That’s what this show is folks! One big Black Op!

The word “Black”  is a generic term for any government activity that is hidden or secret.

Black Budget – in the United States, some activities by military and intelligence agencies are funded by a classified “black budget“. When “classified”, details are hidden from the public and from most congressional oversight, except to a small committee “gang of eight”, that may be privi to such classified details. (The jury is out on how much they are really told, and or if they are even told the truth.) It is classified for security reasons.

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More details on the “Black Budget”…

black budget is a  covert appropriation of money (tax dollars) and part of the government budget allocated for classified or other secret operations in the US. The black budget is an account of the expenses and spending related to military research and covert operations, and complicated to figure out how it is spent, but in the United States it has been estimated to now be over US$80 billion a year, of the US $715 billion dollar American defense budget.

Which bring us to Black Operations known as “black ops: and or “covert” or “clandestine operations”.

black operation is a covert or clandestine operation by a government agency, a military unit or a paramilitary organization; it can include activities by private companies or groups. A black operation is secret, and because of this is not said to be caused by the organization carrying it out. This is how “they did it, not us” is used and often carried out in “false flag” events, among other strange things happening like watching 1.0’s and 2.0’s pushing propaganda in the “show”.

A single such activity may be called a black bag operation; that term is primarily used for covert or clandestine surreptitious entries into structures to obtain information for human intelligence operations. Such operations have been carried out individually by or in league with the FBICIA, KGBMossadMI6MI5ASISCOMANFDGSEAISECNIMSSR&AWDGFISVRFSBKuwait 25th Commando BrigadeISI and the intelligence services of other states.

The main difference between a black operation and one that is merely secret is that a black operation involves a significant degree of deception, to conceal who is behind it or to make it appear that some other entity is responsible (e.g. false flag operations).

This deception might be not telling anybody who did the operation. It might also be blaming the operation on someone else (“false flag” operations).

One example of a black operation is a “black bag operation”. A black bag operation is when agents or soldiers secretly go into buildings and collect intelligence. It is known that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence AgencyMossadMI6 and other intelligence services do operations like these.

So the plan was in the works, and they have been doing what to us for how long? And we’ve been paying for it just like the “Master Minds” behind the evil plans have said in their Lizard meetings that go back to secret societies in dark rooms hatching plans as far back as Nimrod, and as close to us as the Illuminati, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Jekyl Island, Club of Rome, Tri-lateral Commission, UN, EU, WEF et al and their hireling think tanks. Black Ops and False Flag attacks on humanity at large, which clearly falls under the actions described in “Crimes Against Humanity”.

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So when the government is facing a shut down unless budget funding is determined… the real scream is not for those relying on social security and government assistance as they are shouting out to scare the public, it appears to be more of a scream to get their billions to support their “Black Operations” to continue their clandestine attacks in their war against humanity at home and abroad!

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Which bring us to an article, “Origins of the Nuclear Black Budget”

by Alex Wellerstein, published December 5th, 2011

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Vannevar Bush, father of the nuclear black budget, looking especially crafty.

Excerpts: “…one of the earliest invocations of unusual secrecy in the project, as well. Vannevar Bush wrote to President Roosevelt at the end of 1942, telling him that accelerating the “special project” from a feasibility study (can a bomb be built?) to a development program (actually making a bomb) would cost $400 million (1942 dollars; between $5 and $10 billion today depending on how you calculate it).1

Bush’s exact language to Roosevelt was as follows:

Especially we need our instructions as to whether this program is to be vigorously pushed through. It would be ruinous to the essential secrecy to have to defend before an appropriations committee any request for funds for this project and it is therefore recommended that some time in the spring you request the Congress for the needed funds ($315,000,000 [in additional to what had already been allocated]); such funds to be expended at your discretion.

In other words, if you want the bomb, you’ve got to pay. If you want to pay, you’ve got to do it from secret funds. Roosevelt of course agreed. He was the one who had requested that the bomb be kept ultra-secret to begin with — explicitly far more secret than any other military project.

Take a look at that one more time. Who is the secrecy keeping the information from? Congress. Why? Because if you’ve decided you need to keep the bomb project a secret from Germany, then you can’t have Congress poking around in it, because Congress is traditionally as leaky as a sieve. Other correspondence shows that Bush was particularly afraid that no appropriations committee would ever be able to understand that the atomic bomb was not just science fiction, and was a worthwhile gamble. (And he was probably right — it was not a conservative approach to fighting the war at all.) Read full article:Origins of the Nuclear Black Budget | Restricted Data (

The article is a good example of how people can be sucked in to believing something is for “the good of all” and some certain thing is needed to save the nation and the world, when in reality it is designed to be deceptive and set up future strongholds that become a standard practice of procedure. Cunning and crafty deception at that!

Imagine yourself in a situation where your president or a high ranking officer comes to you and says, there is a plan to take over the nation and make us all slaves of tyranny and I need you to help stop this evil plan… and then the president tells you top secret classified information of which you must sign non disclosure forms first which would mean incarceration if you ever told a soul. And now you must decide what to do with that top secret information requiring your support of it? You are not even allowed to discuss it with anyone outside of the room you are in. How would you even know it is a good thing or a bad thing? This is how good people get entangled in bad things.

So, it’s not that hard to understand that once a person finds out they were deceived, it’s not always that easy to walk away. Many get stuck.

The same secret societies use their think tanks to write the scripts far in advance. They are always slow and steady at pursuing their goals and never stop advancing toward them… the psyop programming is part of their fun while they slowly build their global order a little at a time via black operations. They love to let you see their future plans in scripts and analyze your reactions to them. It is one of their favorite pass times! The X Files was filled with such things. So is the tv show Blacklist.

Which bring us to Psychological Operations…

Which bring us to Psyop Forces…

Which bring us to Donald Trump Jr. and his recent interview with General Flynn on his show, “TRIGGERED”.

Pictured on the front billboard of TRIGGERED is the real General Flynn 1.0. The interview shows a very good look alike but is it really the General? Will they tell us? We learn in this interview that General Flynn’s “KNOWING WHERE ALL THE BODIES ARE BURIED” is in fact “KNOWING WHERE ALL THE BLACK OPERATIONS ARE”, and “HOW THOSE WERE AND ARE ALL CARRIED OUT.”

Which bring us to Confessions of a PsyOps Officer… Can we believe this as true? Or is this another PSYOP?

I believe where the information of working with the media is true, the part where knowing nothing of witchcraft and rituals, and that being all made up is untrue. For from the ancient of days and all throughout time… ritual human and child sacrifice is very real and evidence of it is always called conspiracy by design. So remember they tell us everything and they also lie. It’s part of the psyops. This is a good example of how they try to make the truth into a lie, and a lie into a truth.

This is all back in the day when few there were who even suspected their government wasn’t telling them all the truth and everyone believed the news. So, of course they contolled both the narrative and the history of the day.

As Lara Logan found out, and as she said… pretty much they set up the stage, and you are sent to witness it, cover the story and so therefore you swear that it happened too. Recall:

And if you blow the whistle… they find something to discredit you, blame you, or some way to get rid of you.

They directly attack you, group you in with psyops as though you are a part of the psyops, or just down right eliminate you in a majority of creative ways, be it a heart attack, a plane crash, car crash, suicide or send you to jail… all the while they lie and discredit you… pin things on you from all angles – LAWFARE, and defame your reputation and character.

It appears that the very same sort of Black Op in the article below, is happening right now to President Trump and many others undergoing this type of LAWFARE.

From the articleThe man who blew the whistle”…By Rachel Millard Argus, April 18, 2015.

The report, Mr Wallace argued, was flawed and led to others not being investigated. He also claims an inquiry, which was currently being held into the abuse, has been weakened as a result of the report more than 30 years before.

The original report had not included key facts. Mr Wallace, 72, had lived in Arundel for more than 40 years, worked for the Army in Northern Ireland in the late 1960s and 1970s. He said Sir George’s conclusions, including that the military did not know about abuse allegations, meant subsequent enquiries were less searching. Key evidence was omitted and the narrative was controlled by black ops from the day it started to the day the truth of the story was exposed.

Read the excerpts from the article and see how many things are now being used in the Trump Indictments; you will then understand why General Flynn said if he had been left in his position none of this would have happened for he would have ended it. He knew where all the black op “bodies” were buried:

Excerpts: “He said: “I think the Government has to face up to the Terry enquiry because from that, from the absence of information, all subsequent enquiries were based on it. That is why the Sussex Police one is really important.

“The summary report that went to parliament says the army knew nothing. Impossible. He says there is no vice ring. Impossible. It does not disclose the fact that Terry was not allowed to interview the MI5 officer who blocked the investigation. Now come on. Those three elements of information are of such importance that their failure to be considered in the report must raise serious question marks.”

“Three senior care staff at Kincora, William McGrath, Raymond Mains and Joseph Semple, were sentenced in 1980 for abusing boys. It was seven years after Mr Wallace first tried to draw attention to alleged abuse. Allegations persisted that intelligence agencies knew about abuse of Kincora boys but let it happen, possibly for political blackmail purposes during the Troubles.

“The 1982 Sussex Police report concluded there was no “fresh or real evidence” to substantiate allegations of a pedophile ring and dismissed reports that some military circles were aware of the abuse.

“One of the officers who helped with the report, Detective Superintendent George Harrison, had overseen the case a year earlier in which Mr. Wallace was convicted of the manslaughter of Brighton antiques dealer Jonathan Lewis. He was cleared on appeal.

image 305
Colin Wallace leaves Lewes Prison in December 1986 after being released

“Former Kincora resident Richard Kerr recently came forward to say he was taken from the home to the mainland to be abused by politically powerful men. There have also been suggestions boys were taken to Brighton.

“Mr. Wallace said that is one of the reasons campaigners want the home to be part of Theresa May’s inquiry.


The wellbeing of children in residential care was not high on Colin Wallace’s list of priorities when he agreed to meet an agitated welfare worker in a cafe near the Arts Theatre in east Belfast.

The year was 1972 and the 29-year-old Army information officer had just returned from the tribunal into the Blood Sunday killings, and was focused on countering the threat from militant loyalists. Yet what he was to hear at that cafe would evolve into an ongoing saga that would consume him for the next 40 years and counting, the first thread pulled on a toxic national scandal that he claims is yet to fully unravel.
The welfare worker told him of a boy who had alleged he had been sexually assaulted at Kincora Boys’ Home by its housemaster William McGrath, already on Mr Wallace’s radar due to his loyalist paramilitary group, Tara.

 At first, he followed routine and told his superiors. Nothing happened.
Acting on, he says, the advice of his new boss General Peter Leng, Mr Wallace flagged up stories to the many national journalists covering the conflict at the time via an off-the-record briefing in 1973.

In his memo to them he did not expressly state there was child abuse at the home, but highlighted Mr McGrath’s reputation for homosexuality and the fact he ran a children’s home.  “Any journalist with an IQ of more than four would suddenly go, ‘hang on, wait a sec’,” he recalled.

Yet it took more than seven years for the first press reports about abuse at Kincora to appear – by which time Mr Wallace was in jail. That was nothing compared to the reaction from other authorities.

Frustrated at the seeming inertia, in 1974 Mr Wallace wrote a memo complaining about inaction from the police. A month later, he was told he was to be moved from Northern Ireland because his ‘life was in danger’.  Within two years, he was dismissed from the Army after leaking to the journalist Robert Fisk details designed to distract him from the Army’s black propaganda work.

Taking a less controversial job working as a press officer for Arun District Council, he did not hear the name Kincora again until four years later when he was in Lewes prison for the manslaughter of Jonathan Lewis – a conviction later overturned.
McGrath, he learned, and two others, had been convicted of abusing boys at the home. Sir George Terry, of Sussex Police, was investigating the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s handling of the allegations.  He wanted to give evidence to the enquiry. Yet he risked breaching the Official Secrets Act and jeopardising his parole if he did. Official assurance did nothing to clarify his position, he said, and the Terry enquiry went ahead without him.

Mr Terry’s report appeared in 1983, dismissing allegations in the press and making limited recommendations. Only a summary was published. Mr Wallace was dismayed.

He and a growing chorus of others believe it was the first in a long trail of officials avoiding evidence of knowledge about what was happening at the home. In 1984, Mr Wallace tried again to highlight the issue by sending a 200-page document to Margaret Thatcher.

Among the persistent allegations about the home is that intelligence agencies turned a blind eye to what was going on in order to blackmail alleged abusers, among them politically powerful men.” Read the full story: The man who blew the whistle… | The Argus

NOTE, THESE WERE EPSTEIN ACTIVE YEARS… BEFORE HE DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF. And the same “black op” business of which Epstein was involved, hasn’t stopped.

It sure appears that the corrupt US Deptment of Justice court systems are being controlled by black operations.

The question is, what does the military do in this type of military black op situation? Besides calling it the “white hats against the black hats?” Oh, and shouting “Trust the Plan”? What can be done and what is being done?

So we now have new faces with new paper clipped scripts, telling us the same things we said in 2020 and 2021 about USA, Inc. and 1871. What is their source? Could it be the truthers? Hello people!!! Or are they going to be the face of that to make that disappear too? Or turn it around that that was their “black op” plan to free us all along? After they jab us, arrest us, defame us, round many of us up, jail many, and watch many lose their businesses, livelihoods, homes, and die in mass numbers?

Keep exposing the “Black Op” organized street thugs and podcast script readers. Stay away from Illuminati riddled events with carnival barkers… and pray unceasing.

As Lin Wood says of many people, “He used to like me, until he didn’t.” With Flynn he said, “You loved me, loved me, loved me. Until you did not.”

Lin –

What happened FFFFF Flynn after April 16, 2021???

You loved me, loved me, loved me. Until you did not.

Was it because I thereafter exposed your “7 Rays of Light” “prayer???”

Or maybe you are a Freemason???

I know I have not changed as a person and have remained consistent from that day to the present. 

Have you changed, Mikey??? You sure have changed your alleged prior feelings about me!!!

Or have the lies been revealed to expose who you really were then and are (were) now???

Asking for a Friend.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸 #FIX2020

Why hasn’t Flynn used his “Black Op Clout” to end this mess like he told Don Jr. he could have done? He has blackmail on all of them… why hasn’t he used it? When is he going to show us the evidence of how he saved the day or is he just going to tell us he could have but it’s Trump’s fault? Is that the drill? Beware.

Know the game…it’s all black operations which are secret government psyops played very dirty on all humanity, and the first to hit are those at the top… which happen to be President Trump and his administration, Lin Wood, and top influencers, after them…it is YOU THE CITIZENS!

If you were fond of a good podcaster and an influencial truth bringer whose message now sounds a bit off, or looks and acts a bit different? … chances are that one is now a 2.0.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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