God Almighty Isn’t In Their Looking Glass!

Yet, they keep trying to shove God’s Word in the House of Mirrors and turn it into subatomic particles and Quarks. Pseudo science has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. It’s time to return to what God has written in STONE!

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Daniel 5:5 which says “Immediately the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall of the king’s palace, opposite the lampstand. And the king saw the hand as it wrote” 

Why did they write on stone tablets in ancient days? There are many ideas on that one. I am asking that question because, I recently heard some very odd ideas about “why” “they” did that. Some eluded that only Sumerians wrote on stone and that would make Moses and even Jacob one of the pagans?? And then there are some scholar’s opinions that Moses could not have had the laws and the commands only on two tablets of stone? Something they thought was exaggerated, misunderstood, or some idea such as that. Because the “Teaching and the Commandment would have been too much for two stone tablets.” And the writing on stone thing was all over the place. (I’m sure by design to confuse and to belittle the Word of God as the push is a new one world religion that doesn’t offend anyone but Christians.)

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So, I thought about it and although I am not one of their theologians who know everything because a peer review said so… I gave it a shot as to why they wrote on stone tablets. My first thoughts, (which are generally sarcastic when it comes to such things) was… “They wrote on tablets of stone perhaps because Office Max was not built yet, and paper sources were scarce? Or perhaps because paper was not made yet?”

On a more serious note, perhaps because that is how they kept their records… tablets of stone for reason of keeping a secure record … that is what they had before they had invented other writing instruments such as parchments of papyrus and ink. And easier and less labor-some than writing on sheepskins?

Perhaps so things could be written on stone and be lasting? Proclaimed on stone was a proclamation that one could swear by it? Written on an altar that could not be undone? There are many thinkable reasons… but one reason is true… with Moses, the finger of God wrote the law and the commandments on stone and no man can unwrite what God has spoken for God’s Word is the final Word. Amen.

So I went to the “National Endowment For The Humanities” and found my last more serious answer was very close to their assessment… or in the ball park.

They said, “Clay is common the world over. To a child on a rainy day, it’s the bottom of a stomping puddle. To a geologist, a rock composed of minerals that traps water. To an ancient Mesopotamian, the medium on which to preserve everything from real estate records to epic poetry.

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They went on to say that the clay tablets were smaller than today’s computer tablets. (Oh my head hurts already.) They go on to say that most of them fit into the palms of the hands and were to be read as you would look into a compact mirror. They have new ideas on how they are going to take the unidentified clay tablets and have their tablet collector and cuneiform scholar, Susanne Paulus, and somehow take a tablet thousands of years old, whose uneven surface is pockmarked by wedge shapes, and find in it the stunning poetry of the Epic of Gilgamesh.”

I really thought perhaps they would give us something more solid than ideas that sound like You Tube podsters opinions and made-up ideas? But, alas, being an expert gives you the title needed to do such things and have a peer review applaud your work and say… that’s a brilliant idea.

We did learn from the website that Mesopotamians used clay for their documents because cuneiform was written with a reed stylus by pressing the pictographs into the clay; they needed a surface that was flexible. Yet clay was also “the hardiest writing medium you can imagine,” Paulus said. “[Tablets] preserve really well. If the city burns down, they are preserved because they are just then baked by fire. Read: Using Chemistry to Learn the Provenance of Clay Tablets | The National Endowment for the Humanities (neh.gov)

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Well, what about stone? Back to the stone. I found this:

  • While clay was an efficient medium for recording information, it wasn’t always durable enough. For certain documents, a more lasting material was required. (Now we’re getting close to my “common sense” answer.)
  • Inscribing information on stone conveyed its importance and permanence. These inscribed stone objects served as a testament to humanity’s existence and achievements.
  • Carving signs into stone was more challenging than impressing them onto clay, but the effort was worthwhile due to the enduring nature of stone.

In summary, writing on stone allowed our ancestors to create lasting records, preserving their knowledge, laws, literature, and religious beliefs for generations to come. Stones became more than raw materials; they became vessels of human history and culture. (Bingo! Common sense wins again!!)

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Which bring us to, “The Teaching and the Commandment”– The Decalogue?

The word “Decalogue” is the Greek name given for the ten commandments. Rabbi scholars have picked the stone tablets that God gave to Moses all apart. The most common interpretation is that they were inscribed with the Decalogue. After all, we know clearly from passages such as Exodus 31:18, 32:15-16 and 34:1 that the tablets were uniquely inscribed by the “divine finger” of God, and from Exodus 34:28, Deuteronomy 4:13 and 10:4 that this consisted of the “Ten Words.” Consequently, most commentators assume that the tablets referred to in our passage must have been inscribed with the Decalogue (Ten commandments).

They agree that Moses ordered Judah to turn to YHWH God of their fathers and to observe the Teaching and the Commandment. Clearly, the reference is to obedience to the divine laws in general and not to the Decalogue alone.

The same thing is implied in 2 Chron 31:21, where we read that all of Hezekiah’s acts—regarding temple worship and regarding “the teaching and the commandment” (ובתורה ובמצוה)—to seek out his God, were done with a complete heart.

The back and forth and opinions go on and on, even though the scriptures solve their own conceptual problems, there are those who are still stiffnecked and want it the way they reason it. For example, Ramban takes for granted, with no textual basis, that the instruction and commandment are not written, but taught to Moses only orally. But the verse does not say this. Moreover, the reading violates Hebrew style; in biblical Hebrew one can “write” a scroll (ספר), and one can write “on tablets” (על לוחות) but one cannot “write tablets.”

The bottom line in this debate was: “The Midrash Hagadol understands the תורה ומצוה of Exodus 24:12 as a reference to the entire Pentateuch, which God wrote as a heavenly book, in addition to the Decalogue, which he wrote on the tablets. The Midrash has no difficulty affirming that God wrote a document containing much more than the Decalogue.

“The idea of a heavenly Torah appears in Rabbinic literature and goes back to Second Temple works such as the book of Jubilees. In fact, the conception of heavenly books and tablets serving various functions, though well attested in post-biblical literature, has its earliest roots in Sumer and is attested in quite a few biblical passages.”

Exodus 34: 27 And YHWH said to Moses, “Write these words; in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel.” 34:28 And he was there with YHWH forty days and forty nights; he neither ate bread nor drank water. And he wrote upon the tablets the words of the covenant, the ten words. What Did God Write on the Tablets of Stone? – TheTorah.com

Man can take the Holy Word of God and hide it, as they have by naming some books unorthodox and in some omitting paragraphs, sentences and words in translations, but that does not annul it.

Man can also deceive about what God’s Word says through misinterpretations, but that does not make it a truth. Man can sit among his peers and review all of their little ideas, all of their little opinions, and all of their rewritten clauses, yet not a one of them is clean, not a one of them is truth and not a one of them shall be blessed when they go against the truth.

Man can enter into chambers of deceit and devise lies of those who desire to rule the world in their own ideals hatched like a cockatrice out from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  These sorts sit in high places of men and make dung out of God’s Holy Word and every man that fills their mouths with it speaks the same impure rantings. Those that swallow it whole, though their eyes see not and their ears hear not, shall they not understand the foul taste of it alone in their mouths is a sign that it is putrid? The later end of those who eat it up are pitiful and filled with death for there is no life in it!

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So to those who do such things for whatever form of mammon, be it money, fame, power, or sheer stupidity… run away into your looking glass and peer out to see who shall free you once you are captured inside the house of mirrors? The wondrous world of A.I. isn’t what you think it is. Do you know why it is named as it is?

Artificial intelligence says it all. Artificial… not real, made up…fabricated, a replica, not authentic…a house of opposites- made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural, contrived, false, insincere…. opposed to what is real. Man made, a sham, phony, bogus, pseudo, a craft! What is intelligence when it is artificial?  

Those who deem what is and what is not orthodox by man-made philosophy and opinion, and their peer view approval have determined what can and cannot be read as to be inspired by God… yet they, in their own second breath deny God even exists when they spew their evolution, big bang, millions and millions of years ago and how the divine creation emerged from monkeys.

Yet we watch as monkeys have mated with monkeys all their millions of years and yet, somehow from a fluke of their own divine utterances… are yet and still the same monkeys and apes. Such a flaw in the DNA that chose not to evolve?  Why is this? They have no real answer.

That being said, let us read the book of Jubilees which contains God’s inspired truths given to Moses on the Holy Mount Sinai. For God foretold all things from the beginning unto the final end. It is certain men crept in to do mischief and to deceive all humanity that deny the heavenly hand of God and His Divine Words. Read: Book of Jubilees: The Book of Jubilees: The Angel dictates to Moses the Primæval History: the Creation of the World and Institution of the Sabbath (ii. 1-33) (sacred-texts.com)

It is time for the Plato fire dwellers to sit in their dark caves and play with their shadows amongst themselves for no one buys their goods any more. Their artificial intelligence may have evolved into quarks and quantum leaps, but their thinking is still stuck in the darkness.

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In searching this out a bit, I found a smorgasbord of You Tube podsters deciding that Moses was really Enlil or Enki, and also some who said Moses was one of those who practiced the things of the pagan gods for that is what they did – meaning writing on tablets of stone and clay. And some others believed Moses matched the description of Akhenaten as well, based on Egyptian and Sumerian texts and odd things written on stone that they decided must be Moses? (See how they do this to those who are not knowledgeable? They use phrases like “History is written by the victors” so this is what really happened. And things like, you were lied to… “It’s all lies, but we found the truth”.) It has become one of those mis and dis things that is now all over the place. Some even have Moses as one of the Anunnaki.

They forget one big fact. The Bible tells the sins of their leaders as well as their victories. So, they can’t use that one… yet they do?

Read the Word of God for the truth and let none of the one world church people interpret it for you. The Holy Spirit will show you what things mean. Stay far, far away from their house of mirrors and their mind control Project Looking Glass. Remember, we are wrestling with disembodied spirits not flesh. Put on your full armor of God and keep your faith strong! The Lord God, and His Son our Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and the Holy Spirit now dwell in you and you in them! Call on them for EVERYTHING!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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