had Jesus saying, “Oh Peter, Peter…” correcting him for he jumped ahead a lot and often spoke before thinking a thing through.

Some pastors have imposed the mindset that a good christian should be pious and upright to the point it isn’t possible for anyone to be it. Being human is full of flaws and denying who you are naturally is not emotionally healthy, nor is it scriptural. That is man made. Every one in the Bible had their own style, personality, quirks, imperfections, gifts, talents and strengths. That being said…live and let live. Be who you are, not what someone tells you to be. As long as you treat others as you want to be treated and apply considerations that is the goal. Trying to be someone who you are not serves no purpose and it isn’t healthy.

I always find it humorous in those who correct people on the proper spelling and pronounciation of the name Jesus because there were no J’s in the old Hebrew alphabet and no J’s in the original King James Version. I now say to those sorts…and guess what else, Jesus didn’t talk like Shakespeare in English either. The look on their faces are priceless. (FYI, he didn’t talk in Hebrew either it was Aramaic.)

Jesus let people be themselves he didn’t appear to be trying to change their personalities. But he did point out those who strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel. And hypocrites. He said a lot about that. His instruction was on forgiving others not changing who they were. He did a lot of teaching on not judging others and pointed out the flaws in the self serving pious people who want the best seats in the congregation and place heavy rules on how others should act and be. He freed people of all that. Smile.

Simply love your neighbor as yourself and if an action will tick you off, expect it to tick your neighbor off. Keep it simple, use common sense. Jesus said to be gentle as a dove with people or you will drive them further from me. I try to live by that…every now and then…I have to over turn a few tables and he did that too. So I figure that’s okay if it is the right time and place. Did I just rationalize something? Smile. The point is to accept each person for who they are just as we want to be accepted for who we are. That is our example. Note: Don’t confuse acceptance of who a person is, with bad behavior. That is a different issue.

Remember, each one who receives the Lord receives the gift of the same Holy Spirit. It’s like having a super power. It is up to each to learn how to wield it and God’s people are learning the wonders of it very quickly.

Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is not hard.

After all that I’ve shared, let us go forth together in heart, mind and soul with God leading and love your neighbor as yourself. These are the two great commandments the Lord gave us. He said in doing these we will have done all of the commandments. He made it easy for us to know and stay in God’s will. We must keep pressing forward, pressing with every fiber of our being. Together we are the body of Christ.

In this body, we each have different talents, skills, expertise, callings, and purpose. Each one of us have a different DNA, a different set of fingerprints, and each one of us are made individually unique with free will to choose. We all have something different to offer in this push to press into the Kingdom! The battle we are in has many people depressed, tense, fearful, and low on patience. Good people are having hard times. Seek to understand and have compassion and don’t take things personally. Some people just need to vent. But, set your boundaries. Don’t compromise yourself or be a whipping post. You will know the difference. At those times…quietly exit and find a safe place. Smile.

We each have a different calling, a different purpose to serve in the body of Christ, and we, together, make up one huge unit, one huge body of Christ. When you are called for God’s purpose, you will know it. Pray that you are called, even more pray that you are chosen. You will know when you are chosen for you will answer the call and you will move forward in faith and do what it is God has laid on your heart to do.