We Pause Our Regular Programming To Check The Weather and Other Incoming!

Tropical Storm Ophelia is headed toward the Bankrupt, DC Swamp! Forecast Models Indicate its ominous presense moving up the East Coast! Here we go again… as the computer models forecast there may be a direct hit in the Mid-Atlantic region late Saturday into Sunday. Forecasters are telling residents to prepare for powerful winds, possible flooding.  WTop…Continue readingWe Pause Our Regular Programming To Check The Weather and Other Incoming!

Bioeffects of Non-lethal Weapons

It’s a real thing! Welcome to the Psyops! Classified, lies, secrets or just none of your business? Which is it? The world and those who desire mammon belong to Satan and it is their ministry of truth that contains some truth and lots of lies. We are maneuvering through it like a swimmer in the…Continue readingBioeffects of Non-lethal Weapons

We Apologize But It’s All Because of The Christians…

Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive in the name of KM Oligarchs! Sen. Hirono also condemned the spread of disinformation on social media, which she said was driven in part by foreign governments, that has discouraged Maui residents from accessing federal disaster assistance and sowed distrust in the federal…Continue readingWe Apologize But It’s All Because of The Christians…

Sady’s Cafe Night…

Since there were requests to read some more…we pick up at Sady’s Cafe’ – Night, and finish with a few of today’s headlines. SADY’S CAFÉ – NIGHT Grace sat down at a booth and grabbed the menu from beside the napkin holder. She glanced at it quickly and placed it down. A waitress came by…Continue readingSady’s Cafe Night…

G.O.D. Project Even Has Podcasters!

Who knew that podcasters would truly steal the show and be the real mainstream news? In my last blog I spoke of the script and book “The G.O.D. Project”. Because of the comments and timing of the entire world of events in which we are now living out… I decided to show a section of…Continue readingG.O.D. Project Even Has Podcasters!

What Is This  Piedmont  Atlantic  Megalopolis [PAM]?

And what on earth is the new Southeast SuperCity Region? When were they going to tell us about this? Suddenly, and just like that… the weather wars are beginning to make more sense in its tactical battle strategy! It’s appearing to take direct aim at achieving multiple goals. What are they trying to tell us…Continue readingWhat Is This  Piedmont  Atlantic  Megalopolis [PAM]?


And then continue to expose the truth! There is little time to argue, stay focused and keep moving around the walls of Jericho… let those who want to argue get out of the way and gather together where they can have all the time in the world (or what is left of it) for them…Continue readingEXPOSE THE TRUTH!

Will Someone Please Put Biden Back In The Basement?

Biden says climate crisis is undeniable after Hurricane Idalia damage – HE LIES! “I don’t think anybody can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “Just look around. Historic floods. I mean, historic floods. More intense droughts, extreme heat, significant wildfires have caused significant damage.” Well Joey……Continue readingWill Someone Please Put Biden Back In The Basement?


TODAY IT WILL BE CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS! LITERALLY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Florida is preparing for hurricane Idalia as tropical storms hit in the southwest region and people gather water, supplies and gas. And just like that… many are filling up at the pumps only to find they have just put diesel fuel…Continue readingWIND FIRE, HURRICANES, AND NOW GAS!

It’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!

And now they are burning the entire world at the stake! HAWAII IS A STATE…Why is the Biden regime acting like it’s some China island in the Pacific and treating it like a third world country while kissing the butt of Ukraine?Who will stop the lawlessness and arrest the ones who committed crimes against humanity?…Continue readingIt’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!