And while he’s at it… how about all the rest of them too!

Why are we allowing fake people in masks and some in dark holes in secret places run the nation into the ground and not standing on our soap boxes united, calling them all out?

image 341

Even I am guilty of calling him Biden and saying Biden did this and Biden did that, as though he were Biden. Even when we call him Biden 2.0 we are still verbally saying it’s Biden. It’s time to call him the fake masked thing in the videos. For he isn’t even in the White House. That is closed up and the imposter just isn’t in it.

So how do we officially address the imposter?  Should we just say the fake man? Should we say the fake president? Joey Avatar? The impersonator wearing a Joey mask?  The avatar placed by deep state? What is the proper thing to call it? Should we say he’s the deep state fake? The entire show is off the rails and it’s time to ask him to take off his mask. Who in the press or at a rally will ask him to take off his mask? 

How many of these crazy mask things do we have to see before we all start saying out loud, this is a fake? As long as we know it is a fake because we have eyes and we see it, and then we say it to ourselves and those in our circles… and then we turn around and call the mask dummy from central casting our president Biden… we are not going forward. Every time the fake news says President Biden and we repeat it by saying things like, “Did you see Biden fall down the steps on Air Force 1? (Which wasn’t even Air Force One!) Or when we repeat anything fake news said about Biden doing this or that…”, we perpetuate the lie that Biden is Biden. Each time we do that, we are allowing fake news to push an impersonator who needs to be arrested, along with all of the ones who placed him.  By doing nothing to openly expose this atrocity, we are allowing the deep state to continue to usurp our nation. When will we all stand up to expose him and call the double out publicly? What would happen then? Ponder that a moment.

That being said… isn’t it time to call them all out? I mean… really folks…was that Maxine Waters?  Seriously?

image 342

We watched this loud mouth call for riots in the street and harm for every Trump supporter for years and now we get this thing? Who, by the way is not even talking at all since the fake mask was shoved in our faces as president. Maxine should have been empowered to do more screeching and she went silent? She is long gone. This was a fake masked thing of poor quality. For all we truly know, the entire night this was going on was probably done in Central Casting with bad actors and doctored with CGI? Who knows for certain?

Here’s another box of 3rd rocks from the sun….

image 343

These ones are now either dead, arrested and in GITMO, making CGI appearances, wearing fake masks or doing plea deals.

America is under attack and at war with a radical, out of control deep state KM Oligarch globalist black operation being led by Satanists, Illuminated secret societies and their controlled CIA, M16, Mossad operatives, and all their little minions who have infiltrated every township, state and federal government body, every government system, every big banking institute, the Justice Departments, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Education, and Big Corporate giants.

On the home front, the battle is being fought between the US and the USA, Inc., which is controlled by the big three global lizard frogs – Vatican (religious) London (Finances) and USA, Inc. (Military). Their seat is in Switzerland and filters throughout Europe and they have devised and plotted to control the world since the garden for they are children of Cain and worship the ruler of this world Lucifer and are led by their lusts for Mammon and have mulitple think tanks and private clubs. The heads are a secret Illuminati bunch… who in reality are messed up mortals who hate humanity and anything God created.


image 344

When people say this sounds so bizarre and made up… that just shows the lack of understanding of the Word of God when they read their Bibles. It shows the failure of the modern day church to actually teach the scriptures. For there is truly nothing new under the sun that is taking place today. Has your pastor taken you through the horrible things done to innocent prophets?  Have you understood the wicked things done in the days of Noah? The evil done in Sodom and Gomorrah? The things done to Jesus? The followers of the way of Jesus? The wickedness of Nimrod and his queen of heaven Semiramis? The seriousness of what happened at the tower of Babel? The things that happened in the land of Canaan? The sacrificing of children to Baal? Drinking the blood of children (Adrenochrome) is not new…it is ancient. Israel did it and God sent prophets to warn them and they did not heed. They killed the prophets instead. Let that soak in.

image 345

It’s time to visualize this Baal worship Luciferian thing…

Imagine attending church and watching people place their children on the hot seering altar to Baal and having the child burnt up and one by one, watching the parents place their child on the seering red ovens to sacrifice? And you see your friends waiting in line for their turn with their child offerings? And you look to the left and the right and no one seems alarmed. In fact they look like this is all normal and a blessed thing to do. The priests of Baal are revered and given praise by the people. The trumpets are sounded and everyone bows before Baal.

image 346

How do you feel about watching all of that? How do you think God feels? Now you know why God abhored it and said thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Yet, the people ignore that and did it anyway. Why?

It still takes place today. Nothing has ever stopped. It has only be kept secret because it is so hellish and the civilized man with a conscience in his soul won’t have any part of it.

Which brings us to a man named Ronald Bernard, an illuminati banker who did a series of TV interviews filmed in early 2017.  In these, he clarifies the distorted way the world works, in which he speaks of a small group of elites, numbering between 8000 to 8500 people, who rule the entire world and discloses their ‘religious practices’ and incentives they have for doing so. He stated, “If only people really knew the ins and outs of the matter and realized what is really going on”. When you have seen this interview, you will know. Then automatically the question arises: ‘How are we going to fix this? Will it be when we no longer look away, but instead bundle our powers?’

On April 23, 2017, Baxter Dmitry wrote an article based on the televised series in the video above of the ex-Illuminati Banker, titled:

“Banker: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party.”

I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party”. This is when Bernard quit the Illuminati.

Describing his experiences in the banking Illuminati in a gut-wrenching TV interview, Ronald shared details about the way the cabal uses child sacrifice to test and blackmail its members. “I was warned off when I got into this – don’t do this unless you can put your conscience 100% in the freezer. I heard myself laugh at it back then, but it wasn’t a joke at all.”

When describing the period his “freezer began to malfunction”, Ronald tells a story about crashing the Italian economy and bankrupting companies leading to suicides and destruction – a success worth celebrating, according to his banker colleagues.

“One of my colleagues said, ‘Ronald, you remember that case with the Italian lira? Do you remember those deals in which we did massive dumping of the lira, which reduced the value of the currency, which caused a company in Italy to be hit in such a way that they went bankrupt?’

And then you hear at the exchange: ‘Do you remember that successful deal with the lira?” And then they say: “Do you know that the owner committed suicide and left a family behind?”

“And back then we laughed at it. Ha ha ha, altogether, all of us. We looked down on people, mocked them. It was just a product, waste, everything was worthless trash. Nature, the planet, everything could burn and break. Just useless parasites. As long as we met our goals, as long as we were growing.”

image 347

Ronald then described “the beginning of the end” for him, at which point he was “deep in the circles” of the Illuminati and had “signed a lifetime contract” – but his conscience had begun to eat away at him.

To put it carefully, most people followed a not very mainstream religion. These people, most of them, were Luciferians. And then you can say, religion is a fairytale, God doesn’t exist, none of that is real. Well for these people it is truth and reality, and they served something immaterial which they called Lucifer.” (Dianne’s side note: We have heard this from the little Luciferian twerp Harari, the little mini me of Klaus Schwab. the Luciferian Lizard leader at the WEF.)

“And I also was in contact with those circles, only I laughed at it, because to me they were just clients. So I went to places called Churches of Satan. So I visited these places and they were doing their Holy Mass with naked women and liquor and stuff. And it just amused me. I didn’t believe in any of this stuff and was far from convinced any of this was real. In my opinion the darkness and evil is within the people themselves. I didn’t make the connection yet.

“So I was a guest in those circles and it amused me greatly to see all those naked women and the other things. It was the good life. But then at some moment, which is why I am telling you this, I was invited to participate in sacrifices abroad.”

Ronald paused and became visibly emotional at this point. It looks like he will have trouble continuing with his story. But he tries.

“That was the breaking point. Children.”

“You were asked to do that?” asks the interviewer.

“Yes, and I couldn’t do that.”

The former elite banker is now fighting back tears. The interviewer asks him if he’d like to stop for a moment.

“No,” he says, and continues. “And then I started to slowly break down. I lived through quite a lot as a child myself and this really touched me deeply. Everything changed. But that is the world I found myself in. And then I started to refuse assignments within my job. I could no longer do it. Which made me a threat.” Ronald now has tears running down his face.

“I was no longer capable of functioning optimally, my performance started to shake and I had refused tasks, I had not participated. The purpose of everything in that world is that they have everybody in their pocket. You need to be susceptible to blackmail, and blackmailing me proved to be very hard if I look back on it. They wanted to do that through those children, and that broke me.”

image 348

Ronald also says the Illuminati blackmail politicians around the world using these same tactics.

“If you Google this you will find there are enough worldwide witness accounts to prove this is not a Walt Disney fairytale. Unfortunately the truth is worldwide they have been doing this for thousands of years. I once studied theology and even in the Bible you find references to these practices with Israelites.”

“The reason the first 10 tribes were banished to Babylonia was because of these rituals with children. Including the sacrificing of children, so this is pertinent, all of this made me believe, because I realized there was more to life than meets the eye. There is a whole invisible world. It is real.”

“You really do talk about a dark force and a manifestation of light.”

image 349

Ronald is adamant the Illuminati is real.

“It is a real entity. I have found that what is written in the Bible, and not only the Bible, you can find it in so many books, there really has been a moment of separation from the manifestation of light, in which a group went their own way and are carrying an intense hatred, anger.

image 351

“The people who do not underestimate the severity of this are but few. Because this is an annihilating force that hates our guts. It hates creation, it hates life. And it will do anything to destroy us completely. And the way to do that is to divide humanity. Divide and conquer is their truth.

Humanity is a manifestation of light, that is the true creation. As long as you divide them on political parties, skin color, you name it, then you – from a Luciferian point of view – suppress the full capacities of your enemy, their full power. They can’t stand up for themselves because if they did the Luciferians would lose. This monster, this greedy monster would disappear.

“I tell people about this old American general who puts an entire room of people in the dark. The eyes adapt to the darkness but you can’t see a thing. The general doesn’t say a word and he suddenly flicks on a lighter, one tiny light, and due to the prolonged darkness, you experience a manifestation of light from a single point and suddenly everyone can slightly see each other again. And then he says “that is the power of our light.”

Ronald’s advice for humanity is simple. We must wake up and see what is really happening around us. If we unite in rejecting the darkness, humanity can destroy the Illuminati before they destroy us.

“Unite, unite, come together, and this entire shit story ceases to exist. That’s how fast this could happen.” Read: Banker: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party – The People’s Voice (

image 350

In another article written 4 months later, on August 24, 2017, by Baxter Dmitry, the title read: 

“Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead”…

Dmitry writes, “Ronald Bernard, the elite Dutch banker who exposed the financial industry Illuminati in a series of TV interviews, has been found dead in Florida. He was 61.”

 “Ronald Bernard blew the whistle on occult practices and child sacrifice among banking industry elites, describing his experiences in a gut-wrenching TV interview that went viral earlier this year.  Sharing explicit details about the way the Illuminati uses child sacrifice to test and blackmail its members, he said he was asked to sacrifice a child at a party.

“I was warned off when I got into this – don’t do this unless you can put your conscience 100% in the freezer. I heard myself laugh at it back then, but it wasn’t a joke at all. I was training to become a psychopath and I failed.” Read: Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead (

But WAIT!!! In November of 2017 we get another video and allegedly Ronald Bernard is alive.

Look at his mouth and teeth when he talks and compare it to his mouth and teeth in his first video. This is a CGI. Note the mouth, the eyes, the ears. Not a double but a CGI. WHO KNOWS?

image 352

So then there is also this…

Since these articles were written, there appeared on Linked in what appears to be a 2.0 or CGI of the bank man… who now says he never died and is writing a book. He has rubber stamp face written all over him and certainly is a lot more chalant about all of his mission. He states, “MANY THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE who has been worried about my life since 2017 in correlation with the news that I have died: That news was successful created by spin doctors. After 2017 I gave more ‘proof of existence’ via the interviews: to grow the overall awareness, because of the many people who didn’t understand how the ‘old’ power structures works. IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE RED PILL:

This is not even his style of speaking, nor writing as what was in the original real televised interview. The new survivor sure sounds like a shill and perhaps the Red Pill is to wake up and know that this is an obvious central casting figure? Or is it a lark of a dark think tank with lizards in it designed to confuse, discredit or for sheer kicks?

image 353

Or is it for book sales? They don’t need the real soul, they can always put a look alike in a shell and move them across the stage and markets.

But then there is also this….

Definitely Central Casting.

Let’s face it… there are three different Ronald Bernard’s here. The question is why have him with the International Judicial Commission? If I were imagining motives… could it be to let his story continue? To let his cause and the rest of his truths be told to help others? Could this have been his desire? His last wishes so to speak… in order to finish his work? His legacy to go forward? To slap the Illuminated ones in the face?

image 354

So, we are in a realm, and there is one way out of the dead world and that is through Jesus Christ our Savior. Let us remember that there is only one way home to our Father and that is to stay in His mighty hands and shine the light of the Lord which is God’s truth and His love for all His children and all creation! We must love God and love one another and stand together! The Holy Spirit is within you and so is God and our Lord and Savior, together we are all one.

image 355

That being said, back to calling out the imposters… as long as we say Biden Administration… instead of the imposter Deep State… we continue to build on the false premise that “it” is it. We are in a war and it is the globalists who worship Mammon and hate humanity versus all of God’s children and creation. God wins! So, once again… come out from her my people and stand strong!

image 356



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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