How A Movement Is Infiltrated… With Sly Foxes and Wolves…

Learn how they operate! They’re always looking for an opportunity to strike, they either create it or seize it. They move in fast, offer to help, then take over, reorganize, and move on up! You pay dearly for it later. The devil is angy and his minions are swirling the drain as they pompously still…Continue readingHow A Movement Is Infiltrated… With Sly Foxes and Wolves…

To Be Or Not To Be…

Is that the question facing our nation? When our borders are gone and hoards are being transported to every city and town across the USA, and DC is bankrupt, while states are getting DEW DEWED, and world war 3 is looming… Congress is concerned that Fetterman not be held to a dress code? Does anyone…Continue readingTo Be Or Not To Be…

Lin Wood Versus Psyop Podcasters and Fake Shills….

What else would you call it? Wow, we no sooner presented the first round of attacks, and BOOM there were a lot more in that wave. There is a lot circulating and we know where they are coming from and no one is surprised at hearing the source, just some are surprised at the who.…Continue readingLin Wood Versus Psyop Podcasters and Fake Shills….

Never Trust Opinions From Intellectual Think Tanks!

Especially concerning God’s Word. Pray for them, and love them, because they are often really, really trying… just don’t get on their ARC! Some personalities just don’t change, they just get new magic tricks! At every turn we have the Jordan Peterson “Let Us Theorize The Bible Show” with the other great thinkers. It’s a…Continue readingNever Trust Opinions From Intellectual Think Tanks!

Experts In What Exactly?

Gaslight Central On Steroids – Show Your PhD or shut up and sit down! If you have NEVER listened to Bible Scholars and Expert Theologians sit around in a room and discuss the Bible giving their authority to some documentary on the Bible consider yourself safe for the moment. And if you have NEVER listened…Continue readingExperts In What Exactly?

For The Greater Good of All???

When people’s eyes see and ears hear, the enemy knows it’s time to wear a new disguise. Switch up the game and put on some new sheep skins. There appears to be a new approach to programming the minds of the people who are coming out from “Babylon the not so great” as they said…Continue readingFor The Greater Good of All???

President Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!

You will know the psyops by their fruits! It has come to my attention that one of the latest psyops being presented to diminish the great work of President Trump to Americans is that he sold out to the World Economic Forum and he didn’t do anything as C.I.C. to help Maui. Well the podcaster…Continue readingPresident Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!


With all of the psyops out there who do we trust? How do you know when you are being part of an information war or part of a special task force focus group to find out what you are thinking? There is one thing that is certain here… There would NEVER EVER be any good…Continue readingPROPAGANDA WARS – GAME ON!