Is The U.S. led Global Covert Military Defense War Operation STORM Hitting Now – 2024?

Has the United Nations Headquarters – Palais des Nations in Geneva been closed by the current Wartime President & CIC of the United States, Donald J. Trump? Are all offices shut and dark, and is it now Game Over? Pascal Najadi believes so.

The UN is grappling with cash flow problems caused in part by around fifty countries failing to fulfil their contribution payments, including the United States. Is it closed temporarily or permanently? Why are all the nations unable to pay their dues? Read: UN temporarily closes Geneva headquarters due to lack of funds ( I checked and as of February 2024, the United Nations’ European headquarters in Geneva, also known as The Palace of Nations, still remains temporarily closed due to a liquidity crisis within the organization. This closure, began on 20th December 2023. I thought they had lots of money and Biden was funding lots of new wars? What’s going on here?

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Pascal Najadi believes that  President Donald J. Trump and the Military outsmarted and caught all of the deep state Oligarch heads of the snake behind the war against humanity. He believes there is a group who have been working in league to take down the entire corrupt systems that have been put in place to rule the world and exterminate the human species.  Listen to what he has to say.

Pascal, the patriot protector, not only of the US Constitution but also of global interests, recognized the need to take action in the spirit of the 1776 Constitution and humanity. A decision was made to dismantle the global deep state through a strategic alliance known as the War Generals Alliance, consisting of 33 nations’ militaries operating under the leadership of the US Space Force, commanded by CIC and Wartime President Donald J. Trump. This operation was initiated following a well-coordinated Helsinki Summit in the summer of 2018, where President Trump and President Putin of the Russian Federation jointly agreed to proceed.

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The memorable Helsinki Summit Press Conference witnessed President Putin presenting a football as a gift to President Trump, exchanging meaningful glances and smiles, symbolizing their shared understanding. In a paraphrased statement, President Putin handed the ball to President Trump, stating, “Dear Mr. President, I present this football to you,” as he passed it over. President Trump accepted the ball, signifying his acceptance of the challenge, while Putin concluded by saying, “…and now the ball is in your court.”

Pascal believes the head of the snake has been cut off, but even though the rest of the snake is still slithering, all the disgusting traitors and pedophile psycopaths are either dead, or will be killed soon.

They have said bold and brazen words….

In the world of A.I. and Technology they have a new “Theorization”.

Of course this covers their scientific new theories dealing with the mind. These theories cover the resilience and or the weaknesses of neurosciences, the exploitation of cognitive biases and the likelihood of cognitive errors. It also includes the manipulation of perceptions, and how our attention spans can be overwhelmed or steered, and the cognitive stresses induced by levels of such overwhelming. They believe they have it all figured out and are able to predict the actions we will take under such induced stresses in our social relations, motivations and thinking processes. These early mind control studies, theories and experiments caught the attention of rogue researchers and military thinkers. One of these researchers, James Giordano a neuro-ethicist has described the brain as the site for the battlefields of the 21st century and studied the weaponization of neurosciences. And that is exactly where we are today in this WWIII we call the “Storm”.

President Trump recently stated that Artificial Intelligence is the biggest danger we face today against our national security. And against our very own lives.

Military opinions agree modern warfare is centered around the mind and what they can make you believe…

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In an article on the “Cognitive Warfare Concept”, General Goldfein has stated that we have moved from wars of attrition to wars of cognition, Colonel Banach has talked about the idea of virtual warfare, Lieutenant General Stewart of the Defense Intelligence Agency, saw modern warfare as a cognitive battleground, and General Desclaux described the command and control strategic processes as a cognitive triangle involving knowledge dominance, cyber confidence and decision superiority, all of which serving to guide strategy to achieve the commander’s objectives.

“As the cognitive aspects of the planning and conduct of is operations is becoming increasingly vital, Colonel Remanjon of NATO’s Allied Command Transformation has studied whether the human brain is now the ultimate battlefield. And the theoretical underpinnings of the sixth domain of warfare have recently been developed, linking the technium to the noosphere seen as the global representation of human intelligence as mediated through technologies, in a recent book on Cognitive Superiority by Dean S. Hartley and Kenneth Jobson (2021). Basic Principles Cognitive Warfare is where all the elements of information warfare – to include the operational aspects of psychology and neurosciences, based on systemics and complexity – for military action.

“It sits at the intersection of two operational fields that hitherto were managed separately: PSYOPS and influence operations (soft power) on the one hand, and cyber operations (cyber defense) intended to degrade or destroy physical information assets on the other. This intersection makes it possible to unite concepts and points of views from different scientific, military or intelligence communities of interest, bringing about an interdisciplinary approach to how new technologies impact humankind.

“Attacks are defined, structured and organized to alter or mislead the thoughts of leaders and operators, of members of entire social or professional classes, of the men and women in an army, or on a larger scale, of an entire population in a given region, country or group of countries. Cognitive aggression is boundless. It can have a variety of objectives and will adapt itself to other strategies being used: territorial conquest (a bordering region, peninsula or group of islands for instance), influence (elections, stirring up popular unrest), service interruptions (national or local administrations, hospitals, emergency services, and sanitation, water or energy supplies) or transportation (airspaces, maritime chokepoints…), information theft (through involuntary disclosure or the sharing of passwords…) etc.” Read: CW-article-Claverie-du-Cluzel-final_0.pdf (

The main goal is to wage a war on what an enemy or community thinks, loves or believes in, by altering perceptions. It is a war on how the enemy or whoever they want to control thinks, how their minds work, how they see the world and develop their conceptual thinking. The effects sought are an alteration of worldviews, and thereby affect their peace of mind, certainties, competitiveness and prosperity. 

Mind control is not new…but it is now advanced with technology that can manipulate through electromagnetic fields pulses that alter the nervous system and control the minds of others. Creating disturbed reality that creates nightmare scenarios in ones mind.

Which bring us to knowing our history to know our truth! It’s all Biblical!

As we sort through all sorts of stories of this one and that one and who is who of the Jews and the KM Oligarchs and all the lies coming out of Israel and the attacks on everything that is moving and has breathe. Add to this chaos the thousands of interpretations of last day scenarios from the Church and its Zionist movement and you wonder what they are all reading…or more like what Kool-Aid are they guzzling?  It does well to understand who is who and why who is fighting who and sort out the lies from the truth.

And to find what the Bible says about Judah and who will hold the scepter… we go to a study that lays out the facts based on real history and events that go in line with the Word of God and not just some man made ideology. There is three parts of a very lengthy study on the tribe of Dan that leads you to the Vikings to the Saxons and England, Ephraim, Manasseh, and Judah’s ruling Sceptor. Please watch these and know this is a teaching and not a preaching. It is well explained and documented.

The question is, “Where is the seed of Abraham that has been multiplied upon the earth?” Just look around and you shall see! The promise to Abraham was that through his seed all of the nations of the earth would be blessed!  All of them.

He didn’t name just one nation, or one people… God said all the nations of the earth would be blessed and that is the same as what the Lord sent out his disciples to do. He said to go into the nations and share the good news that he has risen. 

Genesis  22:17-18,  17That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; 18And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice. 

From the Tribe of Dan came the Vikings. A Biblical look at Dan living in ships and in the breaches.

From an early dated Swedish Bible. Judges 5:17 and onward, Dr. Melissa Scott explains the Biblical connection.

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“You don’t need to know the language to understand and or notice the word “Vikar”. So where they translate the word for “breaches” as Vikar in the Swedish Bible (1878), there is a linguistic connection to the word Viking. When you look at the etymology for clues, the word Viking was a historian’s revival word. It was not used in middle English, but it was reintroduced from Old Norse… “A Vikinger – a free booter, sea rover, pirate, Viking, ” and it says equally, “one who came from the “fjords” from the word vik, creek, inlet, small bay. So we could easily hypothesize that Asher was part of this seafaring Danite group early on.” Stated Pastor Melissa Scott in one of her lessons.

KJB Judges 5:17Gilead abode beyond Jordan: and why did Dan remain in ships? Asher continued on the sea shore, and abode in his breaches.”

Dr. Scott Continued: “In the translation where it says, “why did he (Asher) continue on the shores (in the boat), and abode in the breaches…the landing place or inlet, gives you the imagery that these people of Dan, Asher and others were perhaps teamed up already and making part of this seafaring group.”

Please listen to the teaching on the history of the Vikings and the tribes of Dan, Asher and our Biblical account.

Dr. Scott said that this is a connection to keep in mind because when you go back to look into the Vikings in a more in-depth approach, this will become key to see the linguistic and etymological connections that she will be making. 

I, for one, found this study very interesting for it answered many questions as to both the history of the tribes who went far off track from God… and into what we now call the Khazarians… which we have been shown by historians as being conquered by the King of Rus. Of which history records the King of the Rus as the one who  demanded them all to end their barbaric religious practices and choose either to worship as Muslim, Christian or Jewish. And what history has said that many chose the Jewish religion. Thus giving them to also be called “Khazarian Jews”.  So, regardless of what we call them, or what they called themselves or came to be known by… they are also made up of the tribes of Dan, and Asher who were indeed part of the sons of Jacob and tribes of Israel.  

These were not the only tribes who ever went astray worshipping other gods as the Bible has many stories of the same sort that caused Israel to error and fall into ruin. And even before the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… there was much ruin from Nimrod who made himself the god on earth who was the son of Cush, the son of Ham, the son of Noah. Who the Bible tells us took a wife from beyond the Caucus mountains in the north country.

Which bring us to an Icelandic historian- Snorri Sturluson (See: Snorri Sturluson | Icelandic Poet, Historian & Saga Writer | Britannica) wrote the history of the North and South Caucus mountains of a Nordic and Germanic people. Which included the history of Asher and Dan in their Swedish names of Aser and Vanir.

Understanding the  facts of old, help us to sort through the mixed up accounts of the day to find the truth of who, what, where and why we are where we are today. At least we will have a better understanding of what is taking place in the international dialogues and the puppet masters.

Particularly Scott also takes you back to the historic roots of the Saxons and England all the way back to the roots of Ephraim which go back to Shem and Noah. You also see Manasseh unfold. It is an amazing teaching that takes you step by step into historical writings and leaves you with much to discern that is solid. And not made up ideas and opinions devised to confuse. I am of the mindset that the more we know, the more we can discern with the help of the Holy Spirit of what is truth and what is half-truth and what is a lie or misjudgment.

Especially when we are looking to understand who is who and what happened in the usurping of nations and distortion of our history… this study lends a lot of teachings that open our eyes and ears to the deceit that has reshaped our knowledge of the truth and or hidden it altogether. You will learn that the sons of Isaac are the Saxons. You will also see some of the corruption that crept into the early church followers who set out to teach the gospel of Christ. The purpose of following the long trail of people who landed into Britain… will help you understand that these countries at their foundation would be ruled by the prophecy that is explained about Judah’s right to rule and the right to make the law.  Something very huge is coming. Smile.

In closing, in this world of « Cognitive Warfare » set out to mind wash humanity into a controlled robotic transhumanized society, we do well to read the Word of God daily and pray for the Holy Spirit to teach us discernment and give us the wisdom to understand the meat of the Word. The more we know, the stronger we are in understanding the truth and we are less subject to believing their lies and deceit. Fear Not! Our God is an Awesome God and remember always, He wins this war for all of His children!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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