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It’s as easy as A-B-C…1-2-3, FAKE NEWS CREWS!

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Whether on a Federal, State, or local level, it’s all a two tiered system.

President Trump has been under indictments up to his eyeballs and wading through a big fat LAWFARE attack all because of political and what now appears to be globally inclined sustainable development efforts to destroy America from within. For it is obvious now that Trump has been right… he has said many times, “They’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just standing in their way.”

It seems now the thing to do is to put your political opponent in jail…. President Trump stated when in North Carolina, “Trump derangement syndrom has reached a level that nobody thought was possible.”

Never forget…

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So now the nation is under fire with emboldened state and local powers that be, along with the ones who dine together with them all, of which they are unashamed at their game plans and boldly march like minions off to do the next dastardly thing.

Hello America! Looky here not over there. Who’s the next candidate the minions will push into office any way possible?

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Which bring us to the small town question?? Who will Cape Coral get to take Council Woman Cummings seat while she fights her charges brought about by the same ones who are now seeking to fill her seat?

Council man and sign bandit (another story), Bobby Welsh was quick to nominate Cummings past political encumbant, Jennifer Nelson and was even so bold to ask if they could contact the Governor and have him just remove the Council Woman all together of which the city attorney had to quickly remind Welsh that Patty Cummings was still the Council Woman, and was suspended not removed and no… they can’t contact the Governor to take any further action according to state law of which he quoted what that was. But, oh well, this is the same person who wanted to be Mayor Pro Temp at last Wednsday’s meeting? But he didn’t get to be that. You can’t make this stuff up.

And lo and behold today’s headlines are…. drum roll please…..

The Breeze, a local newsletter put out in gas stations, reported that: “Incumbent who lost to Cummings mulling appointment bid for now vacant seat.” 

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Jennifer Nelson on the Campaign Trail 2022

You can’t make this stuff up. The report stated, “The incumbent who lost her Cape Coral City Council seat in a tight runoff in which the winner is now suspended from office is weighing a bid for the vacant seat. Former Councilmember Jennifer Nelson’s name came up as a possible interim appointee to fill the seat left open after the victor in the District 4 runoff in 2022, Patty Cummings, was suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

It’s funny what you can find in archives…

So as we go through archives and watch old Cape Coral Council meetings to find how they got to where they all are… it truly is a task to have to listen to the input these ones give as they make decisions that affect residents and their lives.

That being said, in researching through the council meeting videos, past and recent… I was amazed at the varied personalities who sat and talked about other peoples projects, lands, and property as though it belonged to themselves and hashed it out, dissecting it and determining what they would or would not agree to in projects as though they owned it and it was theirs to decide what it is even going to look like when it’s completed. They have forgotten they work for the people and were not appointed as rulers over the land??? The sheer cringe in watching as some of them sit and give their “I” comments, such as “If you change this or that then I will grant it” type of persona projected out to the viewer is eye opening.

To think that some of these can dictate who gets to build and who doesn’t, who gets to open up and who doesn’t, based on their ideas and opinions, was knee jerking. I particularly was appalled at one council session where they decided all food carts should be banned from the city. Even though it was the same food cart people who fed people for free during the Hurricane Ian disaster and the very same food cart operators who have been making a livelihood from said businesses for years and years. Of which council woman Cummings made those points and spoke out long and hard to support their small businesses.

It was all of a sudden and just like that, a council of simpletons appeared to rid business owners of their right to a livelihood in a vote based on void of wisdom and lack of concern for its own constituents who voted them into their positions. While at the same time they spoke of granting food carts to big projects admitting they were needed??  But that would raise questions so we can’t say that. You can however, watch the City Council videos and see it for yourself…you just can’t say it. As I watched it, I wondered if any of the small business owners thought about sueing for their constitutional rights? If an ordiance denies those rights, then that ordinance is unconstitutional and can be thrown out? But how much money would that cost? Just asking as I was curious.

Way to go Mayor for pushing that through. Council Woman Cummings spoke out against it pointing out this is their livelihood to no avail. When you watch the past council videos you see Council Woman Cummings standing up for the small businesses and being ignored like she’s talking Latin, and her little vote don’t count.

We can also watch a past council meeting where a single family property owner’s home was 6 inches over the property line and was told they would have to move it back six inches or tear it down and was there to have the council make an ordinace exception as it was no fault of the property owner and they were being forced to either move it back six inches or tear it down?? How easy is it to pick up a newly built home and just move it six inches? Right? SIX INCHES! Council member Cummings was the only one who was in support of granting approval to the homeowner, But was outvoted 7 to 1.

“If we keep allowing this…it’s over!~” stated Patty Cummings….what? She stood up for her constitutional rights for herself and others?

So the local news is also now condemning Patty Cummings for a past law suit against Governor DeSantis as though it was some snarky issue. The truth is it was during Covid-19 business lockdowns and only after the governor announced gyms and hair salons were to stay closed indefinitely. The suit was over Essential and Non Essential Businesses being on lockdown. It was all about taking a stand for their constitutional rights and the right to work. Her bold stand got the gyms opened up fast, along with hair salons and vacation rentals in Florida. Why didn’t fake news tell that part of the story?

It wasn’t until Governor Desantis said, gyms were closed indefinitely, that is when she said enough, it’s time to take a stand. Remember the nonessential business lockdowns in 2020?

So… it’s beginning to look a lot like Patty Cummings was too much of a person for the people and not so much politics. What does it look like to you?

As a past business owner myself, watching many of the Cape Coral Council videos, I felt they were disgusting and downright sickening. Especially having people who have never owned a small or big business making, can I say “peanut brain”, maybe I can’t so I won’t. I will say instead making major decisions that affect a real entrepreneur’s future livelihood, or worse, going along with a majority on a matter you know nothing about. It makes a person wonder if some of the council persons are just there to be a vote for whoever tells them to vote?? There is so much more to look at here, and we’ve only just begun. So, see what you think by looking at past and present Cape Coral Council meetings:  Cape TV – YouTube

Meanwhile President Trump the King of LAWFARE Attacks and Political Sabotage….has the house cheering in Iowa Today!!!

“2024 is our final battle. With you at my side, we will demolish the Deep State, we will expel the warmongers from our government, we will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the Communists, Marxists, and Fascists, we will throw off the sick political class that hates our Country, we will rout the Fake News Media, we will evict Joe Biden from the White House, and we will FINISH THE JOB ONCE AND FOR ALL!” ia.donaldjtrump.com/

Justice For Patty… To donate: Fundraiser by Patty Cummings : Justice for Patty – Organized by her friends. (gofundme.com)




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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