Black Ops and A Bot Program In Oz…

What else would you like to call it? Name it… we’re listening. Smile.

When the shills and the grift are getting exposed faster than they can grift and shill… then they get sloppy and mess up big league. Why is that? Because they really believe they are super smart, and under grandiose protection of all the “alphabet agencies” who steer them. They think they have some sort of super power source plugged in that cannot fail. It’s their own “too big to fail sort of thing”.

What they (the deep state) actually have is a three minute mask surplus and an infiltrated circle that is getting smaller and smaller by the hour. Their strongholds have become clown shows and half of them don’t even know the difference of who is who because none of them were trained to think critically. They were given scripts and some big fat deposits and went out to chatter, chatter, chatter in the same manner and style of fake news. That is why the grifts and shills all sound the same and they all have the same talking points that they have repeated to the point it is like watching your favorite commercial. You can repeat their words right along with them. And somehow… those who can repeat the same sentences seem to believe they are enlightened and not the “normie” they want to awaken?  Oh does your head ever hurt at watching such things? Mine does. That’s why I can’t watch it.

And every once in a while they get a quick witted parrot who can rip out the snide remarks faster than a gun slinger in the wild, wild west!

Enter Ann Coulter… her now infamous statement, “Maybe he could die?”

image 39

This is a formula that works in their circles and the circles of the mega arena of everything. The wonderful mega arena of mind control where all get to sit and their heads are filled with Mega bla, bla, bla… and they get paid for it all because that is the indoctrination that makes the mega circles go round and round and round and the heads spin off their shoulders like a top! Generally the cash is doled out in book sales. They always have New York Best Selling #1 book sales and lots of money flowing through the same publishing houses.

How long will this continue? I guess that just depends on how long they need the distraction? Their old word salad games don’t appear to have the same longevity that they once had. But that’s because more and more people are waking up and seeing and hearing. Yet, they have enough audience to continue to spin some heads and keep circling back. And yet, some have simply been exposed and hustled off the stage. Replaced by a new face with a new mantra and the people flock to hear the new stuff. Not knowing it’s the old stuff, dusted off and presented by a new face.

They say Ann Coulter like YOU have NEVER SEEN HER BEFORE? Well, as one who used to watch her all the time just to see how outlandish she could get, I think I agree. This is an obvious C.G.I. interview and filled with lies and propaganda galore. This is sooo filled with mis and dis info and made to aggravate and aggitate. Perfectly Coulter… but without the Ann and I’m sure there is a book somewhere for someone.

Meanwhile, good people are deceived and flock together eager to hear the new truths, not knowing they are being fleeced.

Ann Coulter seemed to crawl out from the woodwork and into the mix of the Conservative saw mill buzzing the logs into the saw of splintering!  Her recent idea is about as bright as her ACORN concepts used to be back in the Obama era. How many still believe she is a conservative? A better question might be… how long did you believe she was a conservative before you discovered she wasn’t?

People are gawking as though Coulter’s mouth is shocking to them. Well that just shows folks haven’t been paying attention to the most left wing liberal on steroids who just happens to call herself a conservative. Last year she made headlines such as, “Ann Coulter Wants Trump Convicted and Has a Plan to Punish Him”. Here she blames Trump for the border issues because he didn’t finish the wall?  Yes, she said that. You see she is famous for inventing her own story to go with a headline of which she invents that too.

She fails to know much of anything and forgets key facts like the congress not allowing money to finish the wall?  And fighting to finish it anyway? Along with all the other corrupt alphabet agency and Pelosi led bull and fake indictments that Coulter appears to relish in. But that’s been the plan all along, set a new dialog and make it one worth arguing about and if at all possible make it one the target has to stop and defend personally. I wonder how much she’s getting for pulling herself away from her caldron? Read: Ann Coulter Wants Trump Convicted and Has a Plan to Punish Him (

 Where it is true that she made a lot of money writing a book on Trump in 2016, as all the faux ones do and have done… that book was in a hopeful positive light which soon was snapped off as she went out to work on her new hireling work which is south of the border and way into cartel lands. Of which she is a nutty little acorn still rolling down the hill. So, nothing she says is worth taking to the bank… she’s the one who gets paid to set outrageous dialect and she’s the one who gets to make the deposits.

image 40

I mean Coulter is so yesterday, and the day before, and the decade before that. Who even knew she was still around?

In 2022 Coulter got axed from her lecture or shall we say spewing at Cornell University. But, she’s back raging again… at that time she was looking a bit like Celine Dion did in her last days. Ann Coulter’s Statement on Cancellation at Cornell University – American Council of Trustees and Alumni (

And so what Coulter are we looking at today?

image 41

Who is this person saying these outrageous things? Anyone can make a tweet for anyone… or anyone can appear to be whoever anyone wants to be. However, anyone can’t be who anyone decides just because anyone can? Or can anyone really be anyone today? So far we see anyone can be anyone in this clown show. So roll out the “ANYONES”. Read: Ramaswamy team claps back at Ann Coulter ‘Hindu business’ tweet | WANE 15

Coulter’s documentary from 2004 has her looking the same as she does today almost? I always wondered whose side she was on… or who paid her to be such a dither for the cannons? They were always exploding and then… all of a sudden, and just like that… Coulter was silent. Due to COVID? Or was that part of the drill? Just asking for a friend or two.

To me it appears in retrospect that she was selected and appointed to make up the radical stereotype of what is called “The far right”, birthed out of the Reagan Conservative Party Era. Making the far right and white RINO’S look like they represent Christian values and morals off the rails. She definitely fits in with the mega road show arena crowds. A dither by the way is a person who stirs up the gun powder in a cannon so it can go BOOM! She sure delivered. So why not pull her out and push her front and center again? Be it real or imagined, the past, present and future is in need of old faces to move people into new places.

But, I am just not buying the new and improved Coulter. Are you? Central Casting at its finest… after all, I hear they own the rights to these people so why not use them?

So the deal is you write the most upside down and inside out rhetoric and attach a far right and a President Trump name to it and get the left going mad. This is how they made Trump Derangement Syndrome. And many other syndromes that have to do with real issues. Coulter is the queen of smear.

Man oh man, what is wrong with that ear? The old ear doesn’t look like the new ear, but maybe with all her wealth she got her ears done? If she did…why do they still look so… so not so good?

image 43

Left is our star in 2003, and the right she is imaged in 2023. Nose looks a bit wider too, but maybe that happens when aging. Speaking of aging… what happened to all that? She’s looking pretty good. A bit mottled in spots but younger.

image 42

Now, I’m just saying this all looks a bit odd. Nothing more. What do you think?

image 44

This one just reminded me of why liberals love to hate her so, after they love her so. Coulter’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Meanwhile, the feud has been brewing… but didn’t go up in smoke until the “He’d have to die” tweet on X. That got the attention of lots of people.

Was that the plan all along?

image 45

They show a video of doubles to support a smear campaign and wrap it up with dumb footage. That is enough to let you know this thing is playing out like a trap set to catch stupid people who will jump on this and do more stupid things. And they will do them and they will get caught.

So the question is … what is Coulter up to? Other than the obvious dither?

The next question is, why was Trump pointing her out?

President Trump always knows what is taking place. He keeps his friends close and his enemies closer. So far, every one Trump has put in front of the spotlight, has thought they had him (Trump) in their pocket. They thought they were way ahead of him in their card hands. Sadly… where are they now? Where are the ones Trump put out front and center? Trump Chess is played and the checkers crowd still don’t know how the moves are made. They just screech and howl after they get Trumped and write a book.

Okay, so we get it that Coulter wants a different president and isn’t for Trump. At least that’s how it appears at the moment? So, what else is new, considering the conservative party has always been a shill pit for RINOs and deep state.

It appears that what we are finally shaking out of the bag, along with their not so magical tricks of how they stirr up the messes for the masses, is the sheer adrenalyn rush they get from it. This should remind us all of how they did, and yet still do. Like when they get people to stress out and take a jab. Except those like Ann are experts at jabbing. That is their energy source… kill, steal, destroy and haunt all people in their faces with a beguiling back and forth rhetoric (the damn if you do and damned if you don’t type of word salad). Then write a book and at the end of the day cash in.

image 46

Let the chaos begin with riots in the street, while she says, “I didn’t do it.” It is right out of the devil’s playbook. It’s what the devil and his minions are so good at instructing all the minions to do, so they can fill up their fear canisters with their victims life forces. Just like energy vampires do, they thrive on other peoples anger, fear and hate. And if all is quiet… they create the chaos. It is how the deep state and all their little operatives work the platforms.

It’s the Rules for Radicals for RINO Conservatives. Say you are one of them and on their side and stirr up the opposition by throwing gasoline on everyone then strike a match and say… I didn’t do it.

So while Coulter is good at saying anything anybody wants to hear and saying it so they laugh… it is one big fat clown show and of course… she will swear its all in your own little head and not her fault if you can’t take a joke.

So as always when the big fat left hand is slapping you, take a look at what the big fat right hand is slapping and if both hands are slapping at each other… then you know Coulter is now writing her next new book.

What we would all do well to learn is to not feed the trolls. They hate it when they get no attention and can’t chew on someones life force.

My thoughts on all of this is that Trump is using this ordeal as a convenient distraction for much is going down and he doesn’t have time for the side shows, unless they work to his favor to expose more deep state crimes. We are focused on state and local… so… that being said. Look around and see what it is that they don’t want us to be talking about. It sure isn’t Ann Coulter. If that is even Ann? It sure doesn’t look like the same duck that used to quack, waddle, and swoon.

Remember to stay focused on the real issues and not a bot’s opinion. Watch all things, just don’t get into needless fights, and understand the nature of the propaganda war we are in. President Trump has the highest security and they are pulling down strongholds as we speak.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Stay focused on truth and press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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