Trump.. “Our Country’s Going To Hell In A Handbasket”!

“I promise you we won’t have world war III!” President Trump

President Trump holds “Nevada Commit to Caucus” Event in Las Vegas – 10/28/23

“We don’t want to be like Europe with jihads on every corner. If you sympathize with jihadists then we don’t want you in our country.” President Trump.

President Trump promises to stop the invasion of people coming from all over the world, prisons, jails, and told people insane asylums and mental institutions in nations are being emptied out and brought here!

Meanwhile elsewhere on the earth… Mike Pence Announced He is Dropping out of the Presidential Race!

image 376

Above photo from Lin Wood forwarded from Mirrorfren who says, “Why would Pence suspend his campaign now, I mean he’s getting the crowds, odd timing 😂”

image 377
image 378

Today on Social President Trump gives Nikki Haley a Birdbrain shout out!

“Birdbrain, who is losing to me by 50 Points, and WAY DOWN in the Polls to Crooked Joe (I am beating Biden in almost every Poll!). The Globalist, China Centric, and once influential Wall Street Journal, who picks up anything negative about me that they can, puts this ridiculous endorsement into its pages of bad RINO loving policy and misinformation. Use it well, Nikki, it’s all you’ve got!”

He also addressed “Birdbrain” at the Las Vegas Commit To Caucas Event!

Meanwhile we have a HAMAS RALLY in London. Isn’t that sweet. Is Rothschild there? Or will he just send a donation to the cause?

Then in Turkey….

All but dead, comes to life to point out central casting flaw…

Meanwhile in the Congo…. there are still child slave camps chipping away at cobalt to make the KM Oligarch their EV batteries.

The United Nations hasn’t said a word… guess this is okay for rights of a child programs? Maybe they will be more open about the other countries that use child labor? How much pay a day? Sometimes they can even earn up to $2.00 a day.

So they chant…”Israeli Government Shame On You!” What?? Guess they’re on to BiBi!

Did he say Christian Zionism is a Free Masonic concept? What???

image 379

Pay no attention to this registered sex offender map… it’s Gaza that’s a problem.

image 380

Note… that is only the ones that got caught and are registered.

Funny thing, none of these people have been celebrating Biden at all during their successful election steal? Why are they all so quiet these days?

This gal is all but done… get a fork or two ready.

The swamp was and is darker, murkier, more evil and deeper than even President Trump thought!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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