For The Greater Good of All???

When people’s eyes see and ears hear, the enemy knows it’s time to wear a new disguise. Switch up the game and put on some new sheep skins. There appears to be a new approach to programming the minds of the people who are coming out from “Babylon the not so great” as they said…Continue readingFor The Greater Good of All???

The Knowledge of The Truth

“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:4 We were forewarned that there would be those who crept in with ideas and would be forever learning and never quite coming to…Continue readingThe Knowledge of The Truth

Lucifer Said, I will be like the most high…

What did he mean by that? Hear what the spirit says to the churches… it’s easy to listen to someone reading Revelation Chapter 2 and 3 from the pulpit, but it’s a lot harder to hear it and heed the warnings. Especially when no one thinks it pertains to them. When Lucifer said, “I will…Continue readingLucifer Said, I will be like the most high…

Nimrod, Semiramis, & Tammuz – Origin of The Trinity Doctrine!

The same was known in Egypt as Osiris, Isis, and Seth! The feedback on the Trinity Doctrine has drawn a lot of questions. The topic is one that we must look at and each discern with the Holy Spirit guiding us. The trinity doctrine is ancient and its origin dates back to the time of…Continue readingNimrod, Semiramis, & Tammuz – Origin of The Trinity Doctrine!

A Message To The Churches…

All of it is meant for all of us. When the Lord wrote to the churches he spoke of correction and to return to the truth. He told them of their strengths, and their weaknesses and what they needed to repent of and get back to His teachings. And not a one of the things…Continue readingA Message To The Churches…

The Ministry of Truth Psyop Bubble Has Burst…

It’s sick, it’s twisted, it’s pagan, it’s Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome! It’s Biden’s Ministry of Truth, it’s Orwellian 1984! It’s Black Rock City Burning Man! Trump, TRUTH and all of God’s children are merely in the way. It’s all making sense now because everything is designed to make no sense! It’s all designed by…Continue readingThe Ministry of Truth Psyop Bubble Has Burst…


And then continue to expose the truth! There is little time to argue, stay focused and keep moving around the walls of Jericho… let those who want to argue get out of the way and gather together where they can have all the time in the world (or what is left of it) for them…Continue readingEXPOSE THE TRUTH!

Meet Lin Wood At Fightback Rally!

Saturday December 9th, 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. at Cotten Hall Inn! Meet your fellow Patriots! Live Music and Barbeque! Plan now, RSVP! Lin Wood said, “President Trump’s Atlanta mug shot is priceless. Like a Mona Lisa!!! Many will replicate it!!!” I believe President Trump is a stable genius. I continue to support President Trump…Continue readingMeet Lin Wood At Fightback Rally!


For those who say, “I’m so glad I’m awake and not a normie”, the time has come to ask the question… What’s a normie?  Who coined that label? What’s awake?  Who coined that label? In this war of testing, there are psyops and many psychiatric professionals have been organized into task forces to analyze the…Continue readingWHAT’S A NORMIE?

Praise God For This New Day!

With God, you never walk alone! He is always with you, rejoice and praise His name! WISDOM OF SOLOMON 7:1-30 Solomon Received Wisdom from God 1 I myself also am a mortal man, like to all, and the offspring of him that was first made of the earth, 2 and in my mother’s womb was fashioned to…Continue readingPraise God For This New Day!