Pilots In The Storm Are Over Their Targets!

Hold on to your mind and cherish every piece of the precious truth for that is the true pure gold!

With everything being a propaganda mind war of black operation proportions, we all do well to understand that there are many lies, wrap up smears and down right fake videos, fake people, fake announcements, fake accusations, fake C.G.I.’s, and rogue players trying to win the battle for Babylon the Fallen Not So Great!

Whether one chooses to believe there is or isn’t an alliance of nations fighting for sovereignty of nations to end the evil structure led by godless ones is no longer the question. Whether one believes or disbelieves that there is such an alliance out to end the long reign of KM Oligarch lizard bankers who desire to rule the world or not… the fact is that there are forces such as the United Nations, the European Union and Secret Societies behind the three entities of London, Inc., Vatican Inc., and USA, Inc. and these three have been set up to control the world. They have infiltrated internationally and created their own systems within systems and desire to rule EVERYTHING on the earth. They do not regard any of God’s creation and hate humanity. That has all been recorded in their many proclamations at the United Nations in their Agenda 21, 30 and beyond.

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We are now in the STORM and whether a person is awake or sleeping through it, well that won’t stop what is already in progress for strongholds are coming down on the world stage and we are way into world war III.


The kings gave their crowns to the beast for one hour and now they are taking them back and they will, if the rest plays out as written, they will hate her and burn her with fire. Meaning destroy her!

It sure looks like destruction is on the horizon and some land mines have already entered into their little strongholds and exploded. How many political power heads and royals have been removed and sent off to prisons are not yet known to the public. However, those who have been watching the world stage have a list and that list has kept on growing in leaps and bounds! 

Some puppet heads have had wrinkled flag funerals and some have had royal pomp parades. Others have simply disappeared from the world stage altogether. Some have been trapped inside Computer Graphic Images forever!  They have received their desire for a cyborg future. Little did they know they would not have a mind to think in it. Central casting and the fake news machine does all of that for them.

Then there is Ursula Von der Leyen the Queen of the Unicorns. She is so sad that operation failed so miserably. They had such high hopes for all their A.I. fact checkers and mis and dis information specialists. Remember they so proudly placed their UNICORN Headquarters in Silicon Valley. Then after the Bankman Fried exposure, their UNICORN operations was hit by a lightning bolt. I believe Ursula had to sadly announce that it was around or over 37,000 of these operations that closed? I believe that was the number of them. Not to mention their money laundering shells.

Alas… they are now facing massive backlash from a world of angry vaxed filled with jab remorse!  And the dead…well, that blood is crying out from the ground condemning every last one of the lizard people who really love their psychopathic thoughts to do great harm to all God’s creation and are diligently at work to depopulate the earth, as they sip on their adrenochrome cocktails. Well, not all are sipping, some are chugging and some, well I’m sure there are some who just don’t do that and others, well…I’m sure they’re refraining.

But if the shoes fit… well…they wear them. Those who know… well they know.

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That being said, we have the Texas border show on steroids with live footage of some truth.

Are they pushing for some more division? Or is it simply that they now have it under control and they are going after the state officials that are all for open borders? Are they exposing a plan that was in the works that has now been thwarted? Each must discern and take all your questions before the Lord for in this world of the flesh, man has a lot of deception in its war chest. The number one weapon is fear based mind control and propaganda. It always has been and always will be. Fear not and call out the liars and deceivers. The truth is pure gold!

Meanwhile…. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III returned to the Pentagon on Monday January 29, 2024, for the first time in more than a month…

The Defense Department said he had returned after his surgery for prostate cancer and hospitalization for related medical complications. Did he have an ear surgery too?

image 372

Mr. Austin was widely criticized for failing to immediately disclose his illness and absence to the White House, a breach of protocol that baffled officials across the government, including at the Pentagon especially during all the war and economic issues America is facing.

What on earth happened to this guy? How did his bone structure change? Did he have surgery on his head too?

image 374

The New York Times stated that Austin’s return to the Pentagon came one day after three U.S. service members were killed in Jordan and at least 34 others injured in what the Biden administration said was a drone strike by an Iran-backed militia.

Austin met with the secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, and senior defense officials, including Gen. Charles Q. Brown, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

So when Austin was dealing with health issues and the nation was dealing with multiple crisis around the world, like Gaza and Ukraine and the border was being invaded… he was having ear/head, and prostate surgery, complicated by other health issues? Do you believe that? I don’t. Why? Because he looks so much like Chicago’s Ex-Mayor Lightfoot now.

Meanwhile in the situation room…there is a situation…

It’s so bad that even CNN is showing the disaster!

A border bill that appears to be one that gives power to the border invasion to get worse is not a bill anyone should even consider. It is more like a treasonous decree and a big fat middle finger to all citizens. Holding Texas hostage in order to give more money to Ukraine is right out of the UN, WEF and EU.

So when people are calling it all out and fake news can’t hide it anymore… that must mean the grift is up? Or is it to let people know the fake imposters are taking us to war and there is nothing anyone can do about it? What do you think is up? I think the imposters are losing big league and they can’t stop what is coming and that means there is a lot of treasonous exposure on the horizon!

Which bring us to the EU rising? Or falling? Definitely it’s exposing itself as hypocritical and lying about some big things!

The European Commission’s President, Ursula von der Leyen has fought to push and prod the world’s largest trading bloc forward, but those efforts are now in jeopardy. She came to came to Brussels five years ago with a plan to make the EU a proper geopolitical player. The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine accelerated the agenda, and in centralizing authority, she upset senior officials and opened a line of attack for populists set on weakening the bloc from the inside.

The KM Oligarchy of think tanks were tasked with the goal of stabilizing Europe through trade, by controlling all of it but, alas, the EU is at a turning point. China has become a systemic cancer on their world control of economics and the U.S. is no longer the military guarantor at Europe’s whims of fake peace and prosperity. The BRICS are just cemented together to artfully and strong to fail.

The question is – can memorizing puppets outsmart those who God has sent to stand in the gap to save humanity and all creation from rogue ones who serve Mammon?

The showdown is coming where the powers of evil versus who are filled with the Holy Spirit leading men to guard humanity? That’s pushing the bloc to reinvent itself and find ways of imposing its economic and political weight on an increasingly polarized world stage.

So now headlines for the EU state: “Ursula von der Leyen says Africa and Europe’s ‘interests are aligned more than ever before’ –

image 375

Ursula von der Leyen, said at the Italy-Africa summit that there’s a need to get concrete about cooperation, “this is a moment of intense and renewed cooperation between Africa and Europe because not only our destinies are aligned, but also interests are aligned more than ever before.”

She and her puppet ilk who shout climate change and no gas driven cars and no oil are now out to drill baby drill in Africa! The goal is to keep African nations as colonies and use up all of their natural resources as though they owned those nations.

Ursula stated that Italy’s plans and the EU’s own programs were complementary and she was very grateful to Italy for putting cooperation with Africa at the heart of the foreign policy. She fully took credit for this control over African resources as the new phase of their “Collaboration” and it comes complimentary to their European Global Gateway. Which is their 150 billion euro bribery investment plan for Africa. What she called plain and simply team Europe at work. But most people who understand their globalism would call theft and enslavement.

image 376

Which brings us to Africa. Yes, Africa. In an article titled, “Analysts question environmental pillar of Meloni’s plan” by Ajit Niranjan, he states:

Giorgia Meloni named her “Mattei plan” for Africa after the founder of Italian oil company Eni. But analysts say she had little to add on environmental issues that are supposed to be a core pillar of the plan. There was “very little mention of climate change”, said Giulia Giordano from thinktank Ecco, though Meloni referenced a lack of water as a driver of migration.

Still, said Giordano, Italy’s ambitions to become an energy hub between Europe and Africa are at the centre of cooperation efforts.

Meloni insisted on the rhetoric of ensuring energy security in Italy while supporting development in Africa. While oil and gas were not directly mentioned, the presence among the delegates of Eni’s CEO – and the reference to Italy’s private sector – hints at the central role that the industry will still play in the plan.

Over the last two years, Europe has looked more to Africa for energy as it has cut imports of Russian gas. The EU is encouraging some African countries like Namibia and Morocco to make hydrogen with renewable energy to power factories in Europe. At the same time, European energy companies thirsty for African oil have been awarded drilling licenses across the continent.

Dean Bhebhe, an activist from campaign group Don’t Gas Africa, criticised the Italy-Africa summit for leaving out the voices of African civil society.

The Mattei plan is a symbol of Italy’s fossil fuel ambitions that threatens to turn Africa into a mere energy conduit for Europe. This ambition neglects the urgent climate crisis and the voices of African civil society. Read: Ursula von der Leyen says Africa and Europe’s ‘interests are aligned more than ever before’ – as it happened | Italy | The Guardian

So once again President Trump was right about the FAILED ELECTRIC CAR INDUSTRY AND THE FUTURE OF ENERGY –


image 377

He is also right about the Globalist and all the lizard people at DAVOS and correct about FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE!


Stay awake and call the imposters out on every lie! The truth shall set you free!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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