You Can Make This Stuff Up!

People are finally catching on or at least they think they are??? Either the scripts are getting really lame, or it’s all becoming predictable?

The world watched as President Trump made his way to Atlanta for his arrest. Were they disappointed, saddened, surprised or were they scratching their heads?

It’s all election interference!

Some watched all day long and others waited until it was closer to the time Trump announced… he said 7:30 p.m., and some didn’t even know it was happening.

Those that watched saw a presidential motorcade with ambulance in the back… the same as is done for a seated president, excluding Joe Biden who can’t even seem to have his secret service rent a decent car when traveling with him… at least one that won’t blow up.

image 248

Have we been in this mind washing cycle so long that it made our brains sudsy or have we become more sharp and aware? I like to think we are sharper and more aware of what’s going on around us and we are paying attention to details and things that we used to take for granted… unlike when we believed that someone else who was paid to deliver the truthful news was doing their job right.

That being said… how many caught the fake mug shots right away and how many caught on after a little while… and how many still haven’t caught on?

When you start out with all the crazy talk and know we are in a lawless world gone bonkers… and they show us this… with all the hype….

image 245

And then they give us mug shots like this…

image 246

… that’s when you go… what the???? Then you look closer and you see things like this… and look closer and find…

Things like this…

image 247

And you know Sidney didn’t have a bad make up day and got her eyeliner wrong… and you know that’s not normal to have something like that and not see a doctor about it??? Then you see all the other obvious signs of a Computor Generated Photo… and you go… FAKE!!! Not to mention the background. So… then you know something else is going on.

So, you can have fun with the distraction looking at all the things wrong with all the photos … or you can look at all of this as a big fat clue. Another big fat dot to connect.

We already have all sorts of T-Shirts, Hoodies, Coffee Mugs, etc…. for your favorite indicted!

image 249

And someone has put out a meme on “Make Your Own MAGA Mugshot”!

image 250

All I can say is that if we are going to make a mockery out of our Justice System, this is a very good way to do it.

Which bring us to the question of… “What happened yesterday and today?”

We know the GOP debates were a pathetic mess and President Trump won the debates without even attending. Instead he had an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson that went viral and rising into the mega millions… and the last time I looked it was at 250 MILLION!

Leaving Fox Network in the dust with Bret Baier up to his eyeballs in losers and low ratings. Not one calling card. Not many wanted to watch that except to laugh and some to compare?

CBS said that there were a whopping 11 million viewers on Fox News, according to ratings data from Nielsen. A Fox spokesperson said the total rose to 12.8 million when broadcasts on Fox Business Network and the company’s streaming platforms are included.

Meanwhile… I’m sure Fox hated to hear that Carlson’s numbers are now at 250 MILLION LISTENING TO TRUMP! And while they have pretty much leveled off, Trump’s numbers are still rising!

Last night by 10 PM, there were over 100 million viewers. It was hard for some to get on to listen as it hit 61 million within ten minutes in!

So what was this all about? And how does it feel to know that fake news networks are pushing the fake mugshots?

And so now this is supposed to be official…

image 251

So fake news said Trump was in and out in under a half an hour, and he was finger printed. I wonder what that looked like?

image 252

He also posted 10% of a $200,000 bond.

So the biggest question of all is… what took place today that we needed the big fat, all eyes on the Trump arrival and departure in under 30 minutes?

DEW you know? Stay tuned this is just beginning! Or is this on its way to a spectacular, once in a life time, thrilling and chilling, curtain pulling ending?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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