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Eclipse 2024 – Wouldn’t ya just know it that the Total Eclipse of the heart of the land will begin at EAGLE PASS, TEXAS? From there it will CUT (they say) CUT diagonally across the nation ending at Lee, Maine…according to nationaleclipse.com.

They tell us that along the way, periods of darkness could last a mere few seconds or, in some cities, could surpass four minutes. And because of this they are sending national guard to Oklahoma… and other cities and schools will be closed. People in Oklahoma have been told to stock up on groceries (at least two weeks supply) and fill up their gas tanks. Why is that?

Obviously, and according to rumors… something strange is about to this way come.

13 states will experience the duration of what they are calling “totality”, and this “totality” will vary along the path:

image 131
Eclipse data courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, from eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov, per nationaleclipse.com.

Yet, we have (as indicated by the blue thingy’s), areas where festivals will be held to celebrate this blackout? They call it the 2024 Solar Eclipse Festival Guide Map.

There is also a map showing the route the eclipse is slated to move through as it darkens all those in its path. Again…coming up through the Pacific, into Mexico, then entering the US at Eagle Pass all the way up to Maine and out into the Atlantic toward Europe as seen on the globe map.

What else could such a route be pointing out?

image 133

The 2024 Eclipse maps and their routes have caused discussion and controversy with those who believe the earth is not a spinning globe, but a solid plain and stretched out as a seal and does not move, as the Bible says that it is. And the Standard Map of The World said it was until 1959 when it was replaced with the new globe model. But, we won’t debate that now, even though the early discoverers sailed the world with the old standard mapping, and the nations of the world navigated two world wars with the same, not to mention that Admiral Byrd made it to Antarctica with the old one as well. But the real key to it all was the old fashioned gadget called the Astrolabe that operated on the same principles.

image 134

This gadget could tell time and predict the times of sunrise and sunset for any day of the year without a need for any kind of power. It could tell the person which way they were sailing and allowed them to navigate their course. The very first GPS system. Back in the day it was like having a computer that could tell you where you are and what time it was, and all by navigating with the sun, moon and stars and of course, due north being the key. Everything always points north. Same principles as used to this very day.

image 136

And another strange thing called a compass, which always points due north. And still does to this very day. A stripped-down version of the Astrolabe.

image 135

Which bring us to the book of 1 Enoch…yes, once again.

Chapters 72-82 of 1 Enoch are also known as “The Heavenly Luminaries” and some refer to it now as the “Astronomical Books”, This part of Enoch’s writings tell how God showed him the celestial bodies and how to calculate days, nights, seasons, and how to keep track of the length of a year correctly.

In these writings Enoch is shown the brightness of the sun and the lesser brightness of the moon, along with their purposes, their rising, and how they travel, including the size of the moon and of the sun. Of which Enoch says they are the same size. Speaking of the moon, Enoch Chapter 78 says, “37. As he rises, so he sets and decreases not, and rests not, but runs day and night, and his light is sevenfold brighter than that of the moon; but as regards size they are both equal.

Read: The Book of the Heavenly Luminaries – 1 Enoch 72-82

Chapters 72-82 of 1 Enoch are the instruction of the Heavenly Luminaries (lights) also known as The Astronomical Book. This section explains the celestial bodies and how the keeping of time by days, and nights is to be done. Showing time and the length of the year as God would have man keep it throughout the ages.

  • Chapter 72 – The Sun
  • Chapter 73 – The Moon
  • Chapter 74 – Systems of Rotation
  • Chapter 75 – The Stars and Their Positions
  • Chapter 76 – The Twelve Winds
  • Chapter 77 – Four Directions, Seven Mountains, Seven Rivers
  • Chapter 78 – Names for the Phases of the Sun and Moon
  • Chapter 79 – Conclusions on the Seasons
  • Chapter 80 – Parallels Between Sinners and Seasons

Enoch 78:32- 37

32. On that day the night decreases and amounts to nine parts, and the day to nine parts, and the night is equal to the day and the year is exactly as to its days three hundred and sixty-four. 33. And the length of the day and of the night, and the shortness of the day and of the night arise–through the course of the sun these distinctions are made (lit. ‘they are separated’).

34. So it comes that its course becomes daily longer, and its course nightly shorter.

35. And this is the law and the course of the sun, and his return as often as he returns sixty times and rises, i.e. the great luminary which is named the sun, for ever and ever. 36. And that which (thus) rises is the great luminary, and is so named according to its appearance, according as the Lord commanded. 37. As he rises, so he sets and decreases not, and rests not, but runs day and night, and his light is sevenfold brighter than that of the moon; but as regards size they are both equal.

image 137

Both the sun and the moon are equal in size. So the eclipse can at least be understood as to why the moon covers the same size as the sun. 

Some maps have the names of Ninevah, Jonah, and even Rapture on them…

image 138

And then we have 2024 Eclipse maps with the towns named Salem on them.

image 139

Which brings the question as to who named these towns in the first place when they were named? I have my ideas, what are yours?

The next question is why do we have a Disaster Declaration declared for this event? And why have Mayors and Governors done so simply for tourism crowd control?

And why are people to stock up and prepare for shortages and a possible black out?

And if that isn’t strange enough… we also have “THE DEVIL COMET” riding through the firmament joining up with the Eclipse!

image 140

Apparently the Devil Comet is also known as “Pons-Brooks”, and was sighted and followed by an amateur astronomer, astrophotographer, and longtime comet-lover Dave Weixelman from Nevada City, California. It was he who discovered that Comet Pons-Brooks would be near the eclipsed Sun during totality (total eclipse) of the 2024 solar eclipse. He stated that he knew that Pons-Brooks would be reaching perihelion in 2024 as a possible naked-eye comet. So one day, he plotted the comet’s location at the date and time of the eclipse using the SkySafari software, setting the viewing location inside the path of totality in southern Texas.

He went on to say that although the viewing geometry between Earth and the comet isn’t ideal during its eclipse apparition, current predictions suggest that Pons-Brooks will appear around 5th magnitude. However, comets are fickle creatures and predictions can fall far from the mark in either direction. But assuming Pons-Brooks behaves as expected, “depending on the actual brightness of the comet during the eclipse, the comet may or may not be visible in binoculars,” says Weixelman. Read: The ‘Devil comet’ will be visible during the 2024 solar eclipse (astronomy.com)

So, people are now also looking for a nicknamed “Devil Comet” that may or may not be seen?

Which bring us to other predictions by those who are drawing their own conclusions based on their own interpretation of heavenly events.

While we are also looking at the Illuminati and Lizard people who worship Lucifer and partake in Baal type rituals and have a track record of taking advantage in things like full moons, and Total Solar Eclipse events to do their own sort of magics.

And then there is a Jewish interpretation or anticipation of the event…

And some are blaming peace in the middle east for the event… again, private interpretations and they are now tying it in with elections and Trump, using Jesuit Darby based interpretations.

And then of course… we have the Simpsons brought to you by the Tavistock/Hollywood programming. Where they always get their predictions right because they are controlling the media, and all the programming from film, TV to this type of promo on You Tube and other podcasts.

So while many believe they will find their answers to EVERYTHING on social media, the news or even from the pastors in their mega church or their own social media programming…. it is time to wake up and pull yourself out of the matrix of lies that started in the garden.

Test the spirits for yourself and if it doesn’t feel right…IT ISN’T! We are at war and this is a war that will determine who gets to control you and you are the decider. Choose God or choose mammon who rules the global world and is known in scriptures as Babylon the Great.

Don’t fall for the lies told by liars by design and don’t fall for disinformation by those trying to predict the scriptures that have been twisted. Do search the scriptures for yourself and know the nature of the battle is spiritual. Put on the full armor of God and trust in the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and DO NOT LISTEN TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA GARBLE AND DO NOT LISTEN TO THE GLOBALISTS WHO DO THE BIDDING OF THE LIZARD PEOPLE WHO HATE YOU!

Do be prepared for a possible FALSE FLAG EVENT, designed around the Solar Eclipse. The lizards always take advantage of every opportunity to deceive the masses on a huge scale.

That being said…. pray unceasing and be not deceived! Stay on the narrow road! The one less traveled!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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