DC_Draino made a list of things as to why MAGA Rep. want the USA, Inc. Goverment shut down. What can you add to that list?

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I would add, they messed with our guidelines that protected our food and water supply allowing toxic chemicals and GMO’s (messing with DNA of nature’s food sources) to be used on us. They allowed for and pushed our children to be gender confused and turning boys into girls and girls into boys. They have pushed mind control programs on all of us to confuse us and lead us astray from what is truth. They have allowed the government to be LIZARD KM OLIGARCH controlled and push communism pretending it is for the greater good of all. They use our own tax dollars to create black operations to destroy us from within.

But, most of all… they have used government systems to traffick our children through DCFS and corrupt foster care programs and organizations designed to profit human and child trafficking!

What more can you add to that list? There are many more things. Ponder it.

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@Q anon76 says, “BREAKING: As of right now, Katie Hobbs is not the Governor of Arizona –

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Republican Kimberly Yee the state treasurer is currently the Acting Governor. The reason is unknown. Katie Hobbs shouldn’t even be governor, the 2022 election was clearly rigged against Kari Lake. H/T GEORGE

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Batterys for electric vehicles that were stored at a warehouse explodes… So how do we know this event actually happened? Do we just travel over to Uzbekistan and check it out?

image 314

BATTERY BLAST – “Huge explosion ‘fuelled by EV batteries’ rips through airport killing boy, 15, & injuring 163 in blast felt for 20 miles“.

“A BOY of 15 has been killed in a giant explosion feared to have been triggered by detonating electric car batteries.

“At least 163 were also injured following the huge blast in a customs warehouse near Tashkent Airport in Uzbekistan in the early hours, which was felt up to 20 miles away.” Read: Huge explosion ‘fuelled by EV batteries’ rips through airport killing boy, 15, & injuring 163 in blast felt for 20 miles | The US Sun (

Oh yea… that Uzbekistan. Silly me… I forgot about all the “istans and stans”.

image 315

So the question is, if this did happen, why was there a warehouse of EV batteries in Uzbekistan north of Afghanistan, surrounded by other “stans”? That is a rather odd spot to have an EV battery warehouse, don’t ya think?

So we have the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is surrounded by five landlocked countries, meaning no ports to make it easy to ship out the EV batteries. However it was at an airport? But, it is also situated with Kazakhstan to the north; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Tajikistan to the southeast; Afghanistan to the south; and Turkmenistan to the southwest. Its capital and largest city is Tashkent. Uzbekistan is part of the Turkic world, as well as a member of the Organization of Turkic States. We also see that in Uzbekistan, most Uzbeks are Sunni Muslims.

And wasn’t the US, Inc. in league to create a religious war with the KM Oligarch lizard people to have chaos in the middle east and Asia? Isn’t that the ongoing war with all the man made created crisis? The one Kerry and Obama were formenting, fueling, fanning and funding? Are they formating something new here?

Or just exposing EV batteries are dangerous? Just asking.

image 322

And we can’t forget the messy withdrawl of troops by Joey Avatar Biden. The one with the people hanging on the plane going down the runway with engines that were not on for if they had been the blast would have shot them all out into the runway?

But we were told to believe it because the press reported it. Right?

image 316

But since Trump brought this up last night in his speech… it appears he wanted us to take another look at it and see who is really in charge.

Especially when Trump reminded us they said people were falling from the plane, the plane, the plane.

Black Operation? Sure looks like that. All I can say is that from the picture below, that sure looks like a good way to see your maker before the plane even leaves the runway… wait til the engine fires up. I can hear the director shouting… “Okay ready on the set… actors take your places.”

image 317

Take one…. and “Run Forest Run!” Where’s the exhaust blast from the engines? CGI? or live theater? Maybe a bit of both? They can do all sorts of things in editing.

image 318

What would have really happened if the engines were fired up on the runway?

And for those who need more proof….

Remember we are watching all sorts of Black Operations. These have all been made just for us. Aren’t we special to have so much attention, money, details and think tank script writing thrown at us, just to have us believe the many horror storys they are feeding us? It absolutely creates confusion and makes it harder to figure out if an event is real or fabricated? If it is genuine (actually happening on its own) or a false flag event (one that is preplanned by the government- an inside job).

So now that we are this far into the show… we should all be learning what they have been doing all along the way. It’s not new. They have staged events since the beginning of time. In our generations… they have created the CIA and black operations to do all the false flag events to mind control the masses to follow and depend on the government for protection. They had no clue they were being poisoned, mind controlled and experimented on like lab rats.

Now that we know… and can see their own science is tainted… and their news CGI’s would not even pass a Hollywood film test for believablity…? In fact their special effects team would be fired and replaced in a Hollywood production. And never win an oscar for special effects, and doubtful any of their 2.0’s would even be considered for best actor or even supporting actor?

Your new assignment is to find out what is true and what is false by looking at the story yourself with your own eyes and doing a bit of digging to find out the truth! Expose the lies with facts and truth!

Where as this is what’s real! It’s grass roots and on its own merit a truth that can’t be denied!

In reponse to Christy’s jab at President Trump, that someone called Porky Pig’s comment, “Hey Donald Duck. We could have talked about this if you had the guts to show up. Keep duckin.” President Trump had this response:

image 320

And the people go…..

REMEMBER YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AND CALLED! The devil and his minions know this and they hate that about you! Follow your Father God who loves you and not the devil and his minions who hate you!

image 321



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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