A Second Look At The Psyops…

How much of what is reported is fake and how much of it is true? That has always been the question.

In presenting facts based on others investigative research, a lot of things can be verified and a lot of things cannot be. It is a here it is, you decide, and this is what it looks like to me sort of thing? For today, nothing is as it appears. In my digging, processing and sorting through research to show how the psyops work in the last two blogs, I found some things that raised new questions. So this report presents some of those insights and questions. Maybe you can help answer them?


Before we begin… let us look at President Trump’s Inauguation Speech in 2017, where he tells us the drill. That being the day when the power was being transfered from Washington, DC, Inc., and giving it back to YOU, THE PEOPLE!

Know this is the war we are in and know also, we shall win it! It’s already been won!

President Trump called them out all along the way. Even the Flynn flams and the Stone!

image 276

Lin Wood

Who remembers the “staged” arrest of Roger Stone captured by CNN??? It sure looked real on TV. Ha! Don’t believe what you see and hear on TV.

It was a fake scene (a/k/a “a false flag”) to influence you (i.e., propaganda) to believe that Ol’ Roger “Nixon Tattoo” Stone is a Real Patriot. Also known as a PSYOP by the military industrial complex. Who teaches the CIA how to plan and execute PSYOPS???

You know the answer. If not, ask Roger Stone!!! Ha!

I don’t believe Ol’ Roger is a Real Patriot. In my opinion, Ol’ Roger is Deep State. A Fake Patriot who is part of the enemy within.

Do NOT bother to ask me who my source is for the facts upon which I base this opinion of mine.

ALL will be made clear in time.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


image 277

That being said… let’s look into Roger Stone the Flynn, Byrne, Clark Roadshow hero who is the Stone in the Kim Clement Prophecy. At least they are saying such things and bearing a witness to it. I’m just the messenger here, so don’t yell at me, I never said any of this. The road show people did and still are. And while we’re at it let’s look at these Free Masons that Lin Wood keeps bringing up and telling us to do our own research on.

My, my, my… where do we begin?

I always have a hard time knowing where to start with the back story as it is in many layers and readers are all entering in at different levels of understanding. So when I just jump in with today’s come backs… some don’t know how to follow because they don’t know what happened to bring about the concern? So, bear with me as we jump in and out of past and present.

Let’s start with Lin Wood and his phone calls with Patrick Byrne back in the day we reported on this, and Sparrow 024 did a great job on these videos that work much better than the links. Thank you Sparrow 024!

You will see how set ups are done by CIA, via their counter operative puppet Patrick Byrne in his, “I’m here to help” phone call to set up Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood. Lin is soooo good at playing along while at the same time… calling out the lies.

Byrne wastes no time portraying Sidney Powell as a loose woman who made sexual advances at him, that he turned down, and is now a scorned woman and a drunk. Lin counters that he never saw her take even one drink during her stay? He sets up the ground work for his psyop. Later he says she didn’t let him audit his books because she was scorned and compares her to Miranda in “The Devil Wears Proda”.

image 278

I didn’t see the Miranda character as being sex deprived, nor one to be attracted to a sloppy slobbering fool? She was more like the Red Queen off with his head. The type to send Patrick out to find her a dragon, with orders to not return until he finds one that breathes the same fire as she. Which translated means the same thing as – off with his head.

See how this is done? Lin’s phone conversation is a good educational tool for how to recognize a psyop in the making. And Patrick continues to plant seeds of thought in his Jedi Knight mind bending attempts to sway Lin’s critical mind of discernment. What he does instead is alert Lin to the fact he is a shill, a liar, and up to no good. But Patrick is so narcissistic that he can’t see it. When he loses the argument, he changes the subject and he tells on himself. He was out to get Lin disbarred. That appears to have been the plan from the beginning to disbar both Lin and Powell, along with defaming their reputations.

They tried everything they could to bring Lin down and Lin has not wavered! God is with him all the way! The shills are out, the intellectuals are intellectualizing themselves into a deep, dark hole. With every cheap thing they say and do, they tell on themselves.

The goal was and yet is to remove influencers who pose a threat to the Deep State. But they are losing the information war!

Which bring us to 2.0 and 1.0 Central Casting from the teachings of Lin Wood.

This video also has the famous screen shot of Lin Wood forwarding the Marshall Report “We Are At War” Declaration to President Trump and Him Retweeting it! Boom! That was the day the war was officially announced!!!! Thank you Lin Wood!

image 280

That was a true grass roots, and God sent viral message reaching over 8 million or so in hours! For you see, I was finishing up a book project and the Holy Spirit nudged me to stop and write an article explaining we are at war and put it on Twitter. So I did. My Twitter account had been hacked and my new account only had around 360 followers. It was 13th Generation Patriot that popped up in messages and said he would repost the tweet to the Patriots! It reached over 1.5 million shares in the first two hours and Gen. Patriot was so excited when Lin Wood retweeted it. He sent me this.

image 282

By the time Trump retweeted it reached around 8 or 9 million in 24 hours. And over 11 million in two days. 13th Gen kept sending me screen shots of the tweets and numbers it was reaching. I said to 13th Gen., and he will tell you I did… that is how God works. He takes a person with the least likely in numbers and says write it, and you write it and he does the rest! I told him, he sent you. He said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

That being said… God’s ways are not man’s ways!

Which bring us to….Since others have said they noticed a difference in Lara Logan also, let’s put on our Lara Logan hats and see how the Lara we remember has changed in less than two years…. We’ll call the first one Lara 1.0

And now… let’s listen to the Lara Logan that has joined the Flynn Foundation board of directors for America’s Future for fighting human and child trafficking. We’ll call this one Lara 2.0.

So… what happened to Lara and where is the 1.0? You don’t have to be an expert to see the huge difference between the real Lara and the fake Lara.

And look a this one in the war room… what is wrong with the pupils in her eyes? This looks like a C.G.I.? What do you think?

In the video below, the real Lara was speaking the truth and that was a threat to the entire global game! Something tells me… she was removed. Call them out and demand to know what happened to Lara! Now the question is… who else is a 2.0 in the Flynn network podcasting system?

The next question is… if they did something to Lara, could they have also done something with Liz Crokin? Why was Liz really gone for four or 5 years? Missing in action? I don’t buy the fact she was waiting for a big court win and I don’t buy that it took that long to recover from her finger tip accident.

Liz really doesn’t act the way she did when she first started out. There is something about the Go Fund Me page and the ridiculous pictures. Like a mocking of sorts? If we are out to find the truth, then we have to look at all things that don’t add up.

image 284

Both Lara and Liz spoke with conviction and emotion when they started out. Something happened since then. Why do they speak without that same conviction, and emotion? Their voices are off and not quite the same. They used to speak fast and fluently when they felt the passion for what they were saying? Listen to the older Liz in the video below. Watch her body language.

It’s beginning to look a lot like someone didn’t like her messages and did something about it???

image 283

Listen to Liz speaking a truth, five years ago before the accident…let’s call this Liz 1.0

The question is… was she getting too bold and revealing too much?

Now listen to the recent Liz? Let’s call this one 2.0. She’s with the Carnival Barker road show.

This does not sound like the 1.0 Liz at all. Nor does her choice of fashion for the event. Whoever is playing her part is portraying her in a cheap light. This is a 2.0.

Why were these two chosen to be “Little Flowers in the Flynn Foundation”?

There were many things that came to mind… and knowing we are dealing with Masonic KM Oligarch puppets who serve Lizard people… I know little flowers doesn’t mean simply purity and innocense. Remember they mirror all things. We see one side and they see another. When it comes to human and child sacrificing causes … they didn’t forget their symbolism.

Which bring us to more questions, such as why are some people acting a lot different? Are they mind controlled? Chipped? Or are they doubles? We are walking around in a CIA spy network with special ops all around us. Even Flynn has a different face. If you study these people without the voice, you can see the differences a lot faster. Some of the biggest fakes were on parade during the Speaker of the House debates last January. McCarthy 2.0, Marjorie Taylor Green 2.0 were two of the easiest to spot. How many did you call out?

image 279

Instead of pretending to go along with the fake 2.0’s, we need to keep asking where the real ones are? What happened to the real ones? If one day we saw Lin Wood and it was an obvious double… I think Lin would want us to call them out. I think he would want us to care enough to try and find out what happened to him. So… why aren’t we doing that now? Just asking? The more we put up with the fakes and the lies, trust me the more they are going to keep doing it to us!

I wonder if it would be better for us to just point and laugh at the fakes like we do Joey Avatar Biden? What would they do if we all did that?

We are battling some very wicked and evil people who care not about humanity.

I suspect that Schwab has been a 2.0 for a while now. Does anyone else?

So it’s time to access and reaccess and find out where the missing ones are. God knows the hearts and he knows where everyone is.

For an educational instruction of the history of the secret societies, Free Masons, and the religion behind it, Walter Veith gives an indepth study of it in the video below. He takes you through the origins up to modern day secret societies. He also places the names of prominent families who lead it. Interesting that one of the names is Flynn. Not saying it is related to the general, but saying it is on the list of prominent masonic names.

The video also explains Scull and Bones, the Bush family, the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove and other names of modern day organizations we are familiar with, yet know little about.

Below is another good video of Walter Veith on the one world religion and the World Council of Churches. He explains how all religions are brought into the fold by different deceptions.

That being said…

Did President Trump just say in less than five months from now we’re going to defeat crooked Joe Biden?




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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