President Trump said, “My second term which we’re sort of having now”… Did President Trump slip up and let us know he’s still the C.I.C. publicly?

President Trump does not want the results of this Black Op Disaster called the Biden Administration’s stolen election – All the credit goes to the KM Oligarch Lizard people and all of their lizard puppets, both foreign and domestic. These lizards are choking on their tongues and their rinse and repeat black ops have fallen apart! Assets are being confiscated and no one buys their goods anymore. Watch as Babylon The Great Falls… it is falling as we speak!

It’s good to have some shouts of joy and cheering! We can use a lot of that! The lizard people hate it when that happens so cheer and shout hooray! And praise God for giving us strength to stand and be part of this great awakening! We are one Nation under God Almighty and it’s time to let the world know we aren’t with Lizard people and Mammon!!!

Many haven’t paid attention to the life of Trump and all he did for the workers and how he worked along side of them when he began his Trump Construction journey. Check it out sometime… there are so many testimonies from workers, and all sorts of everyday tax paying Americans. He has lots of good fruit but the biggest thing of all is taking on the Lizards and their global order. This is both historic and Biblical. And we are alive and living in it! That being said, make your journey one you are proud to tell your children and grand children!

What a motorcade!!! You all know what that means!

Last week, when in Iowa, Trump took questions from the audience! Listen to the answers!

He addresses what we’ve been going through and how he’s going to fix it.

Without President Trump, the wicked plans to topple America would have been accomplished and we would not be free to fight back with truth in this black psyop propaganda war! The plans were told by many along the way, and no one believed it would ever happen… and now we look back and see how the scripts were all written long ago and the show has been going on all along… you just didn’t know it.

G. Edward Griffin warned us about the coming communist takeover. He didn’t call them lizards who were infiltrating the world, but at that time, no body was… he called them communists and got the plot and script down perfect. In the video he states, “As early as 1928 the communists declared that the racial differences among our people constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point in our social fabric by constantly probing and straining at this one spot they calculated  that eventually the cloth could be torn apart and that Americans could be divided, weakened, and perhaps even set against each other in open combat.”

“Under the leadership of the communist party, the workers organize revolutionary committees to be in command of the uprising. Armed workers seize the principal government offices, invade the residences of the president, and his cabinet members arrest them and declare the old regime abolished….establish their own power.

“Now here is a piece of vicious communist propaganda that perhaps some of you have seen, it’s called the crusader. It’s written by Robert F. Williams, one of the organizers of the revolutionary action movement. In this issue of the crusader, the communist call not only for extensive chaos within the cities, but for putting to the torch every village every forest every field and every barn. (and we are watching the fires world wide on a scale even he did not foresee!)

“The plan is for raging fires from one city to the next. The reason…well, first there’s the value of sheer destruction, secondly it would force us to deploy our defenses and rescue units over the widest possible area. The communists point out that as long as our police and national  guard remain concentrated they’re invincible. But if they can be forced to spread out over the entire city and into the countryside as well, then they can be picked off from ambush one by one.

He states that the third value of massive fire to the communists is psychological. The average American they say is soft and decadent when he sees billows of black smoke rising from one horizon to the other when at night the only light he has to see by is the flickering red from flames leaping into the sky he’ll become paralyzed with fear and panic. He’ll  run away and hide and do nothing to interfere with the gorilla bands as they strike at the community’s power centers. Or so that’s what they believe.

When he spoke of the plans and weapons he had no idea they would have Direct Energy Weapons, drones, deadly vaccines, surveillance, A.I. and the entire battle would be fought to win the mind of humanity as they simultaneously depopulated them with their own permission via big pharma and cooperation from all the heads of every corporate structure that governs the way we live.

image 307

He went on to say that they say the middle class is very large but it is not accustomed to deprivation and terror. I ask you who is? Good grief! They say that because of America’s affluence it has waxed soft it has no stomach for massive fire, blood and violence. Excuse me but this sounds like the type of stuff that motivates the devil worshipers, the same ones who sacrifice children in rituals and do all manner of bloodly wicked evil things. Where they are missing the boat on all their assumptions is the fact that the American dream is an opportunity to live free without fear of all the gorilla warfare and fire in the streets. To be able to raise a family in peace and pursue a lifes work that you choose and not some blood thirsty tyrants who treat humanity like grass to be burned in the fire.

Where they say the motive force behind Americans life drive is our endless pursuit of prestige, conspicuous consumption and sensual pleasure – those words describe exactly the lizard people who gather at DAVOS and all the intellectuals who write the scripts for this type of lawlessness in their think tanks.

image 308

The tyrants script says that “a few years of violent sporadic and highly destructive uprisings will set the stage for the grand finale. After the stage is properly set through protracted struggle, America could be brought to her knees in 90 days of highly organized fierce fighting sabotage and massive firestorm.” Well, that might work in some of the nations they have toppled… but in America… true freedom loving patriots would rather go down defending themselves then surrendering to lizard blood drinkers who want to feed them bugs and take their free will away!

Griffen said, “The violent revolution becomes a primary value to the communists to the extent to which it can be used to condition the masses psychologically to accept the non-violent revolution,  which is offered supposedly as the only alternative.” This is where the intellectuals, and the podcasters who interview the pychologists like Jordan Peterson and Jan Halper come in, along with a bunch of other PhD’s. Griffen said that the communist think the little people will be hoping to avoid further violence and bloodshed, and be pressured into accepting measures that will move the country gradually and legally toward communism but without calling it that. And just like it was time to present it, Peterson gives us his ARC Project which stands for Alliance for Responsible Citizenship. OK AMERICA, IT’S TIME TO JUST SAY NO! That alliance is supposed to brain wash you into accepting climate change peacefully. Because force and destruction hasn’t worked out so well for the Lizards!

Well these steps to achieve their plan originated from the Satan Worshiper, Albert Pike, who wrote them down in 1871 for the Illuminati masons who are the Lizard ones who desire to destroy America. They show the three world wars and how to kill, steal and destroy so they can bring their Lucifer out into the light to be worshipped openly. That’s their end goal and what they believe and are pursuing.

image 309

No matter what problems the lizards create for us to face, they can only succeed if the people lose faith in God and succumb to the fear of godless people whose masters and higher eschelon eat human flesh and drink the blood of children. These are the bloody satanic ones who are filled with legions of demonic spirits. They are real and they walk among us. They are not powerful, they are only wicked and evil. if they were powerful, we wouldn’t be having this black op mind war, we would have all been wiped off the earth long ago when they first plotted this evil deed, which was in the Garden of Eden! PONDER THAT ONE!


Where is he? Is that a view from GITMO, or is he using a green screen and doing a plea bargain talk? Or is that a C.G.I.? Don’t tell me he’s been part of the plan all along… I’m not ready to buy into that one. At least not at the moment.

image 306

There’s a lot of that going around… maybe it’s a new virus? Something to do with A.I., that type of viral thingy??? Kerry has it too. How many big shots do you see that have it?

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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