Lots of 2.0’s and 1.0’s In Hiding. Where Are They Now?

The game is on… it’s like “The Tables Turn In The Hall of Mirrors”… the search for finding where the real people went is on!

It’s time for all the masks to come off and let the crisis actors take a bow and leave the stage. And all of those who are led by the nose to wake up!

It’s like Jim Carey in the “Pet Detective” exposing Einhorn as a man!

So here we go into the “Hall of Mirrors”…. And now the new rules are to “think outside of the box” and to “search in all the wrong places” (meaning places you would never normally think to look). You never know what you will find. Listen inward to every hint and nudge from the Holy Spirit and ask for wisdom in what you are thinking, feeling and pondering… the Holy Spirit will lead you to answers or show you what you need to look at and read. Trust me, the answers are often (most always) never where you would have thought with your own intellect. For God speaks to his children in their hearts and the Holy Spirit leads you where to go to find the truth.

Sometimes the journey is very long, and sometimes it is fast as lightning. Patience is key and searching the scriptures for the truth is the sword of the Lord that you must sharpen and wield.  Gird up with the belt of truth and when you get to far ahead or fall behind of where the Lord is taking you… the Holy Spirit will patiently wait for you to return and get back on the right path to listening and learning what it is you are to learn to come to the right discernment.

1 Timothy 4:1

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

We all want answers fast, but deception is quick and fast and in your path… the learning process is a journey. The Bible is your final authority in the flesh… not a dream you had, nor a thing you read on the internet or anything a podcaster said… the Bible and the Lord are your guide. Therein is the first lesson and that is to understand that you are to call on the Holy Spirit of the Lord God to lead you.

What is taking place in the churches is the same thing taking place in the podcast world of social media. Many have entered in with deception, and lies  having a form of truth with hidden snares and chains  that bind you.  They come to you with seducing spirits. Strange thing that word seducing. Aside from the sexual seduction definition, seducing someone means  to persuade or trick someone into doing something by making it very attractive. 

It is also means to tempt or influence someone to do something, especially something bad or something they wouldn’t normally do. The word can also mean to attract or lead someone away from proper behavior or thinking. Do you see how this is being used all around us today? I do.

We live in an age where…

So how does one who seeks truth search for the knowledge of the truth. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you and open up the Word of God and read where the Lord shows you to read. Keep reading and learn what God has said. The Bible is a living Word and as we grow in the Spirit of the Truth, we shall see more truths inside each scripture. The hidden jewels within the Word will show themselves the more you find the scriptures that cross reference to it and the more you ask for understanding you will see customs and traditions that open your eyes wider to the meaning of the words.

It is like a child learning to read… where they have some single words like “Dick, Jane, and Sally have a dog. “ As a child that is hard enough to decipher. When they learn more words and read more books the grow in knowledge, comprehension and understanding. With the Holy Spirit and the Word of God it works in the same manner.

In today’s deception, just as a child develops understanding, we are beginning to see that Dick, Jane and Sally were in a maze of mirrors where the dog they called Spot was actually a wolf and they were tricked many times by this Spot who portrayed himself to be a dog. The adventures have only just begun. You learn that there are other chapters to read and that the entire meaning of the story is not found on one or two pages. The whole book must be read in order to find out everything that happens to Dick, Jane, and Sally. You need to see all of the twists and turns the wolf named Spot, who has been pretending to be a dog, has deceptively taken and created. We learn to see all the heroes who came to help Dick, Jane and Sally along the way to understanding how to see that Spot was never the dog they thought Spot was.

The FlynnStones are 2.0’s!

image 299

In combating Social Media Psyops… know who your psyop really is, not who they say they are. Do your own research! Dig, dig, dig.

And just like it is done in any good book, the back story is told a little at a time generally in flash backs, and not all at once. This happens as both the heroes and villains are traveling in the present. When you apply this character casting concept to the show we are living in, things become more clear once you know a person’s character. You can tell when they are under pressure, happy, unsure, sad, or nervous. And you can spot them when they are out of character.

When you know the true character of the person, their real 1.0 self, it is then that you can see the fake person. The 2.0 character.

We need to learn all about the person in real life, in order to understand who they are, just like in a book, or a play the writer needs to keep their character real.  Some people can just remember their characters all the way through the story they are writing and others need to have reminders so they stay in character as the plot thickens and it takes on many arcs. In my book on Book Writing Simplified, I showed people how to write character cards to reference to know how to stay in check so their characters were consistent throughout the book. Kinda like keeping a 1.0 in their 1.0 character… with the exception of when they grew and learned they added that strength and or weakness to their persona.

Meet Harry 1.0. The goal is to keep Harry looking and sounding like Harry 1.0.

image 285

Now For The Plot Arc… for this is what we are dealing with in our show. Excerpts from “Book Writing Simplified”.

     “The internet is filled with authors, script writers and Publishers promoting “Story Structure” blogs all focusing on the Arc. The plot arc, the six act story arc, the character arc, the Arc that Ate Manhattan and so on.  They all stressed the first Act and character development. They generally compared that Arc with the rise and fall of Rome….or something similar to that. A Google Images search opened my world up to a thousand charts of ARCS!  I pondered a moment and wondered why I have been writing all my life and never saw such land of ARCs?  After reading all the beautiful and creative ways of putting an arc plot together, it became obvious that the one thing an arc does not have is the ability to create the story for you. And that is where all authors enter on equal footing.  That is also the niche I am focusing this book on.  

” If you want to write an original book and have fun doing it and you long to have that moment when you go with the flow and the book seems to be writing itself, then the process I am presenting here is designed for you. It is the process of having the right visual characters whose strengths and weaknesses make for a great story plot that can rev up the imagination so your right brain uncensored can create the most interesting story. A story filled with plots, I mean plot arcs that lead the protagonist from the beginning to the middle to the end in a wonder filled journey.     

     “Now on to the Arc’s, but first, look where Harry is. He is on his Hero’s journey.  Pay no attention to the clutter of arcs in the back ground as that is simply a representation of my mind digesting all the helpful ARC Charts. Focus on Harry.”

image 286

This is exactly what our new reality show looks like, and you can see where Harry has all the chaos around him telling him what to ARC and not to ARC… and he has to stay focused on where his journey is taking him. He can’t get distracted by all the noise or he will lose his way on his journey and end up some place he doesn’t want to be… and a 2.0.

For example when a character like Harry gains confidence, he shows it in his decisions and courage. When Harry sucumbs to fear, it becomes obvious in his actions such as not trusting, and double checking doors to ensure they were locked, and looking out the blinds to see if anyone had followed him home?

But when writing a story or a script, you never start out with a character with a southern accent then later forget that part and have them talking like they were from New York, just because you had a phrase in mind that sounded good. If things don’t fit the character it really stands out to the reader… in a movie you would wonder what the heck just happened?  That is exactly the things we are looking for in uncovering 2.0’s.  And that is exactly what gives them away. Basically when they go out of character.

So I say, it is good to study the character of the 1.0 before they became the 2.0 and look for the out of character differences. When we do that, we can spot the ones that look very close. The ones that obviously look different are easy. But the ones that look and sound so close are trickier. And if you never knew the person’s character before they appeared – like all the podcasters that all popped up out of no where (Central Casting) during COVID… that is trickier. So you have to rely on their original character and how that has changed. The looks will most always be the same… but they tell on themselves by their repeating the same messages and other central casting clues. (Some have faked deaths and were written out of the programming. Yes that happens too.)

So what did Lara Logan mean by this and is this the 1.0 or the 2.0?

The question is, when sharp, journalists realize they have been tricked and compromised… what happens?

Do they go into a witness protection program and replaced with a 2.0? Is that what is happening to some of these who knew too much? Will they testify later?


image 298

Remember Fox News news ousted the real Lara Logan after she compared Fauci to a NAZI war criminal. See: Fox News Has Ghosted Lara Logan After She Compared Fauci to Nazi Doc (thedailybeast.com)

image 297

Below is a double your pleasure of Central Casting, 2.0!

image 288

Meet Lara Logan 2.0 with Crisis Actor Kyle Rittenhouse 2.0. Kyle was always a 2.0 so the script writers can have fun with him and give him all sorts of fake paper clipped backgrounds that send serious truthers off on wild goose chases. Yes, these central casting script writers love doing that sort of thing. Kyle’s mission was to take down Lin Wood. That did not happen because Lin Wood is discerning and he smelled the rats. Lin fought back by standing up for himself and calling out the lies. He’s still calling them out and they hate that. So, call them all out. Every last one of them! Expose their 2.0 show and have fun analyzing them and their motives instead of sitting there in fear believing all their lies, and wringing your hands while they laugh and continue to misjudge you. Rise up and stand tall!

Enter CIA Paper Clipped Special “Oops“!

They have task force group analyzers like Jan Halper Hayes, who categorize this and that along with all sorts of social networking behavior and she gets to decide what triggered it and the vain results, while she giggles all the way through it. After all she has a PhD. And knows the Taverstock Institute programming by heart. Her Fabian Society participation gives her a different perspective on her projects. Or is it her think tank Lizard script?

image 287
This looks like a photo of Jan Halper Hayes 1.0

Her character card for the show could read: “A paper clipped Political Psychologist working in Special Operations for the CIA. Age unknown? Real statistics unknown… master of Lizard Puppet tricks. 2.0, mission to direct and organize psyops. Real life statistics unknown.”

Whereas what appears to be her so called “real” public information reads: Dr Jan Halper-Hayes is a Political Psychologist, Businesswoman, Former International VP Republicans Abroad, and a Republican Commentator. Currently, Dr Jan Halpern-Hayes is working as a Republican commentator on BBC, ITV, BBC World Service, NPR and Channel 4 since August 2015.

She has been the Managing Director at Presses Advisory Limited since August 2012. 

Dr Jan Halper-Hayes was born in 1962-1967? (write her in as one with age phobia? Or one who just doesn’t want to tell it?) According to her birth year, her age is 55-60 years. Her birthplace was London, England, United Kingdom. She completed her schooling in a private School After this she did her colleagues at Stanford University, Columbia Pacific University, and Stanford University Summer time Institute for Political Psychology. She is a graduate. Dr Jan Halper-Hayes had achieved many goals in her life.

Dr Jan Halper-Hayes was born to her parents in London, England, United Kingdom. Her parents’ names are not available at this time. Her siblings’ names are not known. Her ethnicity is not open and her nationality is Britsh.

If that doesn’t sound like CIA paperclipped life, nothing does. But, wait, there’s more.

She is a supporter of Donald Trump and is common for her interviews on various media networks, where she helps former President Donald Trump. She previously said in an interview on GB Information about how Trump could become president before 2024. And recently she said Donald Trump is a problem solver. 

But then we see the out of character part come out and wonder if she is lying about something? Such as this excerpt from one of her articles speaking of Nancy Pelosi:

image 290

40 years ago puts Jan’s age into question? Which the birthdate range she has given or kept private, for no one knows for sure in all the bio’s on Jan Halper Hayes… which some say around 1963, others say around 1962-1967 which would make her helping Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein who became Mayor after Harvey Milk’s murder in 1978, of which she found the body (another dubious and long story), anywhere from 17 years to 22 years of age. That’s rather young for a British born person whose age would not have allowed her as of yet to obtain her PhD, to be hanging out in San Francisco with Feinstein and Pelosi on a 1984 Democrat National Convention to bring together political communities of both Republicans and Democrats?

We can look at Jan Halper Hayes “Linked In” profile page and find other interesting things like her Columbia Pacific University attendence from 1976 to 1986 to receive her Ph.D. Organisational Behaviour/Marketing/Psychology: Read: Jan Halper-Hayes, Ph.D. – Managing Director – Presage Advisory, Ltd. | LinkedIn

Which now makes more sense for her to be involved in San Francisco… but definitely puts her age in question, and so place it not that distant from the decrepid and aging Pelosi. Either that or we are supposed to believe that she attended Columbia Pacific University at age 9 years old to 14 years old? If born between 1962-1967? At best we can look at her graduating high school in 1975 and entering college the following year… or in the same year 1976 at the average age of 18, making her born around 1958?

But, it is more likely all of that is a lie, for a very Interesting fact is the school itself was not founded until 1978. Columbia Pacific University (CPU) was a distance learning school in California and was founded in 1978 and closed by California court order in 2000. Read: California Supreme Court Upholds Denial of Columbia Pacific University’s Approval to Operate – Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (archive.org)

Ironically it closed due to: Among other items, the administrative appeals judge found that CPU:

This allegedly puts Jan Halper Hayes as a paper clipped 2.0 with possibly many CIA actors playing her role over the years? As her looks have varied greatly.

It appears her expertise is having a PhD, that allows her to cross the line in her assessments of mental stability on her victims and get away with it due to her paper clipped life of political expertise and psychology.

Jan Halper Hayes 1.0, Fabian Society New Year conference 2017 Featuring: Jan Halper-Hayes Where: London, United Kingdom When: 14 Jan 2017 Credit: WENN.com

image 295

Below are excerpts from mhp: The Fabian Society — A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (modernhistoryproject.org)

Fabianism is a radical London-based movement initiated in the 1880s for the purpose of subverting the existing order and establishing a Socialist World Government controlled by its leaders and by the financial interests associated with them.

London at the time was a centre of liberal capitalism — itself a subversive movement — as well as of radical left-wing agitation which sought to subvert the former. The main radical organisation promoting Socialism in England was the International Working Men’s Association (IWMA, a.k.a. “First International”), established in 1864 by Karl Marx.

Marx’s doctrines were initially only available in German and French, and had little impact on the British public. His disciple Henry Hyndman was the first to popularise the teachings of Marx and other German Socialists in the English language. Hyndman was also the founder in 1881 of the Social Democratic Federation (SDF) (Laidler, p. 186).

“The elements responsible for founding the Fabian Society were themselves influenced by Marxism and belonged to Social Democratic Federation circles.” End of excerpts.

As you can see, this is a very different person (1.0) than the smiling thing making the Flynn Network Podcaster Circuits! She looks as young as Pelosi in this photo and the video below. Makes one wonder her real age?

She smirks and smiles as she speaks… but mostly pay attention to how old she looks here in 2020. Is this the 1.0?

Now look at the Jan Halper Hayes making the rounds on the Flynn Network Podcast Circuit….

And here she uses her psychologist expertise. So this proves she knows what she’s talking about.

What is fun in the video above is she is saying the podcasters should have told us the truth and not give us hopium. I always wondered who came up with that word, it was obvious a think tank script writer. I bet that’s where the name “Normies” came from too. In this video she reveals the plan of how the scripts were passed out to read the very same broadcast. And now she is telling people to listen to their own selves and stop listening to the podcasters? And something about letting God show you. At the end she says some people are saying she’s CIA but she’s not that Halper. She must be on our page now, or others like us. LOL!!!!

image 294

We are having several different looks going on here… Just like Joey Avatar Biden has several.

Wonder if she is being perp walked to expose herself or to say things she would have never said before? What’s the deal here? It does appear her CIA status may have been disrupted, at least for the 1.0? What do you see?

image 291

Sample of Jan’s weaponized expertise:

image 289

So, there you have the back story on Jan Halper Hayes 1.0 and 2.0. Who she really is can be many different things, but my vote is CIA Special Agent… or some sort of Counter Intelligence Operative.

Harry stayed focused and said he agrees!

image 296

Who shall we look at next?

Remember Lin Wood’s Teachings on 2.0’s and 1.0’s



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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