Tired of Being Hard Wired?

It’s time to get grounded! It’s all about waking up, so you can see and hear what is going on around you and has been for decades! In a recent article written by Dr. Lam titled, “In-Depth Article on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Adrenal Fatigue“, it gives a lot of information on how the EMF’s affect…Continue readingTired of Being Hard Wired?

Humans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

Crimes against humanity can no longer be hidden. They are out in broad daylight and melting in the Sun! The devil is not a god he is a liar and the author of it. He will never be God nor erase God! Imagine if you will, if the world council of churches decided that the…Continue readingHumans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

Tares Among The Wheat – They Grow Together Until….

The Harvest that the Lord said is to come! He said they grow together because to uproot the tares you will also uproot much wheat with them in the process and so, they grow together until the day of harvest. A few weeks ago these lizards met to figure out how to depopulate with other…Continue readingTares Among The Wheat – They Grow Together Until….


Will the Luciferians reach their goal to exterminate the majority of the world and turn those who are left into obedient slaves? This is not a new thing as some are crying out. The slaughter of millions has been taking place throughout the world in silence as the world remained under programming that failed to…Continue readingOF GOLD, GREED AND CREED, Part II

Build Back Better Is A Global Mantra!

It’s a roadmap to tyranny! It doesn’t and won’t work in the Republic of the United States that has a Constitution and Bill of Rights. It can only be achieved by covert acts, plotted in secret by traitors and foreigners who meet in secret chambers to devise such treasonous acts. And it can be stopped…Continue readingBuild Back Better Is A Global Mantra!

Eugenics, DNA, RNA, Mingling Seeds and Vaccines…

There is nothing new under the sun! This show we are in is not new. It has been repeating itself since the beginning of time as set forth for mankind to keep time. Some places in history have evil going ten steps forward and one giant leap backwards, as at the time of the Great…Continue readingEugenics, DNA, RNA, Mingling Seeds and Vaccines…


Boiled, poached and fried… let’s face it … we’ve been scrambled! So here we are in another election cycle, while in the middle of the war for our freedom to retain our bill of rights and constitution, still in hot water from the rigged election that brought us Joey Avatar. Meanwhile the recent election gave…Continue readingGET EGG-CITED!

The Hens That Lay The Golden Eggs…

How Many Hens Are There In Your Village, Town, City, State? Why is it that there is still a full supply of eggs…yet their price has doubled and tripled and in some cases even more? We are told there is a shortage, but there is an abundance of eggs shipped regularly and arranged on our…Continue readingThe Hens That Lay The Golden Eggs…

What To Eat or Not To Eat…

You are on your own…know the truth about your food source and how to boost your immune system! According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, most “so-called immune boosting supplements” actually do “nothing.” He also said, “No specific foods boost your immunity.” Good luck with that mis-information… as he also said to take your toxic jab and keep…Continue readingWhat To Eat or Not To Eat…

To The Future… American Know How!

Americans are waking up and looking at ways to rebuild America because we do know how to do it! Farmers are looking at ways to get around the BIG FOOD oligarch restrictions! The alliance is rising up and the dark side is losing the battle… the way we stand together is by not allowing the…Continue readingTo The Future… American Know How!