The 2023 “Mo Money Award” Goes To Netanyahu!

Why do they always ask, ask, ask, for more, more, more and there is never enough?

The 2023 award for war funds was going to Zelensky in Ukraine, up until Netanyahu beat him out in a surprise move in October 23…. so the 2023 award goes to Netanyahu of Israel!

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Just when Zelensky thought he had it all… the tide turned and Israel’s plea to start world war III out did Zelenskys meager attempts against Russia, Russia, Russia. But that was just the beginning. Mo money is needed. Mo, mo, mo! Read: Netanyahu promises billions in government aid to battered north | The Times of Israel

But mammon doesn’t stop there… it just begins there!

Before election the emails flood that the politician needs more money. After election the emails flood that now they need more money in order to vote the right way, or bring a bill forward, or fight for what they ran on, or something like that? Everyone seems to always need more money to do what ever it is they promised they would do once elected with your monetary support.

They wake up in the morning and need more money to go to the bathroom! They need more money to brush their teeth~ and more money to have their coffee!

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Pay, pay, pay your taxes, pay your fair share to keep everything and everyone rolling in their dough! Give to other nations first and make sure it’s billions and no less than big millions! If the little one can’t pay… he’s out on the street, so make sure you pay so you can stay! Mammon has spoken.

It’s not just politicians. There are many Pastors who say pay or you will not be blessed by God… what God are they talking about? Is it Mammon or the God of Abraham? Then there are pay-triots who shout pay more so we can continue to bring you the truth as they are stuck on the info from 2020 or before? Then there are those who shout…. all sorts of riddles and if you want to hear them solved…send more or sign up and pay monthly. Donate, buttons are on their foreheads and on their hands and they shout… send, send, send!

Money makes the world go round, and round, and round! It is the SPINNING BALL AND THE WRECKING BALL!

So take a spin and see where the wrecking ball lands you? Will it give you what it promised or will it make you a slave to the master who gave it to you? If you become entrapped and lose your free will, then you know who it came from. It is Mammon who chokes the one he gives it to.

If you are blessed with prosperity and are free to give to those in need, then you know that the blessing came from the Lord. For the Lord blesses those he knows with good hearts who will help others in need. And there are many in need because of other people’s greed!

That being said… there are many good people and causes to financially support if you can do so.

If you don’t trust what a good cause is… look around in your own life as you go about your daily affairs. If you see someone struggling, help them. If your heart is heavy for someone… see what you can do to help them. It is as simple as that. You don’t need to pay an organization that takes the first few millions sent to them to operate their hot lines. Take your money right to the person that fell through the cracks. God will show you who that one is. Amen. It’s time to get on with the Lord’s simple method of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. God never made things complicated. Mammon is the guilt tripper and complicator of the world. Mammon operates from mind control, mis and dis information and deceit. God operates from the hearts of men and women.

That being said…

This world of LAWFARE has made it impossible for a good person to defend themselves from made up attacks on their character and accusations that are simply not true. Yet, the person has to defend themselves because the courts are corrupt and run by Mammon and his minions. Many end up making pleas NOT because they are guilty, but simply because they ran out of money, or had none, and refuse to play the game of Mammon. Many innocent people have been harmed because of Lawfare Mammon rules of the Crown of Babylon the Great who holds the B.A.R. and hits inncocent people over the head with it! All while crooks go free.

We see Mammon’s slithering attacks at every turn and in our face as we watch President Trump face indictment after indictment and even Lin Wood, both being blamed for everything from before the flood up to this very day and way off into the future. What on earth is going on here folks?

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Lin Wood recently put out a list of things he is denying ahead of time. He said:

I am young enough to remember that in January of 2021, I was falsely accused of instigating January 6 and being responsible for the death of Ashli Babbitt!!! I was also falsely accused of flipping the U.S. Senate to Democrat control!!! Are you kidding me???

“These accusations are and were always errant nonsense. I had nothing to do with January 6 or the “death” of Ashli Babbitt. I was not within “missile distance” of Washington, D.C. on or before January 6. I certainly do not have the power to determine which political party “controls” the United States Senate!!! Deep State Propaganda. Know it when you see it or hear it.

“God gives us eyes to see. See. God gives us ears to hear. Hear. God gives us common sense. Use it.” – Lin Wood.

Lin also decided to speak out ahead of time and let everyone know that he did not do a host of future accusations that may or may not be directed at him. He made a declaration for those who can see and hear….

Lin, “I like to get out in front of the next false accusation against me. Do not be deceived or misled by lies and the liars. If WW3 occurs, I am NOT responsible for its occurrence!!! No matter what the Deep State operatives say!!! Maintain your sense of humor. I do.”

“Let me get out in front of the false accusations below that the Deep State could make against me before they are made:

  1. I was not responsible for the War of 1812.
  2. I was not responsible for the Civil War.
  3. I was not responsible for World War I.
  4. I was not responsible for World War II.
  5. I was not responsible for the Korean War.
  6. I was not responsible for the Vietnam War.
  7. I was not responsible for 9/11.
  8. I was not responsible for the Iraq War.
  9. I was not responsible for the Afghanistan War.
  10. I was not responsible for the unlawful 2020 election.

“When it comes to responsibility for the Revolutionary War fought for our nation’s independence, I take the Fifth Amendment.

“I just want the record to be clear on what I did and did not do.

“Just sayin.’” Lin wood.

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But wait…that’s not all…

“To cover ALL bases, I was not responsible for the assassinations of President McKinley, President Lincoln, or President Kennedy.

“And I NEVER publicly or privately called for the assassination of former Vice President Mike “Dense” Pence.

“Have I covered it ALL or do you have any more questions on what I did and did not do???

Oh, one other thing. I was not responsible for the Great Depression.

“I did not get involved in investing in the stock market until around 2010 and I got out of the stock market in early March of 2020 when I realized it was rigged.

“I thereafter invested my hard-earned money in land and a VERY few thousand dollars in hard silver.

“I have no expertise in financial investments. I just go with my gut instincts. My gut tells me to avoid those things that are FAKE or rigged. What does your gut instinct tell you???

“I was not responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs. I believe we have all the “liquid gold” a/k/a oil that we need right under our feet!!!

“Find another culprit to blame for the extinction of dinosaurs which never existed in the first place!!!

“It ain’t me!!!”

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

All that being said… if you ever wanted to meet Lin Wood…here is a great event to meet him in person at! And a good cause.


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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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