President Trump Is A Threat To Many Lawless Things…

Can you guess the number one thing they hate Trump for? Or is it a list of things? He has, still is, and does stand in the gap for all Americans.

President Trump exposed fake news, he exposed the cartels coming across the borders, he exposed human and child trafficking, he exposed the KM Oligarchs and their election interference, he exposed and upset the global order and their fake climate change, their fiat dollar schemes, BlackRock/Wall Street schemes, false flags and fake wars. Can you add to the list? There are many more things they hate about Trump and this includes the alphabet agencies. Feel free to add to the list of why they want him gone. What do you think?

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President Trump will not give up his right to free speech! He will not bow to their lawlessness on steroids!

Meanwhile in Equador… gangs attempt to kidnap students…. gee I wonder why they want these students? READ: Panic erupts at the University of Guayaquil in Ecuador amid reports of gunmen on campus (

From an article from 2017…from Seatime Maritime News…

PortMiami’s largest cargo terminal and carrier, Seaboard Marine, has added a new direct service between Miami and Latin America calling Guayaquil, Ecuador, Callao, Peru and Paita, Peru. 

Michele Labrut | Aug 04, 2017

This new weekly service does exactly that by providing more rapid southbound transit to Guayaquil, Callao and Paita from Florida. Moreover, the new northbound transit times to PortMiami are unmatched by other carrier and are ideal for the transportation of both dry and refrigerated cargoes from both Peru and Ecuador,” said Gonzalez.

 “PortMiami provides its customers with fast, efficient, but most importantly, reliable service critical for the delivery of time sensitive shipments,” said Juan M. Kuryla, PortMiami director and ceo.  “We proudly welcome Seaboard Marine’s new service to Miami and thank them for trusting the PortMiami team.”

The dedicated weekly vessels depart each Friday with arrival at Guayaquil every Saturday, Callao every Sunday and Paita every Wednesday. Northbound cargo to PortMiami, arriving every Thursday with same day availability, will depart from Guayaquil every Friday, Paita every Wednesday and Callao every Tuesday.  Read: Seaboard Marine launches new Miami – Latin America services (

READ: Top 10: The busiest container ports in the United States – Container News (

Building the tunnel….back in the day.

Port Miami, which contributes approximately US$43 billion and more than 334,000 jobs annually to Florida’s economy, constitutes the 10th busiest port of the US with 1,066,738TEU in 2020.

image 133

When brawling teenagers armed with fireworks and sticks were blamed for an enormous police response at the Bayside Marketplace, an open-air shopping mall in downtown Miami, on Monday night, social media sleuths quickly put their spin on the story. But who is talking about the tunnel that leads to the ports?  The same ports that go to Guayaquil in Equador and other South American destinations.

In map below A and B mark the entrances to the underground tunnel that lead to the ports. Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

image 134

Florida ranks third in the country for human trafficking… did you know this?

Now we have chaos in Guayaquil, Equador at the University where attempts to kidnap students, and fire set to the television station and complete chaos broke out that dealt with cartel leaders in prison? Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa declared a 60-day martial law on Tuesday, January 9th.

The wording of the decree that institutes martial law refers to the situation in the country as an “internal armed conflict.” The decree also identifies several gangs as terrorist groups, including Los Choneros. The same decree directs the armed forces to “neutralize” the groups.

image 135

Guayaquil, is the largest city in Ecuador and also the nation’s economic capital and main port. 

What’s really going on?

Do the terrorist groups in Ecuador have anything to do with Bayside Market Place chaos? Are the ports of Miami involved? Just asking.

Was something greater than kids with sticks averted in Miami? What do you discern?

Meanwhile, USA Today had reported, ‘There were no aliens’: Miami police clarify after teen fight spawns viral conspiracy theory.”

image 136

Viral video of mall brawl lead Miami Police to address a conspiracy theory and quell rumors of aliens being spotted in Miami. Read: Aliens invading Miami rumors after teen fight prompt MPD statement (

It is a fact that they are using teens to kidnap teens in these kidnappings. Could the kids with sticks have been part of something like this? There are many news stories where teens are abducted by other teens thinking they are getting into cars with other cool kids, only to find themselves in situations they had not agreed to. Many of these teen abductions are also gang related. Read: Three juveniles ages 12, 16 and 17 charged in triple murder of teens in Florida (

It appears Disney World and Orlando wasn’t the only area of issues with child and human trafficking. Look to the ports? Both air and sea ports. Why would flights be halted for a little while? Maybe to check the cargo?

The video below is a documentary that shows the inside jobs due to the Obama Care or health care act that enabled rehab centers to do nefarious things like sex trafficking. Do you think anything has changed within the system?

image 137

Click to view video:

image 138

‘Somebody carved that out’: Days Inn guest says he found secret tunnel in room!”

This is the second hotel video I’ve seen with tunnels or passageways.’ says Days Inn guest. Watch here: Days Inn Guest Finds Hidden Crawl Space in Room (

Unthinkable crimes in South Florida… it’s not just in Orlando and Disney.

It appears to be in many parts of Florida. Florida is number 3 in the nation for human and child sex trafficking. The corruption inside the system is in question here.

Human trafficking is organized and has inside assistance via the same system that is supposed to protect its citizens. What went wrong and when? Ponder it. This isn’t new.

Just saying… look at all the dots and see what connects? Sooner or later, truth comes to the surface.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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