At UN, Russia Backs Texas and UN Backs Illegal Immigrants…

Let’s face it, WWIII is now being fought on US soil. The globalists aren’t even hiding it anymore!

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But, fear not… “Russia to Supply Weapons to Texas if needed to Fight Biden Border Heist”?

Hal Turner Radio stated in their article, (titled above) that:

“Russia may supply heavy weapons to Texas so as to defend itself and its Border from any attempt by Biden to forcibly re-open the Texas Border to illegal aliens.

“Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya said publicly : “It is important to understand that by supplying weapons to Texas, Russia does not become a party to the conflict.”

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“This was a priceless thing for Russia to say given it is the exact language used by the US and NATO when those entities supply weapons to Ukraine, to fight Russia.  Recall too, the entire Ukraine thing started because Ukraine began to use its (federal) troops against two Oblasts (states) Luhansk and Donetsk.  So the parallels between Ukraine/NATO-Russia   and now Texas-Russia / US are . . . perfect.

“In one statement by Russia, the entire Texas/Biden Border Heist changed dramatically. For the Record, I support Texas.Hal Turner Radio Show – Russia to Supply Weapons to Texas if needed to Fight Biden Border Heist

So, yesterday we reported that the UN was providing for and funding the illegal immigrants to come into the United States illegally and that has been found to be true. And we now see that the Ambassador from Russia has offered to provide weapons to aid the State of Texas, allegedly in the same manner the KM Oligarch approved EU, NATO, and fake US usurped administration has done in Ukraine on the Russian Borders. We also have the news report from Major Perry below:

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But when you see this…

And then you see this… we ask questions like, are border patrol arresting or assisting? What do you ask?

Meanwhile China’s Evergrande is no longer a viable investment and is ordered to liquidate its assets to pay a $300 Billion Dollar Debt!

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BlackRock tried to buy their debt in September of 2021, but obviously was unable to bankroll the 300 Billion dollar debt and today Evergrande has tanked!

BlackRock, HSBC among largest buyers of Evergrande debt: Morningstar | Reuters

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The liquidation of Evergrande has begun! What does this mean for BlackRock? Something? Nothing? What do you think?

Evergrande real estate Giant in China will be liquidated says the New York Times. NBC reported that Evergrande shares halted after Hong Kong court ordered liquidation! Reuters stated that Evergrande was ordered to liquidate and owes $300 BILLION! Washington Post reported Evergrande owes 300 Billion and is forced to Liquidate. Al Jazeera reports China’s property giant Evergrande ordered to liquidate as debt talks FAIL! Financial Times stated that China is to merge three bad-debt managers with sovereign fund.  Bloomberg stated China Evergrande Receives Liquidation Order in Symbol of Property Crisis!

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Breaking or shall we call it crashing news?

Shares of China Evergrande were halted after plunging more than 20% in early trading Monday after a Hong Kong court ruled to liquidate the embattled property developer.

It comes against the backdrop of a spiraling debt crisis in the country.

Evergrande is the world’s most indebted property developer, which defaulted in 2021 and announced an offshore debt restructuring program in March last year.

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Containing the contagion –

CNBC report: Policymakers in China have been scrambling to stem the debt crisis in the beleaguered property sector.

Last week, China’s central bank and the Ministry of Finance announced measures to help boost the liquidity available to property developers.

The actions, which will be valid until end of this year, will help ease a lingering cash crunch for Chinese developers after Beijing cracked down on the sector to address bloated debt levels in real estate. Read: Evergrande shares halted after Hong Kong court orders liquidation (

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Bloomberg: “Trump and China Push Europe’s Leadership to a Turning Point”

Ursula von der Leyen’s power grab bruised egos and raises questions about the EU’s geopolitical ambitions. Read: Von der Leyen’s European Stewardship Meets Threats From Trump and China – Bloomberg

Meanwhile, George Soros who is the king of crashing economies on an international and one world global level, has been struggling since 2021 and before, to control the China markets as well as BlackRock and the world economies. Of which he is in sinc with WEF, UN, EU and Lizard globalists who hide in the shadows. And publicly said it was a mistake for BlackRock to get involved with Evergrande? Which makes a person wonder what is really taking place behind the scenes? Especially when they say one thing and do another. Their world is one of opposites.

An Asian New Report from “Jennifer’s World”, from 2021, titled: “George Soros vs BlackRock: The CCP’s Internal Struggles & Evergrande’s Executives Jumped Boat In Advance”, stated “For George Soros and people like him, what they want are the times when the CCP had Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin in power, when Wall Street and the CCP happily made money together at the cost of ordinary Chinese people, as well as people in the West.”  

Excerpts: “It was fine for Deng Xiaoping to roll tanks into Beijing and kill the students at Tiananmen Square, and it was fine for Jiang Zemin to persecute Falun Gong and harvest Falun Gong practitioners’ organs to make big money. 

“Have  Soros and the like ever bothered to criticize those anti-humanity crimes of the CCP? 

No.  Actually, the goal of the globalists is similar to that of Marxists in some senses. They all want to promote something, and achieve something in the entire world. Their stage is the entire planet. Only their means are not the same. One faction talks about non-violent ways, such as the “long march through the institution”; another faction talks about using violence to “liberate the entire world”, before liberating the proletariats themselves.” Read full article: George Soros vs BlackRock: The CCP’s Internal Struggles & Evergrande’s Executives Jumped Boat In Advance — Jennifer’s World (

So the question is this: “Are the Global KM Oligarch’s plans to rule the world all but over, or is this part of their plans?”

Remember they planned to destroy all nations economies and had WEF puppets placed to fall on their nations with bloody swords killing, stealing, and destroying their own infrastures with the promise to build back better! So far, with the global alliance of those nations who desire nation sovereignty and the demise of many heads of puppet states, the Schwab slobs of destruction have been found a bit wanting in their success strategies. But, that is what happens when your puppets are memorizers and not so much critical thinkers. Especially when they have only memorized the lesser things like kill, steal and destroy.

They totally under estimated the people who are empowered by God’s light and the divine assistance God sends to all who depend on Him to shed that brightly on His children who value life, truth and justice! Those who love their neighbor and have set out to end the destruction and chaos devised by the children of Cain who are guided by wicked principalities and powers in dark places are no match for God Almighty, Jesus the Word of God and the Holy Spirit!

This new turn of events causes us to look at some puzzle pieces and or do some dot connecting?

Here is a recent post that have been floating around the internet that may or may have a place in the truth columns to connect? You decide.

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Another Article titled:


Excerpts: “BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has found itself in the hot seat, facing pointed accusations from the U.S. House of Representatives’ China committee.

“Their charge? Profiting from investments that indirectly fund the Chinese military and might potentially undermine American values and security. An unsettling discovery has brought to light some unpalatable truths about where some of BlackRock’s investments may be flowing.

A tangled web of BlackRock and MSCI investments

“The committee, consisting of both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, has traced BlackRock’s investments to Chinese firms that are involved in military advancements and human rights abuses.

“These connections have raised both eyebrows and alarm bells. BlackRock and MSCI are seen as “facilitating massive flows” of U.S. capital into groups linked to the Chinese army. This has stirred significant concern about national security threats and poses serious questions about ethical investment practices.

“What’s even more troubling is the fact that BlackRock is just one of 16 asset managers that offer U.S. index funds investing in Chinese companies. The company has attempted to defend its actions, insisting that it adheres to all applicable U.S. government laws, but the issue runs much deeper.

“With at least $429 million invested into Chinese groups acting “directly against the interests of the United States,” according to the committee’s top members, the moral implications are profound and far-reaching.” Read full article: US Congress grills BlackRock over China investments | (

The question is… Why would the Globalist, Open Society Foundation – George Soros warn against BlackRock investing in Evergrande? And… was Soros detained or is he still roaming the world free and clear? Are we watching a staged economic fall, or is it out of the globalists control?

Last but not least – Why did President Trump say DeSantis would have been investigated had he not dropped out of the race and or won? And why did Trump say he had five things on Nikki and if she won, she would be investigated?

President @realDonaldTrump said that Nikki Haley might as well be a radical left Democrat after all the money she took in from their donors. Calling her a “Trojan Horse.” He also said she would be investigated if she won.

And of course Rupar et al jumped on that one to disinformation it. So, whereas the clip is proof of what was said… the anti-Trumpers get the pacifier award.

Drum roll please….

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“These are very dishonest people, and you’re always fighting them. And just a little note to Nikki. She’s not going to win, but if she did, she would be under investigation by those people in 15 minutes,” Trump said, adding:

And I could tell you five reasons why already. Not big reasons. A little stuff that she doesn’t want to talk about, but she will be under investigation within minutes. And so would Ron have been. But he decided to get out. He decided to get. Now. Vivek, I don’t think would be at all because he’s perfect, right?

The look on Tim Scott’s face when Trump threatened Haley with an investigation if she continues to run . Is Scott doing some plea deal too? He does look very different after that was said. Like a pale horse just galloped past him.

Trump said, Haley is hiding some “little stuff” that could land her under investigation quickly and he does know. Yet, fake news does their smear and turns it around that Trump is afraid of Nikki, and or trying to intimidate her. Well, knowing now how she was pushing war weapons in her UN ambassador position… we can imagine what the tiny little things may be that would be investigated.  

@AdamInHTownTX Jan 24 on X. He said to the media doing their wrap up smear, “You’re either a shameless liar or the dumbest account on this app, Rupie. He clearly said if she were to win, the Dems would immediately harass her with lawfare the same way they’ve done to him since 2016. He wasn’t personally threatening her.”

Trump also pointed out that Nikki Birdbrain appointed Tim Scott as Senator and he endorsed him (Trump) and then said, “You must really hate her?”  Scott then mosied up to the side of Trump and Trump pulled back as Scott replied, “ I really love you.”

Now what was that all about?

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Some other thoughts are plea deals and if you don’t do what you say… you will have some issues? Sometimes people are just called out in code, and sometimes straight forward? Lots of perceptions on this. What are your thoughts?

And then we are supposed to believe that this is President Trump and Giuliani. Okay. Whatever?

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