How A Movement Is Infiltrated With Sly Foxes & Wolves Pt. 2…

Enter PizzaGate Infiltrators and other hot topics – Like SAVE AMERICA!

Enter PizzaGate Infiltrators…

Remember in the last blog when I said, “(Here it comes… wait for it!) “In past episodes, Maras-Lindeman “Tore” has discussed conspiracy theories, including one that baselessly accused high-ranking Democrats of human trafficking centered at a D.C. pizzeria. In an episode last year, she said, “What we realize is that this Pizzagate stuff, this satanic constant abuse of children, is an actual real thing.” (Remember this, it will be important later.)

Well, now is the later. We see many people were exposing Pizza Gate. These were not the only ones who were against human and child trafficking, nor were they the first ones. They simply infiltrated those searching, were there to help, won trust, reorganized, were thrust to the forefront of the movement with a little bit of organizing and BOOM, they became the go to for more information on Pizza Gate and the FACE of the cause. This works like a charm and has been the repeat and rinse of all infiltration.’

So, how does this evolve? Just put on some new hats, read the script, be convincing… and it helps if you really do care about the injustice… and really deep down do hate this evil thing. But, it also helps when you have a team of people who are going to reward you for helping them bust the case.

Now I am sure these sly foxes and wolves don’t ever show their ruthless side. They always portray that the end justifies the means as they are out to end the horrors of the evil and have to go about it by this sort of means. Therefore, others follow and many truly believe they are doing good for the end justifies the means. There are many victims in this type of organizing. They aren’t all bad people. Many have good hearts and get sucked into doing things for bad people that they believe are good people.

The purpose of this article is to show how the infiltration and psyops work. It is not to say guilty, and be an online judge and jury. This is to show how movements get infiltrated and how people get sucked in by the Sly Foxes and Wolves who actually do know exactly what they are doing. These are the real psyop task forces, organizers and planners.

In Part 1 we ended with…

“So now we know Tore is either mentally messed up with her identity, or is Ultra Mind Controlled, or is a CIA undercover operative, just like Byrnes, or has  gotten involved infiltrating and tells lies to create new scenarios that add to the scripted story as they infiltrate. But pay no attention to Torey… look at Liz Crokin and Lara Logan … they are really honest, even though they are working with the same group of people and now heading up some of the same cool stuff, like one of the Flynn Foundations that also caters to human and child trafficking to rescue kids.

The same one that Tore is all pro about. It’s called “America’s Future”.

image 253

And it is a Flynn Corporation….

image 254

Ask yourself why you haven’t heard President Trump talk about this foundation? Why he hasn’t put some of these people front and center at his Trump Rallys? Or promote it like he did General Kellogg’s book, War By Other Means?

Laying the ground work is never ending. Good psyops are constantly laying out the story plots. You are supposed to be shocked and praise them for letting you know what they know.

image 261

Enter Liz Crokin… Before we dig in deeper, watch the video clip. It is short, and reveals a lot of the back story… it digs in deep and exposes the things we all saw, but few even knew they were dots to connect. Why would they? Sheep graze in the pasture, they don’t mingle with the wolves. Some wander off and find themselves in snares. Some wander off and believe everything they are told. Sheep are made to love one another and to forgive. They don’t think in terms of us against them. They simply aren’t made that way. God knows this and sends them good shepherds. Wolves and Sly Foxes put on shepherds robes and sneak in to herd the sheep. Therein lies the battle. The battle is for God’s sheep.

God’s sheep know when someone is mean. They don’t follow mean shepherds. So false shepherds have to dress up like good shepherds and smile as they tell you their desires for you to obey. They call your kindness weakness and laugh at you behind your back. Believing you are dumb and know not that you are good and God watches over you. They have no idea that what they are truly doing shall not go unpunished either in this world or the next. Judgement is God’s. Sheep know this. Wolves laugh at that notion.

Click to watch the video first: It’s a short clip 7.56 minutes.

So we see the Clinton foundation, Haiti, and Now check out Part 2…

Learn how the psyop was rolled out. Whereas the Pizzagate child and human trafficking is real, the psyop and steps to control the movement is what we are discussing here. He who controls the movement, controls the sheep and can control the outcomes.

So liz was working with Flynn Networks to bring attention to the pizza gate to control it? And take control and be the face of it, as to become the truth source for it?

The go to source to fund and to control the narrative of it. Lots of truth, with a bit of a snare designed to discredit the movement snuck in here and there. Where then the media runs with the snare and does a wrap up smear. You are now labled conspiracy theorists and a danger to society… and a must add to Homeland Security’s terrorist watch list of far right lone wolves, who just might do anything for their cause. Christians get added to the list here because they support ending such type of evil acts. Therefore Christians are a far right danger to society. See how this unravels yet?

image 252

Which bring us to credibility issues. In 2018 Liz told the world she had severed two fingers on her right hand… pointing out she lost two fingers on her dominant hand and asked for money to pay her medical care.

image 256

A comment under her go fund me page said, “Yeah the outrage over her broken finger surfing accident was when I realized she was full of crap.  I’m an avid surfer and have taught over 100 people to surf and at no time ever would I or anyone I know who teaches surfing be held responsible for a persons failure to follow the instructions… not to mention you’re in the ocean and anytime you enter the ocean you put yourself at risk of injury.  The surf school didn’t force her to get into the ocean.  And medical bills for a broken finger are miniscule.  Total bullshit.”

image 257

As time went by and she recovered, the truth came out little by little that she had broken a finger. But the go fund me page was still up and now asking for money to help pay her legal fees to sue the Hyatt Hotels (owned by the Pritzker family, as in billionaire Pritzker family who are investers in CERN and Energy projects and molecular studies. And who Gov. Pritzker is now under investigation for 200 million dollar a year COVID swab testing racket in Illinois??? The Rossi Labs case.)

At this time the story changed to:The loss of my two fingertips required me to get multiple surgeries, go to rehab, and seek other ongoing medical care.  Also, I had to buy expensive prosthetics in order to type again, a process that took two years, and as most of you know, I write for a living. The emotional distress and physical pain this injury has caused me has been unbearable.

“Within two days of my accident, my lawyer sent a letter asking Toes On The Nose to preserve all evidence related to my accident.  Also, I requested a reasonable amount of money that would not have covered all of my past and future related medical expenses. They refused to give me a penny, so I filed a lawsuit against Toes On The Nose and Hyatt.

“I’ve quietly fought this legal battle for almost four years now. I foolishly thought the parties involved would accept some kind of responsibility and accountability for their gross negligence.  Instead, they made this situation as difficult as possible for me during a time when I should’ve been focusing on learning to cope and function without two fingertips. Not only did I never receive an apology or any sign of empathy from Toes On The Nose Owner, Richard Allred, and his associates, they treated me like garbage during this entire process.” Go fund her at: GiveSendGo – Fundraiser for Liz Crokin: The Leader in Freedom Fundraising.

image 258

Of which on that very same Go Fund Me page, Liz says, “I lost my case.  It’s my opinion I did not get a fair trial due to unethical behavior. Curiously, the jury only deliberated for about an hour and 45 minutes.  They did not submit one question to the court bailiff nor did they ask to see any of the over 100 exhibits my lawyer submitted as evidence.  My lawyer told me he has never had such a strong case, and he said this is the grossest miscarriage of justice he’s ever seen.     

“The parties involved refused to settle my case for an amount that would’ve covered my bills despite having three layers of insurance and coverage up to $9 million. Instead they pumped a ton of money into lawyers — most likely way more than the number I asked for years ago.” (I thought she got money from her “Go Fund Me? Why after five years is it still stuck on close to the same amount at $44,436, from the $43,779” in 2018? A $657 difference? Is there a significance in these numbers?)

Liz goes on to say, “I have to wonder if their refusal to settle had anything to do with who I am and the work that I do.  It’s not lost on me that Jeffrey Epstein victim, Virginia Giuffre, claimed she was allegedly forced to have sex with Hyatt Hotels Corporation Chairman, Tom Pritzker, in a lawsuit she filed.

“Not only do I have outstanding medical bills and have lost a ton of money to pursue justice for this, the defendants are now moving to make me pay their trial costs.  This would cause me to go bankrupt; I believe they know this. Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a billion-dollar company – why are they determined to put me in financial ruin?

I left the mainstream media to expose sex trafficking.  For five years, I have put all my content out for free, and I haven’t profited off of any of the documentaries I’ve done. I funded my work through donations and my online stores. However, my PayPal, Venmo and online stores have been shut down. The censorship I deal with has made it almost impossible for me to make a living for myself as an independent journalist.” (Seriously? Do you buy it? Now we know why there is such a slight increase after all these years?? It is possible that real numbers would ruin the cause?)

I suggest since the accident happened in the ocean, and that is governed under Maritime Law, that she pursue her suit with the Crown of England. Is that a possibility? It’d make a juicier story and just as believable. Smile.

Are you seeing a bit of Tore in the story? I do.

So let’s recall this clip in the video from Sparrow024:

image 259

There is a system here… and it includes billionaires, lots of them.

Quite simply… these sly ones infiltrate and control it and you fund it either with tax dollars or private contributions. The billionaires make money off of their products while the sheep contribute money to help people and causes they believe are dedicated to ending the terrible thing called human and child trafficking.


This was how we fell for “FIGHT LIKE A FLYNN” hook, line and sinker! FOX RUSE! Lin figured it out and called them out and they hate him for that!

Meanwhile, gov. orgs. like Department of Child and Family Services, (DCFS) and the foster care systems, continue to get away with their dirty, horrible cult sacrifice rituals, deceptive sex slave practices, harvesting body parts and blood to drink from tortured children- which is called adrenochrome and a Hollywood favorite drink. Not to mention other illegal drugs, weapons, human experiments in bioweapon labs in the DUMBS and money laundering.

image 260

But what was Liz doing during her years battling the law suits? That is the question.

image 265

Back to the Flynn Foundation… Putting Liz back to work!

image 266

And now for the America’s Future Foundation and its new team!

image 263
image 264

So use the Trump Card and show that Trump is against human and child trafficking of which he is. Sheep will perceive this as Trump is behind Flynn and his Foundation… or is Trump pointing it out? Trump uses Sun Tsu Art of War and plays 5D Chess.

image 267

Trump and all involved would be rejoiceful if and when the Flynn Team came forward with good fruit and not the rotten cores being dug up. Pray that these ones do come around and use their talents and skills to do what is right. Can that happen?


But what we have here was a wrap up smear labeling President Trump as a QAnon conspiracy theorist supporter… with none other than Liz. Who helped create the QAnon conspiracy theory as shown in the video above.

image 268

This was parroted as “QAnon and Pizzagate Conspiracy” news to cheapen both…the Q movement and Human and Child trafficking.

image 269

Remember also from the video above… and connect the dots.

image 272
image 273

What is gained from this? Again as the video layed it out…

image 270

But the “Little Flower” was announced and the advisory board included both Liz Croken and Lara Logan.

image 271

The Question is, did the investigative reporters (Liz and Lara) do their homework on Flynn’s America’s Future? If they did, what did they think of it? Did they even look? Or did they just take his word for what it was all about? Do they know they have joined the board of a subsidiary of a NAZI thingy?

They use Trump for publicity and then use him to raise funds. Trump is no fool, he knows what they are doing, and I suspect he gladly let’s his own “double” deal with them as he watches from cameras so he can see everything and everyone interacting and the body language. His secret service has it all under surveillance and these sly foxes are not getting away with a thing. Except their propaganda pushes forward. We are dealing with CIA psyop intelligence tactics here. Know the level of the game we are in.  Or you are a sitting duck.

Like that’s Trump right? There have been a lot of others but this one is one of the most obvious…”That’s not Trump’s photo: that’s a 2.0 (double). Connect the dots. Doubles are used on both sides.

image 274

Let me put it this way… we all have our favorites here, and Lara Logan was one of mine. I was so for her until I saw she turned into a shill. Then I knew better. It was like she changed overnight, both in looks and in the sound of her voice and in her actions. She wasn’t the same after she wasn’t in Ukraine any more… when she started finding the truth that NAZI’s were killing Russians, and people were held up in basements with no food…then all of a sudden…she changed. She looked different, showing more cleavage and talking different. Like they wanted to make her look like a woman on the prowl? I just observed and pondered it. Waiting to see where this was going to go.

Now if I were writing the script and looking at it from another scene… like in a film where you get to see what the bad guys are doing after you see what your hero is doing. Like that. I would show what the bad guys knew or did… or maybe I would wait until the end of the film script before anyone knew… but I could either write Lara as being kidnapped and putting a CIA op in her place with rubber mask, etc. or I could have her be done in by a hit man and replace her that way… or have her drugged with something so she can’t remember who she is and inside a gov. insane asylum, or underground DUMB for mind control.  Yea… have her mind controlled and sent back out where she is totally different almost robotic with different side of her showing.  A sexier Lara. There are so many things you could do. But, you get the picture? These controllers, organizers and handlers are doing all the set ups, and psyops.

Another truth is… that anyone can be tempted to agree to something if they believe it is for the good of all. For example, if President Trump came to you and said I need you to act like you are against me in order to flush out the fakes. You will have to do thus and thus and people will be angry with you, but you have to do it to be convincing. You are asked, can you do it? Then you have to decide if you can or can’t.

So if someone had the same admiration and respect for a Flynn or a Byrne… you see how they can be swayed. And some just want the money.  Once they start, there’s no turning back and the more they see, the more they know. This is serious business. Epstein may be out of business, but the business is still operating. Just by other people and this is big money we’re talking about- Billions and billions. You are nothing to these guys. They can pop any off like flies and care less.

Another truth is that anyone, even a family member can turn on you. Become someone you never knew they could be at all. Or show a side they have kept hidden from you. There are all sorts of things that it can be.

Remember President Trump said, “You never know about an ally. An ally can turn.” Which at the time he said it during the first weeks in office, the sources revealed was intended as a swipe at Flynn.

Another truth is someone who had a terrible past can change and  repent and now desire to do what is right for God. They deserve to not have their past in their face every time they turn around. I don’t like those type of guilty verdicts because you did something in the past. It only makes you suspect. Unless there is solid evidence,  we cannot say, I think you are capable of doing it so therefore you did it. What we are talking about here are patterns and evidence of doing a thing. For example… I only point out what Lara Logan said on the matter about Wood. I researched to see if this was a new occurrence or a pattern. But if it was said, then I wonder why she said it and who put her up to doing it and or how she came to that conclusion?

I just can’t picture Lara Logan acting like this after all the serious investigative reporting she’s done in the past?? Can you?

image 275

Time will tell what’s up with all of this in the end. And maybe some things we will never know the answers to. But, it will be interesting to see how each who have discerned that something isn’t right in all of this will fare in their discernment.

I will leave you with this much for now. There is a part 3 coming. Remember, nothing is as it appears. We are in the middle of a CIA SPY OP, with spec ops everywhere.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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