UN Vote On Nation Sovereignty Versus RESET

With the UN WHO vote coming up to give national sovereignty over to the United Nations and their New World Order that will tell all nations what they can and cannot do in any emergency…and to determine what you do with your own body and all rights to jab, hack or rid it goes to…Continue readingUN Vote On Nation Sovereignty Versus RESET

RESET = Have Nothing, Be Nothing, Go Broke!

And that’s not a HAPPY future! The Great RESET was planned a long time ago and it has been rolled out and now the people around the world are waking up and realizing they meant what they said, and they are actually implementing all of it. While some still think they can vote evil out…Continue readingRESET = Have Nothing, Be Nothing, Go Broke!

Add Flat Earth Versus Globe, To The Rest of the Debates…

Evolution versus Creation, Moon Landing versus Hollywood Production, RESET versus Freedom, God versus Alien Universe, Ukraine verses Russia, Republicans versus Democrats, Christians versus Atheists, Roe versus Wade, Right versus Wrong, and on and on and on…. Satan versus God is the ultimate debate of all… for all of the above debatable issues stem from the…Continue readingAdd Flat Earth Versus Globe, To The Rest of the Debates…

And The Groundhog Says…

Ground Hog Day kinda came and went for most people as we were wondering what our lives were going to be like today and weren’t looking closely at tomorrow, let alone the next six weeks. So, for those who aren’t aware of Groundhog Day, it’s a tradition celebrated in North America and the story goes…Continue readingAnd The Groundhog Says…

Who’s Winning?

Not sure how it’s being done, but it sure looks like with all the doubles and C.G.I.’s we are winning. Meanwhile no one knows for sure, so don’t let up as nothing is as it appears! We need to back our real President! Is this a CGI or a double? Or is it the real…Continue readingWho’s Winning?

Another One Under The Bus!

Who will be next? Throwing Sidney Under The Bus… Yep? We know from Lin Wood that Byrne, the guy that believes Christians who believe in God and Jesus are just Kooky and proclaims to believe in a more eastern philosophy of worship, or religion … he bla, bla, bla’d all that and also in his…Continue readingAnother One Under The Bus!


The game is on. It started in 2020 and continues to this day. I am recyling an article from Dec. 7, 2020. Just to remind you of the game and the rules. To begin the game,  you must choose your side. If you choose the red pill, you are MAGA, patriotic and awake and must…Continue readingWELCOME TO 2020 -RED PILL, BLUE PILL, 30 PIECES OF SILVER – CHOOSE

Answer The Call To Win –

Hang in there! The battle may be raging, but God’s people are in the shelter of His Son and The Power of HIS Holy Spirit! Our Father who art in heaven has every one of his children counted and knows who belongs to Him… no one and nothing can take what belongs to God! THEREFORE…Continue readingAnswer The Call To Win –

The Power Is Within You!

GOD HAS TRUMP DOING WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO, NOW IT’S TIME TO SEE WHAT GOD HAS NEED FOR YOU TO DO… The time has come to remember what took place leading up to the January 6th event and what made the communists tremble on that day. It wasn’t just that day…it was the entire…Continue readingThe Power Is Within You!

Discernment A Commodity…

So this is going down today…. anyone heard anything about this one? There are two takes on this one…I vote for false flag. And how about you? Meanwhile ….here we go……. down under the pro vaxers hit the streets. …and so do those who stand for freedom! Will someone tell General Flynn et al, that…Continue readingDiscernment A Commodity…