The Doctrine of Discovery

THE TRUTH IF YOU CAN DIGEST THE MEAT! IF NOT….THIS ARTICLE IS NOT FOR YOU. What part of world wide are we not remembering when it comes to what is happening here? We all have our own imaginations, our own memories…and our own way of using our thinking processes, yet, we aren’t always looking at…Continue readingThe Doctrine of Discovery

Be Not Deceived!

MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE APPLIES TO AMERICA TODAY! Remember in the real world of normal, there is and has always been twisted truth, fake news, propaganda, and disinformation. The rules of the left are whatever they decide at the moment…i.e. there are no rules, it is strictly lawlessness and today it is…Continue readingBe Not Deceived!

Sidney Is Smiling… Why?

SIDNEY POWELL GETS TO ASK QUESTIONS TO DOMINION’S ERIC COOMER! Sidney Powell was granted by the court to have a Two Hour Deposition of Eric Coomer to ask all the questions she can ask in that time frame for September 23rd, today! Sidney, I am sure had her great, fantastic, questions ready and I only…Continue readingSidney Is Smiling… Why?

Faith, God, Trump, Clement!

Donald Trump tells Maria Bartiromo on Fox, Biden is not running the Country, they have a Cabal that’s running it. Maria asked President Trump about Biden’s Economic Agenda losing credibility and not getting things passed through and Trump answered that Biden did have a chance to not get it through as Biden has lost credibility.…Continue readingFaith, God, Trump, Clement!

AWAKEN-Look and See!

Why does everything start in a basement? Or a garage? Or a shed? Or a van down by the river? First Australia, then Great Britain???? Well, well…Biden’s doing it too. Will they succeed or will they be sent back to their basements? So, did I hear that correctly? OPERATION PITTING???? If the Taliban,,,that was TALIBAN,…Continue readingAWAKEN-Look and See!


GOOD MORNING – REMEMBER, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP WON! We are just getting started! The USA is awake and the world is marching with us! We are marching into the Kingdom that is ours to have – a Kingdom of Sovereignty and Freedom For all Citizens of the World! God is at the front and…Continue readingUSA WINNING!

Good Morning-Still Here…

Not sure what secret code this may be indicating…but to me this looks like part of the show. The show of the fake president who stole the election. Is he making a narrow escape…or just doing a drive by? Wish this was just a made up photo…but it’s real. And this is what having a…Continue readingGood Morning-Still Here…

Bringing Down Giants

When David fought the Giant, he was not a soldier. He was a shepherd and a youth, how did he do it? Can We do the same? When David, was a youth he was sent by his father Jessie to send food and supplies to King Saul and his men who were at battle with…Continue readingBringing Down Giants


The cry of the mothers has now begun! No more child ritual abuse, no more drinking adrenochrome of our children! Five mothers have found their voice in this song. They cry out about the suffering of all children who experience terrible things. And they sing of courage, hope and of a world that no longer…Continue readingCRY OF THE MOTHERS


Laughter is good medicine is a saying that is so true. It is also Biblical! Proverbs 17:22 – A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. America’s Frontline Doctors have taken “The Uncensored Truth Tour” to Cities Across America to Help Physicians and Patients Stand Up for Science, Freedom, and…Continue readingUSE HUMOR TO WIN!