There is no Covid-19 Virus and no mutations!

Scientific Fraud Exposed – IT’S TIME TO STOP THE UN, EU, NATO, USA, INC., CDC, WHO which are LED BY THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA FROM KILLING HUMANITY! There is no COVID -19 virus other than an theoretical abstraction made on a computer from a digital data base. Even the CDC admitted they made a digital virus…Continue readingThere is no Covid-19 Virus and no mutations!

Does The Devil Have A Sweet Tooth?

So now we have the Snake Venom full bore main stream topic of the day. We also have Dr. Ardis is NOT in the water…and swearing he never said it…but did only say it to Stew. At this juncture we will quote Hillary, “At this point what difference does it make?” Dr. Ardis speaks…Continue readingDoes The Devil Have A Sweet Tooth?

Israel Leaders Made Grave Mistake!

GRAVE AS IN WHERE YOU BURY THE DEAD! Israel is leading the world in the number of jabs and booster shots and now they are leading the world in the number of ICU ADMISSIONS DUE TO COVID JABS AND BOOSTER SHOTS! Philip Dormitzer, the chief scientific officer at Pfizer, described Israel last year as “a sort of…Continue readingIsrael Leaders Made Grave Mistake!


If you are going to tell a story about the vaccine….then TELL ALL OF IT! So what is the ANSWER? BIOWEAPON! Once again the public is shocked to hear it’s Trump’s fault, but this time it is shouted that it was Trump who put a death warrant out on all Americans…through his vaccine executive order.…Continue readingSNAKE SEASON, WATCH OUT!

Stop Child Sacrificing!

FDA Panel Member On Children: “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.” Above meme, “Children are Fauci’s new Beagles.“-Sheila Tolley- We read in the Bible and see where the people sacrificed their children to Baal, and burned them on a hot fired up iron beast for blessings,…Continue readingStop Child Sacrificing!

Bits & Pieces of Surreal Time

It’s the same old mindset and it belongs to the world! Remember how it all went down and how it all backfired in the devil’s face. Fear not for the Lord has conquered the world. Remember the set up smear that works in sinc with the wrap up smear… it’s all about bearing FALSE WITNESS!…Continue readingBits & Pieces of Surreal Time

Whistles are Blowing!

Dr. Yeadeon warns of the dangers of new mRNA technology. Hydra Linnaeus Found In The Covid Jab – a synthetic version of the naturally occuring Hydra Linnaeus which is a fresh water living thing…like a squid in the ocean. It’s a body that can attach to a flat surface with tenacles like a squid…listen to…Continue readingWhistles are Blowing!

Compliance or Knowledge?

HOW LONG WILL THE WORLD ALLOW THE EUGENICS EXPERIMENT TO CONTINUE? The infiltration of evil is beyond anyones imagination. In the name of saving humanity, humanity is being destroyed in the light of day by the push of mandates, by wicked souls who desire their own world without those who want God, law and order,…Continue readingCompliance or Knowledge?

“TrustWHO” Documentary

TrustWHO,” a documentary film produced by Lilian Franck, reveals the clandestine influences that are controlling the World Health Organization, to the peril of public health. TrustWHO,” documentary film exposes the truth about the World Health Organization and who has been controlling it from the very beginning. WHO was founded in 1948 by 61 member states…Continue reading“TrustWHO” Documentary

Graphene Oxide Detox

Protocols For Detoxing Graphene Oxide From The Body- for those who have been Jabbed and those who have not been jabbed. If you are among those with jabbers remorse, or if you are just wanting to know what to do to protect your health and remain well in a world under attack by death mandates…Continue readingGraphene Oxide Detox