President Trump Says A.I. Is the Most Dangerous Thing We Are Facing!

Anybody can make up anything and it looks so real even the experts can’t tell the difference!

So there you have it, right from President Trump to you!

He stated that they are even using him in ads he knew nothing about and never endorsed, nor ever would endorse through A.I. technology and computer graphic imaging.  

So is President Trump letting us know that most of what we are watching is C.G.I. and made up videos from Central Casting and video editing rooms that is not what is really taking place at all? That sure sounds like what he is telling us all. What do you think?

Who else has been telling us this sort of truth? If you are not hearing this from your sources, perhaps you need to ask them why they seem to believe that everything is as it is shown. What are they showing you?

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We know that Lin Wood has been sticking his neck out showing pics and clips of fake people for a very long time and sometimes it takes a while for the people to see the same truth to catch up with his discernment. But, then again… that is how it works. One can only warn others. It is up to the watchman to warn and Lin is a watchman. He is not out to trick anyone. He is simply doing God’s will to share what he has been shown. It is up to the individual to examine the evidence and take it before the Lord for discernment. Each has to make their own decisions.

All I know is when the wise dog named “Hero”, points the tail… it is wise to heed the warning and to test it to see if it is so or not. Smile. Hero is generally never wrong. Be it truth or lie… Hero spots it and you decide. Smile.

image 28

Lin Wood –

Hero wants me to again inform and remind you that his tail point only suggests that you do the research, connect the dots, and draw your own conclusions as to the individuals or groups to whom he points his tail.

Hero is a kind and loving puppy.

In fact, Hero gives his complete and total endorsement to those at whom he points his tail. I think Hero would make a great President. We need a “good dog” to hold that office.

We have had enough “bad dogs” serving in high offices. Thank God that he gave us President Trump. I think President Trump is a “good dog!!!”

What do you think??? Your opinion matters to me.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

image 29

COVID DEPOPULATION REPORT: Meanwhile, this next message is sad and not placed here to gloat. This is the result of listening to the main stream RESET, mis and disinformation and shows just a few of the more notable victims who carried out the dark evil depopulation jab agenda because of believing CDC, WHO, Fauci, Birx, Fake News et al, and or impatience. They truly believed the lies they were told. Sadly, their deaths were tragic and in vain. They did not stop the RESET agenda, and most sadly were not publicized like their boasts of taking the jab were publicized. Therefore… proving they were just a number to the wicked ones who were and are yet still out to depopulate.

So as they prepare for Disease X, What has civilization learned? I suspect there will be many who repeat the same mistakes and rush out to get whatever poison is recommended. Others will resist. There is nothing new under the sun. What will it take to get more who have been fooled to look around and see the nature of the war being fought? Crimes against humanity is now the consensus among many in high places.

Also today, Lin pointed out Dr. Phil’s border report… he seems to have been behind the bars and reading a script. 2.0 or just Dr. Phil having a bad day remembering what to say. What’s up with that? Dr. Phil usually always knows what he’s going to say… except he’s a bit foggy in this one. Maybe it’s the bars? What do you think?

Meanwhile, Ariel Prolotario1 on X Questioned Kari Lake:

“Kari Lake what are you trying to run for? Governor? Senator? Vice President? You can not seem to make up your mind. I wonder why that is? You worked in CIA liberal media for decades. I mean your aspirations are pretty big from coming from a newscaster job. You worked at Fox 10/CIA for 22 years. Which is owned by James H. Gray Communications which owns 180 stations across the US in 113 markets. Sounds like a monopoly on the free flow of info. Because this same station made sure info about Barrack Obama administration remained buried.

“Out if all of the stations it owns none were allowed to do any independent journalism about the P*dos, human trafficking, drug cartels, biolabs in Ukraine, CPS Kidnapping of children etc. Which of course you had no problem with because you had a nice cozy job on television for two decades+. All of the subsidiary networks owned by Gray Communications. NKRN-TV in Nashville, Tennessee WTEN in Albany, New York; repeater WCDC- TV in Adams, Massachusetts; and an SSA with WXXA-TV WRIC-TV in Richmond, Virginia WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin KWQC-TV in Davenport, lowa KELO-TV in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and its translators throughout South Dakota KLFY-TV in Lafayette, Louisiana.  All of these stations said Joe Biden won the 2020 election. You worked for the most corrupt media known in the history of this nation.

“Now all of a sudden you had this new attitude about how you will hold news networks accountable? The same corrupt stations you worked for? But forget about all of that. As reported by Watch The Water (On Telegram) Remember, election fraud happened in Maricopa County! The Super Bowl is being played in Glendale which is Maricopa County! Human trafficking is huge in Maricopa County! Kari Lake held a ton of rallies in Maricopa County! Tons of Cemex Plants and the child trafficking camps were found in Maricopa County! What is it about Maricopa County?

“You know what forget all of that as well. I remember when you were endorsed by Glenn Youngkin. (Major Red Flag) Will cover this later. Kari, remember when you said you can not be bought? Then where did you get that private mystery 2 million dollars from for your campaign? Do not tell me it was from a foreign donor? Because the company it was sent through SPH Medical LLC was not even registered as a legal company. Are you committing election fraud Kari Lake?

image 30

“Remember when the theatrical ad by your friend Liz Cheney attacked you when it was actually made to boost your donations? You all create these storylines behind the scenes to give this impression that you are anti-establishment just like the bribery of you being offered not to run for senate. People do not know this is how you all operate behind the scenes as it is one big club. Then out in public pretend you are all on the opposite end of the political isle or ideology regardless of party. No different than Jeff Flake (A Republican) who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 knowing fraud was committed. But this is the uniparty right?

“But let’s forget about that for now. As reported by XmFactor. In addition to your campaign donations to Democrats, Lake you pushed for liberal immigration policies such as amnesty and criticized former president Donald Trump. In a 2016 Facebook post, Lake you said it was ‘impossible’ to implement Trump’s ‘plan to deport 11 million immigrants’ and argued that the United States should instead allow illegal immigrants to ‘legally’ reside in the country as they await citizenship.

One year later, Lake blasted Trump’s infamous Charlottesville press conference as ‘a real $hit$how’ and said Trump showed ‘absolutely no self control.’” Kari Lake do you see how you like to switch up when it’s convenient? Remember when I told you all that Donald Trump was not supposed to win? Now that he did the Liberals disguised themselves as conservatives because they had to pivot and switch because no one knew D. Trump would win and cause such a powerful political movement with MAGA. So they had to get used to new company. More info coming……”

Now, this was interesting to say the least. And Ariel seems to have backed up all he says so far. Therefore… it definitely is worth looking into. Especially with everything upside down and inside out. Now I am just looking at all sides of this thing… as I was all applause for Lake exposing DeWit for his suggestions the way it was presented. Looking into it further there are some questions. Like DeWit  doesn’t throw out a figure. The figures were thrown out by Kari herself.

And so now we see that Lake’s campaign forced DeWit to resign or face a more damaging recording. But, the Lake campaign is denying sending them anything of that sort. DeWit also said when he had the conversation with Lake she was working in his company. Lake said he was never his boss. But, she did not come out and deny working for the company. Was she an independent contractor? That would mean she was her own boss but worked for DeWit’s company? Oh how the play on words. It’s a word salad. My head hurts with word salads, does yours? So, all of this is now more interesting? What do you think of that extra information. Remember these days there are always four or five sides to a story?

image 31

OOPS!  Ariel found a photo that wasn’t supposed to be found. But, then again, there is a lot that is not like what is being presented in many of the packages. We only get to see and hear what parts they give us. Isn’t that what President Trump was talking about when he said the most dangerous thing we are facing is A.I. because they can edit anything and make anything sound the way they want it. Why did he say that today?

Let’s look at that sound message again. The one where Kari is telling the GOP head that she can’t be bought. Why did it take so long for her to reveal it? Just asking for a friend.

In this report… the recording was done at her home???

DeWit said, he realized he was set up. Who set him up? Was it the Lake team or was it someone on the opposing side. Ariel’s reports help raise many questions. All we want are truthful answers. Things like why did Lake’s campaign take over 2 million dollars in campaign donations from a company that didn’t exist, SPH Medical LLC? Just stuff like that.

It was said in a report that after the DeWit resignation, President Trump took time to endorse one of his former campaign officials for chair of the Arizona Republican Party. He picked Gina Swoboda, a conservative election activist and former Trump campaign official who is a current officer in the state GOP. The report said that “the nod to Arizona politics as the federal jury award came down in New York shows both how important the state is to Trump’s 2024 presidential hopes and how Trump felt he needed to quickly straighten out the mess caused by the Kari Lake-caused resignation of the former chair, Jeff DeWit.”

“DeWit resigned Wednesday after Lake, the Trump-endorsed candidate running for U.S. Senate in Arizona, released an audio recording she had made of DeWit telling her that “powerful people” wanted to give her a lucrative job in exchange for halting her Senate campaign. Though Lake secretly recorded the conversation in March, she released the recording days before the annual state Republican Party meeting on Saturday, creating a rush of candidates for the chair job.

“Trump canceled his attendance at the state GOP’s planned FreedomFest rally after DeWit’s resignation, which led the party to cancel the rally. State party officials, including DeWit, had counted on the rally to help raise money.” Read:

There does seem to be a reason for the timing of this entire release of the private meeting. One that does need a bit looking into beyond the surface. What do you think?

Sounds to me like somebody didn’t want somebody to raise some funds. What does it sound like to you?

Wonder what Hero thinks?

image 34

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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