How A Movement Is Infiltrated… With Sly Foxes and Wolves…

Learn how they operate! They’re always looking for an opportunity to strike, they either create it or seize it. They move in fast, offer to help, then take over, reorganize, and move on up! You pay dearly for it later.

The devil is angy and his minions are swirling the drain as they pompously still have not gotten the memo that God’s children know all about their wickedness and they are all being exposed. Many have been removed, and many more are desperately trying to continue with their facade to trick the sheep.

It’s time to tell the truth about the Flynns! Then you can choose to cuddle with him and huddle in his corner and do his deeds that he assigns… or you can choose to follow truth and stop feeding the ones who are out to destroy you and herd you into their death traps! You all have free will to choose.

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Know the enemy and know the drill. The road show is road kill! Know that and if you still love it, then love it to death! And follow the Flynn’s all you desire. My heart goes out to all the good people who have fallen for the deceit and the lies. Where do we begin… there is so much to tell. This will be two parts. We will start out and just go with the flow.

The enemy will tell you one thing… and do another. He or her will even act out a nice script. He or her has to in order to have you trust and believe him or her.

Please Note: Stone has on his X account that he is a Trump-loyalist…

image 237

And he has his 2024 pick…

image 247

Let’s go to “intheMatrixxx”…

image 233

President Trump highly recommended the book by General Kellogg.

image 243

This book exposed General Flynn and others.

image 234

Remember Flynn lasted less than 30 days in the White House before he achieved mistrust at a critical mass level according to the White House spokesman. He was fired. He is not what we were all gaslighted to believe. But, being good hearted people… we jumped on the bandwagon because we were not told the truth and the truth is what will set you free. For legal reasons it was a secret… now the secret is being told.

Here are some excerpts from the book….

image 235

And what do you think President Trump was doing when he picked certain staff?

I believe he was draining the swamp by inviting the rats in to chew on stuff and tell on themselves. He caught them all he said. I believe him, do you? The Art of War – Sun Tzu….

image 236

General Kellogg said, “Our problem was that we did not always know who our enemies were, in some cases they were our own political appointees!!!

And that is the very same issue we the people are facing! We do not always know who our enemies are!

image 239

Not even when people tell us. Let’s just do some testimonies in a roll out…

image 240

Those who know, know Obama is not for America… yet many people still follow Obama and love him. See how this works?

image 244
image 241

You have to observe and ask the right questions. We can all do that when it comes to our kids and our spouse… why do we have a hard time when it comes to those who lead movements?

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Remember how the game is played with their rules…

Their playbook says…. “Infiltrate, be one of them, earn trust, spy, take over the movement, organize it, and control it. Now you control the narrative and lead the sheep off the cliff, and keep them from waking up. Make sure they keep their eyes on you as their shepherd and remain loyal to you and everything you say. Make them wait for your truth with baited breath. Tell them your narrative and they will believe you. Mix truth with your agenda and call those who call you out a liar. Say someone else did that or you don’t know what they are talking about.  (Gaslight, gaslight, gaslight!) Keep your control by being a martyr and blame the good guys for anything you did that was bad. (Gaslight, gaslight, gaslight!)  

Remember they are never the ones losing their minds… They shout it’s  always you. You are the one that needs to pay attention, you are the one that didn’t listen, didn’t hear it right, took it out of context, exaggerated and down right lied. You are the liar not them. They will pay someone money to lie about something you did that you didn’t do.

They will set up situations that appear to be one way when it is another. They use all forms of blackmail sources to control people. They are always out to set up honey pot traps then blackmail others to do favors or else.

Remember they are everywhere. Operatives walk among us. We are in a live, interactive game of CIA operatives walking about in both black hats and white hats. We are now in the game of the MI6 and CIA… just trying to get our groceries and take care of our families. They are not here to help. They are here to harm and take over.  

If you are stressed out by trolls on social media, you will never make it face to face with these sorts. Don’t even try to. Run from them! Their specialty is taking down good people who never did anything wrong. It is their word against yours. Look what they have and yet are still doing to President Trump and everyone who supports him who is an influencer. They even stoop so low to send out street fighters to take the innocent down on the streets.

They create chaos then come to the rescue with an answer. Look around and once you see the game and know how they play it, you can predict the next thing coming.

They use Shepherd Accounts:

image 245


Let’s begin with this tip I received from Ultra Maga… she wants to know who’s behind the evil things that Tore described in a video, such as how they black mail, and set people up and take them out?

image 246

Tore knows because she works with them. You know them from their Thrive Time Movement… The Road Show…. Meet The Flynns! And the Byrne and CIA.

image 248

The sign says, #Gen Flynn 2024 #Walk away #We stand with Gen. Flynn #Clear Flynn Now. This is from 2018.

It appears they had a plan to have Flynn as president in 2024. Was the deep state plan to have VP Flynn for two terms then slide him into the presidency? What went wrong? Oh he lied to the FBI and got in trouble. But, this was posted Sept. 7, 2018? What did he mean by #walk away, when he was referring to Flynn? Do they blame Trump because Trump fired Flynn? Due to Flynn’s lies and reaching, quote, “A critical mass of distrust”?  That is what the White house spokesman said of his firing.  So is there a vendetta playing out that we are supposed to see? Something we are supposed to learn on our own for if they told us we just wouldn’t have believed them at all. We can’t even call the fake podcasters out without having their favorite followers call the truth a lie.

I recall in clips on Telegram, back when it was going down live, Tore was in trouble (or so she said) and her cell phone had been wiped clean by Flynn’s people and she had a lot of her university test information on it including online informations, and all her contacts, all of that cost her, her grades and a host of other issues. The Flynn help never came, she then spoke out on all she had done, and how she felt set up and used, to keep her quiet. Or something along that line…there was a lot of posts and I am just recalling the main focus point from memory recall. So don’t quote on exact phrases, but know it was quite the back and forth of attacks.

What is better documented is that Tore was a key witness in the Dominion Voting Case and believed she was helping Flynns and they were on her side. She trusted them. So she said.

In an article from December 24, 2020, by the Washington Post Titled: “Sidney Powell’s secret intelligence contractor witness is a pro-Trump podcaster”  By Jon Swaine, it tells a huge story about who Tore is.

Swaine highlights Tore’s backstory. Here are some excerpts. My input is in bold italics in brackets. Also, I added extra photos here and there, to jazz it up a bit.

About Tore….her full name is Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman.

image 249
Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman appears on Valley News Live VKX4’s segment POVnow on March 12, 2019. (Gray Media Group, Inc., KVLY)


“Maras-Lindeman also claimed that she was targeted by the state for political reasons, noting that around that time she was exploring running for mayor of Minot — under the slogan “Make Minot Great Again.” She said that in 2018 she assisted the campaign of David C. Thompson, the Democratic challenger to longtime Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem (R). Thompson, is now Maras-Lindeman’s defense attorney. (Note. Thompson is a democrat and Tore is an alleged Trump supporter… just a possible  red flag.)

“Federal judges have rejected all four of the complaints Powell has filed, two of which — in Wisconsin and Arizona — included Maras-Lindeman’s affidavit.

“In Wisconsin, a federal judge ruled that Powell’s request that the results of the election be overturned is “outside the limits” of the court’s power. Attorneys for Gov. Tony Evers (D), in seeking the dismissal, said the complaint was “rampant with wild speculation and conspiratorial conclusions, and simply without any basis in law or fact.”

“A federal judge in Arizona wrote that allegations “that find favor in the public sphere of gossip and innuendo cannot be a substitute for earnest pleadings and procedure in federal court” and “most certainly cannot be the basis for upending Arizona’s 2020 General Election.”

“Powell has appealed the cases to the U.S. Supreme Court, where she is seeking to have them consolidated.  (Remember everything Powell and Giuliani tried was blocked and all of this was ongoing. The movement to look into the elections due to all the strange things that appeared to be fraudulent, had begun and was going forward.)

“Maras-Lindeman, who goes by Tore (pronounced “Tory”), spent recent weeks in Washington with a group of fellow Trump supporters working to bolster Powell’s legal campaign, according to social media posts and statements on her podcast, “Tore Says.” The group included Millie Weaver, a former correspondent for the far-right website Infowars, who released a documentary over the summer — “Shadowgate” — that helped propel Maras-Lindeman to prominence among conspiracy theorists on the right.”

“Thompson said in an interview that the case was a “vindictive exercise” and was excessive given the relatively small amounts of money in question. “They took a missile to kill a fly,” he said.

“In an interview, Stenehjem — who signed a brief this month asking the Supreme Court to take up a case that sought to overturn the election — dismissed the claim that his investigation was politically motivated and said that anyone working with Maras-Lindeman should “back away” from her.

“In a text message, Powell did not directly address questions about Maras-Lindeman’s fraud case and credentials. “I don’t have the same information you do,” she wrote to The Post.

“Powell’s lawsuits — litigation she has referred to as “the kraken,” after a Scandinavian mythological sea monster — rely in key respects on a handful of anonymous expert witnesses. Among them is a purported military intelligence expert identified in court filings as “Spyder.” The Post reported this month that the witness is an I.T. consultant named Joshua Merritt who has never worked in military intelligence. Rather, Merritt spent the bulk of his decade in the Army as a wheeled-vehicle mechanic.

“Like Merritt, Maras-Lindeman told The Post she had never spoken directly to Powell or anyone working on her legal team. She said she distributed the affidavit widely to like-minded people and was unaware it had come to Powell’s attention until it appeared as an exhibit in one of her cases.

(Are you smelling the psyop set up yet? So subtle with a bit or a lot of gaslight fumes. It gets better.)

Maras-Lindeman’s 37-page affidavit outlines a purported conspiracy by the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems, which sells voting machines used in some states, and Scytl, a Spain-based firm that provides election software. She claims that votes cast on Dominion machines in key states were hacked as they passed through Scytl tallying systems and rigged in favor of Biden.

image 250

(The question is…how did Tore know all this? How did she know where to look?)

“The vote is not safe using these machines not only because of the method used for ballot ‘cleansing’ to maintain anonymity but the EXPOSURE to foreign interference and possible domestic bad actors,” she writes in the affidavit. (Who helped Tore with the affidavit?)

(The infiltration is successful, but for who? And Why?)

”Maras-Lindeman told her listeners on Dec. 7 that she was speaking from “the belly of the beast” and that a group of Trump loyalists was working to take action against those who had stolen the president’s victory. (She’s on Trump’s side right? That’s what she sounds like, and that’s how she and all of the sly foxes and wolves win your trust. You’ll see later. Smile.)

“There are really good people — patriots — gathered, working hard to ensure that they not only get to the bottom of what happened during this election . . . but they’re also seeking to prosecute,” she said.

(Enter Master Minders…. Are you seeing the infiltration yet? Watch and see with fresh eyes…recall what you know now that you didn’t know then, and watch how sneaky the sly wolves and foxes are.)

“Maras-Lindeman spent time at Trump’s hotel in downtown Washington and interviewed Patrick Byrne, the millionaire founder and Trump backer who has said he is funding a team of “cybersleuths” to scrutinize the election. Byrne and Maras-Lindeman told The Post he is not funding her. (They never do, right? They just happen to find each other? Right? Followers will be paying her like they do all the “go fund me’s” who work for the stake holders.)

(Here it comes… wait for it!) “In past episodes, Maras-Lindeman has discussed conspiracy theories, including one that baselessly accused high-ranking Democrats of human trafficking centered at a D.C. pizzeria. In an episode last year, she said, “What we realize is that this Pizzagate stuff, this satanic constant abuse of children, is an actual real thing.” (Remember this, it will be important later.)

More Excerpts further into the article: “Maras-Lindeman, who is of Greek heritage, joined the Navy in December 1996 and spent eight months training in Illinois and Florida as an airman recruit before departing the service in August 1997, according to a Navy record.

“In their civil case, North Dakota state attorneys said that Maras-Lindeman created a profile on Together We Served, an online veteran community, that incorrectly depicted an extensive military career.

The profile, which is no longer online, said that Maras-Lindeman reached the rank of lieutenant, served in the combat zones of Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, and in the Office of Naval Intelligence, and was awarded multiple medals including a Purple Heart. (Wow. That was quite a lot to get wrong?)

“In the interview, Maras-Lindeman denied creating the profile and said whoever did had misstated the details of her career. She previously posted to Twitter a purported copy of her Navy separation paperwork, which said that she specialized in communications and intelligence.

“Neither the record provided to The Post nor the paperwork Maras-Lindeman posted online stated a reason for her departure, but the papers she posted said that the character of her discharge was “general (under honorable conditions).”

“In response to questions about the nature of the discharge, a Navy spokesman referred to the Navy Military Personnel Manual. The manual said it means, “The quality of the member’s service has been honest and faithful; however, significant negative aspects of the member’s conduct or performance of duty outweighed positive aspects of the member’s service record.”

In her affidavit, Maras-Lindeman identifies herself as a former “private contractor with experience gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence” and says that from 1999 to 2014 she had responsibility for delegating tasks to other contractors working for the United States and allied nations. She stood by that account in her interview with The Post.

(Well, that is quite a yarn… but just say it was someone else who said that, right? But wait… it gets better.)

“In a court filing in North Dakota last year, she wrote that she had worked as a contractor since 1996 and had been “a vendor with certain programs associated with USSOCOM,” the U.S. Special Operations Command. A spokesman for the command said in an email that its contracting office could find no record of any contract with her.

“She claimed in Weaver’s documentary that, as an intelligence contractor, she carried out a notorious 2008 intrusion into the State Department’s passport records on several presidential candidates. In a separate podcast interview, she said that she retrieved the records on direct orders from John O. Brennan, who then led a private security firm implicated in the incident and was later CIA director. “I went and got them,” she said. “He told me to go get them.”

“A spokesman for Brennan said that Brennan had never heard of Maras-Lindeman.

(So is Tory CIA? A college student, A Trump supporter?  An infiltrator?  Or an informant?)

Maybe she’s the Secretary of State of Ohio?

image 251

Naw, they wouldn’t even let her run their elections, so that’s out. Unless she decides to just fib a bit and tell people she is??? But then if she gets caught it will be someone else said it, or got it wrong? Smile. Judge rules against podcaster seeking to run Ohio’s elections (

Back to the article by Swaine: “Maras-Lindeman told The Post that, by its nature, her covert work could not be independently verified. “People like me don’t exist,” she said. “You just have to trust.”

(So she’s working for Brennan who was out to get Trump, and we are to trust her? Even though she doesn’t exist because she does covert work?)

“According to a LinkedIn profile that has since been deleted, between 1997 and 2014 Maras-Lindeman obtained eight academic degrees in the United States and the United Kingdom, along with additional professional qualifications. The attorneys in the fraud case said in court filings that they could find records of her earning only one degree, a bachelor’s in biology from the University of Kentucky in 2011. (Well that’s because CIA operatives get paper clipped identities and she can have as many qualifications as she needs. Ask Flynn and Byrne how that all works.)

“Maras-Lindeman told The Post someone else created the profile — despite claims to the contrary by state attorneys in the fraud case — and she declined to comment on its particulars. (Remember just say someone else did that. It works. In this case it could be the CIA?)

After obtaining the degree, Maras-Lindeman and her family moved to Beaverton, Ore.

(Here she goes again… new assignment? Or just on the run? Who is this family that follows their child everywhere she goes even when she is an adult, a veteran, and works for CIA? Remember she said people like her don’t exist.)

She took a voluntary job teaching Greek at Agia Sophia Academy, a private Greek Orthodox school in Beaverton. Her archived biography on the school’s website used the title “Dr.” and said she had a PhD. Attorneys for North Dakota later said in a court filing in the fraud case that Maras-Lindeman “is not a doctor and does not possess a PhD from any institution.” (By now we either have a compulsive liar or a confirmed CIA undercover operative. One associated with the people who want Trump gone at any cost. What are you thinking?)

“The school’s principal, Christina Blankenstein, said in an email that the school could not vouch for Maras-Lindeman’s professional record because her position was unpaid. Maras-Lindeman worked at the school for between a year and two years, Blankenstein said.

“In the interview, Maras-Lindeman said the school must have misunderstood paperwork she gave them saying that she was a PhD candidate. (And this woman is a witness for Sidney? Did Sidney do a back ground check? Just asking.)

“After she moved to North Dakota, Maras-Lindeman asserted in series of small claims court cases that she was a pediatric oncologist, attorneys for North Dakota said in a court filing. As recently as November 2017, a website for a purported cancer research organization named “ML Laboratoriesreferred to her as “Dr. Tore Maras-Lindeman” and said she was its founder.

(I mean you just can’t make this stuff up. It has “undercover something paperclipped”  written all over it! And it stacking up as tall as a redwood tree!)

Maras-Lindeman also used an email address and Twitter handle identifying herself as “Dr. Lindeman.” She told The Post she reserved the accounts so they would be ready for her when she earned a doctoral degree. (Now I’ve heard everything!!) Read the whole story here:  Sidney Powell secret witness is Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman – The Washington Post

So now we know Torey is either mentally messed up with her identity, or is Ultra Mind Controlled, or is a CIA undercover operative, just like Byrnes, or has  gotten involved infiltrating and tells lies to create new scenarios that add to the scripted story as they infiltrate. But pay no attention to Torey… look at Liz Crokin and Lara Logan … they are really honest, even though they are working with the same group of people and now heading up some of the same cool stuff, like one of the Flynn Foundations that also caters to human and child trafficking to rescue kids. The same one that Tore is all pro about. But that’s another story all together. Maybe part 2?

Meanwhile our new trusted Jan Halper Hayes (the one that said to listen to what Flynn says more than Trump) is on the Tore show and they are saving America and all the little sheep!

And now we know when Tore Says whatever she says, she will not remember saying it tomorrow, unless she’s not questioned. And that my friends is how they infiltrate us. They do so enjoy it. The Flynn driven movement with all the backing of the international lizards. They have their entire global takeover at stake and they are going to do whatever it takes. They have to have the Christian and patriot sheep. If they lose them, they lose the war. They believe we are stupid and have no idea that we are just kind, loving and trusting. And they view that as our weakness and prey off it. God calls it our strength. We are just letting our Father God take care of this and ready to do whatever he tells us to do. He hears us and he’s not happy with the ones who are doing this to his children. That I know. Watch what my Father does! Amen.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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